Cherry Hill riding club part 3


     Over the next few weeks, more volumes were added to Jenn's collection. The Cherry Hill riding club now was up to 6 volumes, as Hannah, a long legged redhead became part 3, Susan, a petite blonde with rich honey colored skin was part 4, Naomi, with black hair and rich, bulbous curves was part 5, and Tara, a 6 foot tall strawberry blonde became part 6.

     Emily couldn't get enough. Hannah, with those long legs, natural copper colored curls, getting her body splattered which a massive load, then getting her horse virginity fucked away as she took her turn on the fucking table, growling and screaming with pleasure as a massive, horny stallion reamed out her pussy, made her cum like a train.

     Susan, that petite blonde who was no bigger than 5 feet, Emily watched in open mouthed wonder as she swallowed that prick, then having another stiff cock fucking her tiny pussy, her shrieks of pleasure filling the barn as her little pussy got forced open by that horny stallion that was lucky enough to fuck her. Another screeching burst of pleasure at the end of her dildo shook Emily.

     Naomi, oh that bulbous body and big, swollen boobs, watching the stallion squirt his creamy load over those big milk jugs made Emily tingle. Her howls and cries of pleasure filled the barn, as Midnight, that lucky stallion who got to fuck Penny in part 1, got a repeat performance, ending Naomi's horse cock virginity in a hard, cunt filling thrust, with Naomi's shrieks and howls accompanying her horse cock deflowering.

     Tara was similarly covered all over her with a thick rich load, sucking a huge horse cock to a squirting release. Taking her turn on the table, Tara's shrieks echoed through the barn, as Snowflake was lucky enough to get a repeat performance with a horny pussy, and Emily tingled as she watch the white horse having its way with Tara, breaking open her horse virginity.

     Emily's dildo and her pussy got maximum action, watching each volume, and masturbating to Earth shattering orgasms were making Emily crazy. She couldn't get enough of watching horny teens get their sexy young bodies sprayed with thick gushes of horse cum, then watching them get strapped down, watching tight pussies getting split apart, losing their horse cock virginity, as rock hard horse cocks split open tight cunts, the barn filling with screams and shrieks as their pussies got the stretching of their lives.

     Then watching Cherry plaster her mouth against each just fucked cunt, sucking out the load, and licking each girl to one last climax. Seeing the huge load all over her chin, dripping down, splattering her body, as she swallowed the big mouthfuls, as she smiled and invited her to come and join her riding club, for a suck and fuck she'd never forget.

     Emily could feel the pull, oh fuck, she could visualize herself in that situation. Now, could Jenn?

     When Emily got home after work, she heard Jenn and Cherry upstairs.

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   She crept up the stairs, and heard them enjoying one of the DVDs.

     "Yeah, yeah, splatter her body, blow that cock all over her, oh fuck, look at that fucker go!" Jenn cried.

     "Isn't it great, look at that cock spraying! Fuck, it's such a turn on, it drives me so fucking horny, I love to suck out that load from the freshly fucked cunts of my riding club! It also tastes so hot and delicious!" Cherry growled.

     Emily could feel her panties getting damp, she slid quietly over to Jenn's door, and peeked in. The girls were on Jenn's bed, naked, and rubbing their pussies. The TV was angled towards the door, and Emily could see Cherry getting Tara onto the table, and securing her with the straps.

     On the TV screen, Cherry said "You'll love it baby!" as she tested the straps, making sure that Tara was securely strapped down.

     "Oh fuck, I'm so horny, I don't think my fingers are going to do it!" Jenn moaned.

     Cherry took the DVD remote, and pressed the "Pause" button. She looked at Jenn.

     "Would you like something more?" she cooed. "How does this sound? I'll strap on my dildo, and fuck you while we watch the show!"

     Jenn whispered, "Oh, that sounds so hot!"

     "While my dildo is fucking you baby, I'll have my Joni's butterfly purring away against my clit, and we can both cum like crazy!" Cherry cooed.

     Cherry dug into her backpack, and pulled out her goodies. She showed Jenn the "Joni's butterfly," a soft plastic cup slightly smaller than Cherry's palm, with a soft nub lined with shallow grooves on the concave side. A pair of elastic straps were attached to the edges, and an insulated wire led to a black plastic battery case, a little larger than a cigarette lighter.

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     Cherry's voice started to sound her excitement, as she said, "I'll strap this baby around my hips, and that will hold the vibrating nub nice and snug against the outer folds of my pussy. It won't even penetrate me, it's not designed to. That's why the woman who invented it called it a Butterfly. The sensation is like a butterfly lightly brushing its wings against you. The straps hold it in place, leaving your hands totally free, and the remote control dials up the amount of vibration you want. Since it can be worn undetected beneath ordinary clothing, I'll bet my strap on will fit easily over this baby. "

     As Cherry strapped on her dildo, 9 inches of hard pleasure ready to fuck her daughter's pussy, Emily slipped over to her room, got her 8 inch vibrator, stripped herself naked, and took her spot again, Emily needed a little more than just her fingers, also.

     Cherry grinned, and said, "Oh yeah, no problem. I'm gonna enjoy this ride as much as you! Ok Jenn, I'm gonna lay back, and prop my head up so I can watch the show, and you mount up in reverse cowgirl, so you can watch the show too! Fuck, my pussy is dripping like crazy already, are you as hot, and wet baby? Mount up baby, and let's enjoy the action. "

     Cherry took the DVD remote, and pressed the "Play" button. The action started to flow again, as Cherry led Snowflake over.

     Jenn took position, nudged herself against the head, and slid down, pushing hard, letting out squeals of pleasure as she felt herself get wonderfully stuffed. Emily saw her daughter slam down, taking in every bit, then lift up, and start a slow fucking rhythm going, her eyes staring at the TV.

     Well, I guess if she wasn't before, Jenn is no longer a virgin, Emily thought, and stifled the giggle that she wanted to make.  

     Emily saw Cherry, the butterfly remote in her hand, and Emily could hear a gentle buzzing noise as she started that vibrating pleasure.

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   Cherry sucked in her breath, and moaned as the butterfly started to caress her most intimate spot. She turned her head to the TV, eager to watch the action also, her hands lightly gripping Jenn's hips as Jenn rode that hard dildo.

     Emily started her vibrator going on a low speed, and started to slide it around her lips, feelings the juices really start to churn.  

     On the screen, after applying plenty of lube to Tara, Cherry played with Snowflake's cock, greasing his pole up. Snowflake snorted excitedly, he knew what was coming next. Emily was watching the screen for a few seconds, then Cherry and Jenn, back and forth, she did her best to take it all in.
     Emily's center was becoming very hot and wet, she slid her vibrator inside her, pushing up, stifling her moans of pleasure as felt her walls take in the vibrating pleasure.   The sight and sound of the action on the screen, Tara getting penetrated drew her attention, her pussy giving another lurch as she watched Tara's 6 foot tall body get impaled on Snowflake's huge cock. Her screams and shrieks filled the barn as her tightness was forced open, pink walls being split open by the most pussy filling cock ever. After a few abrasive thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and Tara's howls started to change over to more pleasurable sounds.

     Jenn was riding Cherry's dildo, her hands tweaking at her nipples, grunting with pleasure.

     Cherry cooed, "See baby? Just a bit of roughness, then it becomes all pleasure. Look at Tara, see that look of bliss on her face? The best fuck of your life. "

     Cherry dialed up her butterfly a couple of notches, and Emily could see her hips pushing up as she started to hump at the pleasure.

     "Oh yeah, feels so good, fuck me baby, ride my cock, make yourself cum baby" Cherry cooed.

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     Emily dialed up her vibrator also, the noise filling Jenn's bedroom should cover her vibrator.

     The action on the screen was approaching a climax, and judging by the sounds, all three of the ladies watching were set to join in.

     Tara howled, "Fuck me horsey, fuck, fuck, I'm cumming, FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK!"

     Her scream of pleasure echoed, her body shook crazily, in the grip of a wild and massive orgasm. The horse started snorting loudly, as he pumped his massive load into Tara, emptying his balls into her hot, accommodating tunnel.

     "Oh my god, so fucking hot, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Jenn howled.

     Her body started to shake wildly, watching her daughter fuck herself set Emily off, she felt the wave of pleasure slam her, making Emily giddy and breathless, stifling the howls of pleasure she wanted to make.

     Cherry growled, "Yes, fuck, feels so good, cumming, oh fuck yes, yes, YES!" as her Joni's butterfly teased her to a shaking, sweet release.

     Coming down from her orgasmic plane, Jenn slid off Cherry's dildo, and cuddled in against Cherry, watching the action onscreen as Cherry plastered her eager mouth against Tara's well fucked opening, fingering Tara to one more climax while sucking out the thick, big load that had just filled her. Her image turned to face the camera, with a big smile, her chin dripping with thick trails of horse cum, she swallowed her mouthful, and urged us on to come to Cherry Hill, join the club, and get a riding like we'd never had. She giggled, blew a kiss to the camera, and the screen went blank.






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