Good Boy (Chapter 1)


Some info About me: Before i begin, let me introduce myself; I am Tori, a 18 year old high school female. I am 5'5, 124 pounds, and am a white but part mexican girl, giving me the Ass and cleavage than men would kill for. I have the cute and attractive face, with long wavy brown hair that makes me the sexy cute girl whom everybody knows. Some say im a Hot nerdy girl simply because i get great grades and sometimes wear glasses. Anyway, ill introduce my family since we just talked about who i am. My Mother is rose, a 5'6 Mom who i get my looks from is just 36 years old and looks like an older, slightly taller version of me. My Father Kevin, is a loving father who works most of they day, is never around, but has a great job that provides us all with a 2 story roof over our heads. Next is my brother Jay. He is my 18 year old little brother, with a muscular build at 5'9 tall, as he plays on our school's football team. Finally is our dog MoMo, but we just call him Mo for short. Hes a Pit bull and labrador mix, giving him the will to please us, and the strength. When i was about 12 or 13, i was at my friend's house sleeping over. We were calling boys, doing make up, and eventually at around 11pm when her family was asleep, we decided to watch a movie in her living room. It was around 90 degrees, so you can guess that we were sweating so much. My friend tells me that she is burning up, and starts stripping out of her clothes. Eventually she sat back down on the couch fully naked, after putting her clothes in the laundry room.

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   Me sitting there suprised, and also exited, at the same time, but mosly curious, told her how naughty that was, while giggling. Then she responded by telling me that she does it everynight. Eventually i strip naked as well and sit down, with my legs spread. I have to say that it was a huge turn on with my bare pussy out, letting things air out down there. I even noticed her Slightly masturbating with her finger, rubbing and sticking it in and out. With in no time, the room was filled with the scent of pussy. Soon after, i told her i had to pee, so i got up to go to the bathroom when she grabbed my wrist and said," Wait my mom is a light sleeper and will wake up to find us down here nude. Plus the entire living room smells like vagina". Then i told her ill try to wait a while then. Later on the her German shepard woke up and started sniffing the air around him. "He must have picked up our scent" My friend said. In an instant, the dog traced the smell back to my friend who was still semi masturbating. The dog was licking her thighs, and to my surprise she spread her legs, still while rubbing her pussy. I have to admit, it was an incredible turn on to watch. While the dog continued licking her thighs, she started Gushing thick white sauce from her pussy, onto the couch in between her legs.

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   Then her dog began lapping up the Cum from the couch, and started licking her pussy, all while splattering her white cream all over the place. My friend started giggling, and i did to, while kind of blushing at this. "Does he do this alot?" i asked. "Pretty much every day, no matter where i am. " She said, while still gushing cum into the hungry K9's mouth. "Still have to pee"? She asked. "Yea, lol the urge is really bad now. Why"? I replied. "Watch this" She said, and then looked at the dog. She put a hand down to her pussy while the dog was licking, and then she stood still. The dog started lapping more quickly and intensely, and i couldnt tell what she was doing. Eventually i leaned over and saw a golden stream flowing out of her pussy, and into the dogs mouth. The Couch material in between her legs, and under the dogs head was dark and covered in piss and cum. After she relieved herself, she straight up told me, "Your Turn, Tori!" Excitedly. She directed the dog over to my own pussy with her hand, and i closed my legs out of nervousness, saying "Ew, no i cant feed a dog my pee!" Then she told me," Tori the bathroom is off limits, so right now, he IS your toilet.

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  " I looked the dog in the eyes as he sat looking at me wagging his tail. I started petting his head, and then slowly parted my thighs. He didnt need any further motivation and began going to work deep into my cunt. "Thats great tori, hes enjoying it,now just let go when your ready. " In about two seconds i began pissing, but couldn't slow the stream. I was pissing a jet stream down the poor dog's throat, and he was lapping furiously at my cunt. I had alot in me, and must have been feeding the dog 60 seconds worth of my golden amber, fresh from the source. When i finished he began licking inside my cunt hold burying his whole face in my hole. Shortly after, i released a giant wave of freshly made cum all over his head. This startled the dog, and he staggered away trying to rub the goo from his eyes snd snout. We both stood up laughing, and looked back at the mess we made. All the cushions were deep washed in Female Cum, and out piss. I Apologized for the mess, being that i produced the most of it, but she responded with,"Oh dont worry it all dried by morning, and my mom cleans the whole couch every time she cleans the couch. Eventually we went to sleep, not bothering to put on clothes, and i woke up early to find my friend in the bathroom, with the dog buried in her ass licking. Now what is he doing?" I asked.

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   "I told you, he makes a great toilet. Hes just giving me a good wipe at this point" She replied. I smelled the air and did notice a slight smell of poop. I walked back home later on, thinking about that. "Did she actually feed the dog her. . . lol shes something else omg" I thought to myself. . . .





Read Good Boy (Chapter 1) to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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