Auntie Babs farm part 6


     After a few minutes of afterglow, Abby decided she's better get back downstairs, lest her Auntie Babs came upstairs, and caught her naked in bed, with her pillow still stuffed between her thighs. She felt a thrill race through her at the thought, and her mind pulled up what it would be like, if her Auntie Babs caught her humping her pillow. Little did she know that had just happened.

     Downstairs, Barbara could feel her pussy still giving off little tingles from her orgasm, watching her niece going at it had been wild. Her mind had Abby in bed with her, kissing, licking and sucking each other, until she could yank her thoughts away from that idea. It was bad enough that her sister's son was fucking her, did she want to compound that by luring Abigail into a lesbian encounter? The idea teased at the back of her mind though, refusing to fade away entirely.
     Abby was downstairs a few minutes later, and she asked, "Can we go see Richard now?"

     Barbara was more than happy to agree, and they were off to the hospital quickly. Barbara was glad to get out, away from what had just happened, do something NOT sex related.

     Entering Richard's room, Abigail was relieved to see him awake and alert, she rushed over and hugged his upper body tightly, letting off little hitches as she remembered her fear of the morning.

     Richard smiled, stroking her hair softly as he said, "It's okay sis, see, I survived!"

     Barbara came over, she would have liked to give him a tongue swirling kiss that would have sent his dick straight up. But, with Abby right there, she gave him a restrained, aunt/nephew kiss on the cheek.

     Richard said, "Thank for handling things so well Auntie. The doctor told me that appendix was all swollen up, and it came out like a loose cork. Dumb appendix, I wish evolution could have evolved that silly thing out of us, all it does is become inflamed, and need to be taken out. "

     Happy that Richard was on the road to recovery, they spent the afternoon with him, Abby had brought her Scrabble game with her, and she was the victor in an enjoyable match. Barbara was enjoying what they were doing, things that were normal, and had nothing to do with.

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  . . and she cut that thought off right there.

     They stayed with Richard until his dinner arrived, then they left, sedate, non sexual kisses were exchanged. After leaving the hospital, both hungry and not wanting to go all the way home just to start making dinner, they stopped in at the Homestead restaurant. Nothing fancy in the decor, but the food was always a winner. Seated in a comfortable booth, Barbara thought she saw Abigail's eyes glimmer as she looked at her, probably just a trick of the light.

     Abby decided that she wanted her Auntie Babs, wanted her in the same way that Richard had, when he had his way with her. Tonight, when Auntie Babs went to bed, she would wait awhile, then crawl into bed with her, and do whatever came to her horny mind. Her pussy pulsed with an insistent, horny rhythm.

     She got her chance a few hours later, as she said goodnight to her Auntie Babs, and they both went to bed at the same time. Abby lay quietly in her bed wearing just her panties, she could feel her pussy simmering, and 30 minutes later, she decided to make her move.

     She slid out of her bed, shoved her panties down, as they hit the floor she stepped out of them, naked, she left her room and moved quietly down the hallway, pausing at Auntie Babs' bedroom door. She took a breath, and slowly turned the knob, with a quiet click, the door yielded to a gentle push, and she peered inside. She could hear deep, even breathing, and she stepped in, and closed the door.

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   In a few moments, her night vision adjusted, and she could see her Auntie Babs, asleep on her side. Abby felt her heart start that pounding of sexual excitement, and she cautiously slid in next to her Auntie Babs, their bodies just inches apart. She slid over, slowly, cautiously, and pressed her body against Auntie Babs, spooning her from behind. Abby felt the warm, naked skin, no nightie in the way, oh yeah, perfect. She reached over, and with a feather light touch, started to caress her boobs, ummm, she loving stroking at the heavy fullness of those luscious melons.    

     Barbara's mind created a dream, Clint was back in her bed, and stroking at her body in just the same way that Abby was doing. She let out a soft moan, and pressed back against the warm body that was snuggled against her.

     Abby felt the response, spurring her on. Her fingertips started to tweak lightly at her Auntie's nipples, feeling them get stiff and eager, her own nipples got hard, stiff and achy in response. She rubbed her throbbing nipples gently against her Auntie's back, feeling creamy pulses center in her pussy. Her Auntie was starting to make continuous soft sounds of pleasure, and her hands started to slide down, her fingertips stroking at her belly in a sensuous caress, sliding further, through her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair.

     Barbara, still in the dream, parted her legs, she could feel Clint's fingers sliding towards that inviting target, and her dream self couldn't wait for his fingers to take her.

     Abby's body was sizzling with lust, her fingers slid down, and felt the soft, glorious heat, cupping her there, she slid her fingers along the tight lips, feeling the juices of her Auntie's arousal coating her fingers. She pulled her fingers up, licking them clean, tasting her Auntie's arousal. She moaned with pleasure from the fiery, musky taste, she wanted more.

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   She cupped her sex, and slid a finger inside, her Auntie started to gently thrust, and Abby slid another finger inside, her body almost on fire with lust.

     Barbara came up through that dream into a hazy awakening. At first she thought she was in bed with Clint, then Richard. That idea vanished, and she came fully awake when she felt the stiff hard nipples poking her back, rubbing against her, and the groin that was pressed tightly against her ass had no hard cock poking against her.

     "Who. . . who. . . Abigail?" she whispered.

     "Yes Auntie Babs, it's me, and I'm here to make you feel so good" Abby whispered.


     Her self control rapidly crumbling, she gasped, "Abigail, no, we can't, you're my sister's daughter, we can't. . .

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  mmmmm. . . we really shouldn't. . . oooohhhh. . .

     Oh god, it did feel so good, Abby's fingers were sliding into her, stroking and caressing her pink folds in just the way that moved her most.

     Abby interrupted, "Oh Auntie Babs, come on. I know that you and Richard have been doing it, I saw you at the kitchen sink with him, then I spied on you and him fucking in this very bed. He's your sister's son, and you seemed to get beyond that fact. I'm your sister's daughter, and I know what feels good. Tell me, how do love the stroking of your sexy pussy?"

     Barbara gasped,"Oh my god, fuck, I love it.

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  . . but. . . oooohhhhh. . . mmmmpff!"

     Any further protest was cut off, as Abby had pulled Barbara on to her back, and plastered her lips against her Auntie's, her tongue curled out, sliding along Barbara's lips, as if asking for entry. It all came together, watching her sexy niece in the throes of orgasm, feeling that same sexy body pressed against her, Abigail's hot, slithery tongue eager to play in her mouth, and the magical feelings that were shooting through her, as she wriggled around on her niece's fingers stuffed snugly up her, shattered the last of her self control. She opened her mouth, moaning into the mouth now pressed tightly against hers. Her tongue quickly came out to play, and the feel of their tongues touching, sharing such intimate, open mouthed tongue filled swirls of passion, made both Abby and Barbara growl with desire. Abby wanted to do more, she broke the kiss then quickly dived down, her Auntie Babs watching with wide, lust filled eyes, as Abby settled herself between her thighs, her face hovering just above her most intimate spot.

     "Ummm, so pretty, so nice and sexy looking, I love your pussy Auntie Babs, I love it so much I want to lick it, and I want you to cum. You will be my first pussy licking" Abby cooed.

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     Barbara could feel another rush of juices coating her lips, Abigail was going to give her first pussy licking to her! She reached down, gently caressing the head of hair between her legs.

     "Oh yes, my sweet baby niece, lick me there, god I love to be eaten!" Barbara growled huskily.

     Abby was fired up, and she slid her tongue out, and ran them up and down the wet, slick lips. The smell of her Auntie Babs' aroused pussy, and the taste of her juices gave her own pussy a horny lurch, and she gently pulled her lips apart. Looking at the dewy wet, coral pink interior make Abby's pulse pound, and she dived in, burying her face in that hot wet excitement, hearing her Auntie's squeal of pleasure as she started to give her very first pussy licking.

     Barbara was feeling the sizzling pulses racing along her heated tunnel, Abigail may be a novice, but her licking was very delightful, and she buried her tongue in deep, then slid it up, and brought it out, repeating that over and over.

She ran her fingers through Abigail's hair, stroking at her head, cooing to her.

     "Ooh yes, my baby, my sweet little pussy licker, ummm, you're making your Auntie Babs feel so good, lick my clit baby, make your Auntie Babs come all over your face my sweet pussy licking niece!" she growled.

     Both Barbara and Abby felt the tingles of lust from what Barbara had just said, it was incest, plain and simple, but oh god, if this was incest, they both wanted a lot more of it. Abby happily did as she was told, her eyes easily spotted her Auntie's aroused clit, that stiff, hard, deep pink beauty, and she started to lick at it, running her tongue in long sweeping passes over it, just like she was licking an ice cream cone. She could feel her clit start twitching against her tongue, and Abby shoved two fingers up Auntie Babs' steaming tunnel, feeling her Auntie's body start to tense up.

     Barbara's head was spinning, her niece was licking her, oh god, she was being licked so good, so good, oh, oh, oh she felt that rapid climb, she gained the summit, looked down at that plane of pleasure, and took the jump.

     "Yes, yes, yes, lick me baby, oh baby, yes, baby, oh god, gonna make me, make me, make me, yes, cumming oh fuck, cumming, yes, yes, YEEESSSS!"

     Barbara's voice rose up to a shriek of pleasure, and she felt that lock up, then the release, and she was cumming hard, her pussy was gushing her juices, and she felt a very naughty feeling blaze through her as she unloaded her girl cum, splattering her niece's face with her cum, oh god, that was so fucking nasty, it was so fucking HOT, and she howled as her orgasm blazed on, she was cumming like a fucking train, and she didn't feel it ease until she flopped back, almost faint, seeing Abigail's face shiny wet with her juices, looking up from between her thighs, grinning at her.

     "Come up her, sit on my face, I'm going to lick you until your toes curl in orgasm!" Barbara growled.

     Abby smiled eagerly, she stopped to share more tongue filled swirls, letting Auntie Babs taste her very own juices.



     Barbara was tasting herself, and loving it. She wanted her niece on her face, and with a happy sound, Abigail squatted over her, her lips slightly parted, letting Barbara see all the hot, wet, pink excitement. Barbara was almost dizzy from the spicy, intoxicating scent filling her nostrils. She was ready, more than ready, and she grabbed Abigail's hips, and pulled her tightly against her mouth.

     Abby moaned loudly as she felt the tip of Auntie's tongue penetrate her, my god, she'd never felt anything so utterly pleasurable. It felt like wet, liquid fire was playing between her lips, ohhhh, fuck that felt so incredible.

     Barbara was surrounded by the hot, wet clamp of Abby's pink flesh, her tongue felt the virgin barrier, she had wondered if Abby was still a virgin. As she ravenously feasted on her drooling teen pussy, her mind drifted back, she had first performed oral sex on her girlfriend when she was 16. . .

     She had been on a sleepover at her friend Jenni's house. Jenni had sneaked a bottle of wine from the wine cellar, and with the wine priming them, it was natural to try some things that they hadn't yet had the courage to try. Shy, tender stroking of each other led to quick kisses, leading to longer, deeper, tongue filled swirls of passion. It didn't take long after that, fingers started to stroke hot, eager, wet pink trails, then Barbara had her head buried in Jenni's sweet pussy, licking at her friend's creamy heat, listening to the soft cries of pleasure. Though it was her first time, she had a pretty good idea of what to do and where to lick.

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   She felt her pussy pulse heatedly, Jenni's voice, rising up to a squeal of ecstasy as Barbara brought Jenni to climax, enjoying the gush of her friend's juices filling her mouth.

     Then Jenni had told her to lay back, it was her turn, and oh god, it was absolute bliss. Total sexual euphoria, the feel of Jenni's hot, wet tongue, licking at her right there, my god, it was like heaven times 2. Jenni seemed to enjoy licking at her as much as she had enjoyed licking at Jenni, and Barbara's cries of orgasm, and the flood of her juices gave Jenni lots of her nectar to swallow.

     They had fallen asleep naked in each other's arms, and the next day, they did it again, this time sober, and discovered it was even better the second time around. The sleepovers became a lot more fun and sex filled, after that discovery.

     Her mind came back to the here and know, Abigail started to grunt and rotate her hips, pushing her hot, wet cleft tightly against Barbara's face. Her breathing was choppy and Barbara knew she was almost there.

     Suddenly Abby howled, "Fuck, oh fuck, gonna gum, gonna cum, yes, yes, YEESSS!"

     Barbara could feel Abigail's tight opening contracting around her fingers, and a flood of her juices gushing, Barbara's mouth catching the tasty flood, and eagerly gulping it down. As her orgasm started to ebb, Abby slid down, and Auntie Babs' arms came around her, holding her close.

     Dreamily, Abby cooed, "Oh my god, that felt so good. That was my first time getting oral sex, as well as my first time giving it. "

     Barbara smiled as she replied, "For a first timer, you sure knew how to take me to climax, my sweet niece. "

     Abby gave off soft sighs of contentment as she cuddled close. Barbara smiled, it was not going to be the end of first time experiences, she had more first time things planned for her sexy niece.

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   With Abby's birthday coming up, it was going to be a sweet 18 to remember.






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