Balcony Adventure


My wife and I recently took a trip to celebrate a special occasion. We rented a beautiful suite in a hotel by the ocean.

After getting back from dinner that first night, we went to the balcony to unwind with a few cocktails. My wife is a petite brunette with natural highlights in her hair. Very classy appearance with no tattoos, finely manicured finger and toenails, with glistening toe rings, anklets and bracelets. She was wearing a sexy mid-length sun dress with thin straps accentuated by lovely high-heals. When we go out for a special occasion that might have the possibility for extra-curricular activities she always wears a specific perfume. It creates a Pavlovian reaction that turns me on whenever I catch the scent of it. For this occasion away she also got a waxing of her intimate area that absolutely turned me on. Well everything was working this night and she was just stunning.

I had stepped back into the room to refresh our drinks and when I returned she had hiked up her skirt ever so slightly and removed her lace thong underwear. The cool sea breeze was blowing on her private area, and I knew where I’d be soon. We could hear the conversations of the passersby in the street below and at the hotel directly across the street, but the railings of the balcony were just wide enough to conceal us.

At this point I leaned in, took her drink and put it to the side and kissed her ever so softly, tasting the sweet alcohol on her tongue. My fingers slipped under her spaghetti straps and pulled down the top of her dress exposing her natural, perfect sized breasts. I teased her nipples a bit with my fingers and then moved my lips from hers, down her neck, until they were on her bosom.

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   I flicked at her teat every so lightly with my tongue, accompanied by a soft caress of my hand and the refreshing breeze of the ocean, I could tell she was getting extremely aroused.
While continuing to tease her breast, I position my hands between her legs and spread them slightly apart while she was sitting in the chair. Gently I inserted one finger and then two, which immediately drew a long, soft moan from my wife. With her legs apart I got on my knees and moved to her mid-section, smelling the scent of that special perfume.

Pulling her skirt a little higher I was able to get to her finely groomed vagina. I first started to kiss her thighs, I moved my tongue to the the smooth area around her vagina. Teasing is the most erotic part of foreplay. I slowly worked my way towards the center, gently lapping her at first. Eventually I started to lick harder and I could hear her moans picking up and her breathing getting a little heavier. I slipped my finger back in her while licking the top of her vagina ever so lightly.

Fellatio has always been a delight for my wife, but I never was able to get her to climax using my tongue. I read her body language and I could tell she was getting close. My motion got more rhythmic, deeper, consistent and precise. I knew she was close to orgasm. I could see her back arch higher as she put her weight on her toes in those sexy heals.

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   She grabbed the arms of the rocking chair and pushed her engorged clitoris tighter to me. Then I heard the all too familiar moan of the approaching climax, I thrust my tongue deeper, tasting her as she utterly exploded in sexual satisfaction.

Now appeased, she got up, pushed me into the rocker, kneeled down between my legs and pulled my trousers down. She held my penis with three fingers and thumb on the shaft while her pinky flared out down by the base, like one would hold a glass of fine wine. She is utterly classy even when it comes to oral pleasure. With her other hand she brushed her flowing hair away from her face. She leaned in and softly licked the tip of my penis and then worked her tongue all the way to the base of my testitcals. Motioning for some time around them, she proceeded to lift them and lapped under the base of my penis. As the tourists meandered past our balcony below, this was getting all too exciting.

After some more of this pleasure she got back on her knees and positioned my penis between her two beautiful breasts. Applying slight pressure with her hands she moved her chest up and down in a stroking motion on my penis while she was licking at its head. I held back her hair and could see her earrings dangling from her ears as she worked. She could tell from my pulsing that I was getting close. She looked up and whispered as to how I would like to be finished off, with her tongue or her vagina. The tongue was incredible but told her I really wanted to be inside of her.

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Normally she would mount me facing forward, but she added another twist by turning her back to me and lowering her warm, moist vagina onto my immensely hard penis. She balanced herself by holding onto the handrail of the balcony in front of her. She erotically moved her hips up and down on me as I grabbed her rear and took her all in. After a few minutes of this I couldn’t take it anymore. I throbbed hard and exploded deeply into her, my thighs shuddering as I orgasmed. I pumped my juices in her while I felt her tighten, moan and accept them. She collapsed back on me and I reached around and messaged her breasts while we kissed passionately.

We both then went back inside and finished our drinks in the hot tub. We like to be somewhat adventurous, but this was the first time we had the opportunity to use a balcony. Did we get caught from the tourists below or next door? If so, good for them. I hope they learned that great lovemaking is essential for a healthy marriage. What a great erotic adventure. .





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