Astoria: Chapter One



Chapter One

Death is a usual happening. You can see it in the dust that travels through the air. Destroyed skyscrapers that have collapsed on to the ground below. Rusted vehicles lying dead on the side of the road. The bones and skulls of skeletons hiding within the rubble. It is silent. You can hear the creaking of old metal from buildings delicately swaying in the calm but dirty air. The quiet is interrupted by a scream.

Two figures emerge from the fog as they stumble through the rubble, they are frantically trying to get away from something as if they are being chased. They wear ragged clothing with hoods over their heads. One figure is taller, holding tightly to the hand of the other figure who is smaller in comparison. Their legs are weak as they struggle to run down the road. Behind them, an engine of a fast moving vehicle can be heard, followed by the haunting sounds of menacing laughter. Two men dressed in black leather ride through the fog on hovering vehicles, apprehending the two fleeing figures in rags.

‘I fucking love this job!’ screeches one of the men, who is not in fact human but of the humanoid-canine variety, with long ragged ears and blood-red scruffy fur.

The other man appears to be human, with a rough looking face due to mild acne scars on the cheeks and sharp but solid jawing features.

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   He is silent, fixated on the two targets up ahead, focused on completing his task. The prey head into a nearby tunnel. The two fleeing individuals scream once more as they trip over in the darkness, granting their pursuers enough time to catch them up. The canine swings off his vehicle and tasers one of the targets, temporarily paralysing the legs.

‘Lily!’ cries a female voice, as she is also tasered by the other man, making her unable to move or feel the lower half of her body.

After seconds of violent fidgeting, the red creature picks up the shorter target and aggressively pins her to the wall of the tunnel. He whips of the hood and reveals a young girl, her blue eyes shining in fear at the sight of the furry red creature. Her jaw drops, unable to say a word to defend herself.

‘Yep, these are the ones we’re looking for, Blake!’ announced the red canine in a rough voice, ‘Two runaway slave sisters – cute too!’
The sister turns on the floor facing her pursuers, helpless and unable to move.

‘Please, don’t hurt my little Lily! Let her go, just take me instead!’ begs the older sister.

Blake drags the older sister off the ground and throws her also onto the side of the tunnel, restraining the captive from behind with high technology handcuffs.

‘Sorry Jenny, but you know it doesn’t work like that’ asserts the rough looking man, ‘Red. We need to get them back to Boss before it gets dark. ’

Red looks Lily up and down and begins to wag his scruffy tail in excitement.

‘Couldn’t we just have a bit of fun with them first before we get back?’ Red suggests, ‘I bet their pussies are so tight they wouldn’t be able to handle my nice big red rocket.

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Both girls start to cry out in fear.

‘No’, orders Blake, ‘The younger one is a virgin. Boss needs her to stay that way for a potential buyer. ’

Jenny, tears down her face, glances over to Blake and thanks him for his mercy. However, Blake drops his own captive to the ground and treads towards Lily. He grabs her by the arm and aggressively pushes her onto the back off the vehicle.

‘I’m heading back to Boss’ Blake explains, ‘This one might be a virgin, but Jenny over there isn’t. She’s all yours just make sure you both get back before dark – you know what it’s like out here when the sun goes down. Say goodbye to your little sister Jenny. You probably won’t be seeing her again anytime soon. ’

Lily screams and cries on the back seat of the hovering vehicle. Blake pulls a sinister grin as he starts the engine and drives off into the heavy fog.

‘I guess it’s just me and you now, Jenny’ whispers Red, ‘I’ve always wanted to fuck a trouble-maker like you. I bet you like it rough. ’

Jenny fiercely spits on Red’s furry face.

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   He cackles and licks the saliva from his hairy cheeks with his long pointed tongue then presses Jenny against his chest.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll make this quick. Then after I’ve finished with you, I’m going to kill you. ’ Red snarls.

The canine creature plunges in and forces his tongue down Jenny’s mouth, licking the corners of her mouth. Jenny gags in displeasure as Red’s gums suck around Jenny’s own tongue, tasting her sweet saliva. He begins to reach underneath the rags and grab her large breasts with his paws, pinching on the already puckered nipples.

‘You’re turned on by this aren’t you?’ questions Red, surprised and delighted.

Jenny shakes her head begging him to stop. The menacing bounty hunter yanks her blonde hair back and slides his furry fingers down the girl’s soft pale stomach, right down to her bare crotch and begins to rub gently around the lips.

‘I’m so glad you shave, I wish I had the time to do shave myself’ Red jokes, as he begins to play with Jenny’s pussy, which begins to make her wet and moist.

She looks up at the roof of the tunnel and stares, embarrassed that she is starting to get turned on by Red’s furry fingering. She closes her eyes and delivers a slight moan of pleasure. Suddenly, Red turns and bends her over with her elbows on the wall. He unfastens his belt and whips out a bright red huge cock.

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Jenny’s eyes widen as the red dog penetrates her tight ass, sodomising her. She screams in pain as tears fall down her smooth pale face. As the animal fucks her from behind, he squeezes the girl’s jugs as they bounce in the air like jelly. After minutes, the bounty hunter goes deeper into Jenny’s ass, making her scream even more in pain.

‘Stop! Please stop, it hurts!’ she exclaims.

Red laughs and goes further in, making her ass hole wet with his pre-cum. He begins to go faster, pounding her ass with his hairy cock until she can barely take it. On one motion, Red slips his cock out of Jenny’s ass and spits into the girl’s tight gaping hole then licks it out with his tongue that’s dripping with saliva. Jenny starts to moan in disgusted pleasure as Red plays with her pussy while sucking on her throbbing ass hole. Seconds later, the red beast grabs Jenny by the hair once more and forces his giant cock into her small wet mouth.

‘See how your ass tastes, slut! It tastes good doesn’t it?’ asks Red.

Jenny nods in pleasure as she tastes the mixed sweet juices of her ass and Red’s cock, sucking ferociously on the giant red rod. Red grabs the back of Jenny’s head and forces his manhood deeper down into her throat, making her gag and choke, tears rolling down her face as she makes sucking sounds. The dog’s veiny dick pricks up and stiffens.

‘I’m going to fucking cum!’ shrieks Red, as he blasts his white creamy sperm into the young girl’s mouth.

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He leaves her head in place, forcing her to keep sucking and swallowing until all of the semen is gone. After she polishes Red off like a good cum-slave, the beast giggles to himself in pleasure.

‘You still haven’t lost your magic touch, Jenny. I don’t know why Blake never has a go with you, you’re truly something I can tell you that’, states Red, as he turns away to fasten his belt up.

Quickly, without warning, Jenny leaps over Red with her naked body and wraps her handcuffs around Red’s neck, in an attempt to strangle the bastard. The effects from the taser now worn off, she leans back and forces the beam on the restraints harder around the canine’s throat. He tries to tell her to stop but all that can be made out is wheezing.

‘Let’s see how you like to be choked!’ Jenny yells, cum still dripping from her chin.

She tugs harder and harder, desperate to escape and get back to her little Lily, before she gets sold and taken away from her forever. After moments of struggling, Red finally falls unconscious and slithers to the ground like a dying snake. Jenny, catching her breath, clambers over to the hovering vehicle and starts the engine. As the fog begins to clear up, she takes a glance at the sky.

‘It’s almost dark’, she thinks to herself, ‘I need to get back to Boss’ place before the sun goes down. ’

She looks over at the unconscious Red, knowing that he will later be dead for sure if he manages to wakes up. Things come out at night in this city.

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   Things no one would ever want to find themselves in the company of. Jenny smiles.

‘I’m coming Lily’ she whispers sentimentally, and drives off into the misty fog.

End of Chapter I.





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