A New And Wonderful Life


A little over year ago I
met the woman of my dreams. She was a petite little blond thing, about 100 pounds and maybe 5ft and a 3 or 4, with really sweet, firm, “B” cup breasts and small but, a nice round firm ass. When cold or turned on, her nipples get nice and hard, about a quarter inch long, maybe a little more. We are both nudist and we met at a swim club where everyone swims nude in an Olympic size pool and socialize with drinks and appetizers. She was celebrating her 38th birthday that day.
A little about me, I’m 45, 6ft, 187lb dark hair and a nice body. The length of my cock is a little above average but the girth is almost as big as Sue’s wrist. You should see it when she takes my cock in her mouth; she calls it her vanilla Drumstick, the ice cream type.
Well, we started seeing each other and she loved sex as much as I did. She loves being kinky and likes woman as much as I do. But what’s really great, she knows how to be a lady when need be.
The way I found out that she was bi; we were in a club dancing and having fun. I saw this cute brunet and I had a hard time keeping my eyes off of her. Sue noticed! All of a sudden, laughingly said,”Yep she’s really edible. You want to take her home for desert? She asked. While knowing what my answer would be.

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I was floored when she smiled and then made her way to this gorgeous brunet. I could see her talking to her. They were laughing and having a goodtime. About 18 to15minuet’s later they started looking in my direction, smiling.
These two wonderful nymphs started toward me and I knew this would be a great night.
When Sue came back to our table with this delicious brunet in tow, now that I see her close up, she must be in her late 20’s. Sue walks over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek, rapping her arms around me.
And she started to introduce us, Dianne; this is the guy I was talking to you about, my best friend Jack; my boyfriend.
We danced together and had a few drinks; we just got along great.
Well, after about a couple of hours we decided to go to my place. We were feeling good by then and ready for anything.
In the car Dianne was telling us that she’s really glad to meet an older couple. She really doesn’t get along with people her own age. She just moved here from Chicago and going to U. of R.

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   to study. She’s been disappointed in the people she’s met; most just wanted to drink, do drugs and bang, bang thank you mam. Older couples know how to really have fun.
Dianne told us that she needs to call the sitter because her son was at home. She told her that she wouldn’t be home till late morning early afternoon. … She had her speaker phone on. The sitters said, “Go and have fun. Wish I was with you, ” Dianne answered with, “I know you will, Billy and you’ll find something fun to do, just don’t let Billy overdo it, you know he will but, I also know you won’t mind. ” “Giggle!” He needs his sleep.
We pulled up into the driveway; my house was quite secluded in Pittsford. My house isn’t outlandishly big but, a comfortable size with a hot tub, pool and a billiard room; about 3200 sq. ft. You could comfortable go outside in the nude and not worry about the neighbors.
Any way we went inside and thinking we’d play some pool, me against the two ladies. Sue Came up with an Idea, she said let’s play strip pool and Dian thought it would be a blast.

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   I was pretty good at pool and for every ball that you got in your opponent would lose a piece of clothing.
Well as we played, the girls ended up quite nude and I had most of my clothes on, but the game was over. So Dianne said to Sue, we need to get back at Jack.
Jack, let’s play again!
I asked the girls what they are going to put up if I get my balls in. I still have clothes to put up and you two are beautifully naked.
Sue and Dianne looked at each other, with a naught smile they said that I can have any wish I wanted if I win.
Well that was music to my kinky ears. Well, I made sure that I would win this game…
I let them get more of my clothing off, to make them feel good but I had every intention of winning, which of course I did. Well, when I slammed the eight ball in, my cock got hard as my pool stick.
Well they got silly and went on their knees and said, “Your wish is our command master. ”
I told them that I wanted them to cum till their pussies get so wet form orgasms that they can’t take it anymore, eating each other out, and then I would take my turn on the both of them.
They both started making out on the floor. Then started kissing and like they were two lovers that haven’t seen each other in a years. Their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouth, licking sucking like crazy. Tits erect and waiting for each other’s lips… hands exploring every crevice of each other’s body.

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   They took turns between each other’s thigh. They went for each other’s pussy like a coca addict with a free mound of cocaine. Their faces wet with the liquid of their wonder full pussy between their legs.
I drank up every bit of their sweet nectar and every time I took their clits in my mouth they shivered with ecstasy and squirted more love juice. Once I had my fill of the taste of their wonderful bodies and fucked every hole they have. My cock just couldn’t take anymore and we all crashed right there on the floor.
From then on we became the best of friends and she has a key to our house. Dian comes in sometimes at night and crawls into bed with us while we sleep and sometimes wakes us up to have some fun.
Well anyway we moved in together with her two daughters. They’ve lived the nudist’s life style since they were born so we would all be nude most of the time at home and around the house. Kim 18 and Nora 18 almost 18 are as lovely as their mother and sometimes I get a hard on just looking at them. Sue is great about that and doesn’t get mad and sometimes helps me out by either masturbating or sucking me off even if the girls are in the room. With the girls in the room it makes it really hot knowing they can see their mom sucking my cock.
I love Sue and would never do anything with the girls to break her trust.
Yes, she knows I lust for them and would love to eat their pussies, dip my wick in those wonderful holes of theirs.

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   But again I wouldn’t break her trust to have sex with them.
One Friday night Sue, the girls and I were at home watching TV. Then Susan and I decided to go to bed. We had sex and fell asleep.
All of a sudden Susan wakes me, she says to be real quiet, leave the lights out and to follow her. She has never steered me wrong, so I did.
We snuck to the banister outside our room and we could see into the family room. There to my surprise were the girls. Kim had her legs spread open on the armchair with Nora between her young white legs.
Susan scooted further down and took my cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it lovingly while I watched Nora bring Kim to climax. Nora and Kim Played with each other for a while. They had Susan’s vibrator and they masturbated each other. Well it didn’t take much for me to give Sue’s mouth a full load; she loves the taste of cum.
I asked, do you like watching your daughters having sex? She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and, while spreading her legs so I could play with her clit, she said, “What do you think”.
I got down to business.


   Boy does her clit feel so good between my fingers. It’s like having a wet sweet gummy bear between your fingers and it taste even better when you put that little knob in your mouth.
Well the next day came and it was a great morning… the two young girls and Susan had wonderful smiles on their faces because their pussies had a good workout the night before and I got a great blow job from their mom while I watched.
Chapter2 A family affair “The Surprise”
After a great last night of sex, seeing the girls eating each other out so lustfully and joyous, I awoke alone; with my cock at full staff; I decided to take a shower since Susan wasn’t there to take care of my erection. I heard the girls down stairs moving around so I wasn’t going to waste my hard on by masturbating, I just showered.
Well, I came down the stairs and into the kitchen area, to my wonder; I saw the greatest sight in a long time; all three of the girls where totally nude. Seeing what I saw last night with the girls, my cock went into a full attention. The girls yelled at their mom, “Jack needs help, he’s has a hard on again. ” giggling.
I sat down and the girls said good morning and mom will make it even better for you.
Sue came over, kissed me and said, “Morning, babe. ” Then she looked down and made a comment that felt great especially with the girls eating breakfast right there, Let me take care of this wonderful problem of yours. She took my cock as far in her mouth as she could without choking. She licked it and sucked on it like a child eating an ice cream cone and with the same lust. The girls egged her on and told her to put more of it in her mouth.

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The girls saying take it deeper mom; see how much of his cock you can take before you choke. Swallow his cum, don’t waste it!
After I came and Susan lapped up all the cum, I grabbed her by the waste and sat her on the kitchen table where the girls are eating breakfast, so I could eat her out, with the girls making smart remarks and having fun watching.
Anyway the girls did what girls do on their Saturday off, while we did some shopping and other things.
On our way home Susan suggested that we stop at the Adult store and get a few DVDs and watch them to night for fun. I said, but the Girls?
The girls won’t be home tonight they have a sleep over at Melissa’s.
Great! I said we can fuck and suck like crazy.
Susan made an interesting comment. Well you might fuck till you’ve never been fucked or sucked before.
It just sounded great to me so I didn’t question it.
Well we got home and the girls where already there.
We all at dinner and I asked how they are getting over to Melissa’s?
The girls said that she was coming to pick them up.
So Sue and I sat down in the living room almost nude, me with just shorts on and sue with bra and shorts, knowing that Melissa is coming by.
Knowing what Sue and I was waiting to enjoy I started getting a hard on while waiting.
Well Melissa showed up and the girls went up to their room.
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Well about a half hour went by; Sue and I sat back, watching TV.
Waiting for the girls to leave, knowing what sue and I have in mind my cock was standing straight with sue softly playing with it.
From the rear of the couch I hear from Kim, “Is that hard-on for Melissa?” I turned, and to my surprise, there standing in all their young glory, three young beautiful, and naked girls, what a wonderful sight. My hard on was even greater. Now it came back to me what Sue meant about, well you might fuck till you’ve never been fucked or sucked before.
Well, the girls walked up in front of Sue and me, saying that we’re overdressed. Melissa kneeled in front of me and to pull down my shorts releasing my hard-on. She immediately took my cock I her young mouth, licking it and sucking on it. I could tell she’s never sucked cock but, it still felt wonderful.
The girls were all over their mom. Kim was sucking Susa’s tit and Nora was between her mother’s legs, sucking her clit like a baby that hasn’t eaten in years. Sue had her hands on Melissa’s head and stroking her hair.
While all this bliss is going on the doorbell rings. Kim stops sucking on her mother’s tit and runs to the door naked… I’m wondering who could be at the door since Kim is naked. Well guess who walks in but Dianne and her son, Billy.

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   Billy runs in throwing his clothes off and heading straight for Nora’s ass. Billy enters her and Nora just looks back and smiles, asks, what’s your name? Billy answers and Nora goes back to eating her mother. Billy is ramming Nora’s pussy like it would be his last.
Dianne came over, while undressing, Giving me a kiss hello and Susann. Kissing Billy on the cheek and telling him to slow down since he has almost a day and a half to have fun, not to wear himself out on one pussy.
Dianne smiled at me and said this little shit can fuck like a rabbit and sometimes over does himself. We’ll spend a whole day sometimes fucking.
I asked if Billy has ever had sex with a man before, Dianne came over and asked Melissa if she can join her sucking my cock, Melissa pointed my cock at her and Dianne answered, “No, but if you want to teach him, he’s game. ” “We talked and he was interested, I hope he’ll enjoy both worlds like I do. ” So Dianne took my cock in her mouth while Melissa was holding it and Dianne reached under Melissa and played with Melissa’s clit while helping to suck my cock.
What a wonderful weekend. I got to fuck the girls finally and they moved into our room almost every night. We all ended up being fucked sucked, eaten and coming all over each other.
Dianne helped Billy learn how to such cock with both sucking together and then helping him take my cock in his ass. He came back to me twice wanting more.

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   Dianne and Susann would suck his cock as I fucked him… I was gentle.
So this was what Sue meant about, “Well, you might fuck till you’ve never been fucked or sucked before. ” What wonderful moms, their kids and the girl’s friends I have.
Oh, P. S. I had the sitter a week later and she was fine with Billy, his mom while Sue watched and masturbated. I’ll tell you about it maybe next time.
The beginning
By: LKbarefoot
The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
Meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
Real life.





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