Fucked A Stranger And Made Her Pregnant!!


Hi, my name is rihaan and I am 20 years old 6ft tall well-built guy pursuing MBA in Bangalore. and this is my first story in which I am willing to share with you guys. so if you find any mistakes please bear with me and any women who want to have some fun or share their feelings can ping me through email(rockze044@gmail. com)or can chat through hangouts trust me it will be safe and secure

So coming to the story, one day I and my friend wanted to go out for a movie. and I called him and asked if I can come and pick him up, but he said that he was in his uncle’s clinic so I should go there to pick him. so I went near the clinic as insisted by him, after parking my bike I went inside the clinic to find my friend to my surprise it was a fertility clinic which helps make any women pregnant by injecting some one else’s sperm by charging hefty money. My friend came with his uncle and introduced him to me and after some time we left for the movie.

After a week I got a call from my friend, he told me that his uncle wanted to meet me asap, I Immediately reached their clinic. after reaching there my friend’s uncle guided me to a room and said he wanted to discuss something with me, I followed him and sat on a chair beside a beautiful lady who might be in her 30. For 2-3 min he was silent and started explaining some things about fertility clinics etc. and then comes the interesting part he told me about sperm donation. meanwhile, I noticed the lady beside me was staring at me from the beginning but I ignored her. coming back to the topic my friend’s uncle wanted me to donate my sperm to someone, and I was like ah-! Wait! What? And then he tried to convince me by offering money and all but I flatly refused, because if my family members come to know that I donated​ sperm it would be embarrassing, I left the clinic and came home back, I noticed the lady beside me was teary eyed but I didn’t care.

2 weeks passed and I was watching cricket suddenly my phone rang it was an unknown number,I answered the call and a sweet voice said hello my name is Chandana​,but I didn’t know any one named Chandana then,so I told her I didn’t recognise her,after some silence she told me that day she was sitting in the clinic beside me,now I came to know and remember her, and asked what did she need and who gave my number,she told that she would like to meet me In Some place, even though I was sceptical about meeting a stranger I couldn’t resist because she was damn hot on that day in the clinic and suggested her to meet in a coffee day which was a mile away From the clinic. she told she will be there at sharp 12 I said ok and the next day I went to the coffee day at 11. 50 and waited for her after some time a Verna car came and a beautiful lady dressed in red and black saree came outside and I was like oh! My god, I couldn’t believe my eyes she was even more beautiful than the other day, she came near me and Shaked her hand and sat on the chair, oh my god those boobs of her waiting to be pressed and the cleavage was soooooo deep I got a hard on immediately.

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After having our coffee she started to tell her problems to me and told that her husband is business man and travelled around the globe regularly for his business purpose and she also had a good marriage life too,but from past 1 year her husband is not taking care of her because she was not able to conceive (become pregnant)she went to many doctors but she didn’t have any medical deficiency,after some days she came to know that problem was with her husband who had low sperm count,so he was not able to make her pregnant, when I asked​ if she told this to her husband she told that she fears her husband would be humiliated and may divorce her,she was crying by now and I was embarrassed and gave her a tissue she wiped her tears and asked if I could help her, after hearing the story of her I was convinced and asked her how could I help her.

She then requested me to donate my sperm as she found me decent and well mannered and cannot trust fertility clinic as they will inject any random people’s sperm irrespective of their age and she also told me that she saw me with my friend at the clinic and chose me , to which I told her it was risky if my family comes to know about it I will be humiliated. After sitting idle for 18 min she told that she will think of any alternative and call me at night. and she got up to leave,but her cleavage was once again in my sight and I got a hard on and she noticed it and did not respond,uff I was scared as shit,ohh her ass was soo big from behind I felt like grabbing her there and fuck her. after she left I also went home

I came home and masturbated​ twice thinking of her oh man she is an angel, then my phone rang yes it was her I picked it and

She- hello it’s me Chandana
Me- yes mam!
She- coming to the point I have an idea
Me- yes tell me, mam
She- look there is no other way than this but you should
Promise me one thing
Me- sure!
She- you should never try to contact me after this happens
Me- I thought for some time and agreed
She- come to the address which I have messaged you at 10
Me- I checked my message and it was an address of a five
Star hotel and I came to know her intentions and were
Insanely happy

Next day I got ready and went to the hotel by 9. 30 and rang the bell after some time she came and opened the door and I was stunned by her beauty man she was fucking hot she wore a pink transparent dress and her pink bra was visible she greeted me inside and by that time I had a huge hard on she noticed it immediately and told me that you might already know my plan but don’t forget the promise,I said ok and went to take shower on her suggestion, when I came she told me that I should only fuck her In the vagina and ejaculate the sperm in her pussy oh that sounds hot right,but I was disheartened not getting the opportunity to explore a marvelously sexy body of her, finally​ she told me to remove my clothes and come under the blanket , which she was already in I was not able to see even an inch of her body part,soon my Dick’s erection suppressed and I was not able to fuck her holes, she was angry and taunted me that I can’t even get a boner I was like what the hell I was trying to help her and she is telling me this, and then I started to get dressed.

She was clueless and asked me why? I said I cannot do this your way, she starred at me for a while and told me I can do it however I want. after that soon I jumped onto the bed and hugged her tightly to which she did not object or respond,after 5 min I started to kiss her all over the face to which she refused but I applied some force and lip locked her and was playing with her tongue​ with mine,soon she submitted to my force and started to respond and made sounds like um and all after that I unhooked her bra she thought to resist for a minute but she knew I would have forced her,I grabbed her boobs and pressed it gently,and god, she is a heavy moaner she moaned like hell aaah paining she said and I tried to lift my hands but she shouted keep on going press it ahh aaah, my dick was standing like a pillar she caught hold of it and pressed it hard oh god I was in seventh heaven,I soon licked her nipples and all the body including Armpits except vagina, after licking her I was going to finger her pussy but she suddenly pulled me and removed my boxer and took my cock in her hand and started stroking it it was awesome then she took it in her mouth directly and gave me blow job like a porn star after that I started to finger her pussy and she was moaning like aahh uhh uff insert your cock in my pussy and pushed my head towards her pussy which was half shaved and made me like it, she was telling yes lick it baby ah yes come on yes ahhh! After that, I took my erect dick and rubbed over her pussy and it was fucking horny and she couldn’t control herself and was biting her lips hard then she told me to insert my cock in. And I followed her orders and fucked her in full force she moaned ahhh ummm ssshh some other sound which are in describable, I think hotel staff would have heard it after that I ejaculated inside her and we both gasped and were relieved,we took bath together and and she told to try anal which I did and it was painfully like hell which we enjoyed and after that she slept with me. and we were talking all night like what would be the name of our baby(literally)and I slept in her arms.

After I woke up I couldn’t find anyone besides me,and I found a letter with an envelope in that envelope there was a cheque written worth of 50000 in that letter she wrote that she had an amazing time and I should never try to contact her and she loves me and said thank you for everything and the amount was a gift for me for what I gave her. I was sad but it’s ok I moved on, after 3 months I got a call from her that she was pregnant and we sex chated for hours and she promised me that she will meet me some day in future

And guys if you like this story please send me feedbacks to rockze044@gmail. com. you can also chat with me through hangouts And please don’t ask for number I won’t give you, and any female folks out there willing to talk to me can ping me to my mail thank you

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  indiansexstories. net/couple/fucked-stranger-made-pregnant/.





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