Jim the Farm Boy part 2


Purely fictional.


I stood there with my giant cock in my hand. Rachel was on her knees, covered in cum only realized someone was by the door a few seconds later. It was my cousin, Peter. He was about 5’9 foot tall, quite overweight, brown medium messy hair, blue eyes. I’ve been nagging him to lose weight cause if he does, he’ll look great. Basically, he’s a fat version of me. We’re quite close as we grew up together. He’s also very shy when it comes to girls.


Anyways, back to the story.


“Fucking hell Pete, did you not ever think about knocking?”


“Shhh, it’s alright babe. ” Rachel said while getting up. She walks towards Peter whose eyes were fixed on her big, firm tits. Rachel stops about 3 inches away from Pete.


“You like them?”


Pete nods.


“You’re not going tell anybody what you saw right?” she asked as she took Peter’s hands and placed them on her breasts.

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Peter shook his head left and right gesturing “no”. His hands are cupping Rachel’s juicy boobs. He has never ever gotten this close to being with a girl. In fact, he’s never ever even spoken to a girl.


“Are you kidding me?” I said to myself.


“Fuck it. ” I sat down on the chair, my cock getting hard again seeing my cousin is fondling my girlfriend. I started stroking my long, thick cock to the show.


“Why don’t you massage them?” Rachel suggested.


Pete started squeezing them together softly. He could not believe that this is happening.


“That’s it. ” Rachel moaned. Her eyes are closed and her head tilted back.


Peter went in for it.

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   He sucked on her nipples just the way he saw it on a porno film that Jim gave him a week ago. Peter was ravaging her tits.


“Mmmmmm…. You’re really good at this. ” Rachel’s hands grabbed his crotch and she was fucking amazed. It felt huge. She was expecting it to be tiny due to his size. It must be the Edwards gene. She uttered, “wow” quietly as Peter is buried into her luscious tits. She stroked his bulge and could not wait any longer to see his cock. She slid down onto her knees and begins unbuckling his belt. She pulls it off and unbuttons his trousers. She slowly pulls the zip down and pulled his pants down to his ankles and his massive 9-inch plopped out. Jim was definitely longer but Peter’s much thicker, absolutely much thicker. It was around 4 fingers wide.

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I knew Rachel would be surprised. I was surprised myself when we dared each other to show our dicks a year ago and in the end. I stroked my cock intensely, seeing this hot action live.


“Enjoy it Pete, she’s great with cocks. ”


Rachel grabbed Peter’s cock and winked at him. She spits on his shaft and starts stroking his massively thick cock with both hands.


“You like that?” she looked up at him.

He maybe fat, with a belly, but he has a hell of a cock.


He nods.


“Suck it please. ”


“I can’t hear you honey. ” She teased.


“Suck it please. ” He said a little louder.


“I thought you’d never say it.

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  ” She smiled and engulfed his shaft. It was impossible for her to even get half of it in but I won’t be surprised if she does.


Pete’s eyes were closed. His mouth wide open in pleasure. Damn, she’s really working on his dick. Her head bobbing up and down. She sucked his dick as her hands cupped his round, huge balls. Her warm mouth made more saliva making it easier to take his thick meat in.


Rachel put both her hands on his hips and grabbed them tight. She tried to get deeper and deeper, more and more of his cock into her.


“Grab her head!” I told him.


“Grab her head and get more in!”


Pete listened to me. He grabbed her head and pushed her deep in. His cock was fucking thick. He started face-fucking her.

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   Rachel gagged with every thrust he made. Pete let go of her head and she takes his wet cock out and took her breath while stroking his dick.


“Wow, you lasted that without cumming. That’s a rare thing for a first timer unlike your cousin over there. ” She said with his cock in her hand.


“Thank you. ” I said sarcastically.


“For that, you get a prize. ” Rachel got up, went to the table by the fireplace, places her hands on the table for support and bends down, showing her tight, bubble ass towards Peter. She looked behind at him.


“Come on big boy. Show me what you got. ”


“Are you fucking serious?” I said.


“He gets to fuck you first?!”


“You bet. Don’t worry babe, you’ll get your—“ Before she finished her sentence, her mouth went wide, open in pain and in pleasure, after the feeling of being impaled rushed into her brain.

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   Peter was already behind her with his dick positioned at her clit, and pushed his fat dong into her. He managed to get the head in.


“Slowly please. ” She begged.


“It’s too big. You have to go slowly. ”


Pete kept silent. His places his hands on her ass, grabbing them tightly, and slowly moves up to her hips and grabbed on tight as he slowly pushes his thick cock into her. He watches as his dick, slowly impales and disappears into her pussy.


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Rachel’s eyes were closed and she bit her lips hard. She’s never felt anything as thick as his cock in her life. She arched her back, pushing up against Peter as he fucked her pussy slowly. He only managed to get half his cock in.

But he knew he wanted more. Without warning, he pushed the remaining half into her in one fast push.

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“FUCK! Awwwhhh… it fucking hurts, but it feels so good. Don’t stop. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard. I’m close!” She begged.


Peter took his shirt off. He was sweating. It was quite sexy to see this huge dude, fucking a small girl. I stroked my cock fast. Peter started to pick up the pace.


“Your pussy feels so tight. ” Peter moaned as he fucked her. His hands ventured to her tits and he started groping them as he thrusts his cock into her pussy.


“Let’s try something different now. ” Rachel said.

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Pete took his cock out.


“Lie down on the floor. ”


Pete did as he was told. He was on his back with his thick cock sticking out in the air. She goes over him and squats down. She took his cock guiding it slowly into her pussy. Rachel began to ride his cock. Her pussy slowly sinks into his thick dick. She held onto his chest and groaned like a whore. She bit her lips as it too much to take in but she wanted it.


“Fuck! I can’t go further. ” She said.


Peter grabbed her ass and pushed it down even more.


“Arrrghhh… fuuuuck! You’re fucking tight Rach!” he groaned.


“Ahhhhhhh! Oh my god, oh my God, it’s fucking huge!” she yelled.

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   Finally, his cock is fully buried into her. They were both hyperventilating.   She moved her hips in circular motions, grinding into his pelvis with hers. She moaned more, as she bit her lips.   Then, she started fucking his cock. She lifts her tight ass up. Pete loves seeing his cock disappearing into her pussy. Rachel bounced up and down with her hands on his chest. She rode him slowly and slowly picked up the pace.


I came for the second time, seeing her take his massive cock in. But I didn’t stop jacking off. It was just too hot.


Rachel rode on his cock fast. There were so much moans and groans in the air.   She bounced up and down with pleasure as he grabbed her bouncing tits.




“I’m gonna cum. ” Pete moaned.


“No wait, not yet, I’m almost there!” Rachel begged him to wait for her.


“No I can’t hold-- It’s-- cumming!” his face was flushed.


Peter grabbed her ass and pushed it deep in. The feeling of his cock at the deepest in her pussy drove Rachel over the edge.


“Cum in me! I’m gonna cum as well!” Rachel clenched her pussy and gripped his cock tightly as she orgasmed while he shot his load into her pussy.


“Fuuuuuuuck! Arrrghhh!!” His huge cock erupted, throbbing and jerking, pumping floods of warm sperm deep into Rachel’s pussy as she orgasmed hard at the same time.


Rachel fell onto his body. They were both panting. “Your cock is a legend. ”


To be continued.


What do you think? Should I continue?












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