A Week Of Good Company - Part 1


It was a dark and misty night. Eve was alone in her house, as she would be all week. She decided she needed some company in the house over the week. So she called her friend, his name was Franky Fucker. His name said it all. She always had a crush on him, she planned to make her move this week. But there was an issue, because Franky could only be there from Thursday, and Eve needed company all week. So she arranged her friend Jesse to come only on the days that frankly wouldn't be. On Monday, Jesse arrived at Eve's doorstep will everything he needed to stay for the days he would be there. He included a special gift for her, one he know she had wanted for quite a while, he wouldn't tell her what it was but she was pretty sure it was a Double ended dildo. When Jesse showed it to her that evening, he knew he was going to get some action, and got pretty excited. The action he expected was hearing her using it from the other side of the house while he wanked to the mental image of his Bae, but instead he found out that she had other ideas, which included both ends and Jesse. She pushed him into the couch, undoing his pants, "what are you doing?" He asked, "just watch" she replied. "WTF, NO" he yelled, pushing her off. There was a loud 'pop' as the dildo was ripped out of Jesse's ass. He stood up, fixing his pants, but then she grabbed onto his shirt and body slammed him onto the ground, pinning him underneath herself.

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   He was confused about what was going on "can you just GET OFF?" He pleaded. "But Jesse, I'm so lonely!". "That doesn't mean sticking this in my ass!!". "Well, what does it mean then, Jesse?". "I don't bloody know!!". "But not that". "Sooo, u want to fuck me instead?". " I don't even know, after that whole thing". "I'm sure u do know what u want" Eve said as she pushed him back onto the couch. Jesse basically froze, still unsure, but didn't stop her. When she just waited for him to make a move, he reached up and placed his hand on her boob. He was surprised by howgood it felt, he knew she liked it too because she let out a slight moan. He pulled her down closer, slowly pulling down her shirt to reveal her boobs. They were a nice pair of cups, he began to get more vigorous with his feeling, pinching her nips. Then he started tracing her tits with his tongue in a circular motion, sometimes pausing to suck on her tits.


   She slowing undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear, revealing his 8" cock. She slowly stroked his cock, as he rocked his hips to her motion. "It's ok, I'm on the pill" she whispered into his ear as she lowered her pussy onto his cock and moved down, engulfing his whole length. She moaned as he started pumping his cock inside her. He moved his hands to her ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling them and leaving his mouth to work on her tits. She felt as he got faster and faster, and she began to feel the build up to a climax. He moved one of his fingers to the edge of her asshole and gave her a questioning look, she handed him the dildo. He got to work, inserting the dildo and pumping it to the same speed as his cock. He could feel the pressure of the dildo against his cock inside her, he was getting really close to a climax. "I'm going to cum" he whispered in her ear, as she moaned to his speed. That was what tipped him over the edge, filling her with his cum, their juices mixing inside her and some spilling onto the couch. He could feel as her pussy tightened around his cock, as she too, was climaxing. They both just laid there, panting, the dildo still in her ass, she was only now feeling the pain of anal without lube, but she was ok thanks to the pleasure it brought, as she slowly removed it. She got up and handed Jesse his pants, but he refused and instead placed his cock on her lips. She got the message and worked at reviving his cock with her mouth.

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   She felt as the saltiness of his cum filled her mouth, mixed with her own juices. She loved the taste and let out another moan. Jesse started pumping his cock deep into her mouth, until she almost gagged. She didn't have much experience with blow jobs so she still had her gag reflex, something she was really hating right now. Jesse pulled out a small bottle, and handed it to Eve to drink, as it would numb her throat. She then started deep throating him, she was amazed at how well the number worked. As he forced his dick further into her mouth, she grabbed one of his hands and let him play with her cunt. He lifted her legs and moved her so that they were in a 69 position and got to work on her pussy. She moved to his speed, feeling another climax on the way. His cock was just starting to get hard again and he already felt like he could cum soon. She let out a loud moan as she climaxed, her whole body shaking with the force. He kept sucking and outing his tongue inside her, lapping up her juices. She could feel his tongue as it replaced his fingers, playing with her cunt, tempting her. He was fully hard again and close to another climax, he moved her so she was lying on the couch with him on top, her still sucking his cock but he no longer eating her out, he pulled his cock from her mouth and wanked to his climax, cumming all over her face and tits. She licked his salty cum off her body, enjoying every last bit.

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   He collapsed on top of her, kissed her passionately and ask "now what?". With a smirk on his face. "Let's hop in the shower and get cleaned up together, and u can scrub me clean. " She said. His smirk widened as she led him to the shower. She turned on the water and led him under the stream, handing him a bottle of shower gel. He worked at cleaning her up, paying special attention to her tits and pussy. As he cleaned her, she slowly rubbed shower gel into his dick, making loud slurping sounds. This got him hard again and, with all thoughts of cleaning out the window, hooked his arms under knees and lifted her into his cock. Bubbles ran down their bodies as they went at it again. She was amazed at how many times he was cumming in one day, but didn't mind as she felt his cock fill her as he held her against a wall. They slipped and slided around the shower, as Jesse pushed further into her, causing cum to spill out of her pussy. He did his best to hold back his cum, but just couldn't, filling her once again. She moaned loudly as his cum flowed down her legs, mixing with the bubbles. They untangled themselves and eventually finished cleaning each other.

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   Jesse was still really hard, but held himself back, as he had had enough action for one night, as he would be here for many nights to come. As they sat back on the couch and turned on the TV, Jesse asked, "what does this make us? Bf/gf? Friends with benefits?". "Hmm, do u like me? Cause if u do we could become a couple, but if u just want to stay 'fuck friends', that's fine by me. " Eve answered. "Sounds good, the fuck friends bit, what do you wanna do now?". "I'm really tired. How about we go to bed? We can continue tomorrow. My bed is over here. " Eve said as she led Jesse to her bed. They decided they didn't need clothes to sleep as it was a warm night. .





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