Banging Mom & Sis 5


Travis told mom, you sure have great pussy, better get used to my cock, because I am going be fucking this pussy often. Mom was still trying to recover from the biggest cocks that given her the best fucking of her life, but that did not stop Travis. My brother was seemed like a madman, he had just dump a river of cum on mom’s pussy, but still had a monster rock hard on. He lifted mom’s legs and he showed me mom’s pussy. He hadn’t gaped her pussy, he had bored it into a new size.

I remembered the video of mom fucking in her office and I told Travis, she loves to eat cum and get her ass fucked. Travis said, Good, I was going to fuck her in the ass next anyway, get me some lube and I gave him a tube from my gym bag.

Mom was mesmerized staring a Travis’s monster cock and said I don’t think I can take that, it is too big. Travis told mom, Oh, yeah, you’re taking it, all the way!Tavis put mom’s legs over his shoulders and told me to grab mom’s legs and hold them all the way by her shoulders. By holding mom’s legs by her shoulders made mom’s ass to be positioned straight up where Travis wanted it. Travis told mom, I am going to bore out this ass!

Travis lubed his huge monster and mom’s ass, then begin inserting the tip of his monster cock in mom’s ass and she said it’s huge, please don’t hurt me. Travis said, I am not going to hurt you, I am going to destroy your ass slut and he sank his huge cock head in mom’s ass, mom let out a yell, it hurts, too big, too big. Travis told mom, shut up whore, you are just going to have to learn how to take big cocks up your ass. Travis started inserting more of his huge cock in mom’s ass and she screamed, but Travis did not give a shit, he just kept plunging in, more and more.

Mom again started screaming and was sweating as Travis kept driving more cock in her ass. Mom said, it hurts, it hurts, but Travis was on mission and he was not going to be deterred.

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   Travis told mom, we have a couple of inches to go and mom was screaming, oh my god, oh my god, it’s too big. Travis suddenly started pulling his cock out, leaving his cock head in her ass and started fully driving his all his cock back in her ass all the way to his balls and mom started screaming, too big, too big, you’re going to splitting in two. Travis held his monster cock all the way in mom’s ass for about 18 minutes and then started slowly grinding against her ass.

Mom started whimpering, mom said it hurts first, but about 5 minutes later she actually started to very slowly grind her ass against Travis’s huge cock. Travis started to slowly thrust inmom’s ass, picking up speed with each thrust. Travis started to with withdraw halfway and thrust his monster all the way in, mom now was starting to moan sounds of pleasure.

Suddenly Travis grabbed mom’s ankles and held pinned them to the couch by mom’s shoulders. Travis then started to power pile drive mom’s ass, mom just started screaming and screaming, Oh, too big, oh too big. Travis started yelling, “COME ON WHORE, TAKE IT THIS HUGE COCK, “TAKE IT ALL THE WAY UP YOUR ASS”, “TAKE IT WHORE”, “TAKE IT ALL”.

Travis was loudly asking mom, YOU LOVE THIS HUGE COCK, DON’T YOU WHORE? YOU KNOW YOU LOVE TO FUCK AND YOU LOVE MY COCK, SAY IT WHORE, as he violently started slamming her ass, “THUD, THUD, THUD”. Mom, finally started screaming, YES, YES, FUCK MY ASS, HARD! Travis withdrew and got up and grabbed mom and walked to the couch arm and bent her over with her ass in the air and he quickly inserted his huge cock in her ass all the way and mom did not object at all, Travis owned that ass now. Mom’s long legs looked awesome as Travis had her bent over the couch. Travis wasn’t fucking mom’s ass, he was literally boring her asshole.

Travis kept boring out mom’s ass for another 30 minutes and finally started dumping all his cum in her ass and lots of it started dripping down her legs. He signaled me to come over and showed me his huge cock in mom’s ass.

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   Travis finally pulled out and he showed me how he had destroyed mom’s ass. Travis had literally bored mom a new size asshole, it was going to be easy for me to take her ass.

Travis moved out the way, and I inserted all my cock all the way to my balls and started thrusting fast and hard. After how Travis had literally bored out her ass, mom was an easy fuck. Mom was starting to scream with every thrust, I was not as thick as my brother but, I was no slouch.

Mom was so hot and high she did not fight at all. I grabbed mom and took her back to the couch and I sat her down on me with her back to me and I sank my cock in her ass again. She started to ride my cock. I laid down with mom on top of me and I told Travis if he was ready for DP, I didn’t have to ask twice, Tavis was there. Travis didn’t waste any time, he quickly started inserting his huge cock in mom’s pussy while I fucked her in the ass. It was obvious mom had never done this, we were driving her crazy, she was so hot and high. We were fucking her with so much force, that mom passed out for a little while.

We had her in a DP for about 18 minutes and I told Travis, I am getting ready to come and he said so am I. We had mom screaming, she didn’t know what to do. I started dumping coming in her ass and about a minute later, Travis was coming in mom’s pussy.

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   We had just turned our mom and sister into our whores.

It had gotten very late, so we took mom to her bedroom and I jumped in bed with her, and fucked her ass several times. Travis took Rhonda to her bedroom and I could hear Rhonda screaming as Travis rocked her bed. Rhonda loved her ass fucked so I am sure that was what Travis was doing.

Next morning, I woke up, and mom was awake laying naked next to me. She said, I thought it was a dream, but I guess it wasn’t. I grabbed her and pulled her over to me and started fingering her pussy and I could tell she quickly like it and very soon she started breathing heavy. She started playing with my huge cock and I moved her head over cock and she inserted my cock head in her mouth and started sucking my cock. I could tell like I had seen her in the video, she loves to suck cock. I stood up by the edge of the bed and held mom’s head in place and inserted my cock in her mouth. It felt so wet and good as I started fucking her mouth faster and faster, I was now driving my cock down mom’s throat. Mom is a great cock sucker. I said mom, I am going to come, and she replied, give it all to me. I started dumping all my come down her throat, it was so much cum, she started gagging and had cum dripping from her mouth. Mom started to lick my cock and balls dry.

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   Mom also took the cum drippings off her chin with her finger and ate them, she loved to eat cum.

Mom had appointment and she had to in to her office for a few hours. She wore one of her sexy white pencil dresses with white panties and bra, I know because I was there when she dressed. Rhonda had to back to school, so Travis and I were at home. I asked Travis, so what do you think about mom. He replied, mom is great fuck and Rhonda fucks like mom, they’re great whores and we went on doing our tasks.

Mom arrived home at 3:00 pm. As soon as she walked in the living room, Travis went directly to mom and started kissing her and I got behind her and kissed her neck and pulled down her zipper and lowered her dress down to her waist. Travis started kissing her breasts while I unhooked mom’s bra and hit the floor. Travis started kissing and sucking on mom’s tits, while I pulled mom’s dress all the way down to the floor. Mom was now in heels, stockings and panties, she looked hot. I stuck my hand in her panty waistline and went all the way down to her pussy and started fingering mom’s pussy. Mom started to breath heavy.

Travis said, Roger says you are an expert cock sucker, let’s test you, and he leaned over a got a cushion and had mom kneel on it. I held mom’s head from behind while Travis inserted his cock in mom’s mouth and said wow her mouth feels great.

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   Travis started going in and out slowly, but picking up speed. Travis is so big in diameter, mom could hard get it in her mouth, but Travis was stretching it. Travis said, come on whore, get more cock in your mouth. He held her head by her side while I held it from the back of her head to prevent her from going back. Travis started to really stretch mom’s mouth, just like he bore out mom’s pussy and asshole. Travis had as much of his huge cock head as he could, down mom’s throat, we could see mom’s throat visibly expand. Mom was gagging and drooling saliva and this made Travis even want to drive more of his cock down her throat. Travis, took his cock out and let her get a breather, and quickly went back in her throat.

I was floored, mom really loves a huge cock down her throat. Travis really read into mom’s sexual desires and started to violently fuck mom’s mouth, just like he took her ass and pussy.

Travis withdrew from mom’s mouth and told me her lick cock and balls, mom very obediently started licking. Travis told me to open her mouth as wide as she could, and he went down her throat violently fucking her mouth. As I held her head from behind, I could feel his cock banging her throat. Mom was drooling so much, she also started throwing up, but that didn’t stop Travis, he kept driving more and more cock down mom’s throat. He pulled out again, let mom take a breath, and drove his cock down her throat again, this time a lot deeper and mom started throwing up again all over Travis’s cock.

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   Travis pulled out and told mom lick me clean whore, and mom started licking his balls and cock clean. Travis then told her to open up again and he went down her throat as much as she could take, mom’s throat expanded again as Travis kept driving his cock down her throat. It was a hot scene, mom is a whore.

Travis looked at me and said, look at this whore go. She loves cock down her throat, she will do anything for a cock. Our mom is a true, blue whore and now she is our whore! Travis, started slamming into mom’s mouth hard and mom was gaging, and Travis kept telling her, “COME ON WHORE TAKE IT”, “TAKE IT WHORE”, “TAKE IT”, suddenly mom started going out of control sucking just ravaging Travis’s huge cock. Mom liked being used like a whore and Travis had picked up on that. Mom liked a lot of cock and like to be fucked hard and rough. Travis tensed up and slammed mom’s mouth against his balls and held her until he dumped all his cum down her throat. Travis had dumped so much cum that mom started gagging on it.

Travis told mom to open her mouth, so he could see how much she had. Mom opened her mouth and WOW, she had gobs of cum, and started dribbling out of her mouth. Travis said, damn, I am going to be fucking this mouth every day. Travis picked up mom and carried her to her bedroom, to could continue giving mom the hardest fucking she ever had, a minute later I heard mom screaming very loud, AAAAHH, AAAHH, YES, YES, while the bed was being rocked hard, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP!

Rhonda had just gotten home for the weekend, and I got a raging hard on, so,






Read Banging Mom & Sis 5 to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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