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A Little About Me

Hey everyone, My name is Vicki. I prefer to be called Fat Ass, or Fatty because I’m a huge fat cow. I weight 210 pounds, with 38DD utters but I’m only 5’2” tall. My ass has several fat dimples, and is huge, in fact I’m astounding as to how I manage to walk without waddling everywhere I go. I have been a chunky monkey for most of my life, although my weight was not as pronounced in my early college years. I have always had the love of showing off my naked body to complete strangers, and friends, ever since I hit puberty. The desire for strangers to see every fat inch of my naked body has been an obsession and compulsion for a very long time, followed by my deep desire to be humiliated and laughed at. My ugly fatness is only balanced by the fact that I have other reasonably attractive features, other than my big fat tits. I have medium length hair, which I enjoy coloring red, or other colors. I have even been blond for a while. My eyes are green and I have a few tattoos, which include Egyptian art and a couple of oriental style tattoos. I try to keep the rest of my fat body clear so that I can write very disgusting, rude, humiliating, degrading and hilarious things on my naked body with permanent marker. I prefer the new Sharpie Extreme Fade Resistant markers so that anything I write or draw on my naked body doesn’t smear or wear off anytime soon, forcing me to wear my humiliating tags for many days at a time, no matter what circumstances. I prefer it that way, because the more strangers that notice what a pathetic slut I am, the better.
Many people find it difficult to believe that a woman would be so sexually aggressive and horny. Exhibitionism tends to be a male activity, which also sheds doubt for many people that I am who I say I am.

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  My behavior can be attributed to a condition known as CAH (Congenital adrenal hyperplasia). I have a rather mild form, but doctors and psychiatrists diagnosed me with this condition during my latter adolescent years. It basically means that I have too much androgens, or testosterone type hormones racing through me. This condition is probably why I’m so horny all the time. I have been offered treatment, but prefer to refrain since my condition hasn’t caused any physical abnormalities (common occurrence for some females, causing abnormal genitalia to form) other than my insatiable lust and desire to be seen naked all the time. My kinks and fetishes are probably more attributed to circumstances which happened during my childhood and early adolescence, but the fact I have more testosterone coursing through me set me up for more “masculine” type kinds and perversions. That is why I am the way I am. If you have any questions about it, I’d suggest Googling it.
I currently live in a small town of only around 1500 people or so. I just moved here about 2 months ago, after serving 6 months in jail for my last public nudity adventure. I decided to move far enough away from my former home in order to avoid legal harassment from the current prosecutor and officials that work under her. She took my behavior as a personal affront for some reason, and has pushed for me to receive harsher sentencing. I figured it would be best to start over somewhere else and see how far I can take my slutty behavior, seeing as how one more conviction is likely to land me in prison, rather than a short county jail sentence. A small town, such as I live in now, is more suited for my goals. I hope to gain a reputation of being the town slut.

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  I hope to soon be recognized by people that see me out and about under normal circumstances as being the fat cow that is talked about running around naked showing off her naked body to complete strangers and offering sex to anyone that comes across me when I’m out in public naked.
I work for a local contracting company, located in the next town over from me. I have fun exposing myself in both places, and I was able to very quickly make arrangements with my new boss, which allows me to work naked and expose myself to the 100 or so men, which work the construction jobs assigned to the business, under my boss. This has been a very recent development and I can’t wait to relate my adventures that I will have from that situation!
Besides extreme exhibitionism, I also prefer humiliation during all of my sexual exploits. When I’m alone masturbating, I take care of it by humiliating myself in various ways which you will learn about, but I also engage in those activities out in the open. One thing I enjoy immensely is writing on myself with permanent marker, which I mentioned earlier. I began writing on myself in college, after taking a couple of art classes and a creative writing class, which introduced me to the concept of self-expression through drawing and writing. It didn’t take me long to figure out that writing and drawing on my naked body, before exposing myself to strangers, was a great way to get noticed and so my love of humiliation and exhibitionism flourished through this activity. I also greatly enjoy being made fun of and laughed at by strangers and friends when they see me naked, but I don’t have to be naked to enjoy it. I have been laughed at and humiliated for my weight many times, and I began to revel in it when I started putting on extra weight from the hormone treatment I was receiving for my CAH. I only stopped taking the treatment when I moved here because it was causing other complications I didn’t enjoy. Weight gain was one side effect, which is still present, but that fact only adds to my fun of being made fun of. I go to great lengths to let people know I’m a fat cow. I moo and oink repeatedly through all of my sexual encounters, alone and with others. In a nutshell, I enjoy any activity which humiliates me and draws attention to my nudity in public or anywhere I am naked.

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I have been arrested 3 times for public indecency and lewd behavior. That basically means I have been arrested three times for being naked in public and masturbating like crazy!Other than the information I’ve already given you about my kinks, I will let the rest be a nice surprise as you begin to read my stories. Sufficient to say, I’m very brave and horny most of the time. Due to the fact of my legal issues, I’ve had to keep my pictures and such out of circulation, and have decided to focus more on exposing myself in person, rather than through the internet except for sharing my perverted adventures. I do welcome anyone to message me and discuss my adventures, and fantasies as well as receive ideas and assignments to do, which push even my boundaries of acceptable sexual behavior. I prefer ideas which involve extreme pubic nudity and humiliation about how fat and slutty I am.
As you read my life stories, keep in mind they are all true. I will admit that most conversations will probably be paraphrased, because I don’t have a photographic memory and can’t remember conversations verbatim. I will emphasize the gist of the conversations, which occur, and try to maintain the exact wording of what is said and done to me as I can. Feel free to message me and ask me any details you want, or to just make fun of me. If you wish to have a picture so you can see what I look like, I can do that too. I just want everyone to know what a slut I am, and make fun of me for it. Everyone deserves a good laugh, and my fat ass can do that for you while I cum and cum and cum.





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