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I doubt if I mentioned this to you but back in the days when I found outabout her escapades…… my wife also told me about several other trystsshe had with guys, the mortician, the body builder, the biker, me , aparty etc. But the strangest was the one she had at the Holiday Inn. Youknow she was a regular at Marriott and Holiday Inn and had a few sexualepisodes there. The one I keep forgetting to tell you about was with anAustralian guy she met there one night. He was doing something at the college and staying at the Inn. She saidshe was with her roomate but she left with someone so Sue decided tostay for a while. This guy came to her table, said hello and his accentjust melted her. They danced and drank until closing and he asked herback to his room. She said he was cute, she loved hearing him talk soshe agreed. They went to his room and he asked if she wanted a Aussie beer . Now weboth know she drinks mixed drinks and not beer. It floors her when shedrinks beer but she agreed to a cold one. They each drank a few and heasked if she “smoked weed” she of course said yes and he said he hadsome “really special weed from down under”. He took a small pipe fromhis luggage and a baggie of what looked like weed. She remembered hedidn’t smoke any but she sure did. Said it had a different taste thanweed but she thought it was their weed.

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  She said they talked and he kissed her and she responded, she startedfeeling really high and woozy. They continued to kiss and he massagedher breasts over her shirt. She said he sort of changed in his reallysweet demeanor and just told her to stand while he sat on the bed. Forsome reason she did what he asked even though she had some strangefeelings beginning. He reached over the night stand and started some music on the radio. Hesaid he liked watching her dance and he wanted her to dance for him. She just a bit embarrassed but did as he asked. She felt pretty sexydancing for this guy and the looks he gave her turned her on. She beganto just dance slow and normal. He said “no I want you to dance sexy likeyou did on the dance floor. ” She again agreed to and slowly moved herhips back and forth, grinding as her hands wandered over her hips, waistand upward. He sat and watched and then just out of the open said “takeyour top off”…she was startled and almost ready to protest but he said“ssssssshhhhhh just do as I say. ”She felt really strange like she had no control and had to do what heasked. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall to the floor. “Now the bra” he said….

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  she reached behind her and unsnapped it and letit fall also. She continued to dance for him and he said “pinch yournipples and make them hard”, even though it hurt a bit she did as hedirected. The pain was sort of a turn on also and she felt herselfgetting really hot and her panties were soaked. After a while ofwatching her arouse herself he said. “Take your jeans and panties off” Like a command instead of a requestbut she obeyed, the beer, mixed drinks and whatever she smoked made herobey him. She unsnapped her jeans let them fall and hesitated in herpanties. He was different from before and said quite forceably, “Takeyour damn panties off”. For the first time even the drinks etc couldn’tmake her not feel a bit scared but again like a slave she did as told. He told her to finger herself while standing before him, she sort ofbent a bit and allowed her fingers to stroke her clit, he got up andunmade the bed, here he was doing that as she was fingering her pussy. When he finished he sternly said “ come here, get on the bed on yourhands and knees. ” The room was lit and she was sort of leery of him buteh thought of being with this Aussie turned her on. She hesitated again and he grabbed her arm and flung her on the bed andliterally flipped her over. He took 2 pillows and placed them under herstomach and told her to continue fingering her pussy, she did so andwas embarrassed being openly lewd in front of this stranger , herasshole exposed to his gaze but it seemed she had no control to say No. He got up off the bed and she could hear him fumbling with his bags andall of a sudden heard a number of clicks. He was taking photos of herass and fingers working in her pussy.

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   She said “whoa ,wait I don’t wantthis” and he said “don’t worry these for my blokes back home, just keepdoing what I ask. ”Not hesitating she did. She could see and feel himas he clicked the camera and put it right at her pussy and asshole as hetook photos. She heard him taking his clothes off and she said “I want to see you. “He told her to roll over off the pillows, He was standing beside thebed, cock hard and within inches of her face. Still holding the camera he said ”Suck my cock. ” He snapped photos asshe licked the head of his cock then the length of it while at the sametime looking up at him. He jammed his cock between her lips and down her throat and still kepton taking photos of her sucking his cock. He pulled it out and told herto lick his balls and slide her tongue up his shaft some more. He wouldthen push it back in her mouth and take more pictures. He sped up his face fucking and put the camera down as he grabbed herhead and f***efully fucked her face. She said she felt him shudder andthe hot cum hit the back of her throat. She started to pull away and heheld her head as he emptied his cum in her mouth. It was seeping outher mouth as he told her to swallow it all. He pulled away and grabbedthe camera as she started to spit his cum out.

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   “Nooooo” he said, “openyour mouth and show the camera my cum. ” She did as told and he took morepictures of the cum on her tongue. She again started to get a tissue tospit it out and he said,“Swallow it damnit”…. She swallowed it as hekept the camera rolling. She said she felt used and started to get up toleave. He said “oh no we have a lot more to do. ”He gave her another bowl of“weed“ and she smoked it to try to calm her nerves but really started tofeel that woozy and uninhabited feeling come over her. As the d**g tookeffect he said “lay back down and spread your legs wide. I needregainmy hard on”He stood over her grabbed his camera again and took morepictures, zooming in on her pussy and labias. He took his fingers andspread her pussy open as wide as he could and told her to hold it openas he took more pictures. She was somewhere in la la land by now andonly realized what she was doing like in a haze. He got up, went to his baggage again and removed a movie camera, set it up facing the bed. He said “Sue” I want you to take this lotion and spread it all over andin your pussy”. He handed her a glob of it and she did as instructed,getting a bit turned on as her fingers probed her insides. He knew thatand was smiling.

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   As she masturbated herself she got lost in the momentuntil he placed a long necked beer bottle in her hands. She stopped andlooked at him as he said “I want you to fuck yourself with this. This Aussie was getting weirder but she was still so fucked up by thedrug and drinks she slowly pushed the tip inside her pussy, allowing itto get loose and accommodate the bottle. That seemed to be no problem asshe started moving it in and out of her pussy. She began to moan andwiggle on the bed, her hips fucking the bottle neck. She felt him placehis hand on hers and really push the bottle inside her pussy until inhit the back of her pussy causing her to grunt and feel pain. She said“ouch it hurts can I stop?” He said “no, just turn over on all 4s”She had a really bad feeling about this but did as he asked. He gotbehind her and she felt him slide some lotion on her ass. “Ohhhhhhh nonot that please……” and again started to rise but he held her down. Shefelt the bottle top circle at her asshole and entered it just a bitmaking her utter a slight scream. He must have thought better of it and held his hand over her mouth ashe replaced the bottle tip with the head of his now erect cock. She saidshe started to pull away but couldn’t as he slid his cock deep in herass…. Her face was in the pillow and muffled her scream. He would plow it all the way inside her and then bring it almost allthe way out…then she heard the familiar clicks as he was taking picturesof fucking her ass, all the while the movie camera was rolling also. Hesped up and she felt his cock twitch and his cum hit inside her bowels.

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  He grunted out loud but she also felt herself build to a climax and ithit her making her scream louder in the pillow. She said she apparently passed out and awoke the next morning in thehotel bed, he was gone, she was terribly sore and had globs of lotionand cum all over her, apparently he did some more cumming after shepassed out. She cleaned up went home and told Susan about it. They discussed calling the police about the drugging and really rapebut knew they wouldn’t do anything so she chalked it up to a badexperience and never went to another hotel guest room. I have always wondered if there is a movie and photos of this wanderingthe world and guys are jacking off to my wife being used. Now I’ll let you decide it this is true or not…the Australian is trueand her getting fucker is true but the other wellI’’ let you figure itout. .





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