Daughter loves me deeply.


I don't know how long she was watching me, but the look in her eyes said "don't you dare stop". I locked eyes with her as I sank down the last 4 or 5 inches of the 18 inch Dido that was so wonderfully filling my ass. "Daddy?" She asked, maybe rhetorically maybe not. "Pumkin, I can explain". "Shhhh, don't talk. Let me look at you". She closed the door as she entered the room, a riding crop in her right hand. My eyes followed her as she circled behind me. I was open, embarrassed, and vulnerable. "Pumpkin?" The sting of the riding crop on my ass made me rise up 6 or 8 inches off of my toy. She put her hands on my shoulders and whispered "I said quiet" as she pushed me back down to base of the dildo. My cock grew instantly, and a string of precumconnected my cock to the soft throw rug I was kneeling on. "I'm sorry Jill, it's just" "What? That you love having your ass filled and stretched? I knew that already, I just wanted to see it for myself". WTF was my little girl saying. Holy shit. She was a month past 18 and this was a side of her that I had only fantasized about.

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  As she circled back to the front of me she reached down and wiped the precum from the underside of my cock with the index and middle finger of her left hand. She brought her fingers to my lips, "I know how much you love the taste of Cum too, if you behave maybe I will let "clean" off of my tits later" she said as she wiped the Cum onto my lips. I nearly came as I tasted myself on her fingers and another string of Cum met the carpet. "I think black is your color Daddy". I wasn't sure if she meant the lingerie or the monster invading my insides. As if to answer my silent question she commented on my thigh highs and garter saying "they are so appropriate for such a dirty little slut. "

"Daddy?" "Yes pumpkin?" I asked in anticipation. "Where do you keep the blue gloves?".
"What blue gloves?" I ask, already knowing the answer. "The ones like mommy had on in the post online. ". I shivered as I realized my little girl has seen the pictures we've been posting online. "What posts?" "You know, fisting. com, The 7th one you posted , Wife_fisting_me_deep3" she replied. My heart stops as I suddenly realize she been "following" us online.

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I pointed to bottom drawer of the file cabinet. "Gett the lube too". "You have lube right there Daddy". "It's a different kind, works better with the gloves". Her smile said everything as she walked to the cabinet. I saw the telltale wet spot in the crotch of her jeans as her she bent over to get the gloves, taking care not bend her knees. She has always had a beautiful ass, and it looked even better as she reached into the drawer. She was always somewhat of a tomboy, jeans and T-shirts avoiding the traditional girly clothes whenever she could, but her ass and developing breasts were all girl.

"Shame on you Daddy, starring at your little pumpkins ass" she coyly mocked as she caught my gaze burning into her glorious backside. "but Since you like it so much" she started sliding her jeans down to reveal a very girly pair pink and purple of thong panties. "How's the view?" All I could do was nod as I stared at the thin fabric wedged between her partially shaved pussy lips.

I was is full silent mode now, I couldn't speak if I wanted to. Jill turned around holding the gloves and lube thinking out loud "now where is that camera?" She must have seen the look of shock I had because she comforted me by saying "don't worry I'll Post it to my profile and I won't get your face" Another trickle of Cum as my cock twitched again, what did she have planned.

She flipped open our laptop and logged into the site we post on under her profile. I saw a picture of my wife laying on her back with me kneeling on her left with her fist in my ass and Cum covering her beautiful breasts that she had saved as her favorite.

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"The pics are nice daddy, but like all the comments say, you should post a video. Now where's the camera daddy, please help me find it your little pumpkin wants to play". I gestured with my head to corner of the room behind me. The camera was already recording, saving every moment of this wonderful encounter. Jill noticed the hdmi cable running from the camera to the TV. "What do we have here"? She picked up the remote and turned on the TV. The screen came to life and was filled with the image of me from behind at a rough 45 degree angle. The only light in the room came from a jar candle on my dresser, the computer screen and now the TV. The low light setting on the camera made an intoxicating picture on the TV. My wig and lingerie made it near impossible to tell I was a man from that angle. "What do we have here"? I heard a soft clinking sound, I looked up to see Jill tapping the pulley I had installed with her riding crop. "I had no idea my parents were so naughty, but to be honest Daddy, I only want to play with you Moms not really my type. Am I going to have to find the rope, or are you going to be a good little slit and show my where it is. "In the black bag by the camera". Jill stood behind me and I could feel her grab the base of the dildo and told me to stand up.

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   As I did she kept the dildo firmly in place. "Turn and face the camera Daddy, I have a few surprises for you and I want make sure the camera doesn't miss a thing". As I turned she had me spread my legs and stand there. I could no longer see the TV but Jill assured me I could watch after she posted it online. Still standing she pulled the toy out until just the head was still in and smacked my ass with crop as she pushed it back in. As soon as it was all the way in a stream of Cum flew from my cock about 3 feet in front of me. A quick hard strike from riding followed "dammit daddy don't waste it. I want to watch you lick it up from my tits". She had me kneel down again as she went to get the rope. She dumped the bag out on my bed and quickly found a pair of padded cuffs and the rope. Jill quickly fastened the cuffs to my wrist, I didn't even pretend to fight. "Pumpkin"? Her open hand stuck my cheek, just enough to sting but not leave a mark. "Now how am I going to keep you quiet"? My cock twitched. "I know just what to do daddy"! She walked over to the camera, "says 2 hours video recording left, let's hope the battery holds". She grabbed a ball gag and held it out to me.

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   "Be a dear and hold this a moment". I smirked as I took it from her hands. "You'll pay for that smile later". More Cum leaked from my throbbing cock. She turned her back to me and bent over and slowly removed her panties. I was 6 inches from the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen and the trickle of fluid that ran down her leg told me she was as horny as me. She wiped her pussy with the crotch of her panties and then balled them up and shoved them into my mouth making sure the wet spot rested on my tongue. She snatched the ball gag and snapped it into place. The pulley was open on the side so you didn't need to feed the rope through, you could just "slide it over the edge of the pulley wheel. Jill clipped one end of the rope to the to cuffs and slipped it over the pulley. I whimpered as she pulled it just tight enough to raise me about half way off of my dildo. She slowly lowered me down just to base of the dildo and then let my hands drop another 3 inches before securing the rope to a hook on the wall. I moaned as my ass swallowed the monster, trying my best not to "waste" any as Jill grabbed another rope from the bed. "This should do just fine'. She said holding a 5 foot rope with clips on each end.

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   Jill leaned down and kissed my cheek. "If I take the gag out will you promise to try to be quiet"? I nodded slowly and my pumpkin removed the gag and her panties from my mouth. She slid 2 fingers into her pussy and wiped them on my lips. She grabbed my hair and kissed me hard forcing her tongue into my mouth as I moaned softly. "Such a slut". She said with a smile. She clipped one end of the rope to the cuffs and pulled it down tight before she proceeded to wrap it around my cock and balls just tight enough to make my cock swell a little more with the blood now trapped. "That should minimize the amount waste we have to deal with". Giving my cock a little slap that cause tiny string of Cum to escape,that my lovely pumpkin caught and sucked off of her fingers. "Mmm, yummy. I've never tasted Cum before, I can see why you like it so much". She pulled the rope up tight and clipped the loose end to the cuffs. I had forgotten about the 3 inches of slack until Jill pulled the rope on the pulley tight again and it pulled on my cock and balls giving me a wonderful sensation that I have never felt before. I sighed softly at the feeling. The next 18 minutes were a wonderful mix of soft swats to my ass and chest pussy flavored fingers and kisses.

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   "Time to get this out of the way". Jill said as she pulled the last 8 or 18 inches of the dildo out of my ass. She also unclipped the rope that he'd been stretching my balls so wonderfully, taking care to not let it get loose. "Be a good little slut and hold this tight". My pumpkin the grabbed the lube and a glove. "I can't wait to show this to Stephanie, she's gonna love it. " If my cock and balls weren't bound I would have exploded. Jill saw my cock twitch and said "not yet daddy, but soon". .





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