After one morning

She had an argument with me which made her upset. . never i knew she was so dismal that booked the ticket to visit her sister's place which is 400 miles away from our place.
She had gone to college and i dint know a thing about her plan. I was engulfed in daily life. I then texted her asking the plan for evening. She told that she is leaving for her
sister's place in the evening. I was a bit shocked that i dint know that our small bicker had affected her deeply. To this date i cannot figure out the seriousness of it.

Anyway i couldnt stay away from her as i love her and couldnt see her going that way. So i came to her place and requested her to let me go with her. She was
reluctant not to go with me. But i sorted our personal things out and convinced her to let me come.

after few hours. . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . . AFTER boarding the train

I had got a seat in other compartment than hers. we managed to get seat together. We both ate dinner which we bought from the Station
After that we climbed on our respective upper berths alloted. We then were normal and had forgotten our morning argument.

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The berths we were on was adjacent to each other. We had an old tamil couple below and a single middle aged man with an woman in mid-twenties.
The side upper and lower berth was taken by two military personnel who seemed to be weird from the start of our journey(you ll get to know later)

We then set our beds and planned to watch a movie on my laptop. It was some random movie that i dont remember as i was not interested, neither was she.
after some time i asked her to come to my bed and shift the laptop on hers so that we can watch comfortably. So she obliged and shifted on my bed.
The bed is basically for only one grown man. But we adjusted ourselves.

Well let me describe the SHE. . .
a girl well grown into a twenty-izz. . having long beautiful black hair. .

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   pale white skin. . her body curves developed young and natural. . . height around 5'4
. . . her eyes which you can immerse into. . .

Back in the train now we were compacted into each other on the single bed. . . we were watching movie.

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  . . . we were lying down and watching. . . i was hugging her from behind and watching. .
after some time almost everyone had slept. Even we were sleepy. . we shut down the laptop. . and kept on her bed. .

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   she was too lazy to go back to her bed. . and we both were liking the warmth
of each other as it was cold outside.

we started caressing each other. . i was way too deep into having a movement with her at that point of time. . so i started touching her breasts from outside her tshirt. we had put a quilt
over us so that no one can notice. She suddenly felt a bulge near her ass. she then turned towards me and started kissing me with passion. i knew we have started something which we cant
climax as we were in public place i. e train. I then raised my head to check if anyone was was watching us. All were sleeping so resumed our kissing.

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   the kiss was wild and adventurous
as we had never made out in train. I then put my hand into her tshirt and touched her voluptuous breasts which were warm. she gave a soft moan when my cold hands started running around the
breasts. she took her hand to my penis which was already hard and started moving the skin up and down. . the place was so closed-out that it was hard to accomdate an erect penis. .
i couldnt wait to fuck her. . . the tension was high. . i put my fingers into her vagina. . .

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  she was wet and swarming with warmth inside. i stared rubbing her clit while inserting the other
finger into her. . then i signalled her to turn showing her back to me. With much distress she turned. . Now my penis was near the vagina. i slowly removed her jeans and started rubbing
my penis with her panty. slowly i pulled the panty till the legs. she was naked and i could touch her bare ass. i directed my penis into her opening below the ass. . (we never planned to have
so no condom)i started thrusting slowly to which she moaned. . i put my hands on her mouth.

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  . and started fucking her hard. . to which she was like people will get up. . So i slowed a bit. . .
she was so wet that the watery liquid had flown till her asshole. . i could feel the wetness. . we were having the time of our life

Suddenly i noticed a little movement on the the side berth seat beside us. what i saw was unexpected. the military guy who was sleeping on that seat had his hands under his pants and
he was masturbating.

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   There was no light , so i could not see it properly but i was sure he was masturbating seeing us. He hadnt slept at all. . he was noticing us. to confirm my suspicion
i told her that is he is watching. she checked and confirmed my suspicion. At that point of time i was not in a position to judge that person or whatever. . i thought what can we do!!

we both were hungry for sex that we least cared what he was doing or what he was seeing. . so we continued our fucking. . i again started thrusting penis and my hands were pressing the nipples.
we dint have much room for other positions. .

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  so we continued having sex in the spoon position. . then i checked the guy . . . he was sleeping facing away from us. . i think he came before us. .
must be hungry as hell. . i was now touching her ass and pressing it hard. . and penis was deep into her vagina. .


  . it was too hot inside. . i was about to come. . . so i slowed it down. . we then thought. .
that was it. . as it is a train we cant put fire in the train with our desire of fucking madly. . so i gently removed my penis and she slid her panty up and buttoned her jeans back.

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we then hugged in the same position and slept peacefully. .
Eventually that morning fight brought us a wonderful memory.






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