Alias: A Job Well Done


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own the Alias comic or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

This story is based on the original short-lived comic series.

Story Code: M/FF, Alcohol,

Alias: A Job Well Done
By Muhabba

"To a job well done!" Jessica Jones shouted with her shot glass held high.

"Hear, hear!" Jessica Drew shouted back before quickly downing her own shot.

"Bartender, another round," Jessica Jones shouted to the bar over the den of blues music coming out of the jukebox. She shook her straight brown hair out of her eyes before looking over her drinking companion and giggling.

"What's so funny?" Jessica Drew asked as she tried to focus her eyes on the other private detective.

Jones finally managed to control her fit of giggles just as the waitress brought both women their shots and beers. "Just wondering what the odds are that there are two super-powered private detective named 'Jessica' in the world. "

Drew pretended to think it over for a moment before saying, "That sounds like a job for a private detective.

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  "Both women laughed hysterically at the bad joke as they drank their beers.

A evil glint came into Jones' eyes. "Think we can get Jameson to pay that out of the bill?"

"Sounds deductible to me," Drew giggled. "At least Mattie is safe now. "

"Poor girl," Jones agreed, "What those drug dealers must have done to her. "

"No, I meant about being J. Jonah Jameson's niece," Drew said and both women broke out into fits of drunken laughter again.

Suddenly a strangely colored ball bounced off the table. "I think there's something wrong with my beer," Jones said as she watched the ball bounce away.

Drew followed the ball with her blurry eyes until it disappeared. "Aren't we supposed to see pink elephants?"

"Um, hey, guys," a quiet voice said from behind them, barely audible above the sounds of the bar. Both women turned in their seats and stared at the strangely dressed young man. "Wonder ball!" Drew shouted at the same time that Jones shouted, "High ball!"

"Ah, it's Speedball actually," the young superhero said meekly.

"Speedball!" both women shouted before breaking out in fits of giggles. Jessica Drew kicked a chair out for the younger hero and nodded at it for him to have a seat.

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  Still in his superhero uniform with his strange balls of kinetic energy bouncing around him he looked completely out of place and obviously nervous. "Have a seat,” she said before nodding at the waitress.

"You're old enough take drink, right, Speedy?" Jessica Jones asked.

“Um, yeah. Yeah, sure,” Speedball said as he nervously sat down. Drew held three fingers up to signal the bartender for more beers before turning back to look at him except he couldn’t quite meet her eyes. He kept a firm look at his hands on the table, refusing to look at either woman. “I just wanted to. . . y’know, apologize for what. . . y’know, how much help I wasn’t,” he stammered nervously.

“Oh, Speedy,” Jessica Drew snorted and threw her arm around the younger hero’s shoulders as Jessica Jones just giggled before doing the same.

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  “You just wanted to help,” Drew giggled.

“And it’s not your fault that your powers were on the fritz,” Jones said with an affectionate punch to his shoulder. “I mean, sure, you shoulda stayed out of the way or at least asked for help. . . Wait. You kinda did fuck things up. ”

Both drunken women broke out into fits of laughter again while Speedball stewed in embarrassment between them. When the waitress brought them their beers, Drew pointed at Speedball and said, “This rounds on him. ”

Speedball looked at the two women again in embarrassment. “I, uh. . . I don’t really have any money on me,” he said as he squirmed in the chair.

Both women looked at him and then each other before breaking out in full belly laughs.

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  Drew patted Speedball on the head, accidentally causing more of his energy balls to bounce out, while Jones paid for the beer.

Sitting uncomfortably and visiting with them until the bar closed, Speedball stood up and looked down at the two women. “Well, I guess the bar’s closing. I suppose we’d better get out of here. ”

Jessicas Jones and Drew stood up quickly and swayed on their feet until Speedball jumped forward and grabbed them both around their waists. “Careful there. . . Uh, ma’ams?Let me give you a hand,” he muttered.

Drew looked down at Speedball’s arms and laughed again. “More like ‘hands’,” she said before laughing like she had just said the funniest thing she had ever heard.

“Speedball saves the day,” Jones said as she tried to keep pace with the young superhero and Jessica Jones, “For once,” she added and both the Jessica’s broke out into giggles again.

A blush of embarrassment broke out under Speedball’s mask as he walked the two older women out onto the sidewalk. “So, uh. .

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  . Do you ladies have rides home?” he asked worriedly.

“Phttt. . . ” Drew said as she pulled away from Speedball and Jessica Jones. “I can fly. Who needs a ride,” she slurred.

“Big deal,” Jones said as she pulled away, “I too can also fly,” she said stubbornly.

“Oh please,” Drew chuckled, “You just jump really high and then fall kinda slowly. ”

“At least I don’t need armpit wings,” Jones added as she stuck out her tongue.

“Who needs armpit wings, I got Hydra upgrades,” Drew said as she stuck out her own tongue.

Speedball’s eyes shot open in surprise. “Hydra?”

Drew stuck her tongue out at Speedball as she swayed on her feet again. “Relax.

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  It was a thing. ”

“Yeah, Speedball,” Jones said as she gave the young hero a playful punch on the shoulder a bit to hard, releasing more of his energy balls, “It was just a thing. Heh, a Hydra thing. ”She turned to the other private detective and grinned. “What’s a Hydra thing look like?" she giggled.

“You finish with one and two more pop up,” Drew said before both women broke out into full belly laughs.

Speedball looked back and forth between both women. “How ‘bout I get you both a cab?” he asked.

After the cab arrived, Speedball argued with both women until they both got into the cab and he squeezed in behind them, set on making sure they got home without using their powers and accidentally hurting somebody.

Being the only sober person with two super strong people sitting on either side of him, the taxi ride was a bit of an ordeal for Speedball but after twenty minutes they finally reached Jessica Jones’ apartment which also served as her office for her detective agency, Alias Investigation. The young superhero eventually herded both women into the apartment and onto the couch in the front office. He stood up straight and huffed with execution as he looked around for a moment before looking back on the two drunk women on the couch. “Well, you’ll be okay now, I guess. I’ll see you both later,” he said before turning towards the door.

“Good idea,” Jessica Drew said as she tried to make her way off the couch.

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  She stumbled a bit on her way up and caused Jessica Jones to fall into another full set of laughter. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” Drew slurred as she finally managed to get to her feet, “I’m super agile and stuff, I can make it. ”

“Good luck with that,” Jones said through her gale of laughter.

“No, no, seriously,” Drew assured her, “I can make it. Gotta get home. ”

“Good luck with that,” Jones said again.

Speedball grabbed the darker haired woman before she could stumble, holding her steady. “I really don’t think you’re in any shape to walk right now,” he said worriedly.

“Doesn’t matter,” Drew said as she patted him affectionately on his blonde head, “I can fly. ”

“Good luck with that,” Jones said again before breaking into another fit of laughter.

“You should probably stay here for the night,” Speedball said before looking down at the brown haired detective. “Is it okay if she stays here tonight on your couch?” he asked.

“Good idea,” Jones said before patting the cushion next to her. “Come on down, Jessica,” she said to the dark haired superhero.

“You are so sweet,” Drew cooed and gave Speedball a quick peck on the lips.

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“That’s not how you kiss a boy,” Jones said before drunkenly standing up and grabbing Speedball by his shoulders. “This is how you kiss a boy,” she said before pulling him roughly towards her and giving him a full kiss on the lips. “Muw,” she said overemphasizing the kiss as she pulled back.

"Please," Drew said as she grabbed Speedball by his shoulders, "That's how you kiss your aunt. This is how you kiss. "She yanked him forcefully towards her, pulling his face towards her, meeting his lips and sliding her warm pink tongue past his lips. She thoroughly explored his mouth before releasing him and breaking the kiss, smirking at the dumbfounded look on his face.

Jones looked from Drew to Speedball and back. "Please, that's a Captain America kiss. This is a real kiss," she said as she pulled Speedball towards her, pressing her body against his, wrapping one arm around his back and another around his shoulders. She kissed him slowly, her tongue tracing his lips before sliding into his mouth, caressing his tongue.

Drew rolled her eyes as Jones broke the kiss with the younger superhero. "My ass that was a Captain America kiss. I've actually kissed Cap and what you just did was not a Captain America kiss," she slurred defiantly.

"You did not kiss Captain America," Jones said to the other Jessica, unknowingly keeping her body pressed to the stunned Speedball.

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  "How'd you kiss Captain America?" she asks.

"Mission against A. I. M. " Drew said with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her face, "I nearly drowned and he had to give me C. P. R. When I came to I was kinda delirious and I kissed him. So there. "

"That's not a kiss," Jones chuckled, "That was. . . What you call it?Happenstance. Now, I actually kissed him. "

Speedball just stared back and forth between both women like he was watching a tennis match, unsure of how to get out of the drunken situation he found himself in.

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  And then he wondered why he why he would want out of the situation with Jessica Jones pressed so tightly against him.

"When did you kiss Captain Pretty Blue Eyes?" Drew asked.

"Christmas party," Jones said smugly, "Carol took me. I sneaked some of Thor's mead and wound up kissing Cap before passing out. "

"So how was it?" Drew asked becoming intrigued.

"I just showed you," Jones said with a note of confusion.

"No. You showed Wonderball. . . "

"Speedball," the confused hero mumbled.

"Shhh," Drew told the young hero before continuing, "You showed Speedball, you're gonna have to tell me. "

Jones thought it over for a moment. "Words hard," she slurred. "Fuck it.


  Come here," she said as she released Speedball and grabbed Jessica Drew by her shoulders. She wrapped her arms around the other woman's waist and pressed their moist lips together. She repeated on Drew what she had done with the other superhero, tracing her lips with her tongue before sliding it into her mouth and caressing her tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Jones leaned back and said, "There. It was like that. "

"Wow, that was almost Tony Stark good," Drew said with amazement.

"I know, right?" Jones said.

"But Tony is more like this," Drew said before leaning in and wrapping both of her arms around Jessica Jones's shoulders. She kissed the brown haired detective deeply, her tongue wrestling against Jones, drawing a moan from the other Jessica.

Jones eyes fluttered momentarily as Drew broke the kiss. "That's Tony alright," she agreed. "So do that kiss to Power. . . ?What's ‘is name," she said jerking her thumb at the superhero behind her.

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Releasing Jones, Drew grabbed Speedball and held him pressed against her body as she kissed him exactly like she had kissed the other woman.

"Not bad," Jones said as she appraised the kissing couple. "It's no Luke but it's not bad," she said.

Drew broke the kiss with Speedball and looked over at Jones. "Luke?Luke Cage?" she asked with wonder.

"Oh yeah," Jones said, "Now there's a kisser. "

"I gotta see that," Drew said with a enthusiastic grin as she released Speedball.

Jones smirked at Drew before grabbing her roughly and yanking her towards her. She pressed her lips roughly against the other woman's, forcing her tongue into her mouth as she wrapped her arms tightly around her, kissing her with her whole body. She broke the kiss and looked at Drew, the other woman had her eyes closed and her mouth still hung over. "How was that?" she asked with a pleased giggle.

Drew's eyes fluttered open after a moment, her eyes glazed slightly. "Yeah," she said breathlessly, "Kiss Ball-boy like that. "

Speedball had no idea what was going on. He had no idea what the two women were doing or why they were doing it with him here.

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  As far as being a stand-in for other superheroes that the two women knew, he may as well not have even been there. And then suddenly, Jessica Jones was grabbing him roughly, kissing him even more roughly, and rubbing her body against his even more roughly than that, enough to release more of his energy spheres.

As the energy balls exploded out of Speedball's body, Jessica Drew exploded into fits of laughter. "Ha, ha, ha. . . You kissed him so good he 'balled' all over everything," she laughed.

Jones looked around at what Drew was talking about before joining her. Brightly colored balls where bouncing all over her office, knocking things to the floor and bouncing off of the walls. Suddenly she noticed where exactly the balls were springing from and laughed even harder, grabbing Drew by the shoulder and pointing at Speedball's groin.

Speedball looked down at the tent in his uniform. Stretchable clothes may have been a necessity in his line of work but they did nothing to hide his throbbing erection. He had been so engrossed in the two women kissing each other, and then him, that he hadn't realized what was happening to him. He blushed deeply as he tried to cover his groin and also try to disappear from sight which, unfortunately, wasn’t one of his powers.

As the two female heroes struggled to regain control of their breathing, Jones looked at Drew and asked, "Captain America or Tony Stark?"

Drew blurted out new gales of laughter.

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  "You're joking," she said through bouts of giggles.

"Only one way to find out," Jones said as she dropped to her knees. She reached up and tried to yank down the front of the younger man's uniform but it appeared to be all one piece. "Hey, Powerball, what gives?" she asked as she looked up at him.

"Um, well. . . It just sorta appears when my powers kick in," Speedball said sheepishly as Jessica Drew got down on her knees next to Jessica Jones.

"Thank goodness for super strength," Jessica Drew said as she reached up and ripped the front of the young man's uniform open. His hard cock sprang free, almost hitting Jones in the face and releasing another half dozen energy balls. "Well, he's no Cap," she said plainly as she visually inspected the throbbing cock in front of her.

"Oh, bullshit," Jones said as she also inspected the throbbing prick bobbing in front of her face, "You've never seen Captain America's dick. "

"Okay, maybe not," Drew admitted, "But I know Sharon Carter and one night, over several whiskies, she got very descriptive. "She continued to eye the dangling prick before reaching up and grabbing it at it's base, tugging on it slightly as she continued to appraise it.

"So, Cap or Tony," Jones asked.

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"Cap's is supposed to be thicker," Jones said plainly as she continued inspecting Speedball's prick, "Tony's is leaner but longer. "She nonchalantly held the cock to Jones who took it and began inspecting it as well.

"Yep, leaner but longer" Jones agreed.

Drew nodded as she watched the brown haired detective inspect the cock. "So not a Cap but in Tony 's league," she said before getting a devilish grin on her face, "But how 'bout a Luke Cage?"

"Oh hell no," Jones said without hesitation, "That was like trying to suck on a telephone pole. Or maybe the Hulk. "She leaned forward and extended her tongue, drawing the throbbing prick into her mouth, caressing it with her tongue and giving it a few experimental sucks before letting it slide out of her mouth. "Definitely closer to Tony. "

When Jones offered her the prick, Drew took it from her and gave it a few licks along the shaft before swallowing it. She took it as far into her mouth as she could before releasing it. "I blew the Hulk one time," she said matter of factly before returning to sucking absentmindedly on the young man's dick.

"I call bullshit again," Jones said as she took the cock from Jones and started sucking on it herself.

"Besides my penis, I might as well not be here as far as they're concerned," Speedball thought. Until now he had thought he would be the type of man that wouldn't take advantage of a drunk woman, much less two, but for some reason it felt more like they were taking advantage of him.

"No, really," Drew assured the slightly shorter detective as she reached up and began casually toying with Speedball's balls.

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  "Before my Hydra upgrades I had problems controlling my powers," she explained, "My body's pheromones used to turn on every man around me and one day I found myself up against the Hulk. . . "

"I assume you lived," Jones said before taking a long slurp of the cock and then sucking it back into her mouth. She caressed the shaft with her tongue as she bobbed her head back and forth, sucking the prick in enough to bump the back of her throat.

"Obviously," Drew chuckled with a roll of her eyes as she took off her jacket, "So I keep out of his reach and just start praying for the Fantastic Four or the Avengers to show up," she continued as she reached behind Jones and helped her slip her jacket off. She heard the other woman mumble her thanks around the dick in her mouth as she continued her story, "But nobody was showing up and then I noticed the giant erection stretching his torn, purple pants and realized that my pheromones had started to affect him. "

Drew noticed that Jones wasn't using her hands on the cock in her mouth so she reached up and began jerking the shaft with one hand while massaging the balls with her other as she continued her story. "So, with no other options I swooped in under him, yanked his pants off and tried to suck him off. Of course I couldn't get him into my mouth hardly at all but he finally came anyway. "

Jones passed the cock back to Drew and then began tugging on the base of the cock with one hand while tugging on the balls similar to what Drew had done. She twisted her wrist as she tugged in him, her fist meeting Drew's lips. "And then what happened," she asked.

"He turned back into Bruce Banner," Jessica Drew said as she licked up one side of the prick and down the other.

"Hank Pym!" Jones blurted out.

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Never missing a suck, Drew cocked an eyebrow at Jones asking her silently to explain.

"Sorry," Jones said as she scooted around Drew's back, "His cock reminds me of Hank Pym's. "

As Jones began pulling the other detective’s shirt off, Drew had to release her moist hold on the prick so Jones could pull it over her head, "Who's cock?"

"Him," Jones said, pointing up above Drew's head as she slide her own shirt off.

Jones looked up with bleary eyes focusing on the young, blond man standing in front of her. "Oh, sorry. Kinda forgot you were there," she said with a hint of embarrassment before shrugging it off and returning to the dick in her hand.

"Kinda figured," Speedball said. "If I had more pride I'd bounce on out of here," he thought before realizing that he wouldn't. His entire position as a person on this earth may have been reduced to just his prick but who need pride anyway?

“So, you fucked Hank Pym?” Drew asked as she unhooked Jones’ bra. She slid the bra down the other woman’s arms to her wrists as the brown haired woman released the young hero’s prick. She stared jacking on the cock in Jones’ mouth as the former superhero let her bra fall to the ground before reaching up to reclaim the cock in Drew’s hands. “Isn’t he married to the Wasp?” Drew asked.

Jones took the cock out of her mouth and handed it to Drew who eagerly accepted it. “They were on a break, or a separation, or a whatever,” she muttered as she pressed her bare chest to Drew’s back, sliding her small, firm tits up and down her spine before unhooking the black haired woman’s bra. She slid it down the former Spider-Woman’s arms and then they switched hands, Jones jacking off Speedball while Drew sucked him while removing her bra.

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“Those two were always on something,” Drew grumbled as she took the young man’s cock and balls back into her hands.

Speedball’s eyes were wide open as he watched the two topless, drunk superheros on their knees passing his cock and balls back and forth between their mouths and hands. Jessica Jones’ tits were much smaller than Jessica Drew’s but looked firmer because of their small size and capped with hard, brown nipples. Jessica Drew’s breasts were the stuff of legend and speculation in the superhero community. She’d been known to wear one of the tightest, most form fitting uniforms with a yellow design on the front to emphasize the shape and size of her breasts and as he stared on them wobbling around on her chest it looked like the stories hadn’t did them justice. And her hard, pink nipples reminded him of juicy strawberries just waiting to be sucked.

Both women scooted around on their knees on either side of Speedball's cock, Jones tugging on his balls with one hand while Drew sucked him in and out of her mouth and tugged on his cock with her hand. Jones leaned forward, running her tongue along the young man’s cock on one side while Drew did the same on her side, their tongues meeting at his tip as they kissed around his cock-head, their hands lightly caressing each others exposed breasts. They cooed in pleasure around his spongy head before returning to licking it’s sides from the tip to the base, Drew sliding back up to lick the soft helmet as Jones’ licked his dangling balls.

“Whatever happened to those two?” Jones asked as she licked from one dangling ball to the other.

Jessica Drew ran her hand over one of Jessica Jones' small breasts, caressing the hard nipple with her thumb before sliding across her chest to the other firm tit. “Divorce,” she said simply as she took Speedball’s cock back into her mouth and began bobbing her head again.

“That’s to bad,” Jones said before bending down below his groin to try and take both of Speedball’s balls into her mouth. She squeezed one of Drew’s large tits in her hands, pinching the hard, pink nipple and making the other female coo in pleasure around the cock in her mouth.

Drew pulled the cock out of her mouth and passed it to Jones who gratefully accepted it into her own mouth.

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  She scooted around the other female as Jones began bobbing her head back and forth, managing to take in far more of the young superhero’s cock than she had been able to herself. Drew pressed her large breasts against the other woman’s back, sliding her chest up and down and moaning in pleasure as she slid her hands around the brown haired detectives waist. “Didn’t I hear you were dating a S. H. I. E. L. D. agent,” she asked Jones as she began unbuttoning the other detective’s jeans, “It wasn’t, you know, Quartermain was it?”

Jones blushed in embarrassment before pulling the cock out of her mouth. She sat up a bit to allow Drew to pull her jeans down her ass and then part way down her thighs before nodding quickly and going back to sucking Speedball’s cock.

“Oh my God,” Drew giggled as she once again pressed her body against Jones and wrapped her arms around the other woman’s waist, “That man’s dick might as well be on the Orientation Tour,” she giggled. She slid her hands down to the hot juncture of Jones’ partially spread thighs, slipping one hand into her plain panties and gently squeezing her wet pussy, the juices dripping between her fingers.

Speedball had been trying to hold off his orgasm as long as he could but the sight of the former Spider-Woman fingering the former Jewel was to much. He grunted unexpectedly as he suddenly came, his thick seed spilling into Jessica Jones' mouth. He may not have given her a heads-up that he was about to cum but she sucked down every drop he had to give her expertly as he groaned and moaned above her.

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  He looked down sheepishly, afraid that the super strong private detective was going to rip his dick off out of anger in her drunken state. “Sorry?” he meeped.

Jones pulled the softening cock out of her mouth and looked up at the young superhero. “No problem,” she said matter of factly as she patted the tip of his dick like it was a puppy, “Get some rest,” she told it.

Jessica Drew grabbed onto the young superhero's soft, sticky prick and used it to pull him over to the couch. He fell into with a grunt of pain before she released him and she turned her attention to the other woman. "Well, we got about fifteen minutes before he's ready again, any ideas?" she asked with a shrug.

Jones returned Drew's smirk. "How 'bout you get up on the couch and I'll show you something Carol taught me," she said.

"You're kidding me," Drew said as she got up on wobbly legs, "Captain Straight-Laced?"She started peeling down her tight jeans and underwear and nearly fell over before Jones helped to steady her. The brown haired detective helped the other detective until what was left of her clothes was puddled around her ankles.

Speedball could feel his cock twitching as Jessica Drew, the original Spider-Woman, bared her thick, round ass. It was very nearly a perfect, inverted heart shape and his eyes grew wide as she bent down to push her pants past her knees. She collapsed onto the couch, her large breasts shaking wildly as she flopped down, her pants and underwear around her ankles while she was still wearing her sneakers. He got a quick look at her pubic hair before she landed and felt a little crestfallen that he had been so preoccupied with her large tits when her ass looked just as good.

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  And then she spread her knees for Jessica Jones and his cock started to throb as he stared between her open thighs.

Licking her lips as she appraised Jessica Drew's pussy, Jones sat in her bare ass to pull off her own pants and boots. Completely naked she crawled between Drew's long legs, resting her hands on the other woman's thighs. "Yeah, it was back in her drinking days," she said as she leaned in closer. Drew's pussy-lips were shaved completely bald with just a small tuft of shiny, black pubic hair above her wet slit. "I miss those days," she said wistfully.

"Ha!" Drew chuckled, "You are a pretty shitty friend if you miss your friend being an alcoholic. "

Jones thought it over before shrugging her shoulders. "Pretty much," she agreed as she got to her feet and straddled Drew's lap, "But she was more fun. "

Drew smiled wickedly as she wrapped her arms around Jones' slender waist and drew her down. Jones wrapped her arms around Drew's neck and they kissed, their tongues caressing each other as they both moaned in pleasure while their bodies melded together.

His cock slowly coming to life, Speedball watched as both Jessicas kissed, holding their naked bodies together. Drew's larger breasts seemed to envelope Jones' as they pressed themselves against each other. Drew's hands slid up and down Jones' back, sliding down for her hands to caress and squeeze her ass before sliding back up. His eyes crawled down their bodies until he could see the former superhero's glistening pussy, her pubic hair shoved down and neatly trimmed.


  Again he felt slightly dejected that both naked, horny women were ignoring him completely but as Jones began kissing down Drew's voluptuous body he quickly got over it.

As Jones kissed down the other Jessica's amazing body she squeezed the other woman's large tits around her face. "You have awesome tits," she said, looking up at the brunette from between her warm, firm breasts.

"Thanks. I got them from my mom," Drew giggled before moaning out as Jones squeezed her tits, rolling her hard nipples between her fingertips. She ran her fingers through the other detective's brown hair, guiding her head back and forth as she licked and nibbled at her sensitive flesh. "Oh God!" she gasped as Jones sucked her nipple into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. "Carol taught you good," she moaned.

"See what I said about being more fun," Jones said before sliding her tongue across Drew's chest and sucking her other nipple into her mouth.

Jones sounded like a hungry calf to Speedball as she sucked noisily on Jessica Drew's tits. He slowly stroked his now hard cock, afraid of making to much noise and distracting the two women or causing them to remember that he was there and kicking him out. Even as a teenager in the throes of puberty he had never imagined anything like this actually happening to him. .

Jones slid wetly down Drew's body until she was on her knees on the floor. The former Spider-Woman had her hands wound through her hair, dragging her face closer to her over-heated pussy.

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  She licked up Drew's wet slit from her taint to her hard clit causing the dark haired woman to groan lustfully and roll her hips up. She used her fingers to spread the S. H. I. E. L. D. agent's pretty, pink, pussy-lips and then licked her once again from her tiny taint to her clit drawing more moans from the other woman. She licked up one of Drew's plump labia and down the other until she reached her taint and gave her puckered asshole a quick probe with her tongue.

"F-u-u-u-u-ck," Drew stuttered as the other Jessica tongued her wet pussy, "If Captain Marvel taught you this she's even better than She-Hulk. "She kept a firm hold of Jones' hair as she threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. Her hips rolled up and down against the other detective's mouth, slowly humping her face.

"She-Hulk?Really?" Jones asked before rolling her tongue into a tube with her lips and sliding it into Drew's sopping cunt like a small dick. She slid her tongue in and out, tongue fucking the woman as she used her fingertips to circle the other detective's clit.

"Sweet Jesus yes!" Drew gasped as Jones slid her tongue deep into her pussy, "When you're as strong as she is it's hard to find a partner that can take the pace.

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  "She pulled up on Jones' hair like she was guiding a pony, trying to get her tongue deeper inside.

Something caught Jones' attention from the corner of her eye. "Stop that!" she barked before slapping Speedball away from his dick as more colored balls exploded from his hand, "You're gonna waste it. "

"He 'balled' again," Jessica Drew snickered as she reached over with one hand and began stroking the young hero's cock as Jessica Jones returned to her pussy. Holding the back of the other detective's head, she rolled her hips up and down, humping her face as Jones lapped at her juices.

"Well, he is young," Jones giggled before plunging her tongue into Drew's steamy cunt.

Speedball looked at his hands oddly for a moment before deciding what to do with them. With one hand he reached gingerly across the former Spider-Woman's chest and placed his palm flat on the large, firm orb. When she didn't hit him he placed his other hand on the back of the former Jewel's head telling himself that he was helping guide her licking Drew's hot pussy. When nobody continued to not hit him he tentatively squeezed Drew's firm tit, her hard nipples scrapping along the inside of his palm. And as neither super strong woman further continued not to hit him he bent down and captured one of the brunette woman's nipples in his mouth and sucked lightly on it.

Drew moaned in appreciation as the blonde haired little superhero began playing with her tits without really acknowledging him. "And you shoulda seen She-Hulk's body," she groaned, her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she concentrated on the pleasure she was receiving, "Not an ounce of fat on her but her tits. "

"Always been jealous of her tits," Jones mumbled into Drew's cunt as she reached up and off-handedly began toying with the young kid's balls.

Speedball groaned around his face full of superhero tit.

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  He lashed the small, hard nub with his tongue as he playfully pinched Drew's other nipple, rolling it between his fingertips.

"Everyone is jealous of her tits," Drew moaned as she arched her back, rolling her entire body in pleasure, "Except for maybe Storm. "

Jones released the blonde kid's balls and sat back out from between Drew's spread legs. "I actually got to third base with Storm," she said as she stood up between the other detective's thighs.

"Really?" Drew asked as she released the young kid's prick and moved him off her tit.

"Uh huh," Jones said as she climbed up onto the couch, straddling the other former superhero, "Somebody stole a rare, African flower and hired me to find it. "As Drew reached around her waist to steady her she licked and nibbled at Jone's smaller tits making her moan. "Mmm, yeah. Bumped into Storm who was also looking for the flower as a favor to the tribe," she continued as she moved up high on the couch until her wet groin was level with Drew's face. As the former Spider-Woman reached around her she pulled her forward and caused Jones to gasp. "Oh. . . Yeah. Went back to the X-Men's mansion and she took me to her greenhouse in the attic.

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  . . "

"Because she wanted to give you her own flower," Drew interrupted with a giggle before giving a long, lingering kiss to Jones' wet pussy.

"Mmm, yeah. Right there," Jones groaned as she wound her fingers through Drew's long, silky hair. "Tribal prayer chant of thanks actually," she said as she rolled her hips forward and began grinding herself against the other detective's face.

Emboldened by not getting his ass kicked the last time he had tried to participate, Speedball sat up straighter putting himself eye level with Jessica Jones' chest. He couldn't quite reach her far tit so he placed his hand on the back of the couch and began licking at her closest tit, rubbing her hard nipples with his tongue as he used his free hand to squeeze her tight ass.

"Gonna have to be rougher than that, Powerball, there ain't any schoolgirls here," Jones said causing Drew to giggle between her legs before she continued her story. "There was some home made ceremonial wine, which I may have drunk to much of," she admitted before Drew interrupted her.

"Noooo. . . " Drew giggled before licking Jones' dewy pussy-lips as she held the other detective to her face, squeezing her ass roughly and making her pant and moan.

"Y- y- y- yessss," Jessica Jones groaned at Drew's talented fingers and tongue before patting the kid affectionately on his head.

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  "Good boy, Wonder Ball, keep it up," she said before continuing her story. " It's hot, it's humid, it smells like a tropical Bath and Bodyworks, and one thing leads to another. . . " she said before letting her sentence trial off.

"And?" Speedball blurted out, forgetting about trying not to be noticed.

Both Jessicas broke out into gales of laughter, Jones falling to the side as they both stared at the blush on the young superhero's face. "Nearly forgot you were there, Highball," Jones blurted out between fits of laughter before falling over on the far side of Drew, "Whoops!"

"Don't be so mean," Drew said with a mock pout as she playfully slapped Jones on the leg, "He's been waiting so patiently. "

"I guess so," Jones said as she struggled to sit up straight. Finally making it on to her ass she reached over Drew's lap and slapped the younger superhero playfully on his knee. "You ready to hold on for dear life, kid," she asked with a wicked grin.

"I, um. . . " Speedball mumbled.

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"Kinda a rhetorical question at this point, kid," Drew said as she added a bit of menace to her voice.

"Got that right," Jones agreed as she crawled over Drew's lap until she was straddling the young superhero's slender thighs. She reached between their bodies and gripped the base of his shaft, using her super strength to squeeze him hard.

"Oh my God!" Speedball blurted out as more of his energy spheres shot out from between his legs. Both women began braying with laughter that actually made him embarrassed and self-conscious before with a lunge, Jessica Jones impaled herself on his cock. He grunted out in a mix of pleasure and shock, his arms shooting out and his elbow accidentally knocking Jessica Drew in one of her large breasts releasing even more energy balls.

"Ow, you little shit," Drew grumbled as she rubbed her sore tit.

"Not. . . not his. . . fault," Jones grunted as she thrust her body up and down, riding the younger hero's cock, her small breasts jiggling wildly. For safety's sake she grabbed his wrists and brought his hands to her chest.

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  "Remember what I said about no schoolgirls," she groaned, her hot cunt squeezing down on the blonde superhero's hard shaft as she pistoned up and down on his pole.

"Ye. . . yes, ma. . . ma'am," Speedball grunted. He squeezed roughly on Jones' small breasts, her hard nipples sliding across his palms as she moaned above him.

"Hard. . . harder. . .

Πρακτορεία συνοδών 

  " Jones moaned as she held on firmly to the young man's slender shoulders, bracing herself and using him to thrust herself down on his cock. "Fuck!It feels like your vibrating down there," she murmured as she closed her eyes and concentrated on the strange sensation coming from between her spread thighs.

Drew looked behind Jones' jiggling ass as the former hero thrusted her body up and down on the kid's cock. Small balls of energy were shooting out from between the other woman's legs, stimulating her ass as they shot out and bounced around the room. She looked back up at the other detective's face, sweat flying from her hair. She had no idea how to describe what was going on back there. "Vibrating. Right. Just go with that," she told the other woman.

Jones smirked to herself as she enjoyed the blonde hero's body. "Mmmm, feels soooo kinky, soooo good," she groaned lustfully, "Kinda. . . kinda like Quicksilver. "

"The fuck you fucked Quicksilver," Drew said as she reached behind what's-his-faces head and pushed him towards Jones' chest.

νέες συνοδοί 

  "The only females Quicksilver has any attention for are his ex and his sister," she continued as the younger hero released his death grip on Jones' tits and began loudly sucking on one of her hard nipples. She moved his hands down to Jones' ass and whispered into his ear, "And don't forget to squeeze. "

Speedball looked over at Drew from the corner of his eye and nodded obediently around his face full of wildly jiggling tit.

"He and Crystal had split," Jones groaned in pleasure as the kid squeezed her ass as hard as he could and Drew latched onto her free breast, using her tongue to lash the hard little nipple. "Ever been grudge-fucked by a speedster?" she groaned out, her warm, slick juices slipping down the super kid's shaft and dripping into her couch. She groaned and moaned above the two other super powered people, sweat rolling down her body as their hands ran roughly over her heated flesh.

"Iron Man's got a vibrating cod piece," the former Spider-Woman said before quickly latching back on to the former Jewel's small breast. She reached one hand behind Jone's thrusting body, between the younger hero's hands, down to the other detective's ass, and slid a finger between her cheeks.

"Oh Tony Stark is a fucking genius," Jones groaned as she felt Drew probe her ass. She gritted her teeth, her lower muscles gripping down on the hard shaft buried inside of her cunt, groaning in animalistic pleasure as she came. Her entire super-powered body clenched down, squeezing more energy balls out of the younger hero's body as her orgasm rolled through her, her juices gushing out of her and soaking her couch. She felt Drew release her mouth's hold in her nipple as the dark haired superhero leaned up and kissed her. She moaned into Drew's mouth as every muscle in her body seized and twitched until she finally relaxed forward, smothering the blonde kid's face with her chest.

Drew broke the kiss and smiled wickedly at the twitching detective as she came down from her orgasm. "My turn," she said.

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Jones nodded her head dumbly before answering. "On the floor, okay?My couch is gonna break and I can't afford to get a new one," she mumbled.

Bending over, Drew whispered into the young superhero's ear, "Hear that, Superball, she's afraid I'm gonna break her couch when I fuck you. "

Speedball gulped at the former Spider-Woman's sexual threat. He didn't know if he could actually bruise because of his powers but he felt like that Jessica Jones may have come pretty close and Jessica Drew was supposed to be even stronger. Drew grabbed his wrist and yanked him to his feet as Jones grabbed him by his prick and led him to the center of the cheap rug covering the middle of the wooden floor. Both women basically shoved him down, more energy balls exploding from around his ass as he landed roughly.

Without ceremony, Drew straddled the kid's thighs and gripped the base of his cock with one hand. She teased her bare slit with the tip of his prick and cooed in pleasure before positioning his cock-head at the entrance to her horny hole. She slid down his shaft slowly letting him part her wet walls as she groaned in desire and pleasure. With just the last inch left she thrust herself down fast, enveloping him quickly and releasing more of his energy balls around her tight pussy and round ass. "Ohhh, that is definitely going to take some getting used to," she groaned as she leaned forward, her hands on his chest.

"I know, right," Jones agreed enthusiastically as the former Spider-Woman began rolling her hips and fucking the young superhero. "Not quite like Tony's vibrating cod piece and not quite like Quicksilver," she said as she watched the voluptuous detective begin bouncing up and down Speedy's shift. She noticed the stream of brightly colored balls shooting out from behind Drew's jiggling ass and looked around her.


  "Hey, was that happening when I was riding him?" she asked.

"Tot. . . Totally," Drew gasped as she rode the blonde kid harder and faster.

"Huh, how 'bout that?" Jones added before moving back in front to watched the sexy S. H. I. E. L. D. agent ride the kid's prick. She licked her lips hungrily as she stared at Jessica Drew's tightly stretched pussy slide up and down Power Ball's prick, a ring of white sealing her cunt around the young superhero's cock. Her greedy eyes crawled up the former superhero's amazing body from her flat stomach to her large, swaying breasts. She stopped at her chest and leaned forward latching in with a hand and her mouth, squeezing one firm tit and sucking noisily on the other.

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Speedball groaned in pleasure as Jessica Drew moaned lustfully above him at Jessica Jones playing at her chest. Deciding to join in more he cupped Jones' tight ass with one hand and slid his other hand up to Drew's amazing chest.

"Stop it!That's mine," Jones said incredulously as she slapped the kid's hand away from Drew's chest.

"Ow," Speedball pouted as energy balls exploded out of his hand.

Drew allowed a small smile to creep across her lips. "Now, now, children, you have to share," she playfully chided the other two super powered people.

"Like fuck I have to share," Jones grumbled around her face full of full, firm tit. She could hear Drew giggling at her proclamation as she released her hold on the other detective's chest. Throwing her leg over what's-his-name's head she looked down over her shoulder at his eyes wide in wonder. "Lick," she ordered simply before lowering herself down onto his mouth.

"You are so bossy," Drew said with a laugh as she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around the other Jessica's neck.

"Hey, I just know what I want," Jones said as she ran her hands from Drew's sides up to her chest. She leaned forward to meet the former superhero's lips and they kissed as her hands caressed the dark haired detective's large breasts.

"What did we say about no schoolgirls," Drew mumbled around their passionate kiss.

Jones giggled into Drew's mouth as she began to roughly squeeze Jessica Drew's spectacular tits.

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  The tan flesh of the other detective's tits oozed between her fingertips as Drew groaned into her mouth. Jones smiled at the sounds she was drawing out of the other woman as she kneaded the dark haired woman's pliant breasts. They began to sync as they rode and used the young superhero below them, his tongue and cock thrusting up into their horny, naked writhing bodies. their hands slid and wandered over their sweat slick flesh as their voices began to rise, their intermingled moans and groans of pleasure and lust echoing through the small office.

Speedball kept a tight hold on Jones' slender hips as she rode his face. He did his best to use his tongue on the ex-superhero's tangy twat but by now she was riding him so hard he was sure that if it wasn't for his powers she would break his jaw. The other ex-superhero wasn't much better as she rode his pole hard enough to break his cock if not his hips. He could feel his kinetic energy balls shooting out from around his head and groin and the quick glimpses he got from around Jones' tight ass confirmed they were bouncing everywhere throughout the room. But regardless of what was happening around and below him, the two women continued to use him mercilessly. "At least they've stopped comparing me to every other superhero on the planet," he told himself for the sake of his self-confidence.

Both female former superheroes panted in lust and desire into each other's mouths as the fucked themselves together faster and harder on the young hero below them. Their hands explored their hot, glistening bodies with feverish need as they rocked back and forth, their tight, slick cunts churning in pleasure. Their bodies throbbed in the pleasure as their orgasms rose up inside of them, both of the horny detective's slipping a hand between each others twitching thighs, caressing their wet pussies, each sending the other over the edge.

"F- f- f- Fuuuuck!" Jessica Jones stuttered as she came, her tart juices gushing from her pussy and covering the young kid below her's mouth and jaw.

"Oh my stars and garters!" Jessica Drew cried out in pleasure as she came, her tight cunt gripping and rippling around the shaft of the blonde hero's hard cock.

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As they came, both women wrapped their arms around each other, their chest pressed together, their breasts bulging out from their sides as they rode out their orgasms together. The Jessicas pressed their heads together, gasping in pleasure as the slowly began to come down from their sexual bliss, holding one another tight as their bodies twitched and shuddered.

From between her quivering thighs Jones could hear the blonde kid grumbling into her sopping cunt. "I think our little hero needs something," she said with a contented smile.

"Judging by the way he's throbbing I think I know what it is," Drew said breathlessly.

Jones gave a non-committed shrug of her shoulders as she slowly released the former Spider-Woman. "Should we share?" she asked plainly.

"I hate that shit," Drew said as her hands slid limply to her sides, "But I guess he's earned it. "

"Guess so," Jones said before both women climbed off of the young hero they'd used shamelessly. "Up and attem, you lucky dog," she said as she bent down and grabbed one of the kids wrists.

"Trust me, kid, you're gonna get a kick out of this," Drew said as she grabbed the young hero's other wrist and both women pulled him to his feet. As he stumbled to his feet she and Jones got down on their knees in front of him.

Speedball kept his mouth shut as the two naked women reached up with one hand each to his sticky groin. Jessica Jones gripped his throbbing prick as Jessica Drew began massaging his bloated balls. Jones began furiously jacking him off, squeezing his prick to the point of pain as Drew palmed his testicles, squeezing him almost as tightly.

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  He was afraid to talk, to make any noise at all that might wake him up from this strange dream he was obviously having.

Not missing a stroke, Jones raised up on her knees and thrust her slender chest out, presenting her small, firm tits to the young, stunned superhero. "Come on, big boy. Give us a show," she said with a wicked smirk.

Drew raised up on her knees as well and wrapped an arm around the other detective's waist. "That's right, Super-ball," she said with her own sexy smirk, "Live you your own personal porno and cum on our tits. "She thrust her own chest out, presenting her large tits to the gasping hero as she rolled his balls in her hand.

"It's. . . It's. . . It's Speedball," the gasping young hero managed to say just before he came. His thick, white cum erupted from the tip of his cock with enough force to weaken his knees.

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  His hot seed arced down, raining on the chests of Jessica and Jessica. Jones used her grip on his prick to aim him down at their tits, covering both of them with every drop he had.

As the last drop of Speedball's cum splashed against them, Drew sat back down. "God, I hate this shit," she said as she stared down at her cum covered chest, "I don't get why guys like doing this. "She looked up at the stunned superhero and saw that his eyes were, of course, locked on her stained tits.

"I don't know," Jones said as she milked the last of the kid's cum out of his prick before turning to the other detective, "It's kinda fun. "Without warning she thrust herself between Drew's sticky tits, licking up the young boy's cum and causing the other detective to squeal and giggle.

As he watched the two female ex-superheroes lick his cum from off of each other's tits, Speedball's soft prick began to slowly throb back to life. He stood dumbly in front of the naked, giggling detectives unsure about what he should do or say. He hadn't been sure of himself for the last thirty minutes so why should he know what to do now?

As she licked the last of the cum from Jones' chest, Drew spotted the young superhero's prick starting to harden from the corner of her eye. "Uh oh, look who's trying to rise to the occasion," she said with a smirk as she raised her head up.

Jones looked over at the blonde hero. "Whoops, somebody sure is a eager boy," she said with her own smirk. She reached up and grabbed the kid's slowly hardening prick before getting to her feet. Using his dick to lead him she pulled him to the door of her office.

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  "Don't want anyone accusing me of being a tease," she said as she opened the door, "I think we can take it from here. "

"Bye," Drew said as she waved from her spot on the floor.

"Thanks for everything and have a good night," Jones said as she waved from the door before closing it and locking it.

Speedball stood aimlessly in the hall staring dumbly at the door with Alias Investigation stenciled on the glass. His prick stood proudly erect as he looked around at the dark and empty hall. He had been thoroughly used for shameless sex, had his self worth as a man ruthlessly dissected and compared to practically every male superhero he had ever heard of, and then been carelessly discarded. "Best Team-Up Ever!"

The End. .





Read Alias: A Job Well Done to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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