Amanda and I Part 1 (F/f)


By DudetoDude@yahoo. com

A story of how both an older and younger woman experienced their first girl on girl lovemaking.

My name is Terry Evans and shortly after my divorce I moved into a small house of my own in a quiet mature neighborhood. After 5 years of living with a mentally abusive bastard I finally got the courage to leave. Fortunately I have no children and since I have a great job as a computer analyst, I do Ok financially. It's been two years now since I've gotten over the whole ordeal but I still have feelings of inadequacies and insecurity that my late husband was so good at reminding me of. At 33 I think it's time to get on with my life. I do have a few close friends but now that I live in another city due to a job transfer that I requested, it makes it more difficult to get together. Apart from long hours at work and the regular out of town travel during the week, I don't do a whole lot of anything any more. I realized that that would have to change.

Winter wasn't as busy for me around the house but in the summer, I would spend most of my weekends cleaning, catching up on yard work, doing windows and generally getting choirs done around the house. The property isn't large but the previous owners had done a lovely job on the gardens and maintained house beautifully. I wanted to keep it up. I enjoy keeping busy around the house but it does get lonely from time to time. I've always been a homebody anyway and so last year I had hot tub installed on my deck. It's really very pleasant dipping in on a clear cool night and watching the stars.



I had met some of the neighbors and had the couple next door over on occasion for a cook out and to use the hot tub. They were in their mid 40s and had a 18 year old daughter. Amanda was a cute little thing but sort of standoffish and shy. Sometimes I'd invite her over for a cold coke or lemonade when I was out cutting the grass or weeding and Amanda would often offer to help. Of course I never turned down the help. Over the course of the summer Amanda would hang out around my place and just talk to me as I busied myself in the yard.

"I never see you hanging out with anyone Amanda," I asked her, don't you ever go out with your friends?"

She only had one close friend and she was in Europe with her parents. All of her other so-called friends were always too busy to hang out with her she explained. She didn't have much to do this summer and her parents were too busy with their business to take a summer vacation with her this year. I more or less felt sorry for her since she was an only child and I knew she was bored and lonely to. Amanda took a shine to me and I liked her to. We spent many Saturday afternoons together just talking and she helped me out with a lot of my choirs. I decided to pay her for all that she does around the house and that would give her some spending cash as well.

One week I took a few vacation days and decided to take her to six flags amusement park for the day. I cleared it with her parents and we were off.

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   Amanda had a great time and from then on she treated me like her big sister. Now at 14, a girl is very impressionable and Amanda would hang on every word I said and I liked the idea that I could make a positive impression on a young person. As for a personal life, I wasn't having much of one these days and I enjoyed her company. As for dating, it seems all the nice guys were taken so I was content with just hanging out at home on the weekends. As it went, my sex life sucks and I regularly resorted to self-satisfaction. Regularly isn't the word actually, it's like every night and sometimes during the day if I could find the time. Being a computer analyst, I'm pretty savvy around the Internet and last year I discovered the adult chat rooms and porn sites. Although I never actually met anyone I chatted with online, I did do cyber sex several times and more often than not, it was with another female. It was such a turn on to think that another woman found me hot, all be it that it was just online. Secretly, this had become an obsession with me since I hadn't considered the fact I would be attracted to other woman.

One night the sky was clear and the moon was full. I mixed myself a drink and decided to dip in my hot tub. I lit a candle and turned on some soft music. Being rather secluded behind a large trellis I removed my swimsuit and just sat in the warm water enjoying the relaxing evening. For 33 I thought, my body's not so bad.

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   My 36b breasts sit high and are nicely proportioned to my figure. I'm 5'6" and with spending so much time outside, I have a nice tan. While running my hands over my body I heard a slight noise in the yard. Although the moon was bright, I couldn't see anything beyond the deck. After a few moments I was certain someone was watching me. A little scared I eased myself out of the tub, slipped my bathing suit on and went inside. A couple of minutes later I was startled when I heard a knock at the door.

As was her custom, Amanda walked in saying "hello?"

"Hi Amanda" I said, "You startled me, what's up?"

"My parents are out for the night and thought I'd come over and hang out if that's Ok?"

"Sure" I told her. I was just going back into the hot tub for a few minutes, want join me?"

Amanda ran back to her house and changed into her bathing suit. When she removed her wrap and I noticed she was wearing a string bikini that I had never seen before.

"Oh that's so cute on you Amanda, you look very sexy with that on" I told her.

She blushed I think. Amanda was actually at that age when her body was beginning to form into a woman but her mind was in many ways that of a child. Her little breasts had grown to beyond the little mounds of last year and her hips were taking a nice form. The string bikini she had on only a V shaped patch in front and back for the bottoms and two small triangles and a string for a top.

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"Does your mother know you have that?" I asked.

"No way! She'd kill me if she knew I bought this. I might have to hide it over here if that's ok with you Terry"

I laughed and told her it would be fine with me. "You might as well not wear anything," I told her. "It doesn't leave much to the imagination you know. "

"I was hoping you'd like it," Amanda said with enthusiasm.

Ok, I thought. Now maybe I read more into it but I thought I saw her purposely sway up the two steps and down into the tub. I wondered if she realized it or not. What the hell am I thinking?

Well it wasn't such a bad thought was it? I thought. I was feeling horny as hell these days and I never did finish what I had started just a few minutes earlier before I was interrupted. This is crazy, I was actually wet and not from the water. It's a good thing that it was dark enough so as not to expose my obvious wet spot. Then the thought occurred to me that it would be fun teasing Amanda. Maybe lead her on and see how she would react, maybe flirt with her just a little in an inconspicuous way and observe how she handled the situation.

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   Yes, that's what I'd do. I'd tease her and send her home hotter than hell. She wouldn't know what hit her and I'm sure at 18 she's discovered the art of pleasuring herself. I think I was 12 when I first started so Amanda is probably doing it by now.

My thoughts came back to reality when Amanda asked if I was coming in. Snapping out of my obvious daze, she asked, "are you Ok?"

"Yes, no problem, I'm sorry if I was staring at you but I hadn't noticed how grown up you are now. "

"Thank you" was all she could say.

I brought my drink to tub side and slipped into the water. The water was warm and Amanda commented how much she liked doing this, especially at night in the dark. It was so cool she said. We talked a little about school for next year, boys, cool CDs and general girl talk. Later I asked Amanda if she could get me another drink and to grab herself a coke. I suppose I could have gotten them but surprising myself in this new found interest, I wanted to watch her get out of the water and maybe sway her way into the house. She got out of the tub and dried herself off a little. All the while I pretended not to notice but I was enjoying watching her with the light from the full moon glistening on her wet skin as she strutted into the kitchen.

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   God I was getting hot thinking of the possibilities. My hands went for my pussy and I managed to finger myself a little before Amanda was back with the drinks. Boy that was stupid of me, I thought, now I'm hornier than hell and I'm going to have to send her home or excuse myself and go to the bathroom to finish myself off. As Amanda climbed back into the tub, I got up and steadied her with my hand on her arm. It felt electric and I was tempted right there and then just to pull her into my arms and hold her. I chickened out!

Once in the tub, she skirted across the water to get her coke and hand me my drink. I couldn't help but notice when she reached for the drinks her little breast just about fell out of that tiny piece of cloth she called a bathing suit.

"It's true, your Mom will kill you if she finds out you're wearing that. " I kidded her after noticing what almost happened and not exactly sure what to say or do.

"Please don't tell her, I'll get grounded for sure," she begged.

"Don't worry it's our secret," I assured her,"but it's so small you might as well not wear anything at all. "

I realized I had mentioned that now for the second time tonight.

"I don't think that top would even cover my nipples" I joked, looking for a reaction from her.

Not realizing that she was staring, Amanda just looked at my breasts as I spoke. I think she was imaging my large mounds in that little top.

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   We sat there side-by -side, sipped on our drinks and leaned back to make out the constellations of the stars. Amanda was admiring me for my knowledge of astronomy and would hang on every word I said in amazement. We hung out for another half an hour or so, and that night, Amanda left her little two-piece at my house and swore me to secrecy.

Over the course of the summer Amanda had joined me several more times in the tub and each time she would change when she arrived. Her parents knew where she was but I don't think they knew we were in the hot tub on most of those occasions. I didn't mention it and they didn't ask.

One evening Amanda's mother came over and asked if I wouldn't mind keeping Amanda over the following weekend since her husband would be attending a trade show for work in Las Vegas and she'd like to go along. Her mom had asked Amanda to join them but she chose to stay home if her mom could find a sitter.

"If it's Ok, can she stay with you?" her Mom asked and I agreed of course.

Amanda had asked earlier in the week if I could show her how to use MS Office on the computer as part of one of her classes for next year and if there's anything I'm good at, it's using a computer. I agreed that on the weekend when she was over I would spend some time showing her how to use Power Point and Excel.

I took the Friday afternoon off that day so as to be home for Amanda and to say goodbye to her parents. Amanda brought her backpack of clothes, her pillow, and a favorite stuffed toy, a huggy bear she called it, over to my place. We went out to Pizza Hut for diner and later went to the movies to watch Maid in Manhattan with her favorite singer Jennifer Lopez. Latter, we arrived back to my house around midnight and I could see that Amanda was fighting to stay awake.

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   She thought it was pretty cool that we were out so late. I settled her in the spare room, right across from mine and told her I was going in for a quick dip in the hot tub before going to bed. "If you need anything I'd be right across the hall. " I said. She thanked me very much for the pizza and movie and she gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

By the time I came to bed, Amanda was fast asleep and through the open door of her room brightened only by a nightlight and what little light slithered through from the hallway, I could see her silhouetted petite figure partially covered by the blanket allowing full view of her panties and bra. Her back was to me and from my vantage point I could see the rounded curves of her tiny waist and ass. I paused in the doorway for a few moments and took in the view and I enjoyed it. Instinctively, thinking she might get cold, at least that was my reasoning, I entered the room to cover her up. She stirred for a moment then I placed a kiss on her forehead and went to bed. Surprising myself at this new attraction, I lay in bed that night and thought about what should be done with this situation. I never considered that I would be attracted to woman, let alone a young minor but since I discovered the chat rooms, my interests and curiosities about having sex with another woman has been forefront on my mind. Maybe because my ex husband treated me like shit or I was so horny from not getting any in so long, what ever the reason, I was hot tonight. On one hand I knew Amanda was attracted to me, I just had that "feeling", on the other hand if I tried anything I could be in deep shit! If I could only think of a non-obvious way to make things happen.

The following morning seemed to present the right situation.

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   I had gotten out of the shower and I knew her bedroom door was open. I didn't bother dress or cover up after having my shower. I opened the bathroom door and figuring Amanda would be ready and waiting to use the bathroom, I casually walked out into the hall to my bedroom completely nude, greeting her as we passed.

"Oh I'm sorry Amanda," I said. "I didn't think you were up yet. I'll make us some breakfast in a few minutes if you like. " I said casually.

Standing just a few inches away her, I could see the surprised expression on her face and she didn't know where look.

"If you're going to have a shower, just leave your dirty clothes on the floor and I'll be back in minute to collect the laundry" I said to her as she broke her steady gaze.

"Ah sure, ah, ok" replied a surprised Amanda, and with that I went to my room and slipped on a pair of khaki shorts and T-shirt. I went back into the bathroom to collect Amanda's bra and panties for the laundry and of course I tried to steal a peek of her naked body through the smoked shower glass doors. I couldn't quite make her out with all the steam but it was a definite turn on for me trying to peak. Shit! I thought. I'm turning into a perverted old broad, I'm hornier than hell and it's not even noon yet!

The morning flew by fast and that afternoon we went to the mall and did a few choirs around the house. We went out for diner so I wouldn't have to cook and got back around seven that night.

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   Amanda wanted to change her t-shirt since she spilled her drink on hers during diner. She came back down wearing a tight short t-shirt exposing her belly button and waist. God she looked hot I thought. I needed to find a way to seduce this little vixen and do it in such a way that I wouldn't get in trouble. As promised, we settled down in front of my computer and I showed her how to use power point and excel. All the while I could smell her Tommy Girl perfume and the apple fragrance in her hair from her shampoo. During my tutoring I would lean into her, rub my breasts against her shoulders and arms without making it obvious and I would touch her hand with mine as often as I could as I helped her manipulate the mouse around the screen. All this close proximity to Amanda was making me crazy. I noticed her nipples protruding through her t-shirt and realized she wasn't wearing a bra. I asked if she was feeling cold and she said not really. Uhm, I thought, that's interesting! Now what? The sight of Amanda's tight little body was having quite an effect on my common sense.

Just then an instant message popped up on the screen. I guess that is one of the advantages of having cable internet access, you're always a online. It was my cyber lover "HornyGrl" At first I felt a wave of panic come over me but then I realized that this was perfect. "Hey honey, wanna play?" was the message on the popup screen.


   Amanda didn't know what to do. She asked me who that was and I told her it I didn't know but why don't we have some fun with this. "Cool," she said. Amanda was already familiar with messenger and chat rooms and she knew how to work it.

"Go ahead and say ok" I prompted Amanda.

Amanda responded back and soon she was chatting. HornyGrl was one of my cyber chat friends that first opened my mind to girl girl fun. I guess she thought it was me and so she kept on chatting. I left for the kitchen to get Amanda a coke and me, a rum and coke. By the time I returned, HornyGrl was already trying to get down and dirty. She thought it was me chatting and based on her comments, she seemed a little confused with some of the posts that Amanda wrote. Amanda wasn't responding back to HornyGrl like I would have and by now she was a little confused.

"Go ahead," I said, "be a little naughty and tell her you want her to kiss you all over, see what she says. " Amanda smiled at me and typed in her response.

This went on for a few minutes and I could see Amanda was enjoying it.


   Maybe this is the opportunity to break the ice I was looking for I thought? I suggested we turn off the computer, get changed into our swimsuits and go in the hot tub. Amanda thought it was a good idea. It was a beautiful night and she said goodbye to HornyGrl and got changed.
By now I was hot and my panties were soaked from leaking cum. I knew Amanda was affected by the hot chat because she looked a little flustered. She kept crossing her legs and her nipples were protruding out like two little headlights. She didn't think I noticed or she would have been embarrassed.

"So who was that?" Amanda asked me after she came out to the deck. A little embarrassed and not exactly sure what to say, I told her that she always comes online and wants to chat with me. I don't know who she is but all she wants to do is talk about sex.

"I like to talk about sex do you?" she asked me.

"Yes I do" I replied. "Sometimes after I chat with HornyGrl, I feel all tingly inside and it helps me sleep better. " I told her, corny answer I know but it was the best I could muster up at the time. As it happened, it was a good answer for Amanda.

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"Funny, I feel kinda of tingly inside to. " She said.

"You mean like in your tummy or in your, you know, in between your legs?" I asked, hoping she would talk about it.

"Ya, in between my legs. " She confided.

"There's nothing wrong with feeling like that Amanda, it's normal and when I feel that way sometimes I just go skinny dipping or I rub myself there until I feel better. It's perfectly normal for a woman to feel that way. It just means you're maturing. " I reinforced her. "As a matter of fact, I kinda feel like that myself right now, all tingly and wet inside. "

Amanda just looked at me in relief knowing in her mind now that she wasn't the only one that felt like that sometimes. We were quiet for a few moments as we sat on the edge of the tub together, taking in the night and watching the rays of light from the full moon reflecting off the water bubbles that formed on the surface of the water.

It was Amanda who broke the silence. "I wish my breasts were bigger," she blurted out. "

I almost choked on my drink.

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   "Why they're just perfect for your age. You're only 14, they will grow soon enough. " I reassured her.

"Terry, I think you have nice breasts, they're so big. "She told me.

I was a little surprised but certainly delighted that she brought it up. With that, I propped both of my breasts up with my hands and proudly displayed them for her just inches away.

"They're not too bad I guess but they wouldn't feel as hard and firm as yours though Amanda. " Juggling them a little as I said it.

I thanked her for the compliment and asked her if she would like to know how her breasts would feel when she got older. I said "Go ahead, you can touch them if you like. "

Amanda raised her trembling but eager hands to my breasts and cupped them over the fabric of my bikini top. Trying to keep her at ease as she felt the breasts of a mature woman for the first time, I then said casually, "They feel a lot mushier than yours don't they?" All Amanda could do was nod.

"I had hard firm breasts like yours when I was your age and I used to touch them all the time. Do you touch yours a lot?"

"Sometimes," Amanda replied.

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I wiggled a little closer beside her as we both sat on the edge of the tub with our feet dangling in the water and told her that I didn't mind if she wanted to touch my breasts a little longer. Amanda looked relieved because I knew she didn't want to stop touching them just yet but she didn't want to make it seem obvious that she enjoyed touching them either. I read her thoughts and gave her the reassurance she was hoping for. I arched my back slightly giving her a good view of my breasts and I noticed her nipples were defiantly hard and protruding out her small tight bikini top.

"Do you like how they feel Amanda? I asked her. She just nodded as if in a trance. "Can I touch yours?" and with that I gently covered both of her entire small hard breasts with the palms of my hands and held them there as I felt Amanda's petite sexy body shudder uncontrollably under my touch. I dropped my hands down to my lap and she did the same.
"Amanda," I said, we have to keep anything we do here a secret from everybody do you agree?" I asked her.

"I would never tell because I'd get in big trouble" she said.

"Yes that's true and so would I so lets just keep it our secret and be like secret sisters"

I gently touched her tiny breasts again through the fabric of an almost non existent bikini top and she lifted her hands to clasp mine.

"When I feel like this, I sometimes go skinny dipping, would you like to try it?" I asked her while we held each others breasts.

I was trying not to sound like I was begging but deep inside I was wanting her to strip for me. I was so hot for this little vixen I wasn't sure just how far to go. I never considered myself to be attracted to woman or be bi sexual but some of my best cums were with other woman when I discovered sex online.

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   After a few cyber sessions with other woman I knew it would be only a matter of time before I tasted the real thing. I just didn't expect it to be with someone so young and I was surprised with my newly discovered fetish.

Amanda seemed ok with the whole thing so far. After all, it was she that was instigating some of the feeling up that we were doing and it was she that couldn't wait to tear off her bikini and slip into the hot tub when I suggested it. I told her I go skinny dipping all the time especially at times like right now when I'm feeling all tingly inside. I told that sometimes when I get all tingly inside I rub myself and it feels better. With that I removed my bikini and placed both pieces on the deck.

"When you saw me nude this morning in the hallway, did you think I was sexy? Amanda stared and nodded.

"You know you are much prettier than me and I would like very much to see how really beautiful you are. "

Amanda removed her skimpy suit and we both just stared at each other for a few moments. Her little pussy had some hair on it and she was just amazed at how hairy my bush was. I took her hand in mine and we stepped into the tub. I told her it was ok if she wanted to touch my breasts and she did. I played with her nipples and pinched and rolled them between my fingers. Amanda let out small moans and her little body was shaking.

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"When you get all tingly inside Amanda do you like to rub yourself like I do?" I asked, figuring the time was right.

A little embarrassed and hesitant, she said "ya, sometimes. "

"Well it's nothing to be ashamed of you know, I do it all the time. I think it's very relaxing," I assured her.

As we sat on edge of the tub with our feet dangling in the water, I started to rub my pussy.

"This is how I do it," I told her showing that it's done slowly and which finger I use.

Her eyes were glued to my pussy as she watched me slowly rub myself. I was close to cumming and if I didn't stop I'd probably scare her away.

Amanda was instantly glued to the sight of this beautiful older woman whom she had been attracted to for quite some time. Amanda was remembering the times she spied on Terry late at night when she was skinny dipping and playing with herself. She knew if Terry ever found out she would loose a friend. This is one secret she won't share. Rubbing her pussy was nothing new to Amanda. She had discovered this forbidden pleasure last year when she first saw Terry in a bikini and went home to her room and dreamed about being hugged kissed by her. During the rest of the summer Amanda would try and sneak whatever peeks she could steal to get her thrills.

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   When Terry would ask Amanda if she wanted to come over and hang out or help with some choirs, Amanda was more than willing to be there.

"I know you rub your self Amanda because I did by the time I was your age. Do you do it like this?" I asked.

"Ya kinda" she said.

"Hey, I have an idea, it's only us girls here, let's try it together?"

I think she nodded a yes and with that, I moved over and sat behind her with her between my legs. I instructed her to lean back into me and rest her body against mine. I reached my arms across her and down to her hot little pussy and started to rub her as if I was rubbing myself. I could see instantly that Amanda was enjoying this. Amanda positioned herself in front of me spread her legs and leaned back with her neck resting in between my breasts. I reached far, as I fingered her gently with one hand and rubbed her tiny but hard budding breasts with the other. Almost in no time, Amanda began to jerk and gyrate. She was cumming and cumming hard.

"Oh my God!" she screamed. "Oh that feels sooooo good! "Oh my God! Ah!" was all I could make out.

"I'm glad you liked it.

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I leaned around and placed my mouth on her breasts. I sucked gently and Amanda went wild. Her breasts were very sensitive and she turned around wanting to suck mine but I told her she could have me later, but right now it was her turn to enjoy.

I swung Amanda's legs out of the water and positioned her on the deck. I kissed her entire little body and sucked her breasts as she moaned and screamed with delight. I licked her from head to toe and sucked on her toes. Amanda was beside herself. I made my way down her slim hot body with my tongue to her waiting tight little pussy and began licking her gently. I sucked on her clit and brought her to the edge and back several times. Amanda was thrashing around in pure lust and wanton desire.

Finally I sucked her clit with one final long delicious suck and Amanda passed out. I was concerned at first but realized she was breathing and had what was an obvious smile on her lips.

I rolled over to her side and fingered myself crazy until I exploded in a river of cum, and I lay there still, reflecting on what I had just done.

Clearly, Amanda was exhausted and that night I guided her to bed, in my room with me, where we spent the night hugging, kissing, and sucking each others breasts and pussies until we both fell asleep. .

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