It was the holiday season. I work in a local book store where I am in charge of merchandising and stocking the shelves. The work is easy and the hours are good so it is not a bad place to work, except at Christmas time. The store is in a historical stone building in the heart of the old town district. It has three floors and reading areas on all floors with a large reading room on the third floor with huge floor to ceiling windows.
The store is closed on Mondays and normally no one is there at all. This particular Monday the owners asked that Greta and I come in to set up new displays and promotional items for them to be ready first thing on Tuesday when the store opened. Greta is the store Manager and I do not see that much of her because I work usually at five in the morning and am off the floor in receiving after the store opens at ten. It is a good thing too because Greta is a curvy goddess. Some call it voluptuous but to me it was just a nice looking curvy sexy woman with a bit of a tummy but it was balanced out by her big beautiful tits. She has medium length brown hair usually up so you can see her neck. Beautiful big hazel eyes, usually covered by purple tear drop shaped glasses. Her voice is a so sultry it could be at home in a smokey jazz club singing ballads and torch songs.
The day we met up and went to work together since the store was not open we were both in casual attire. I in sneakers, a black t-shirt, blue jeans and a plaid long sleeve shirt over top and she was in a pair of high heel boots that went to her knees, what looked like black leggings under a brown suede skirt that came to just above the knee and a dark blue turtle neck sweater that hugged those dangerous curves like a dream. Her hair was down and framed her face well.

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We left our jackets at the front and punched in and got to work. Starting later in the morning meant we were both awake and on our second coffee.
The work went well. Putting some music on the store sound system we listened to some blues and jazz while we worked, breaking after a couple of hours, then again a couple hours after that and had lunch. We skipped the third break and finished up early.
The entire day every time I looked around I caught her checking me out. Turn about is fair I guess I have undressed her with my eyes for months.
The last things that needed doing were a couple of displays right at the register. She took the smaller rack meant to hold gift cards and started working on it behind the counter. As I worked away I listened to her softly humming and singing to herself as a great jazz song played her voice was soft and deep .
She had set up the rack and was finishing up putting out different themes of cards when I brought out the new animated rack for an upcoming home improvement book series. I had it set up near the rear of the counter and I fed the power cord under and around to the outlet beside the register. It meant squeezing into a space between Greta and the back of the register area and as I slid past her I brushed up against her lovely round ass. I for a second thought maybe she moved her ass out a bit to make that happen. I figured I was imagining it and bent over to plug the display in.

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  As I stood up I caught her checking me out again but she thought she turned her head in time that I would not notice, but I did.
She did stick her butt out!
I went back to the display and turned it on and made sure it was working all right and filled it with the four volumes in the series and turned off the display. Then the last thing to do was to put the sign for the series on a pedestal above the register which again meant going behind the counter and Greta.
Again the brushing of our hips.
I placed the sign in its holder and made sure it was straight as She took her empty box to the back and threw it in the cardboard bin. We had not talked much all day I actually thought she did not like me very much but I was about to find out that was not the case at all.
As we threw out our trash and cleaned up all the other boxes and got the store back to shop worthy condition she began to ask me questions.
“Is it true you and Mary are dating?”She asked about one of the cashiers who it was rumoured had been seducing me.
“Ha, no, we are just friends, she is actually dating My best friend.
“Ah good, I mean I see”
“why Greta?”
“well you know its__ Its_ not right you should date a girl like that”
“I see” I walked over and put My hand on her ass. Leaned in and whispered in her ear. “and who should I be dating?”
She gave a little whimper and turned looking angry. An act for sure.
“what are you doing?putting your hand on My ass like I was a common whore!”
“relax beautiful, no harm meant, I just thought you wanted me to, after all you have been eye humping me all day”
I ran a hand through her hair. She changed her look from mad to flirty pretty quick.

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“plus the rumour is you fucked Bill to get your job so I figure you are into employee hook ups. ”
She pushed me away and looked at me seriously. “first of all I did not fuck Bill to get this job. . . . . I told him if he gave me the job I would think about fucking him. Business before pleasure. He could have did me then not given me the job”
“I see”
“he just smiled gave me the job and told me that it was not just him I had to sleep with. Then he took me home and introducedme to his wife and she and I had sex. ”
“really!?” I spurt out.
“no you idiot”she slapped me on the chest. “all I did was suck his cock while his wife watched. ”she said with a matter of fact manner.


“so you’re not shy then”
“hell no I love sex and I love it when people watch. ”
I moved back in close again and brushed her hair back and ran a hand down to her breasts. I could feel her shallow breathing as she tried to hide her excitement. I kissed her on the mouth parting those moist soft supple lips and she stuck her tongue into my mouth. In no time at all, I had the palm of my hand up her skirt and pressing against her panties on her moistening pussy.
“wait” she said walking into the back room. “we should punch out first”
“sure no sex on company time right bosslady”
“exactly, plus I wanna go upstairs. I have always wanted to do some sport fucking on that leather sofa in the reading area”
I just nodded my head happily in agreement. We raced up to the third floor where she tore off my shirt and pushed me down in the middle of the large sofa. She quickly pulled off her sweater and I watched as her tits gave a natural bounce as she tossed the top away and reached back and undid her red silk bra and tossed it on my chest as I unzipped my pants.
“leave the boots and glassed on Hun, they are driving me wild”She just winked and undid her skirt and kicked it off. Kneeling in front of me she finished pulling off my jeans and underwear all in one pull. She then started massaging my balls and licking her lips in preparation for a very enthusiastic hummer. She spit on my uncut eight inches and gripped the shaft base with her hand and went balls deep into her mouth. I heard the sound of light gagging as she deep throated me at a fast pace.

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  I held her hair back as she sucked me hard so I could watch her devour my dick. She came up for air and spit on it again as she jerked and twisted my member driving me crazy. She looked up at me and smiled as she used both hands on me she had a little saliva running from her mouth as she went down for more. She did that two or three more times.
“fuck you need to ride me you slutty lil’ devil” I gasped as she licked my balls.
“mmm only if you play with my titties while I do”
“I promise”She stood up and as she tried to remove her g string I just grabbed it and tore it off exposing her triangle trimmed pussy.
“you fucking animal!”she purred as she stepped up on the couch and crouched over my dick. She grabbed the back of the furniture and lowered herself onto me. I slapped my hands on her ass and as she pushed her hips forward I would pull her hard onto my cock.
She dug in her heels and as I leaned forward to suck and lick her ample nipples she thrust her hips at a good pace. She tipped her head back and the sofa actually moved a couple of times from the force.
I could tell her legs were getting shaky with an oncoming orgasm so I pushed her onto her side and positioned myself behind her and raised her top leg up and hung it over the back of the sofa and entered her from behind while she shimmied on the edge. The hand I had under her I kept clasped on her bouncing tits and the top hand I used the fingers to rub her hard engorged clit.
She was now in a whimpering pant, her hair falling wildly around her face as I got into a hard pace jackhammer style as her ample frame bounced and the sound of our flesh slapping together was driving her to a frenzy.
Knowing we could not hold the position long I turned her onto all fours her forehead buried in between the cushion and the arm I entered her from behind.

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  Now she forced herself back against me as I grabbed a handful of hair with both hands and pulled her to upright and grabbed her tits and ran my thumbs over her areola.
“come for me Greta”I commanded. “I wanna feel you come girl”
“then push me back down and arch my back I am so going to spend all over your balls. ”
I did as told and pushed her back to all fours. I planted a foot on the floor and locked my fingers under her chin and pulled her head up arching her back. I stuck in deep and stayed there with short thrusts and in seconds she screamed an orgasm for the ages.
Hearing and feeling her flaming orgasm it about put me over the edge. I grabbed her ass an spun her over and as I rubbed my dick on her pussy lips keeping her aroused I could hold out no longer and threw about six streams of hot sticky satisfaction all over her tummy and tits.
She laid there catching her breath as I sat up.
“wow” was all she said as she got dressed again.
I turned around to see her looking out the window at a few people on the same level in the building across the street cheering and applauding us.
“did you know they were there?”I asked.
“hell yes”She turned and smiled at me. “Told you I was an exhibitionist. Wasn’t sure how you felt so I did not say anything so you could keep your focus and get me off”
“we should have charged admission”
She just smiled and she turned back to the window and we both waved before stepping out of view to get drsesed.

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We locked the door of the store and went our separate ways but every once in a while she gives me a knowing wink.





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