I am sitting here naked in my garage, well I have a pair of pantyhose on normally and another I cut the crotch out of and pulled over my head and used the legs as arms covering my upper body.
I wanted to tell you about the fun I had last night. I was horny as always as my sexless wife was sleeping on the couch. Wearing only my full slip, I wander out to the kitchen to see what I could find that was fun and satisfying. Looking in the pantry I found a fresh can of Crisco and then a banana. I took them out to the backyard and began to look for something to fuck with them. I found it, the cold cinder block wall and my wild imagination. I pulled the slip over my head exposing my whole body. I opened the Crisco and smeared half the can on my chest, belly, cock, balls, and under my crotch and onto my asshole.

It felt wonderful. I took the un-peeled banana and pushed it into my ass until only the stem was peeking out. Then I took the rest of the Crisco and blooded it on the cinder block right at my dick’s height in a big ball. I approached the wall pressing my chest and belly against it and then submerged my dick and balls into the Crisco. it felt so pleasing as I hugged the wall and slowly began to rotate my hips smearing the Crisco all over it. my cock began to harden. my entire crotch was buried in the Crisco as I felt the cinder against my dick and gradually rubbed it against the slippery wall, fucking it so leisurely.

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   I clutched the wall as if it was a warm sexy body, cuddling it with my hands belly, and chest. I could feel the banana up my ass moving about as I fucked the wall ever so softly. When it was time to cum I let it go still hugging and caressing the wall. It burst up my belly and then drooled down around my balls.
I was still horny, so I pulled away from the wall and headed into the house. I went out to the garage and sat the wheelbarrow down from it upright position. I removed the banana from my ass and peeled it. Then I got on my hands and knees and put the banana in my mouth and down into my throat. Once I had it as far as I could in my mouth, I backed up placing the wheelbarrow handle against my asshole. As it touched me, I pushed hard and fast up onto the handle and it popped in me. I slowly slid down the shaft until it would not go anymore. I then franticly and brutally began to fuck my ass with it. I felt sensational as I choked a little on the banana. My dick was getting hard again all by itself. After several minutes of plunging onto the handle as violent as I could take, I cum again without even touching my cock.

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   I was exhausted and fell to the floor and could feel the slippery Crisco between me and the concrete. What a terrific feeling.





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