How I met my step daughter


Let me first start off by saying she was of legal age even though she lied to me and told me she was 20 and would soon be turning 21. She used to work in this place where I would stop for lunch several times a week. She was very very friendly and very well endowed I must say which caught y attention the first time I met her. At first it was nothing more than harmless flirting she kept asking me when I was going to ask her out and I told her why do you want to go out with an old guy like me. Her response was well for starters I only date older me the guys my age are so immature its not funny and beside you have a cool ass car and you have a Harley. I love bikes and have always wanted to go for a ride. I said you+have never been on a bike before she said no never but they look like so much fun. I asked her what time she got off work and that I would be back.

So true to my word when 8 rolled around I pulled up on my faithful black steed, my 1959 Harley panhead rigid chopper. When I pulled in the lot there she was sitting on a table waiting for me but not wearing her work cloths rather she had on a pair of tight jean cowboy boots and a cut off sweat shirt which gave a clear view of her black bra. I raised my glasses and said hum black to match my bike very cool, she laughed and said you know it and gave me a playful punch in the arm. I handed her a helmet she put it on and threw her leg over the seat like a pro she wrapped her arms around me and I could feel her big tits press against my back, more comfortable that the front seat of a Mercedes…lol I kicked it into gear and took off. I asked her where did she want to go, she said to where ever you want to take me I said ok and pointed my bike for the shore. Still joking around I said I know this great little motel out that way she said great you dirty old man. So she was getting into the vibration of the big motor and the road. She told me later on how it was riding on a giant vibrator.

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   So we cruised on out to the coast and headed down the coast road being as it wasn’t tourist season it was practically abandoned. I asked her if she wanted to stop for a bit she said ok and I pulled into the public parking lot and we both dismounted and sat on a bench and watched the breakers roll in. So she said to me so wheres this little motel you know, I just laughed and said easy girl she laughed and said ok pops after joking around a bit she all f a sudden leaned in and kissed me. Her lips were as soft as velvet and she had one very talented tongue. We played tonsil hockey for about 18 or 18 minutes and I could feel my cock growing in my jeans to the point I thought it was going to break right through. She leaned in and took my hand and placed it on her enormous young breast. My first impression was wow these puppies are firm. I gained my composure and said wow your pretty firm you must work out. She laughed and said nope just young and tight look and she lifted her bra from the bottom to expose one breast and they almost stood straight out barely sagging. I was like wow I’m impressed as I cupped her giant tit and caressed it in my had. And played with her nipple. She put her hand on my crotch and said my tits aren’t the only thing that firm and grabbed my cock through my jeans and began rubbing it. She started to unzip my fly and I said right here? She looked around and said hey if you notice there is no one here but us I did a look around and she took it as the go signal and unzipped and started to undo my belt and before I knew it she hand my pants open and exposed my cock. She said wow now I am impressed and the next thing I knew she was taking me semi hard member in her mouth and began sucking my cock. She would suck on the head like she was sucking on a lemon and I could not believe the force she was applying it felt like she was going to draw every drop of cum from my balls and wrinkle them up in a flash.

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   She started sucking it and before I knew it I was hard as a rock she was skillfully working my cock up and own and sucking and licking the head and every once in a while she would lick the entire length of my shaft. As she lay across my lap I took turns playing with her tit and her ass. I slipped my hand in the back of her jeans as difficult as it was til I finally made it to her ass. All I could do was crab her ass cheek, she stopped stood up and undid her jeans and belt to give me more room. She went back to sucking my cock and I was working my hand on her ass until I finally found my way to her pussy. I slipped one finger in her wet cunt and began finger fucking her. She let out a soft moan as she sucked harder and her rhythm increased. All of a sudden I could fell it building side me and I knew I was ready to explode. Being the gentlemen I am I softly said I’m gonna cum baby giving her fair warning. Without skipping a beat she squeezed my balls so tight I thought they were going to pop and she increased her pace and sucked even harder. I could not hold back any longer and exploded my load into her mouth. She was sucking and slurping and hardly missed a drop but my load must have been a wee bit more than her mouth could hold and she had a nice smear of cum on her lips. She skillfully licked the cum off her lips and smiled as she leaned in and kissed me. She said I want you to fuck me. I said kinda late for that but I promise to get you off baby.

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   I sat her on my lap and started kissing her and playing with her tits. I had her shirt up and was fondling both of her gigantic melons and every time I pinched one of her nipples she would let out a little squeal. With my other hand I slipped it I the front of her jeans past her soaking wet panties and started playing with her pussy slipping one then two fingers into her wet gaping hole.
Finding her G spot with my fingers I began rubbing it and with my thumb rubbed her clit. I was now kissing her intently and every once in a while I would suck her hard nipples and even give them a gentile bite and would suck then as hard as I could and pulled away with them in my lips. She began moaning and I could feel her hips gyrate soon her pussy was gripping my fingers and I could feel her muscles tighten up like a vacuum sucking my digits in her pussy. She began to shake and shutter and began a soft sort of howl and squeal as she began to cum. She came with such intensity her ass lifted right off my lap forcing my fingers to go deeper in her pussy. She finally calmed down and loosened up her grip. I made no effort to remove my fingers and she did not protest. After a bit she sat up and put her arms around my neck and started kissing me and told me she needed me to fuck her. I said ok if you insist but lets go find that motel. She smiled and got herself composed and said oh shit what time is it when I told her she said dam it I have to get home I have school in the morning. At first I didn’t think anything of it but later On I thought I always hear my college friends say they had a class not school but fluffed it off. I said ok is your car back at the restaurant she said but you can drop me off I stay with my girlfriend.

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   She had me take her back to these garden apartments not far from where I picked her up. She asked if she was going to see me again and I said you bet your ass and we exchanged numbers. We started seeing each other for quite some time but me never going to her place but we did make that motel a regular stop. This girl was one amazing fuck she had a nice tight body she was tall for a girl around 5foot 9inches and when I had finally asked she told me her breast were 42F. Biggest pair of tits I had ever had. I was considerably older than she was but figured if she was ok dating me what did I care or care what anyone else thought. She said she could get away for a weekend if we took the bike. I told her not a problem and made reservation at a nice old place I knew down the southern tip of the state. I even got her a few little gifts for our weekend. A sharp looking black bikini and some sexy lingerie. When I went to pick her up at our meeting place I headed her her own leather jacket and a pair of chaps. She squealed like a little school girl and sad oh my god my own leather I told her if she was going to be my old lady she needed to dress like it. She quickly put on the chaps and I helped her lace the back and zip the legs up and she threw on the jacket of her T shit. She must have been excited because I could see her nipples through her bra and shirt. We made the hour and a half ride down to our destination and stopped in a near by bar for dinner and a few beers.

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  When she ordered the waitress took one look at her and said are you sure your old enough to drink sweetie she stumbled a bit and said shit I forgot my wallet, I looked at the waitress and said no problem I found her ID and slipped a 50 dollar bill on her tray She smiled and said yup that her alright. We ate and partied and when we finally retired to our room the weekend could have gone better. She got the attention of every guy on the beach and boardwalk and when she wore that lingerie she looked like a frigging playboy model. The next day we were walking along and someone called out to her but not by her name. She tried to ignore it but the girl was pretty insistent until she finally said hey hows it going. Not much was said between the two but the facial ques said a lot.
I did not want to burst her bubble so I said nothing. We got home played around a little and she thanked me and told me she would call me. I didn’t hear from her for a few days and left a couple of messages. She finally called me back but seemed a little standoffish. I asked her if everything was ok and she said she was fine. I then asked hows everything with Mandy and there was dead silence on the phone. She said you figured that out, I said no not entirely do we need to talk she said I guess we do. I met her at our meeting place and she was having a hard time finding her words and I looked at her and said your not really 20 are you, she looking down said no I said your? And when she muttered the words I’m 18 well actually 18 in a few days. Well I didn’t know weather to shit or wind my watch.

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   She was like come on Pops 18 is the legal age here right. I said ah well it may well be but I had trouble wrapping my head around being with a 20 year old but wow 16.

I said look we can still be friends but I don’t know about anything else. We maintained a friendship but I backed it way way down. If anyone is interested I will give you the rest of the story.





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