Emma Watson - Raped By Dogs


Raped By Dogs – Emma Watson’s Nightmare
By Keithb1002

Synopsis: Emma Watson enjoys a day alone in the woods, but her worst nightmare comes true.

This is my first story that I have ever written. So please send me feedback at keithb100272@yahoo. com.

Story Codes: Serious, Rape, Bestiality, College, Young, Celeb

Reminder:This story is only for those people over the age of 18. So if your younger than 18, please don’t read this story. This is a work of fiction. This didn’t happen in real life. This came from my mind.

Celebs – Emma Watson

The professor announces that to enjoy the spring break and I’ll see you soon. All of the students were thrilled at the break they were given, especially after a rough college course. Lovely Emma Watson needed the break so she could let off some steam. Her friend Sarah asked her if she wanted to hang out at her place and meet some boys. But she said that her agent set her up with a cabin way out in the middle of nowhere so she can rest and read a script for her next movie.

The cabin was beautiful. Is was set in a dense forest with no people around.

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  No paparazzi taking pictures and no fans bothering her for an autograph. After hanging out for a while and she finished reading her script, Emma was getting bored. So she decided to go get a tan. One thing that people don’t know about her is that she is a nudist.

She has been doing this since age 18 when she walked around the house in the nude till her parents came home from work. But the one thing she has always wanted to do is to go outside in the nude. So she put on a red bikini top, denim shorts and sneakers. She grabbed a beach towel and started walking out on the property.

She walked for about 40 minutes till she found an opening. She took off all of her clothes and settled on the blanket. She put on her earbuds and turned up her Ipod and rested. She fell asleep for about 30 minutes when suddenly she felt some pain in her wrists. She slowly woke up to see two huge dogs holding her wrists down on the ground. Just as she was about to scream for help, she saw another dog in front of her clit.

The dog started putting his nose into her crotch.

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  She started screaming and trying to kick the dog away. The dog began to start scratching with his long claws on her legs sending pain. The dog was digging real hard leaving scratches and cuts on her legs. She quickly opened her legs wide open. The dog started sniffing and then suddenly started licking her pussy. Emma screamed in shock as the dog started licking real fast. She started screaming for help. She didn’t care if it was a member of the paparazzi or some guy with a camera, but she wanted someone to save her.

As she was screaming, another dog came over and shoved his nose down her throat licking her tongue. She was gasping for air as she was being violated by these ruthless dogs. The two dogs holding her wrist down released their hold and starting walking down to her breasts. She reached down and tried to push the dog away. But one dog took a nip of her tit and she returned her hands above her head.

The two other dogs started licking her erect tiny red nipples. She started thinking when is this ever going to stop.

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  The dog at her left breast started biting her tit and nipple. She slowly reached out with her hand and started stroking his long black cock hoping to calm him down. The dog growled at her, but then started licking slowly.

The she started feeling something deep in her body. She knew the feeling, an orgasm was nearing. She thought that she can’t have an orgasm from a dog. But her body started betraying her. Her hips started rocking and she squealed as she had an earth shattering orgasm.

She thought they were done with her and would leave her alone. But the leader that was eating her pussy barked three times. The two dogs on her breasts grabbed her wrist and started turning her over to her stomach. The leader bit her real hard on her tight ass. “Oh God, they can’t!!!!” she said to herself with tears streaming down her soft cheeks.

The leader mounted her ass and started thrusting till his dick went into Emma’s clit. She screamed as the full 18 inches went deep into her and he started fucking her real hard.

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  As she was screaming in terrible pain, another dog mounted her face and inserted his cock into her mouth.

The dogs fucked her in a rhythm. The pain was terrible as the other dogs circled her. Her pussy started to get very wet. She couldn’t believe that her body was enjoying what was happening to her. The dog fucking her clit started going faster and faster. And with a howl, he came deep into her. At about the same time the one in her mouth squirted jizz down her throat and all over her face.

She was just about ready to collapse on the ground when another dog started humping her and quickly entered her asshole. She started screaming uncontrollably as the full length of the cock entered her. She has never had anything in her ass and this was the most terrible pain she has ever felt in her life.

The dogs kept this up for what seemed like forever to Emma. She had several massive orgasms during the rape and she didn’t know how much more she could take. While the leader was fucking her for the third time, another dog put her nose up against her clit and started licking. Her body finally gave in and she passed out.

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  The leader bit her on the ass and legs trying to wake her up, but it was no good.

Emma slowly waked up hours later. Her entire body ached. She was out of breathe. She was covered in dirt and piss from the dogs. As she got her senses back, she started thinking how incredible her orgasms were. She looked around hoping they were still in the area, but they were long gone. Her mind was telling her that she wished that the rape was still going on. She gathered her stuff and headed back to the cabin where she collapsed on the couch.

Shortly afterwards, she bought four of the biggest male dogs that she could find. She told the press that she had become a dog lover. But nobody knew the real truth.

The End






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