Dancing With A Friend - Part 2


Hello lush moderator. MsGracie stole my story. This was published 5 years ago on this site.

The moment I was sure my husband wouldn’t wake up I slid out of bed and quietly snuck out of our bedroom closing the door behind me. I walked into the spare bedroom to find John lying on his back with his dick erect like a flagpole as he jerked himself off. I quickly pushed the door closed and climbed into bed next to him.

“I’ve been waiting for this dick!” I whispered into his ear as I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his big black cock, slowly stroking it up and down.

“Didn’t you get enough from your husband?” John asked smirking.

“What a joke! I could barely feel him inside me. ” I replied stroking his dick faster

“Well now you’re about to get your insides filled with black dick!” John said climbing on top of me spreading my legs apart. I braced myself as I felt the head of his dick slide between the lips of my pussy.

“Oh fuck baby!” I moaned as I felt John’s big black dick sliding deep into my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me as he started fucking me fast and hard. He buried every inch of his huge black dick inside my pussy with each stroke before pulling almost all the way out and then pounding back into me.   

“Oh god your dick is so fucking big!” I moaned as he pumped his big black dick deep in and out , filling my pussy again and again with each stroke.

“You better keep it down or you’re going to wake up your husband.

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  ” John said as he continued pounding my pussy with his big black dick.

“I can’t help it! It feels fucking amazing every time you fill my pussy with your huge black dick!” I moaned again as John slid his hard black dick deep into my pussy.

“I’m not going to stop fucking this pussy if your husband wakes up and comes through that door. ” John said as he pumped his big black dick harder and deeper into my pussy.

“Oh god yes, Fuck my pussy! He won’t wake up, just keep fucking my pussy!” I moaned wrapping my arms around him as he pounded my pussy harder and faster. At this point John’s dick felt so good inside my pussy I wouldn’t care if my husband walked in on us.  

“Is this how you want it?” John asked as his body slammed against mine, driving his huge black dick into my pussy as hard as he could.

“Oh fuck yes! I’m cuming!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as my pussy exploded squirting all over John’s dick as I came harder than ever before.  John continued pounding his big black dick in and out of my soaking wet and trembling pussy making me cum harder and harder with every stroke.

“Oh my god! Fuck my pussy!” I gasped as a second more powerful orgasm tore through my body before the first was over. I wrapped my arms and legs around John while he plunged his massive black dick deep inside me. My pussy clamped down tight around Johns thick cock clutching it tightly as I continued cuming.

“Oh shit that pussy is so fucking tight!” John moaned as he lunged forward burying every inch of his dick deep inside me letting my throbbing pussy clench around his dick

After my pussy loosened its grip on John’s dick he pulled out. “Roll over onto your stomach. ” He said stroking is big dick looking down at me.

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    Once I rolled over onto my stomach John spread my legs apart moving between my thighs.  He positioned himself on top of me with his arms on either side of my body. I felt the head of his cock prodding against my ass and thighs a few times before sliding between the lips of my pussy. The moment John felt the wetness of my pussy on the tip of his cock he pushed his big black dick deep into my soaking wet snatch in one quick motion.

“Oh fuck yes! Give me that dick!” I moaned as John’s dick filled pussy.   I gripped the edge of the mattress with both hands as John’s body rocked back and forth on top of me pumping his big black dick in and out of my pussy. He got right down to business pumping his hips at hard and fast pace as he continued drilling my soaking wet pussy.

“Holy shit! Your dick is so fucking hard!” I moaned between heavy panting breaths.   “Fuck my pus. . ” I I started to scream before John shoved my head down burying my face in a pillow. I moaned continuously into the pillow while John’s huge black dick drilled deeper into my pussy fucking me harder than I’ve ever been fucked.

“I told you to keep it down! If I have to keep pushing your face into the bed while I fuck your pussy I will!” John explained while fucking me deeper and harder. I continued moaning and screaming at the top of my lungs as John’s huge black dick drilled my pussy hard, stuffing every inch deep inside me. I lifted my head to gasp for air only to feel John’s hand on the back of my head shoving  my face back down into the mattress.

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Being physically dominated while getting my pussy pounded by the biggest hardest black dick I’ve ever seen drove me into an indescribable climax. My pussy exploded gushing down my thighs while tightening around John’s rock hard shaft.

“Oh fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed into the bed sheet as John held the back of my head, keeping my face planted into the bed. My pussy clamped around John’s big black dick as it slammed into me.

“Fuck yea you little slut! That white pussy is getting so tight around my dick!” John grunted into my ear as his big black dick started to throb while pumping faster and deeper into my gushing pussy. I could feel every vein and ridge of John’s rock hard dick rub against the inside of my pussy. The sensation of a huge dick throbbing inside my already fully stuffed pussy drove me mad as another more powerful orgasm ripped through my body.

“Oh my god! I’m cuming so fucking hard on your big black dick!” I screamed as John’s huge black dick throbbed deep inside my gushing wet pussy.

“I love the way it feels making your white pussy cum on my dick!” John grunted, thrusting his dick into me faster and harder with every stroke still pinning my face to the bed.

“What the fuck is going on in here!”  My husband shouted as he pushed open the bedroom door to find John on top of me pumping his big black dick into my pussy.

“I’m cuming so fucking hard!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.  The excitement of my husband walking in to see my pussy full of black dick sent me into another gushing wet orgasm.

 “What the hell are you doing in here fucking this black guy in our house?”   He barked as he watched John thrusting his huge black dick deep into my pussy.

“Getting my brains fucked out by his huge black dick. ” I moaned as John continued slamming his dick harder and deeper into my gushing wet pussy.

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“I can see that! Come on man, get off my wife!” He shouted at John as he pounded away at my spasming pussy.

“I'll get off of her right after I bust my load. ” John replied without missing a stroke.

 “What the fuck man? That's my wife!”  My husband pleaded.

“Your wife is a slut for this black dick. ” John said burying every inch of his dick inside me filling my pussy.

 I gasped clenching onto the bed as I felt his massive black dick fill every inch of my tight pussy, stretching my insides. With his dick already pressing into the bottom of my pussy he started rocking back and forth on top of me pushing his dick deeper into me.

The head of his dick was jabbing into the bottom of my pussy still trying to go deeper.

My entire body stiffened as John’s short quick strokes pushed his dick deeper into me. I felt a sharp wince of pain every time the head of john’s dick jabbed into the bottom of my pussy followed by the most intense pleasure I've ever experienced.

“She looks pretty slutty being filled with black cock. ” My husband agreed, “but this has gone too far. ”

“Enough! Get the fuck off my wife!” My husband demanded. Ignoring his request, John continued plunging his thick black cock deep in to my pussy driving closer to another orgasm.

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“I said get the fuck off my wife!” he shouted after being ignored.

“Sure man, I’m just about to fill this white pussy with cum. ” John said as he started pounding his dick deeper and harder into the bottom of my cock stuffed pussy making me scream louder with each thrust.

“You better stop fucking this guy right now!”  My husband shouted at me.

“Oh my god! He’s fucking me so hard; I’m going to cum again!” I moaned at the top of my lungs unable to express any other thought than the pure sexual pleasure running through my head.

“What the fuck, Renee?” he replied angrily.

“Dude, give it up. Does she sound like she wants me to stop fucking her tight white pussy?” John replied

“Tell him to stop!”  My husband ordered.

“You heard what he said. He will pull out right after he fills my pussy with cum. ” I replied.

“Make him stop now! He better not cum inside you!” My husband screamed.

“He has me pinned down, there's nothing I can do. Besides, if I could stop him from fucking my pussy I wouldn't even dream of it. Ah ahh ahhh!” I moaned coming on his dick for the fourth time.

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“What a fucking slut!” He said watching his wife writhing in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes! My pussy is so full with big throbbing black dick! It’s stretching my insides. Oh god yes! It feels so fucking good!” I cried as every inch of my body began to tremble.

“I can't believe you're just going to lay there letting another man fuck you in our house like I'm not even here. ”

“And I can't believe walked in on me fucking another man and demand that he stop!   you're standing there watching a another man  fucking me with his big black dick making me cum harder than you ever have. Do you think I'm going to tell him to pull his massive hard black dick out of my pussy and go home?” I said with an attitude.

"Of course you should!" My husband replied smugly.

"As long as his black dick is still hard, he will be here to pound it into my pussy!"

 "You're my wife and I'm the only one who should be fucking you!" my husband said sternly.

"And if you had been fucking me like a real man I wouldn't have brought one home to do it for you!" I sneered.

“Listen dude, nothing you say is going to stop me from busting my nut inside your wife.   If you're going to stay and watch me fuck your wife's tight white pussy you need to shut the fuck up. ”  John said distracted by my husband’s chatter.

“Don't worry hubby, we will be done soon. ”  I said to my husband as he sat in the chair facing the bed giving him a great view of john’s big black dick sliding into my pussy.

John’s short quick strokes gradually grew longer.

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   At first he would pull out 1 or 2 inches at a time before ramming his dick back into the bottom of my pussy.

“Mmm, yea! That feels incredible!” I moaned as he started working 3 or 4 inches of his big black dick in and out of my pussy. The momentum of his quick powerful strokes continued to grow as he pumped 6 to 7 inches of dick into my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Fuck my pussy!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as I felt John’s huge black dick plowing deeper into my pussy than ever before.  His thick ridged cock filled every inch of my pussy stretching me out as he pounded me deeply.

“Holy shit! I can't believe how hard he is making you cum. I've never heard you moan and scream like that before!" my husband said in amazement.   He stroked his own dick in his hand as he watched john’s big black dick pumping in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

"Only a big black dick can make me cum like this. " I moaned.

“Your wife loves this big black dick!” John said boastfully.   “Tell your husband how much you love this big black dick. ” he demanded.

“Oh my god I love his huge black dick!” I moaned as John continued stuffing my pussy with his thick hard cock. “I’d give anything in the world to have a big black dick fill my pussy every single day! There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for a good hard deep fucking from a thick black cock!” I confessed to my husband as John pounded my pussy deeper and harder as he grew close to cuming. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


“Wow baby! I didn’t know how important size was. I can’t even imagine how good you feel with his huge dick fucking your pussy!” My husband said dumbfounded as he watched John fucking me senseless.

“It’s so fucking good! This is the best dick I’ve ever had!” I screamed as I felt John’s thick cock throbbing deep inside my pussy.

“Damn baby, that tight pussy is about to make me cum!” John said driving his huge throbbing dick harder and deeper into my soaking wet pussy.

“You want to cum baby?” I asked looking up at him as he buried his cock deep inside me with every thrust.

“Yea baby, I want to bust my load in this tight pussy!” he moaned .

“Yea baby cum inside my pussy! I want to feel you explode inside me!” I screamed thrusting my hips upward as he slammed his big black dick deep into my pussy.

“I really don’t want him to cum inside you honey!” My husband shouted, upset about the prospect of my wife’s pussy being filled with another man’s cum.

“That’s too bad buddy, nothing’s going to stop me from shooting my load deep inside your wife’s tight little pussy!” John replied.

“Baby please don’t let him cum inside you!” My husband shouted once again.

“I’ve been waiting all night to feel this big black dick explode inside me pumping my pussy full of thick hot cum!” I moaned on the edge of another orgasm.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna bust in your wife’s pussy!” John taunted my husband as he plunged his massive hard dick all the way down into my pussy. I wrapped my legs around John’s waist pulling him closer as I felt his huge black dick throbbing violently deep inside my newly stretched pussy. John pushes his dick as deep inside me as he can, burying more than ten inches of thick throbbing black dick inside my pussy.

“Oh god yes! Cum in my pussy! Shoot your cum deep inside me!” I begged for his cum.

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“Fuck yes, here it cums!” John moaned as I felt his massive dick exploding deep inside my pussy. His big black dick pulsated inside my tight pussy as he pumped a huge stream of hot cum deep inside me.

“Oh god yes! Shoot that cum deep inside my pussy!” I screamed. The sensation of John’s throbbing dick pumping load after load of thick cum deep inside my pussy made me cum harder than ever before. I wrapped my arms and legs around him as by body shook with pleasure.

“Fuck yea baby! Milk my dick with that pussy!” John screamed as my pussy tightened around the shaft of his dick as it continued to throb, pumping load after load of cum inside my overly filled pussy.

 “I can’t believe you’re letting this guy cum inside you!” My husband commented as he watched John’s throbbing black cock pump load after load of his cum into my pussy.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Keep cuming! Fill my pussy!” I screamed still in the grips of the most powerful orgasm yet. I felt John’s steaming hot cum pooling deep inside my pussy making me cum harder and harder as he continued to cum.

“Holy shit! How much cum is he pumping inside of you?” My husband gasped in disbelief as he watched John’s thick cream oozing out of my pussy around his shaft as he emptied his balls deep inside me.

“Oh my god! I’ve never felt so much cum fill my pussy!” I gasped as my orgasm peaked once again. John emptied the last of his load inside me keeping his hard black cock buried in my cum filled pussy. The feeling of so much thick steaming hot cum sloshing around inside my pussy drove me wild.  

“Your wife took my load like a good fucking cum slut!” John said taunting my husband again before pull out of my pussy and rolling onto the bed next to me. The second he pulled out John’s cum flooded out of my pussy dripping down the crack of my ass pooling on the sheets beneath me.

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“I can’t believe how much cum is leaking out of your pussy!” My husband said rubbing his cock as he watched John’s steaming hot load leak out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass.

“And there’s plenty more where that came from!” John said laughing. I couldn’t help but to smirk looking over at him briefly.

“Why don’t you get up here and lick my pussy clean?” I suggested to my husband jokingly, never thinking he would actually go for something like that. Without hesitation he sprang from his chair and climbed into the bed burying his face in my cum drenched pussy. I felt his tongue lashing furiously between my spread pussy lips as my husband enthusiastically ate me out. He has gone down on me many times in the past, but never like this. It was obvious he really enjoyed sucking and slurping another man’s cum from my sloppy pussy.

“Damn, look at this cumslut lapping up my cum right out of your pussy!” John taunted watching my husband feverishly slurping every drop of cum John deposited inside me.

“All clean!” My husband said with a smile raising his head from my crotch with John’s cum still on his lips.

“You better come clean off my dick while you’re at it. ” John said waving his sticky semi-hard cock at him.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked breaking a long awkward pause. “Get down there and clean off that big black dick!” I demanded. John lay back as my husband moved between his legs, his face just inches away from the head of John’s slimy wet cock.



“Lick your wife’s pussy juice from my cock!” John demanded slapping the head of his semi-hard cock against my husband’s lips.

“I want to see you suck his big black dick!” I said getting turned on by the site another man’s cum on my husband’s face. Before he could react John pressed his slippery black cock against my husband’s lips.

His lips parted allowing John’s dick to slide half way into his mouth. I watch my husband as he took John’s big black dick into his mouth sucking off every trace of cum as it slid from his mouth. He took the shaft of John’s dick in his hand licking it from the base to the tip, like a huge fudge pop. After licking the shaft of his cock my husband took it back into his mouth.

“How do you like the taste of black cock?” John asked smugly as he grabbed my husband by the head with both hands forcing his dick deep into his mouth.   I watched as John pumped his swelling black cock in and out of his mouth.

“I love watching you suck his big black dick! Take it deeper in your mouth!” I cheered as John pushed his hard black cock deeper into my husband’s mouth with every stroke.

“I’m about to bust another nut!” John moaned pumping his big black dick harder and faster down my husband’s throat.

“Oh please bust a nut in my husband’s mouth!” I begged growing incredibly aroused by the site of a huge black dick fucking my husband in the mouth.

“Here it cums!” John moaned, forcing his hard throbbing cock deep into my husband’s mouth before shooting a thick steam of cum down the back of his throat. John kept the head of his dick pressed into the back of my husband’s throat a as he continued to shoot stream after stream of his thick cum into my husband’s mouth.

“Swallow John’s cum like a good little cumslut!”  I demand as John’s dick slid from my husband’s mouth.

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    My husband gulped down the huge mouthful  of cum letting out a contented sigh.







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