Banging Mom And Sis 4


It was already dark, and mom got out the pool and went lay face down on a floating chair converted to a cot. Mom so loaded she did not pay attention to us at all. Rhonda had done all the work for us, now it was the matter of who was going to bang mom first.

Travis and I went to sit by mom, she was very high and asleep. Travis moved mom’s bikini “G” string over and started very slowly fingering her pussy for about 2 minutes and we heard mom moan, then Travis started to slowly insert a second finger. Travis quietly told me, WOW, her pussy is getting real wet, here feel. He took his fingers out and I inserted mine, and mom was soaking wet. Travis and I slowly spread mom’s legs apart for better access to her pussy and we started taking turns finger her pussy as mom moan and grinded her pussy on our fingers. Travis slowly got his mouth down close to mom’s pussy and slowly darted his tongue in her pussy, even as high as she was, mom moaned and did little grinding actions against Travis’s tongue. Travis moved over and said, come on bro go for it, I started slowly darting my tongue mom’s pussy and she started moaning and make sexy grinding movement against my tongue. Mom had the sweetest beautiful pussy and I couldn’t wait to fuck it!

Rhonda came over and said, guys have some class, not here, take her in the house. Rhonda, helped mom up was walking mom in the house. As soon as we were in Travis untied mom’s bikini bottom and let fall to the floor. Rhonda took mom to our living room couch and before she laid down, she first untied her bikini top. There was mom, fully naked, ready for Travis and me to, fuck. We waited for 5 minutes and I inserted three fingers in her pussy, mom was still very wet.

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   I moved my fingers in and out very slowly and mom started to moan lowly.

Wow mom had some great looking tits. I knelt beside her and took one tit in my mouth, Mom did not even wake up at all. Travis leaned down from the opposite and started kissing mom’s other tit, mom was beginning to moan with sounds of pleasure.

As I sucked on mom’s tit I insert three fingers in her pussy, this time I started to go in and out a little faster. Mom was responding with moans of pleasure and was gently and slowly bucking her pussy against my fingers. Mom was now so wet, I decided to insert four fingers in her pussy and mom responded with more aggressive bucking against my fingers and louder moans. Rhonda came over and told us what are you two waiting for, she is ready for good fucking. Right now, mom, is so fucking high on weed, it’s the time to fuck her if you are going to do it, by the time really wakes up, she will really be so very hot, fucking, she will just easily give in to the fuck.

After listening to Rhonda, I spread mom’s legs while Travis was still kissing her breasts. I inserted a couple of fingers and mom moaned and moved her hips to meet my fingers. I than removed my fingers and placed my cock by her vagina opening. I was about to plow into mom’s pussy with all my rock hard cock. I was so excited that I was finally going to tear up mom’s pussy. I gently inserted my cock head in her pussy and she thrust her hips to meet my cock just like she did when I had my fingers in her pussy.

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I gently went in another couple of inches, mom was so wet her pussy was easy to take. I finally had another few inches to go, so I said fuck it, and I inserted my cock all the way to my balls. I started to gently go in and out. Mom started to thrust her pussy and my cock. I gently put mom’s legs on my shoulders and started banging her faster and harder and she was moaning very load, “AAHH”, “AAHH”. Now I was really banging her pussy hard, my balls were slapping against her ass as I took my cock all the way out and sank it back in all the way! Mom still asleep and very high, was bucking her pussy against my cock. Mom finally woke up, but like Rhonda had said, it was too late, mom was moaning and was viciously thrusting her pussy and my cock. Now that she was awake, I really started pounding her pussy and mom started screaming, “FUCK ME”, “FUCK ME”, “DON’T STOP”, I said don’t worry, I am not stopping. I kept banging mom’s pussy for about 20 minutes straight and I had her screaming all this time. I asked mom, do like your son’s huge cock, she replied, “this is so wrong, but”, “YES”, it feels so big and good, keep fucking me. I said mom, I am going to come in your pussy and she replied, “YES”, “I WANT IT ALL”.

I started dumping rivers of cum in mom’s pussy. I came so much she had cum dripping out her pussy as I still was fucking her. I told Travis to take my place, and Travis said mom is so wet I won’t have any problems sinking in my cock and he was right, he quickly sank his huge cock all the way to his balls and started to pound mom real hard, “THUD”, “THUD”, “THUD”, mom was screaming and screaming, Travis was just destroying her pussy. Travis was a little shorter than me, but much thicker in diameter, so Travis was boring out mom’s pussy.

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   I knew that when Travis got done with mom, she was going to have a huge gapped pussy. Travis pounded mom’s pussy for about 20 minutes straight and drove mom wild. Mom kept screaming all the 20 minutes Travis pounded her pussy, mom obviously never had such a thick cock.

Travis tensed up and said, I going to come, I held mom’s arms over her head and Travis grabbed mom by her hips and pulled her up and slapped her pussy against his huge cock and held her tight against his cock, while was dumping all his cum in her pussy. Travis told mom, you sure have great pussy, better get used to my cock, because I am going be fucking this pussy often. Mom was still trying to recover from the biggest cocks that given her the best fucking of her life, her son’s and there was more to come!






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