Hallway Heaven Chap 2


Hallway Heaven Chap. 2
After having the best morning of my life, my day continued as normal, I sort of forgot about my power, I was too focused on my classes. But it was nearing the end of the school day, and I was feeling that familiar urge. I decided to put my powers to the test. I was in the middle of math, and Bella was sitting right in front of me, again wearing these super tight leggings. Bella was a bit on the short side, but had a beautiful face, decent rack, and huge ass. She had a little darker complexion, she was Filipino or something, with brown eyes and thick brown hair. Not only that, but she was a little bit nerdy, just shy enough to make her even cuter. Definitely not a slut like that horny bitch Maya. But I was sitting behind Bella, imagining all of the things that I could do to her, when I finally decided. I would humiliate her in the worst way possible. I tried doing what I had earlier that day, focused on wanting time to stop, and I heard the snap of a twig. I looked up, and sure enough, time was stopped. The best part was Bella had just started to stand up and her ass was stopped mid-jiggle right in front of my face. I just sat and admired for a minute, letting my erection build. I couldn't take it anymore.

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   I got up and pulled down down my pants, then stuck my dick in her half-open mouth. I immediately felt the urge to come. For someone who had probably never given a blowjob and who couldn't even move, she gave fantastic head. And somehow even though time was stopped, I still felt her mouth producing spit and slobbering on my dick. But I certainly wasn't going to question the exact physics of how my new gift worked. All I knew was this gave me the power to do whatever I wanted to any girl at any time. I continued fucking Bella’s face, thrusting my cock in and out, in and out. I had never received a bj before, but I'm pretty sure that Bella was giving good head for even the most experienced of cock suckers. Looking at her face and seeing her stare into my eyes, but knowing that she didn't realize what was happening to her turned me on even more. I couldn't take it any longer. I nutted in Bella’s mouth, shot load after load, came what for felt like hours. But it wasn't enough. I went back to it, fucking Bella’s face as hard and as fast as I could. It was amazing to know that this hot, shy, virgin was giving me her first blowjob. And it was even better this time because the cum from the first time was still in her mouth since she couldn't spit or swallow it, so it just lubricated my cock even more.

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   With my cock sliding up and down her throat, I eventually felt the urge to empty myself, so I pulled out and came all over her face. I shot load and load again, even more cum than the first time somehow. I came all over her face: in her hair, on her forehead, on her cheeks, on her chin… it looked so sexy. But I wasn't done yet, it was time for the grand finale. I pulled down her leggings and feasted my eyes on that perfect ass,
begging for my dick. I slowly put my dick in her asshole, skipping the cunt this time. It was heaven, even tighter than Maya. I don't think I would have been able to fit if it weren't for her spit and my cum lubricating my dick into her ass. I started out slow, then started picking up my pace, still with her in the position of her ass jutted straight out onto my dick, fucking her doggy style. Now, my cock was flying. In, out, in, out, I couldn't stop. I had turned into a fucking machine. Then I came the hardest I had all day, the orgasm coming out of nowhere. I collapsed onto her, cock still in her shooting a gallon of cum in her, barely able to stand. Eventually, I stood up, pulled up her my pants, then stepped back to observe my masterpiece, it was a thing of beauty.

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   Bella was still in the same position as when time had stopped, her hair a mess (mostly because of my cum in it), cum all over her face, and a wet spot starting to form on the bottom of her pants as my cum leaked out of her ass and formed a puddle in the bottom of her leggings. I was dying to see what was going to happened next, so I resumed time. But I had forgotten about my cum still in her mouth that she couldn't spit or swallow while time was stopped. As soon aS time resumed, my cum started spilling out of her mouth and onto her shirt and lap. I saw a quick moment of orgasmic ecstasy pass over Bella’s face as she twisted her nipple, still with my cum all over and in her. Just seeing that made me come one last time in my pants. The rest of the class was staring down at their desks, reading the paper that our teacher had given out. By this time, Bella had realized that somehow, some weird substance was all over her, and ran out of the classroom into the girls’ bathroom. When she came back, I was disappointed to see all of my cum missing from her face, but I still saw my cum stain on her ass. I guess she didn't think to check there. She sat back down and her friend Helen asked in a whisper where she went. She responded with “I had to go to the bathroom. Somehow, I got cum all over my face. And for some reason I'm really turned on, my ass is tingling. ” Obviously they thought no one could hear them.

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   Then, the bell rang and just like that the day was over. I left school, drove home, and couldn't wait for another great day at school tomorrow.

End of chap 2. If you want chap. 3 let me know!





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