First time naked in public and first time anal


Eight months is a long time to go without sex. I was so incredibly horny it was driving me to do things I normally would not think of doing. I jumped on the computer for some web porn and saw an ad for a site that listed public cruising spots in my area so I clicked on it. I was horny enough to try anything once, I really wanted to try something really different.

The last time I was in Mexico I had bought a bottle of Viagra just to try out and see what would happen. I had never taken ED medsbefore. Being 18 with a perfect working cock I never needed any help. I thought if the blue pill made me stay hard after cumming I could fuck all night and wanted to give the pills a try.

Not wanting just another computer porn cum I decided to take a drive to the spot I had seen online. It was the middle of summer and very hot at the time. The spot I was heading towards was in the desertand even hotter, the sun had set but it was still over 100f. I grabbed a few things I might need like condoms, Vaseline and water.

The cruising location was a 2hr drive but sounded hot from all the posts I had read about it, I couldn't wait to get there. As I drove down the freeway it became less and less crowded while heading out of the city. Being horny as fuck I decided to take off my clothes and drive naked. It was dark and no other drivers would be able to see me.

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I grabbed the blue pills, the label stated to take 1 pill 1hr before needing them. When I was about 1hr away I took a double dose of the pills. I figured what the hell if 1 was good 2 would be twice as good. I continued driving getting more and more horny as I drove. I had to will myself not to stroke my cock. I wanted to be touched by another person and refused to stroke off.

When I was about 18 minutes away and 45 minutes after taking the drugs my cock began getting hard. By the time I arrived my cock was purple stiff and actually hurting. My manhood had an aching pain but it felt so good. I wanted to stroke but I refused myself pleasure and didn't touch my aching hard cock.

I drove around the cruising spot mentioned online located in whitewater which is just out of palm springs. It was a canyon near the mountains and the actual spot is a sandy wash or dry riverbed. I parked down a jeep trail behind some bushes since I was naked and didn't want to get out along the paved road. I saw no other cars in my area but there were dozens of jeep trails and I even noticed a back way in.

After parking my car I put my key on a necklace as I had no pockets.

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   I grabbed my Vaseline and water and started walking down a small trail completely naked. The heat felt good on my naked body as I began walking that night. I was so fucking horny and it was still hot as hell well over 90f degrees. Walking naked in public for the first time was such a rush and my purple stiff cock bobbed up and down as I went. The moon was out that night and about half of it was visible. As I walked, themoon lighting my way,I saw many discarded condoms laying on the ground here and there, I knew this was the spot talked about online.

So far I had not seen any other people or cars. It was a weeknight so I started getting worried that I may be the only one there. The posts on the website said the best time to go was on the weekend. These thoughts didn't seem to effect my hard-on at all though as it was still purple hard and standing straight up. My stiff cock kept me going that night. I continued walking deeper and deeper into the canyon. About 18 minutes up the trail I came across a very large round and smooth granite bolder. It was about 6 feet around and maybe 3 feet high. I saw dozens of condoms at the base of this rock.

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   One of the posts on the website had mentioned this rock, the rape rock and the poster had said it was a good spot for really hot action. Fuck I was so horny by this point I just wanted some nasty sex. I wanted to cumin the worst way!At this point I was ready to do any perverted thing that made my cock cum. I was ready to do anything, nothing was off the table. Let me explain further. I had never done anything like this before. This was my first time doing something like this. In the past I had always chased women in bars to get laid. But the internet and those nasty pictures, videos and stories had made me really curious. I mean who would know if I explored the other side? It was just me and I wanted to try something different. I wondered what it would feel like to have a hard cock up my ass or a cock spewing cum in my mouth, I was ready to get really nasty!

About that time another guy came walking down the trail from the other direction. As he got closer I could see he was naked and had a very large cock. He walked up to me I could see his cock was massive, my god the thing was incredibly big. I instantly wanted it inside me not thinking about the pain it would cause. I wanted to try and get it in my mouth and possibly my ass.

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   I wanted it inside me, filling m up, Icould not stop staring at his giant cock. No words were spoken, he stared at my body and I stared at his cock. I could tell he was horny too. Honest to God his cock was at least 18 inches long and the head, which is what made me stare, was the size of a plum. His cock was hard as hell and the girth was about the size of a large cucumber. I was so ready for some extremely nasty things to happen. I felt my cock pulse and looked down to see pre-cum dripping out the head of my sex organ.

I made the decision to let him try and fuck me. I turned around facing the granite boulder. I set the Vaseline on the rock at my side and popped off the lid. I leaned against the rock and felt its warmth from the daytime sun, it was radiating heat. The guy got behind me and reached for the jar, scooped out a handful and starting greasing his large stiff cock starting with the head. I watched in amazement as he slid his hand up and down his cock as he greased the head. It was at this point I remembered leaving the condoms in my car. Oh well they would not fit his oversized cock anyway.

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   I guess I was getting bare-backed tonight.

Mr huge cock reached down placed his hand against my ass and spread me open. He rubbed his Vaseline slick fingers around my virgin rosebud. After a few strokes he slipped a finger up inside me. I gasped as it took my breath away, my God it felt good. He slowly worked his finger in and out simulating a cock fucking me. At one point he hooked the tip of his finger and started massaging my prostate, my cock began leaking clear fluid again. As he pushed and pulled more and more fluid oozed out the head of my cock. All that juice running down my stiff pole coated my cock and began dripping off the base of my balls.

After a few minutes of his finger fucking he inserted a second finger. He repeated the process of pumping in and out and then massaged my prostate again. I was in heaven as this stranger slowly finger fucked me and massaged my prostate. My cock was pulsing with every heart beat at this point, I was at his mercy and would have done anything Mr massive cock wanted me to do.

As he worked his fingers slowly in and out of my ass he stretched me open for his second finger to gain entry. He repeated the entire process and inserted a third then a fourth while fucking, massaging and stretching.

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   At this point I was ready to explode. My cock was pouring out pre-cum and dripping cock juice all over the rock, there was a small puddle forming under my balls . As I write this I am shaking and sweating remembering that night. It was the hottest thing I have ever done. I guess this guy had plenty of experience trying to get his telephone pole up tight asses. He patiently worked my ass open until he thought I was ready. About ten minutes into the finger fucking he pulled his fingers out. I moaned with disappointment. It felt so good to be slowly finger fucked. He must have known my cock was ready to erupt because he never touched it. If he had I would have emptied my balls and coated the rock with hot cum.

Immediately after withdrawing his fingers he lined up the head of his cock with my ass. He began slowly pushing in while holding my hips. I leaned against the rock and arched my butt back towards him to assist entry of his fuck shaft. I read that pushing out like pooping aids entry so I gave it a try, it seemed to help.

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   He kept pushing and the head slowly began slipping inside my tightly stretched asshole. Both of us felt the head pop in at the same time and both of us made a grunting-groaning noise. Fuck his cock was huge and it was painful tight fit. I knew this ass fucking was going to hurt. I am thankful he didn't force himself on me or rape me as he was nearly twice my size and made of solid muscle. He could have easily held me down and raped me, there would have been no way to stop him from getting really rough with me.

I’m thinking to myself, “oh shit his cock is buried in my ass and there is no stopping now”, this is really going to hurt bad. The head of his cock was so large it was rubbing against my prostate. Moving my hips back and forth he started pumped my ass on and off his cock in slow short movements. The huge head on his cock milked my prostate as more fluid leaked from my cock. The prostate fluid was a continual ooze coming out the head of my cock and running down the shaft. I was really hoping he would reach around and stroke me, I really needed it but no such luck.

Instead of fucking his shaft into me he continued to move my small hips back and forth in a sex doll sort of way. It was lie I was some kind of cum dump sex toy he was sliding on and off his cock. It actually felt really good and I was not complaining.

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   As he slid my ass on and off his shaft he began going deeper. It was a gradual stretch the virgin asshole open sort of thing. He could have rammed home but he might have done permanent damage to my backdoor. Over and over he slid my first on then he pushed me off his greased up pole. Deeper and deeper he went as he began picking up speed.
He must have been in almost 5 inches at this point. Slowly going in and slowly going out. Picking up speed I noticed his breathing beginning to increase. Within a few minutes he was breathing hard. His movement of my hips and ass sliding on his cock started to really increase. He was sliding me deeper down on his cock and it was hard and fast, I think he was getting close to cumming.

At this point he was basically ramming his cock into me deep and violently and he was doing this by moving my ass and hips on and off his cock. I was getting ass raped by his monster cock and it was starting to really hurt. He was going so deep I felt pressure and pain deep up my ass and my cock was pulsing and throbbing with a pleasure derived from pain.

Suddenly he stopped fucking my ass and spun me around to face him.

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   He re-entered my ass while facing me. Oh fuck I liked this way was much more, I could see his massive cock going in and out of my ass, it was so nasty. I looked down and saw my ass stretch open and slide along his cock. As he pulled out my ass stretched back out tightly gripping his cock milking it.

He wasn't moving my hips back and forth like he was when behind me. Now he was tightly gripping my waist and ramming his cock In and out of my stretched sex hole. My cock continued to ooze jiz as the large head on his milked my prostate while sliding past it. The guy was fucking me hard and his breathing was ragged, he was close to cumming. He pumped deep and hard a few more times and then held his cock all the way inside my ass. After ramming deep up my ass he grabbed my cock and began pumping furiously. Oh fuck that was all I needed and I lost all control, cumming so hard as blast after blast of milky hot sex slime went all over the both of us, my stomach, his stomach, his hand and both our cocks. It was at that point while was my asshole was clenching and un-clenching from the massive orgasm I was having I heard him begin to cum. He had forced me to cum so my asshole constricting over his cock which caused him to let loose with his load. I could feel his cock seed shooting deep inside my ass, hot blasts of cum, a thick hard cock pulsing and shooting. His eyes were closed while he held deep inside me unloading those huge balls.

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   He was squirtingrope after rope of cum coating my bowels with his seed and it was so damn hot.

After our mutual cumming I felt his cock begin to soften. He slowly withdrew his shaft from my ass and let go of my cock. His cock head popped out as it slid past my tight opening. It was then I felt his seed running out my stretched ass. That hot sticky cum ran down my inner thighs and made a sticky mess.

My cock was still rock hard thanks to the double dose of Viagra. Big cock noticed my stiff pole but didn't say anything. After pulling out he just turned and walked away, no words were ever spoken. I watched him walk away and it was then I noticed movement to my left in the bushes. There was another guy with his zipper open and he was beating his meat. Oh wow, I had a voyeur watching my sex perversions. I wondered how much he saw? It must have really turned him on because he was hard and stroking fast. I was leaning against the rock recovering from my ass rape and watching him stroke as he came out of the bushes and walked towards me. Again no words were spoken as he walked up to me.


   He just dropped to his knees and took my purple aching shaft into his mouth. He pumped his head back and forth and made a tight seal with his lips. A few seconds into it he started deep throating my cock. OMG his tight throat felt so good. Even though I had just cum I was going to cum again. My cock head was super sensitive and his tight throat was edging me closer.

As he slurped away he stuck his finger up my ass and started finger fucking me. That was all it took and I had my second orgasm of the night filling his mouth and throat with my seed. I grabbed his head and slammed my cock deep face fucking his mouth, oh my God it felt so good. My cock was still hard even after two orgasms. It was aching from being so hard for so long at this point. The guy pulled his mouth off shaft and stood up. He turned me around and pushed me over the rock. Within seconds he had entered my ass and was pounding away working towards his orgasm. I felt like such a whore.

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   The guy with the huge cock before him had loosened me up and lubricated my ass for cock number two.

This guy was neither slow nor patient, he just wanted to cum. He was slamming into me and it was making squishy noises as he hard fucked my ass. At about the 3 minute mark he began getting the ragged breath and jerky motions a few seconds later he exploded in me. Again I could feel the pulsing cock and then the squirt squirt squirt of cum shooting deep inside my bowels. When he finished he held his softening cock inside me for a minute coming down from his orgasm. Once he was done using my ass he let his cock plop out. More cum ran out my ass and down the insides of the legs. What a mess I was at this point. No hiding the fact I was recently fucked hard. Especially considering the fact I had no clothesor paper towels to clean up with.

Ass fucker number two turned and walked away as well. I was left alone at this point. My cock was still rock hard and the Viagra was making this really difficult. The pills kept me horny and made me want to do more sex acts.

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   I decided to walk up one of the trails I had not been on yet. After about five minutes the trail opened up into a wide dirt parking space well hidden from all, I saw a motor home and a few cars. I did not see any people walking around. The motor home had its door open. I watched from the bushes for a while seeing no movement. Being naked with cum leaking out my ass I did not want to just walk up and say hi. After a short time I saw a guy walking down the steps, he was zipping up and looked like he had just
cum. He got in his car and pulled away with only his parking lights on. A few minutes later a different car pulled into the dirt parking lot. I guess this was a well known spot. Another guy got out and walked around all the while looking at the motor home. He worked his way closer and closer to the land yacht. As he past the door he peeked in. I guess he liked what he saw as he stopped walking and stared at something. He then proceeded to go up the stairs and disappeared out of sight.

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My curiosity had the best of me and I told myself I would just peer through the windows. I had no intention of going in. I wanted to see what was happening. I had my suspicions of what was happening but being horny as fuck with an aching hard cock the little head was doing the thinking. I walked up to the back hoping to peek in the low back window, unfortunately the drapes were drawn. I walked around to the side but the windows were to high. I decided to walk around the front making my way to the door to look in. From the open front door I could see multiple naked men all were stroking their cocks. Oh fuck this was so nasty I had to go in at this point. I made my way up the steps. All heads turned to look at the new comer. Upon entering I got sized up quickly and most saw the dried cum on my stomach and shiny cum leaking down my legs.

One of the guys closest grabbed my hand and led me to the back bedroom. There were numerous guys in the bedroom, all naked, all stroking. One guy was just climbing off the bed and I was led to take his place.

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   Oh shit what was I getting into? Once on the bed I was guided into a doggy position. One of the guys quickly sat in front of my face leaning against the headboard. My head was guided down to his crotch. He lifted his cock to my lips and in it went. I was now sucking my first cock. I could feel the bed moving and felt another person climbing on behind me. He slid his fingers up and down my ass. Both of us could feel the slime from the last two ass fucks I recently had. He wasted no time and began rubbing his hard cock around my back door. Once the head of his cock was coated in leaking cum he pushed inside me. My ass was well lubed and still not back to normal from the two previous ass fucks. The new guy seem to enjoy my lubed ass and just started plowing in with no foreplay or buildup.

So there I was sucking my first cock and getting pounded from behind. It wasn't long before the guy with the cock in my mouth grabbed my head and started using force to make himself cum. He fucked his shaft deep into my mouth hitting the back of my throat making me gag.

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   About the same time the guy in my back grabbed my waist and started really fucking me hard. Both guys were frantically working towards a hard fast cum.

So there I was on the bed on my hands and knees taking it from both ends. One of the other guys watching the action climbed on the bed laying on his back with his head between my legs. He opened his mouth and took my stiff hard cock between his lips, oh fuck did it feel good. It didn’t take long before I started feeling really good. I was close to cumming and the guy just kept sucking me deep into his mouth. The pressure built up until I began filling his mouth with my cum. The guy in my ass and mouth heard me moaning and shortly after released their own loads inside me shooting gobs of cum in my well used body. My own orgasm refused to to stop and I must have shot 20 hot ropes of cum into the guys mouth, It felt so fucking good being triple teamed and he was doing his best to swallow all my cum.

The two guys on the bed working my mouth and ass finished up and got off the bed. Two more guys standing by the bed took their place, the guy sucking my cock never stopped. He just kept sucking for all he was worth. I think my permanently hard cock motivated his sucking. The new guys getting on the bed wasted no time inserting their hard cocks into me.

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   Once again my mouth and ass were full of hard cocks and I was being used as a cum receptical. And so it went all night long. I entered the motor home at 1am and became a sex slave for the next 6hrs until the sun started rising.

Guy after guy took his place either in my ass or mouth and used me to unload their nuts. At one point I really think some of the guys were coming back for seconds and thirds. I lost track of how many guys came in my ass and mouth but it was well over 30.

Once all the guys were finished using me and cumming I still had to walk back to my car naked and coated with cum only now in broad daylight. I saw few more men as I walked back. They all wanted me to stop and service them. All noticed the gobs of cum around my face and ass and on my legs. Fuck I was covered in the stuff, what a mess. About half way back I passed the rock again. Sure enough there was another guy standing there sporting a long hard cock. His cock was really long, maybe 9 inches total. My cock was still semi-hard as I walked by hoping to get to my car.

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   He walked over to me, blocking my way and started stroking my cock, I got hard again. He dropped to his knees and sucked my cock bringing me close to cumming with his tongue and lips. He stopped sucking, stood up and walked me over to the rock leaning me over. He got behind me and guided his cock inside my ass wasting no time fucking my ass deep and hard. Within minutes we had a crowd and most were jerking off while they watched. Fuck I was sore and tired and just wanted this to end. I didn't want a crowd or to be team fucked again. The guy fucking my ass came in me and pulled out. Another guy tried to take his place but I walked away with cum dripping out my freshly spermed asshole.

Finally I got back to my car, got dressed and got the hell out of there. What a night!
Yes this really happened! It was my first time out doing crazy stuff but not my last. I will post more later.






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