Charlotte stays the night at uni, part one


This story is not entirely true, though in the interests of interest, I’m not going to say exactly what is and isn’t true. What I will say is that while the names are false, my description of “Charlotte” and the narrator are both true and accurate.

Charlotte sat on the side of the bed, the shirt of her PJ's hugging her slender body just tight enough to reveal the presence of her C-cup breasts - not too large or small, but round, soft, and perfectly formed. I knew that even if she hadn't been wearing her favourite black bra with the pink lace trim, they would not have sagged even a millimeter, and the thought satisfied me. She was 19 while I had just turned 20, and we were alone in my tiny student halls flat in England. We had only really gotten to know each other in the past few months, after she had been through a nasty breakup with her ex, and been left practically homeless by the prick.

She was tall for a girl, around 5'11", and a size 8. She was very slim, too, her torso melding almost seamlessly into her hips, but despite that there was a very subtle layer of fat lying over her tummy - just enough to make it soft and round, without making her look overweight in the slightest. That, too, was currently covered by the soft material of her pyjama shirt, as were her sexy belly bar piercing and her long, thin arms. Her legs were clad in pyjama trousers to match the top, which showed off their long, shapely form expertly. Her well-sized thighs were crossed, as my gaze moved down to her feet, past her glistening, smooth calves.

She coughed, pointedly, noting how my frank gaze ran down her body, and I quickly looked up again. Her face was very round, with the exception of a flat jaw, which met her neck almost at an angle, rather than a gradual curve. Her soft brown eyes were wide behind the large, rectangular frames and thick lenses of her black glasses, which rested on her cute, upturned button nose and ample cheeks, above plump, smiling lips. These lips were very pink, almost exactly the same shade as the shock of bubblegum-pink hair that fell straight over her forehead, to be swept behind one ear before reaching her eyes, and down her back, to just between her shoulder blades.

"Seen enough?" She asked with a sly grin, her distinct accent cutting through her words.

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   Damn. Knew I shouldn't have let my mind wonder.
"Certainly not!" I replied, in mock indignance.
"Well, you ain't seeing any more of this, mate! Not when we've got to be up early!" She said in a remanding tone, sweeping a hand across her body as she spoke. Her already relatively high pitched voice always got higher and squeakier when she got excited or emotional, even when being playfully angry as now, and I loved it.
"Oh really?" I shot back at her, sarcastically "You know, we've been pretty close for a while now. . . You say you like me, and yet in all this time we still haven't even kissed. " The indignant tone had returned. "Some would argue that you're just leading me on,” I continued, my voice playful, but suggestive. She paused for a second, thinking, before replying;
"Hmm. . . Well, I guess you are putting me up for the night,” she said, with mock sincerity.

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   “Alright, one kiss, and that's all, mister! Stand up. " I got up from the desk chair I had been sitting on, just opposite from her, and she followed suit.

"Well this isn't going to work," I complained. She may have been tall for a girl, but I was huge for a guy, a 6'7" giant. Before Charlotte could say anything I continued, exclaiming, "Fortunately, there's a simple fix!" At which point I stepped to her side, put one arm round her waist, then crouched down, and used the other to scoop up her legs as I stood, until she was cradled in my arms. She only weighed a little over 55kg, so it was easy enough for me (an amateur athlete) to take a couple of steps, before dumping her unceremoniously on the bed. She gave a little, high pitched scream as she fell, then lay there on her back, her knees drawn up, scrambling to work out what had just happened.

Then, she burst out laughing, as I knelt on the mattress by her feet and practically dived on top of her, dressed, as she was, in pyjama shirt and trousers. Wrapping my arms around her back, I let her support my bodyweight a little and looked her in the eyes, my nose just millimeters from hers, grinning wolfishly. "See. Much better, don't you think?" I asked, as she continued to giggle. I blew a stray strand of hair from her face as she calmed herself down, and put her arms around my neck.
"Yeah, I guess," she replied, still smiling wide, "But next time, could you give me a little warning first?!"
"Well you're easy to please, aren't you!" I exclaimed, "I haven't even started yet, and already there's going to be a next time!"
"You know what I mean! Shut up and kiss me then, and we'll see. " I needed no further prompting.

I'd waited months for this opportunity.

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   Wrapping my arms around her a little tighter, I dropped my face towards hers, so that our bodies were touching, mine on hers. I felt her warmth as I tilted my head to the side and placed my lips on hers, closing my eyes as I did so. I felt her lift her legs, and wrap them around my waist, pulling me closer. As I withdrew one arm from behind her back to gently stroke her flank, in time to the rhythm of our kissing, she started to run her fingers through my hair, arching her back to press her stomach and boobs against my body. I pulled back after a few minutes to breathe a little, noting with satisfaction the look of disappointment in her eyes, that it had come to an end so soon.

I quickly stooped down to kiss her forehead. As she moved her hands from my hair and neck to my body, I too moved my one free hand to explore the rest of hers. Feeling first her stomach, tracing the outline of her belly button and piercing, I then moved to stroke her cheek, looking into her deep brown eyes all the while. Feeling no resistance from her, I became bolder, and ran my hand across her breast, feeling the rise and fall of its curve. She released a small gasp, as I drew my index finger around the vague outline of her nipple, beneath her night shirt and bra. Finally, I pulled my hand back and leant in to kiss her once again, closing my eyes as I did so. As our lips made contact, I carefully moved her shirt away, slipping my hand up it to rub against her bare, pale skin. I felt her move slightly under me and opened my eyes. Hers were wide, not expecting to feel the warmth of my hand so close to her body. I began to pull away, fearing the worst, but she quickly muttered "Don't stop!" urgently, between kisses.

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   Reassured, I replaced the hand, and continued it's wide, circling motion - taking in her extraordinarily smooth stomach and both breasts, as I lifted my body from hers, just enough to allow my fingers to pass.

Eventually, we separated once more. As she moved to sit up, I moved my body away from hers, silently debating whether I should try for more, or not push my luck. She made the decision for me. As I sat cross legged on the bed, she crept towards me. Taking my hands in hers, she guided them to her waist, to the bottom of her night shirt. Taking the hint, I slowly raised it up, over her head, exposing her tubular trunk in naught but that black and pink bra. She looked stunning, every bit as amazing as I'd imagined and more. Her 36C breasts seemed to be straining to escape their material prison, but Charlotte had other plans.

Shifting her feet towards me and leaning back on her hands, she moved to sit on my crossed legs. As she came closer, I placed my hands behind her waist to support her ass. I'd never really noticed before, but her bum was truly magnificent. When she was standing, dressed in her usual skinny jeans, it seemed fairly small, though perfectly round and marvelously sculpted. Now, however, with her body horizontal, and without the confines of those tight jeans, it had been unleashed. Even through the loose pyjama trousers, I could tell her cheeks were far bigger than I first expected.

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   Yet as I placed a hand to cup each side, they did not seem to lose any of their perfect shape. Soft and malleable, yes, but they did not suffer from the greatest of flaws, when it comes to a girl's ass; it was not flabby, but remained taut and springy at all times.

As she finished moving, and sat atop my crossed legs with her own extending behind me, she reached up, and I pulled her gently upright into an embrace. She let out a sigh from the effort of such an awkward movement, and held me tighter. Suddenly, she reached down, and pulled my own shirt off in a flash. I let my hands wonder around her smooth back, feeling every subtle lump and bump of bone, from her shoulder blades and hips to her ribs and spine, and she did the same to me. Meanwhile, she lifted my head up to kiss me, running her own hands across my chest. We began to sway, rhythmically, back and forth. My hands moved their attention to her thighs, and to what could be reached of that marvelous ass, as she returned hers to caress my neck, and comb through my thick, short hair.

We stayed like that for what felt like hours, separating from our passionate kisses only to gasp briefly for air, before once again moving my lips to the soft, pink fullness of hers. At length, we broke apart, as my legs were going numb from supporting her weight for so long. She quickly withdrew, and I panicked that it might all be over. Once again, I needn't have worried. Standing over me, she turned and said "Well, since you found a way round the height difference, I should probably repay you by fixing your legs," she said, with an evil grin. I gulped, but decided not to reply, as she guided me down to the foot of the bed, with my legs dangling off the edge.

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   She quickly removed my trousers, and pulled my boxer shorts down just enough to reveal my now fully erect cock. Now despite what the rumours may say about tall guys and their penis length, I wasn't exactly a 'monster' - though hardly small either, at a respectable eight inches. Either way, Charlotte gave no indication of being disappointed, as she wrapped her stunning lips around my shaft. Now at the time I had never been given head before, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect. To be honest, I'd always assumed blowjobs were rather overrated. How wrong could I be?

That’s it folks. There are two other parts to this story which I’ll post shortly, in the meantime any criticism would be excellent, as this is my first post here. Hope you enjoyed it! :)





Read Charlotte stays the night at uni, part one to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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