DC Universe, Hormonally Mine Pt. 001 Power Girl


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

DC Universe: Hormonally Mine
By Muhabba
Story Codes: m/F, MC, Incest

The boy was more nervous than he had ever been in his entire life. And considering everything he had accomplished in the 2 years after his 12th birthday, that was saying something. But none the less he had to go forward with his plan. He had spent months coming up with his plan and he had used the best minds he could and now it came down to the next few minutes. The boy had chosen the perfect spot, the perfect park and the perfect time of night to reach his goal. Now he just needed to wait for his perfect superhero.

Power Girl soared through the evening sky. The blond super hero was using a special cellular tracking device from STAR Labs to track down a specific cellular signal. Specifically the cellular signal transmitting to her personal phone.

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  Not the transmitters used by the JLA or the JSA or any other communication devices used by half a dozen other groups, but the personal cell phone she used for her secret identity. She had started receiving picture text messages two days ago. Pictures of her getting in and out of costume in her secret identity, which wasn’t so bad on its own as most of the heroes had dealt with this problem a time or two. What made this more of a problem than usual was that more than a few photos contained nudity.

Power Girl knew her physical attributes were her most recognized features and it could be a embarrassment to her. Whereas Wonder Woman was a very beautiful woman she came across with more of a regal presence than “sexpot”. Black Canary was easily distracting in her tight leather and fishnets but people quickly came to realize she was the type of woman you could relax around, have a beer with and talk motorcycles with. But with Power Girl nobody could get past her body.

Power Girl was a little above average height and nearly 6 ft. in her blue boots. Her legs were left bare in her uniform which resembled a one piece white bathing suit that started just below her jaw and had sleeves that led down to blue, elbow length gloves and a chest wide circle across the front showcasing her genourous cleavage. She wore a red belt askew across her wide hips and a red half cape held in place by a golden clasp worked into a golden rope set above one shoulder and below the other shoulder. Power Girl’s over all body was muscular but not quite masculine with broad shoulders and a slim waist and a tight ass. The muscles in her arms and legs were well developed without being outrageous and gave her nice, thick thighs. But she knew what most people couldn’t get past were her giant breasts.

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  Easily 40 double Ds, her breasts would look more at home on a porn star’s body but hers were completely real with a natural tear drop shape and a pleasant jiggle whenever she moved and a slight sag due to gravity but were still unbelievably firm and perky. With plump, pink lips, a cute up-turned nose, sky blue eyes and natural blond hair cut into a longish bob, Power Girl was easily every fan boy’s wet dream.

Tracking the phone signal Power Girl flew out to New York and then to Gotham and Metropolis and then straight east. As she got closer to the West Coast and past Central City the signal grew stronger. The last picture she had received was one of her readjusting herself after one of her breasts had popped out of the cut-away circle of her uniform during a fight, the whole breast and bright pink nipple fully exposed. The picture also had the text, “Find me” with a time added on.

As Power Girl flew faster and faster the tracker zeroed in on Los Angeles and then on to a small suburb and finally a small park. She quickly took a look around the park from above and saw several people milling around enjoying the early evening air but only one person stood alone underneath a lamp post with a burnt out bulb. The boy appeared to be no older than fourteen and was holding a cell phone that the tracker was now locked onto.

Landing quickly next to the boy and startling him Power Girl snatched the phone from his hand. “Let me see that you little pervert!”

The boy emitted a short squeek as he fell on his butt on the cold concrete. Power Girl looked at the phone and saw that it did indeed have another picture of her, this one was of her with the entire front of her costume ripped away and both her unbelievably large breasts exposed. She recognized the fight but had thought she had covered herself before anyone could see her. She recognized all the pictures she had seen but with her speed she had thought she had been quick enough to cover herself. How had this kid been so lucky?

Power Girl stared down at the boy.


  “Alright kid. Let’s have it. Where’d you get these pictures?”

“I’m… my name is Alex. And… I was just lucky?Maybe?” the boy stammered as Power Girl crushed his phone in her fist.

Power Girl stood over the boy, unknowingly giving him a wonderful view in between her muscular thighs and obscuring the bottom of her face behind the swell of her breasts. “Anymore of these kids?Maybe on your computer at home?”

The boy’s mouth went dry as he stared up at Power Girl’s crotch. “Yes… yes ma’am. But… but it won’t do any good… ma’am. ”It was all he could do not to reach up and caress her groin.

Power Girl bent down to stare at Alex, her cleavage dangling only a few inches from his face. “And why’s that exactly?”

Alex could barely resist the urge to thrust his face in-between Power Girl’s jiggling tits and start licking and sucking. “I… I have a virtual server set… set up. It auto… automatically sends you the pictures. And if… if I don’t enter the special c… code in the next 30 minutes it’s going… going to start randomly e-mailing them out. ”

Power Girl drew in a deep breath, causing her impressive cleavage to stick out even further and nearly causing Alex to cum in his pants as she stood back up sighing.

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  “We’re going back to your house. You’re going to take down the server and then I’m going to smash every piece of digital equipment in your house. And then we’re going to tell your parents what you’ve been up to. ”

The boy stood himself up on shaky legs. “No parents ma’am. Just me, my mother and my older sister. And they’re not home yet. ”

“Fine. Whatever. First your computer and then your mom. ”Power Girl grabbed the boy and spun him around, lifted him up and flew into the air.

Alex told Power Girl his address and gave her directions before leaning his head back into the comfortable warmth of her massive chest. he could feel the soft, silky skin of her chest pressing against the back of his head and could feel the warmth of her even though her costume. He slowly started rubbing his head back and forth, his erection throbbing in his pants and was totally content to enjoy the flight.

Power Girl barely noticed the boy rubbing his head back and forth across her chest but a warmth quickly overcame her.

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  Her nipples began to harden and press against the tight fabric of her costume. Consciously all she cared about was getting this kid home, deleting the pictures and turning him over to his mother. Subconsciously her body was enjoying the feel of the young boy’s hair scraping across her sensitive flesh.

“Hey!” Alex shouted and pointed down to a unassuming two story house. Power Girl quickly landed and shoved Alex towards the front door.

“Let’s get this over with you little pervert. I’ve got more important things to do," Power Girl sternly demanded as Alex tried to unlock the door.

Alex fumbled the keys and had to steady himself before bending over to pick his keys up and trying again. “Calm down,” He thought to himself, “I’m almost home free. ”Finally unlocking the door he led Power Girl into his house.

“Alright kid. Where’s your room?”Power Girl quickly scanned the house and sure enough they were alone with no electronic surveillance devices. “At least he’s not taking any pictures of this,” she thought to herself.

“Up stairs. Last room on the right," Alex said and gestured for Power Girl to lead the way.

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Power Girl climbed up the stairs and Alex followed her, his face only a few short inches from her tight, muscular ass as her short red cape swung side to side.

As they both entered Alex’s room Power Girl noticed his computer. “O. k. kid. Kill the server and delete the pictures. Now!”

“Um… o. k. but I want something first. ”

“What?I’m not kidding around Alex!I want those pictures gone now!”Power Girl placed her hands on her hips in a classic hero pose, slightly spreading her tanned and toned legs. “Do you have any idea what I can do to you, you little pervert?”

“Yes ma’am. But… but you won’t. I’m still a minor and it won’t stop the pictures going out. I just want one favor and then I’ll do it. I promise I will,” Alex pleaded.

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  And it may have been more effective if he hadn’t been staring in wide-eyed wonder at Power Girl’s heaving chest.

“Fine. What’s this favor you little sicko?” Power Girl asked as her patience began wearing down to the breaking point.

The boy mumbled something that not even Power Girl’s senses couldn’t pick up. “What?I didn’t understand a single thing you just said. ”

“Iwantyoutolayonmybedandletmemasterbatetoyou. ”

“WHAT!?Are you friggin’ kidding me you little sicko?”

Alex began pleading, “It’s just that you’re my favorite all-time super-hero and you’re so beautiful and I know I’ll never get a girl as beautiful as you and you know I’m not filming or recording this and you just have to lay there and let me see you and you don’t have to touch me or anything and please and I’ll delete everything and you can turn me over to my mom and please and leave and never think about it again and I’ll be in trouble for the rest of my life but it’ll be worth it ‘cuz I love you please. ”

Power Girl’s hands slipped from her hips as she stared at Alex in open mouthed shock, “What?”

“…pretty please?”

“No. No way. That is not happening. You perverted little sicko… Pervert!”

“Twenty minutes. ”

“What?”Power Girl stared at Alex in confusion. She had never been in a position like this. She had been propositioned before but it was usually along the lines of someone she needed information from asking to see her breasts as payment. She usually just hit them.

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  But there was no way could just smack around a fourteen year old kid.

“There’s twenty minutes until the pictures are e-mailed. Pleasepleaseplease. I’m so sorry but I know I will never, ever be near a girl as pretty as you. This is my only chance I’ll ever have. ”Alex got down on his knees and a single tear trailed down his face. “Nineteen minutes. ”

Power Girl chewed her options over in her head. This would take maybe thirty seconds, a minute tops, but the embarrassment might last her the rest of her life. She had always been a little embarrassed by her body. Her costume itself was her own little “Fuck You” to the world. “Here I am. Get over it," Was what she thought whenever she noticed someone ogling her. And this was such a little thing. Over in a minute, no one would ever know, and then she’d never have to think about it again.

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“I swear to God kid. If this ever gets out I will throw your skinny little butt into the Phantom Zone. I’ll throw you in and then just turn myself into the cops because it would have been worth it. ”

I know ma’am. I will. I… I mean I won’t… I mean it won’t. Will you just lay on my bed?”

“Fine. Whatever you little pervert sicko. ”Power Girl walked over to the bed and laid down facing the boy as she propped herself up on one elbow. “Let’s go kid. I want to get this over with. ”

Alex quickly took off his shirt and Power Girl noticed how skinny and pale his chest was, she could practically see every rib. ‘But he does have pretty little pink nipples,’ she noted to herself. ‘Kinda like little rose petals. ’

Power Girl quickly shook the stray thought out of her head, the motion causing her breasts to jiggle.

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  Alex tripped while trying to get his shoes off and caused Power Girl to giggle to herself. ‘He wouldn’t be half cute if he wasn’t such a skinny little pervert sicko geek,’ she thought to herself as he finally got his shoes and socks off and stood up facing away from her.

Power Girl smirked to herself as she listened to Alex grunt and mumble, now trying to get his pants off. “You cum and we’re done. I don’t care if it’s in your pants, kid. ”

“No… no ma’am. I’m just… just having trouble getting it unfastened over my… my thing, ma’am. ”

“Well, I ain’t helping you and I want this over with so hurry it up Alex. ”Power Girl surprised herself by using his name. Was she warming up to him?He seemed like such a pathetic little geek now. At first she had been angry with him for trying to exploit her, but now she could feel he was just lonely and needed some attention.

‘I better stop this before it gets any further. I can’t believe I was actually just going to let him do this. What’s wrong with me?’ Power Girl thought to herself. ‘I was just so upset at him trying to use me as some sort of sexual object that I couldn’t see what he really needs if for someone to set him straight.


  I guess that will have to be me. So what if those pictures get out?This boy needs my help. ’

Just as Power Girl was about to speak Alex finally managed to pull his pants and underwear down revealing his tight, lily white ass. ‘What a cute little butt. Like two little apples,’ Power Girl thought to herself.

Power Girl again shook the stray thought out of her head. ‘Cute little ass or not, he’s only fourteen ’ She chided herself. She opened her mouth to stop Alex but her jaw dropped in shock as he suddenly turned around completely naked.

Power Girl stared in wide eyed and slack jawed amazement. The first thing to pop into her mind was, ‘That cock is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. ’And she meant it. She had seen jewels the size of houses, sunsets on alien worlds, full moons in other dimensions, sights that most people couldn’t even imagine. But nothing she had ever seen was as beautiful as this skinny little fourteen year old boy’s naked cock.

Alex’s cock and ball sack were completely disproportioned to the rest of his body. Alex himself was skinny and pale with mousey brown hair and dull, almost grey eyes.

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  But his dick was massive with a smooth, velvet, mushroom head nearly the size of a plum. His shaft was so thick Power Girl wasn’t sure if she could even get her hand all the way around it. His ball sack was smooth and hairless and looked like it would be too large to fit in her hand.

‘How can this kid have such a huge, beautiful cock like that?’ Power Girl wondered. ‘It looks… it looks delicious. ’

Power Girl watched in stunned amazement as Alex gripped his shaft and started stroking it all the while staring lovingly at her. Her silky blond hair, crystal blue eyes, bright red lips, broad shoulders, trim waist, broad hips, muscular thighs and long legs. And her tits. Her tits barely being contained in her skin tight costume. Her tits raising and falling with her each heaving breath as her cleavage pushed out of the wide circle in her top. And he could see her nipples were hard and pressing against the straining material barely covering her chest.

Power Girl realized she was drooling and closed her mouth as she wiped off her chin. ‘I want that,’ She thought to herself, still staring in wide-eyed desire at the fourteen year old’s prick. ‘I need that. ’

Power Girl was momentarily sick with herself.

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  How could she be staring in lust at a fourteen year old boy. But her body was betraying her. She felt the electric tingle from her nipples pressing against her uniform with each breath and her pussy was burning and throbbing with need. She needed this boy’s cock, hungered for it, but she couldn’t give into her base desires.

Keeping her goal in mind she looked up at the clock next to Alex’s bedside table and noted the time. “You need… need to hurry up Alex. You only have 18 minutes left. ”

The boy’s fist was a blur as he jacked his cock while staring at Power Girl. “I’m… I’m trying ma’am. ”

Power Girl stared in amazement. “Cum Alex. Cum for me. Come on Alex. I want you to cum for me. ”

“I’m trying ma’am.


  Oh God. I need to cum so bad,” Alex let a small sound of desperation creep into his voice.

Power Girl noted the time. Making a quick decision she sat up on Alex’s bed and swung her feet to the floor. Reaching up to the hidden clasp on her neck she said, “Maybe this will help," and began to pull her uniform down, leaving the cape on, to reveal her giant tits.

Power Girl’s tits spilled out like a tidal wave and jiggled as gravity pulled them down and their natural firmness pulled them back up again. Her nipples were erect and hard as stones as the cool evening air caressed over them and sent a electric tingle down to her churning pussy. “Cum for me Alex. Cum for me. ”

“Oh Jesus,“ Alex gasp as he sped up. He slid his other hand down to between his legs and began to pull and massage his cum bloated balls as Power Girl used her hands to lift her tits up and began to massaging them.

“Cum for me Alex. I need you to cum for me, my precious little boy,”Power Girl gasped as she continued to massage and squeeze her silky tits, her flesh oozing out from between her fingers and her aching nipples sizzling as she rubbed her palms across them. She continued to stare as the fourteen year old’s giant prick, licking her lips as her pussy drooled and soaked through her costume. Not wanting to look away from the giant, beautiful dick she figured she had maybe ten minutes left before the pictures were automatically sent out.

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“I’m trying ma’am. I really, really need to. It’s starting to hurt. ”Alex’s hand was a blur as he continued to jerk himself off.

“Come here then. Let me help you. ”Power Girl couldn’t believe she had said that, but time was almost up and she hungered to feel that glorious prick.

Alex quickly rushed over and Power Girl started to pull down her gloves.

“Could you leave them on please, ma’am. ”Alex interrupted.

Power Girl continued to stare transfixed at Alex’s cock. “Got a little fantasy do you?” she said as one of her gloved hands reach around, barely, the base of Alex’s dick and her other hand lovingly fondled his cum filled balls.

“Yeeesssss…” Alex hissed as the topless super-hero began to firmly jerk him off, “…sss ma’am. ”

Power Girl took a moment to look up at Alex’s face and saw him staring down at her in amazement. “I positively throb every time you call me ‘ma’am’.

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  ”Out of the corner of her eye she noticed that her time was running out.

“Let’s see if this helps, Alex. ”Power Girl released Alex’s twitching cock and cum-filled balls. Raising her massive tits up she wrapped them around the fourteen year old’s dick and moaned in lust in the back of her throat as she made contact. Skin to skin. Flesh to flesh. “Fuck them Alex. Fuck my tits and cum for me. ”

Alex immediately began jack-hammering away at the biggest pair of tits he had ever seen. “Oh Jesus, ma’am. Oh fuck, ma’am. Your breasts feel so good ma’am. This is the best feeling ever ma’am. Thank you. Thankyou thankyouthankyoutthankyouthankyou, ma’am.

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Power Girl hadn’t been kidding when she said she throbbed every time Alex had said “ma’am”. With Alex’s last “ma’am” her pussy spasmed and a small orgasm suddenly ran through her. “Fuck yes," escaped her lips as her thighs jerked and she noticed Alex’s cock was so long that the tip few inches were poking out of the top of her now sweat-slick cleavage. Staring in lust at the boy's throbbing cock head shefound herself suddenly thirsting for his cum.

Power Girl bent her head forward and wrapped her scarlet lips around the fourteen year old’s cock-head and the next two inches of his dick. Her tongue caressed the silky head as it pummeled in and out of her mouth and caused her mouth to water with the first taste of Alex’s pre-cum. He gripped the sides of her face as he finally came. Flood after flood of hot boy-cum filled her mouth as another orgasm tore through her body, nearly causing her to lose her balance and to tip over.

Power Girl hungrily swallowed ever drop of the young boy’s cum that she could but the flood was too much for her. She released her glistening tits and gripped the base of Alex’s cock and pulled it from her mouth to spray her beautiful face and giant tits with the thick cum as her own orgasm began to subside.

Power Girl had never heard of someone being able to cum so much, not even in the occasional porn movie she would borrow from Black Canary. It felt like nearly her whole face and chest was drenched in the boy’s cum and she felt nearly full from having swallowed so much. And it had been delicious. She had never tasted anything better. No wine, or food, or chocolate had ever tasted this good.

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  This boy’s cum was better than a glass of cool, clear water after being lost in the desert for a week.

Alex fell back on his naked ass, his now limp cock laying over the top of his thigh. He beamed up at Power Girl and she could tell that this was the happiest moment of his life, but something distracted her from the corner of her eye. “Shit, Alex. The computer. Quick!”

Alex quickly ran over to the computer, his cock dangling between his thighs and began punching keys as Power Girl smiled and thought to herself, ‘No wonder he’s always falling. He must trip over that thing all the time. ’

“It’s done ma’am," Alex said as he turned around with his head hung low. “My mom’ll be home soon. You’ll be able to tell her what I did. I won’t tell her any of the other stuff ‘tho. ”

Power Girl stared hungrily at the young, fresh cock dangling between Alex’s legs. ‘It almost reaches his knobby little knees,’ she thought. A string of cum dangled from the end of his cock, almost reaching the floor before breaking off. Another throb shot though her pussy.

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  It felt so empty, needing to be filled. “You’re going to get into a lot of trouble for this. You know that. Right?”

“Yes ma’am. ”

Throb. “You’ll probably get grounded and your mom will never let you near a computer again. ”

“Yes ma’am. ”

Power Girl’s cunt ached and throbbed again. “And blackmail is illegal. You could probably got to jail for cyber-terrorism. ”

“Yes ma’am. ”

Power Girl’s cunt felt so empty. It need his dick. She had never been this turned on and horny in her life. “And you’ve hopefully learned your lesson.

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  And you’ll never do something like this again. Will you?”

“No ma’am. I’ll never do it again. ”Alex kept his head down, staring at his feet.

Power Girl laid back down on Alex’s bed and proped herself up on one elbow while she lifted up her knee and her other hand released the invisible catch in the crotch of her costume. “Good. ”

Alex looked up at Power Girl. Her massive tits were still exposed and covered in his cum along with her beautiful face. And now she was laying back on his bed with one leg propped up and her soaking wet pussy now fully exposed as she bunched the bottom half of costume around her waist just as the top half was bunched under her swaying tits. Her red belt still askew across her his and her cape still across one shoulder and under the other.

Power Girl used a finger to gather up some of the young boy’s spent cum and brought it up to pursed lips and sucked it off. “Your cum tastes so gooooood Alex. So, so good. Oh God, so good. So good.

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  ”She repeated it over and over, cleaning her massive tits and then her face, one finger lick at a time.

When she was done Power Girl'd chest gleamed with her own saliva and Alex’s giant prick was once again hard and throbbing between his legs. She smiled as she saw a drop of fresh pre-cum crowing his cock. Gesturing with her open hand at her needy, aching, churning cunt she smirked. “Well?Climb aboard. ”

Alex rushed across the room, his prick jumping up and down with each step as Power Girl laid down flat on her back. As he reached her she opened her muscular legs wide and pulled him down to her. He thrust his tongue into her mouth as he positioned the swollen head of his dick against the entrance to her burning cunt.

“Easy big boy. As large as that beautiful prick is you’re going to have to start out slow. O. k. ?” Power Girl whispered as she ran her hands down Alex’s rib cage and her thumbs across his pink nipples.

“Yes ma’am," Alex gasped. The moment he said “ma’am” Power Girl’s hips jerked forward uncontrollably, ramming the first few inches of Alex’s precious prick into her aching pussy.



“Oh fuck yessss…” Power Girl moaned as Alex slowly started sliding his wonderful dick inside of her. Inch after inch of young boy-cock slowly stretched and filled her pussy. The boy's cock inside of her was the best thing she had ever felt and she knew that nothing else would ever feel as good to her again. Nothing could ever replace the sensation of the young boy’s geogouse prick slowly entering her, stretching her, filling her. This boy’s cock was not only filling her pussy but also a hole in her life she never knew was there. The tight walls of her wet cunt opened slowly as she was penetrated with this young boy’s thick, hard cock and she knew she would never be able to live without it filling her again and again.

Alex finally bottomed out, pressed tight against her shaved pussy, rubbing against her sizzling clit and his balls resting against her ass-cheeks. “Oh God ma’am. Your pussy feels so good ma’am. Thank you so much ma’am. ”

Power Girl’s hips twitched every time Alex said “ma’am”. It excited her, the idea that she was a grown woman fucking this young child. She’d arrested scum who preyed on children but this was different. This was like granting a wish. A wish for this young fan boy and a wish for her she didn’t even know she had.

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  She whispered up at her teenage lover, “Fuck me Alex. Make it all worth it. Fuck me and make me cum. ”

Alex slowly withdrew his large prick from Power Girl’s aching cunt until only the head of his cock remained and then slid back in. He had never felt a pussy this tight before, this wet, ‘It has to have something to do with super-powers or something’ he thought to himself. She was a superhero after all. A superhero so horny she was dripping to fuck a fourteen year old kid. This was the most exciting sex in Alex’s life. Even having cum once he already knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Alex’s thrusts increased, faster and faster, his hips blurring, becoming a human piston as he fucked Power Girl. And as he thrust his cock into her pussy again and again she thrust back each time. Raising and rolling her hips to meet every one of his thrusts and using her pussy to grip down hard on his cock and draw it into her again and again. She knew she was almost ready to cum and she could see in Alex’s eyes that he was nearly ready too.

Because he was still a growing boy Alex’s head only reached up to Power Girl’s chest and his head was embedded in her heaving cleavage as he fucked himself into her faster and faster and deeper and deeper. Using one hand placed on the mattress next to her chest he used the other hand to begin roughly squeezing one of her tits and pinch her hard nipple as he began sucking hard on the other bloated tit.

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  Suddenly he bit down on the nipple, nearly chewing in it as he pulled hard on the other tit.

Power Girl reached down to grab each of Alex’s firm little ass-cheeks as she thrust herself forward, trapping his cock inside of her pussy as is clamped down on the boy’s prick. “Fuck Alex!Cum for me!”

Alex couldn’t move his hips, he was trapped but he felt Power Girl’s pussy clamp around his cock in a way nothing else has ever had. Grunting and moaning around the huge tit in his mouth he came, filling her nearly burning pussy with his thick, ropy cum.

With the first splash of cum inside of her cunt Power Girl came as well, her needy pussy rippling around Alex’s cock, trying to milk it dry.

Both the boy and his hero collapsed. Alex still between Power Girl’s toned legs and his head surrounded and cushioned by her tits with her lovingly stroking his head with one hand and his ripe little ass with her other.

“Alex sweetie. I really do have to go, honey,” Power Girl whispered sweetly into the boy’s ear before playfully tonguing his ear lobe.

“You’re not going to tell my mom?”Alex already knew she wouldn’t.

“No sweetie. But you have to promise never to try to blackmail somebody ever again. Or say anything about what we did tonight. O. k.



“Yes ma’am. Will I see you again?”

Power Girl rolled Alex off of her and stood up, readjusting her uniform before placing a hand around Alex’s soft but thick cock and giving it a lovingly squeeze. “Oh you can bet your tight, little ass on that. ”

Power Girl placed a small kiss on Alex’s forehead and then another on the head of his cock before turning around to leave. “Lock the door behind me sweetie. I don’t want anything to happen to you. ”

“Don’t worry ma’am. My mom and sister will be home soon. ”Alex watched Power Girl’s ass swish back and forth as she left the room. A few seconds later he heard a front door open and then close.

Alex stretched out on his back with his eyes closed, hands clasped behind his head and a satisfied smile across his lips as he relished the afterglow of his first super-hero.

A few minutes passed before Alex heard the front door open and close again and knew his mother and sister had returned. Smiling wider Alex continued laying exactly as he was and waited for them.

After a few minutes Alex heard his mother’s voice from his door way, “I suppose by that smile on your face that everything went well?”

Alex’s mother put her had on her hip as she looked at her son. She was a attractive woman in her late thirties with blond hair cut short in a business cut, largish b-cup breasts with only a little bit of sag but were still firm and plump, long legs and a firm ass which she made sure to take care of.

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  Alex's mother maintained her figure by going to the gym three times a week and was proud of how well she was maintaining her body.

Alex continued to stay as he was, his body still completely nude and framed by the moon light coming through his open window and his cock stiffening at his mother’s voice. He opened his eyes a as he answered her. “Went off without a hitch mom," he beamed.

Alex’s mother smiled with pride at her son as she walked over to Alex’s bed and knelt down by his waist. Grabbing her son’s now hard cock she slowly licked from the base of his dick all way up to the tip and moaned. “Oohhh. You two taste good together. ”

“Don’t hog it all mom. ”Alex’s sister had come into her brother’s room without him noticing. She was several inches shorter than their mother, in fact Alex was already a inch taller than her, but she had a voluptuous hour-glass figure with wide hips and huge breasts. Alex’s sister pulled her shirt up over her head, causing her massive tits to spill out, jiggling as she walked over to her brother’s bed. Alex opened his legs wider to give her room and his sister settled down in-between his knobby knees.

Alex’s sister used one had to lift up her brother’s ball sack and began licking and sucking on the hard orbs as their mother continued to lick his cock with long, slow strokes of her tongue. “Yum.

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  You’re right Mom. They are delicious together. ”

Alex settled back down with his hands behind his head as his mother and sister licked, fondled and sucked Power Girl’s and his cum off his dick and balls. His smile widened as he thought about what was going to come next for the heroes. And then he came all over his mother and sister’s faces.

To be continued….





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