Aunt Patrizia


I remember this like yesterday. I was 18 and my aunt 41 years old. She was always a gorgeous woman…dressing like a slut all the time but still gorgeous. I always had fantasies on her. My first thoughts when I started masturbating were about her.
She was average height, blonde hair falling to her waist,green sweet eyes. But the true beauty was her body. She had all the right curves. Even today I think she’s one of the sexiest milfs I’ve ever seen in my life. Of course her being my aunt didn’t leave much to my imagination. We were relatives,she was my sexual fantasy that’s it. Until that day…
It was August,really hot outside especially when you live in the city. I was staying at her place for the weekend. I had nothing to do really that time so what better that masturbating? I was sitting in front of her PC and I had discovered some bikini pictures of my aunt. She was so hot I didn’t even think about it. I immediately took it out and started jerking off.

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  The door was closed and I had some music on but I just lost myself to her thought. . that’s the reason I didn’t hear her come in. .
She didn’t yell at me nor tried to stop me. . she just stood there and watched…I just felt her hand in my shoulder and I turned around scared to watch her smile and telling me to follow her to the living room. I put my pants back on and followed her embarrassed ready to be yelled at.
We sat down and she crossed her legs. . those amazing long legs. . she told me but I was doing was natural for a boy my age and I shouldn’t feel any shame for doing it. But she then continued. .

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   “It is a shame when you have something like that and you don’t let a woman have fun with it”.
My heart stopped right there. . my aunt was looking at me strangely…then she leaned forward. . kissed me and I felt her hand grabbing my hard cock over my pants. I didn’t know what to do. . was I dreaming?could it be real?my biggest fantasy was really about to happen?
I kept kissing her but I couldn’t move…I just felt her fingers unbuttoning me …then my cock was out , her fringers holding it tight. . slowly jerking it off…she pushed me backon the sofa. . she was holding it firmly between her hands…my veins ready to explode. . i saw her head lowering and her mouth getting closer to it .

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  . her red lips ready to wrap around myfat cock…
And then it happened…my cock was inside her warm mouth…I could feel her tongue playing around and it was the warmest feeling in the world…she licked it slowly bottom to top and then all in her mouth again…she kept her eyes on me. . something I find terribly sexy…it was really happening. . my hot aunt was giving me a blowjob and it was awesome…being was first bj ever I couldn’t resist long. . after about 8 minutes I came really hard in her mouth…I thought she was gonna get up but no. . she stayed there. . my cock in her mouth. . swallowing every last drop of my cum…
She then got up and said “tell me next time you wanna have fun”…and then walked away…I can still hear the sound of her heels. Many things have happened since that day.

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  . but that’s another story…





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