in need... part eight. My brother Fernando and I...


Eight… in need (of sex)


Since Miguel and Pedro have not been around because their – our daily basis schedules I have set my mind on my brother Fernando. In fact, since I gave myself to Fernando we both have enjoyed it much. Fucking with my brother has become a sort of nice – sensitive – intense issue. We play. We flash our sexual parts to each other… we do not have to pretend, we understand each other well. We care for each other. Well… I have enjoyed been his whore. I must admit that Fernando had second thoughts about it, but we agreed on keep on doing it… it has only improved along the way. We have taken it to higher levels.


Not long ago, one a Saturday morning, I got home earlier from school. I rushed into my room and I took a shower. I was so tired, that I could not help to fell asleep on my bed. Obviously, I got asleep nude. I mean, I was alone at home, so there was no need to get dress… right? When I woke up I was wet. My pussy was wet… I cannot tell why. It just happened.

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   I lay on my back and I spread my legs… half its way. I could feel the air tenderly playing with my moisturized pussy lips. My nipples hardened and my legs shivered in joy. I could not help to touch my clit tenderly, I slid a finger into my pussy taking care enough to play and caress my pussy lips. I was hot… I was horny. I reached my night’s table drawer looking for my 8 inches dildo. I spread my legs as wide as possible and I shoved my dildo inside of me. I moaned in pleasure! I was so, so wet… that the dildo slipped inside of me easily to reach my depth and crash into my uterus neck. I pressurized it against my pussy entrance with my hands. I closed my legs to hold it tight inside of me. I moaned… in ecstasy. I kept my dildo inside of me for a while. Is sat at the edge of the bed and I started to rock my hips back and forward riding my dildo. Faster and faster and faster! I pushed the dildo deep and deeper inside my crotch on each thrust of my hips. I moaned as I reached an orgasm… I bend over and I spread wider to have a look of my pussy eating its dildo.

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I was so horny that I decided to invite Fernando inside of me… I decided to ask Fernando out in a date, pretending not to be brothers. I mean, we would act and pretend to be lovers… he accepted. We agreed to meet at the mal playing to be boy and girl friend. We also agreed to act as naturally as lovers would do. We may huge each other, we may mouth - lips – tongue kiss, we would surely touch and cuddle each other’s body freely… and we may also flash our sexes… I must point out that I kept my dildo inside of me. So, I wore a white fitted blouse and a rather black short skirt with long black fitted stockings. Obviously, I wore no brass; I just wore a kind of trousers to help keep my dildo inside of me as I walk. When I reached the mal Fernando was already waiting for me. We mouth kissed and as he huge me tight, I felt his hands cuddling my ass and torso. I behoove by placing my left leg between his legs to knead his dick with my tight. He kissed my neck tenderly… we look at each other and smiled. He sought in my ear.



I whispered in his ears… “Fernando, my love, I invited a friend to join us!” he looked at me and said: “wow… a trio… Hummm, ok! Who is he?” I just smiled and answered: “it is not a “he”… it is “it”, and “it” is already in place… you’ll see, just be patient”. Fernando looked at me with some kind of surprise in his face… but he humored me on this. Once, we were settled at the table in the restaurant, I asked him to look under the table discreetly.

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   He comply, and when he stoop to look under the table I managed to took off my trouser, spreading my legs for him to see me let loose my dildo out of my fork. He blushed. I love to see how he reacts at my nudity. He straightened up and he stared at my eyes. “You certainly look delicious and smooth, Pam. I envy our friend… I wish it would rather be me the one inside of you!” we smiled, and I said: “you’ll have your time… you just have to be patient!” As I said so, I cuddle his dick under the table with my foot. He just smiled. We kissed.


As we had dinner he managed to have a look under the table for me to flash my pussy for him constantly. We were up to break some rules, in order to enjoy each other´s bodies. After all we were not supposed to see each other as sis of bro. we were lovers at that time. The dildo inside of me made me horny I was so wet down under my crutch that I decided to mischief myself. I took the dildo back in its cage in my pours, and I managed to discreetly dip a spoon inside my twat to moisturize it with my twat’s juices… (Well, I was so wet at that time, that I must correct myself… I damped it!), and I gave it to Fernando to taste it…


Me: Fernando, I have planned a special desert for you… give it a try and let me know if it’s savor pleases your taste, will you!?”

Fernando: ok… let’s give it a try, Pam. Once Fernando has licked the spoon he stared right in to my eyes… and moaned! “Hummm… I love your taste, Pam.

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   It is kind of mixed bittersweet pith between desire, lust, redemption, and joy!”


He looked right into my eyes and said in a very playful – commanding – inviting – instructive tone: “I presume that you have to go to the bathroom…” I understood, and with no hesitation I complied.

I understood at once. My brother was about to fuck me in the bathroom! Oh! Dear! I just could say no. we walked side by side to the men’s bathroom… he opened the door and he made sure it was empty. He ordered me to enter; as I did, he took his dick out from his pants. He locked the door and He helped me to seat at the edge of the lavatory spreading my legs for him to fuck me. He looked at me in the eye… and he smiled. I asked him to shove his dick inside of me, and fuck me! He complied. He fucked me hard and deep… plop! Plop! Plop! We made it fast. It has to be done that way; after all we were on a public place. He thrust his dick inside of me with passion and lust. I wrapped my arms around his neck and we kissed. He wrapped his hands around my hips and he caressed my ass and chicks. When he came inside of me, my legs shiver and I moaned in ecstasy. He shoved his dick inside of me with such strength that we almost felt to the ground.

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   It was heaven! Yes, it was heaven to fell the head of his cock hitting hard my uterus neck! Plop, plop. Plop. Yes, it was heaven to receive and feel his hot semen being spitted out from his balls into my twat. Plop, plop, plop. I moaned in pleasure and ecstasy!


Once we cumed, Fernando helped me to clean my thighs and my pussy entrance. I lip - mouth licked clean his dick. He kneeled in front of me and tongue kissed my pussy lips. Fernando mischief himself and he pushed my trouser inside my crotch… then he looked at me and said: “we will get it out later, Pam… I would love to taste a mixed oaked of our flavors. ” I mouth kissed him and we got out the bathroom. On our way back to the table, a waitress looked at me and smiled in abetment. I blushed, and I smiled back at her. We finally left the restaurant and we headed to the parking lot.







The night was still young, and neither, Fernando nor I have planned on what was to happen next. On our way we noticed that it was kind of late, and the parking lot was sort of empty. In fact, some head lights were off at that time.

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   So we had a huge space to do our sex play. . . We avoid the elevator and decided to use the stairs. I moved in front of Fernando swaying my ass invitingly for him. We stopped three floors above from we started and we leant on the wall Fernando caressed my ass while we kissed mouth opened. He slipped his hand under my skirt and he ran his thumb between my chicks caressing my annus… while he managed to play with my pussy lips with both hands. I took my blouse up to my shoulders for Fernando to kiss and play my neck and tits and nipples. Fernando has taken my trousers half way out my crotch, and he was playing it at the entrance of my pussy. We were so spellbound on our own that we did not see that a car approached. The driver turned off his lights and drove slowly near us. It happened to be a couple… the woman lowered his window and stared at us. She just smiled. They did not stop at all; they just wanted to catch a fair view on us. We all enjoyed it.

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   Fernando did not stop. Minutes later, the caretaker took us by surprise. I must rather say that we ALL were surprised! He did not expected to walk on us, and most of all, he did not expected to find a couple making out their sexual needs there.


The man could not help but to notice the trousers hanging halfway out of my crotch. . . so he could not avoid staring at my camel toe. Fernando stood still between the man and us. Therefore, I could straighten up my clothes. It was futile. The caretaker has already had a plain view of my half-naked body. I just stood there leaning on the wall. The man smiled at us and he said, “Do not worry kids. . .

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   I have been there too. Besides, the parking lot is almost empty, you certainly have the place for your own. I will be around, but do not worry; it will be our secret. . . right?” he certainly got hot, I could tell by the bulk under his pants, but he behaved respectful and leave. Fernando thanks him for being so respectful. He just smiled and kept moving. Fernando and I moved to the car. Most of the parking lot’s lights were off at that time and the pale light of the moonlight helped to create a sensual atmosphere that compelled us to let loose. I walked in front of Fernando… still swaying my ass for him. I took my blouse off… and I slowly took my skirt off too.


When we reached the car Fernando took a blanket and a sleeping bag out of the trunk of the car and he helped me to lay on it. I laid there resting my torso on my elbows, and I spread my legs for Fernando to have a plain view of my crutch. Fernando took his clothes off, and he knelled in front of me playing the shaft of his dick up and down gently.

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   I could see how he enjoyed my nudity. Fernando took his time to observe my tits, my torso… my abdomen and he stopped to stare at my shaved juicy crotch. I wanted to enjoy the view of his half hard rock erected cock, so I asked him to let loose freely. “Let me see it… Fer,” Fernando let his dick hanging freely for me to enjoy the view. It was great to see his dick coming out from his shaft shyly reacting on my nudity. Fernando’s dick smelled acid and once it has reached his complete erection Fernando moved it closer to my mouth. I tongued kissed and caressed its tip…Fernando moaned. He got on top of me and we did the 69. He pushed his tongue as deep inside my twat as possible. Fernando spread my legs as wide as possible for him to lick it freely. He licked my clit and my pussy lips. I wrapped my arms around his hips to help him push and shove his dick inside my mouth… Fernando did deep throat me several times! Oh! Good… I did not gag, and I enjoyed it much! His dick performed great that night! Fernando fucked me better than ever so far! I loved to feel his balls hitting my fore head; I loved the smell of his balls and dick. His dick’s head was salty…


Suddenly, at a near distance we heard the elevator’s door opening. It was dark so we laid still. Fernando sat up to look around.

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   I stood still lying on the blanket. . . and I covered my body with half the blanket. Fernando stood nude. It happened to be the caretaker. He stood aside the car. He stared at my naked body and he smiled. “You certainly have nice body miss. ” Fernando smiled and said. . . “I would not say nice. . .


   I guess the word you are looking for is delicious!” we all laughed. I could tell by the bulk under his pants that his dick was already erected. I was horny.




I took the blanket off. “Do you really like my body, sir?” as I said so, I flat lay on the blanket, and I spread my legs for him to see my naked body. I looked at him in the eye. “You have seen enough of me along the night, Sir. You might want some release and a taste. . . don’t you?” he smiled. “Well. Miss, you are right. . .

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   I would love to have a taste of you. ” I looked at Fernando and I asked him if he would agree to let him have five mins with me. Fernando acted somewhat surprised but he agreed. “Ok, sir, you have ten mins. . . do as you please with me. ” He looked at Fernando somehow asking for his approval. Fernando looked back at him and said: “You heard the lady. . . I would not make her wait!”


So, the caretaker took off his pants and rushed to take a condom out of his pocket. As soon the condom was already in its placed, he asked me to go on four. . .

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   I complied. He stood behind of me. He stared at my crotch. He played his dick’s head at my pussy entrance. He shoved his dick inside of me. . . and he fucked me hard and deep. I moaned in pleasure. . . his dick was long and fat enough to fill my twat with pleasure. Plop! Plop! Plop! “Miss, you really have a great juicy twat here!” He rushed at the end. However, it was good enough for me. I felt his hot jizz filling my twat as it came out hot from his convulsing dick.

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   He pushed his hips hard onto me, and I pushed mine against him. I loved to feel his dick pushing deep inside of me. He stood inside of me until his dick gone dormant. He pulled his dick out, and I helped him to clean it. I sat in front of him, and I took off the condom and lip kissed the tip of his dick. Fernando was so hot and horny, that he sat behind of me and caressed my tits and nipples. Once I have cleaned the man, Fernando ordered me to lie down and spread my legs wide. I complied. Fernando came hot inside of me. The caretaker stood there to watch us. Fernando asked him to hold my legs tight. . . Fernando pushed my legs to the “v” position, and the caretaker held my legs by the ankles.


I felt Fernando’s dick slipping inside of me.

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   I felt his dick’s head making its way inside my twat. I moaned in pleasure. Feeling such lust in every nudge of my brother’s dick. . . made me shiver in ecstasy. I asked Fernando to fuck me harder and deeper at every thrust of his hip! Plop! Plop! Plop! I loved to feel his balls hitting my anus at every nudge of his cock. Plop! Plop! Plop! I moaned loud and louder. Plop! Plop! Plop! The caretaker took his dick out of his pants and I received it to let it play in my face! I tongue played the head of his dick. . . while his balls hit my forehead. His dick played in my face back and forward at every thrust of Fernando’s hips.


Fernando continued to shove his dick inside of me hard. .

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  . “I love you Pam!” I laughed. . . and I reply! I love you too. . . he looked at me and he stared into my eyes. He held his body in his arms, and he stalled his rhythm just to have a look of his dick inside of me. He then looked at me, and he laugh at the view of the caretaker dick’s over my face. We all laughed. Fernando continued fucking me, he regain rhythm. . . his dick rammed my pussy deep and hard.

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   Plop! Plop! Plop! Fernando shoved his dick so hard inside of me at the time he cumed that I felt such pressure and pleasure when he pressurized his dick inside my twat. To feel his dick convulse inside my pussy It was heaven! My whole body collapsed and shuddered in pleasure! I could feel his hot jizz being spurt inside my twat from his balls. Once Fernando cumed he rested his body on top of me in the missionary position. When Fernando rested his body on his elbows the caretaker released my legs, so I wrapped them around Fernando’s body. Fernando and I kissed lips – mouth opened in such lust and passion.


Fernando stayed inside of me until his dick gone dormant. The caretaker stood there watching us in silence for a while. We forgot about him. We did not notice when he has left. We stood there a while. . . when Fernando’s dick slipped out my pussy I rested my torso on my elbows and I spread my legs to see Fernando’s jizz slipping out my crotch. Fernando helped me to clean my legs and thighs as much as possible. To tell the truth I loved the way I felt.

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  . . I was wet, sweat, and I surely smelled like sex all over! Fernando looked at my crotch and he got surprised on how my pussy lips were swollen. “They hurt a little love. . . but I am sure they are satisfied to have such a wand like yours!” Fernando looked at me and he smiled. He leant and tenderly kissed my pussy lips and clit.



Fernando took his sweater out of the car to cover my naked body. As He got dressed, I stood still laying on the mat. I observed him. . . he has grown up. Once he has dressed up, He finally helped me to straighten up my body.

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   His sweater did not cover much of my body. . . “Hahaha. . . my skirt is not this short, bro!” he looked at me and he said. . . “You are right, sis, but it certainly looks great in you!” As I got into the car, I recline the car seat, and I felt asleep. I was so tired. . . my pussy was swelled and it hurt a little. My body was exhausted.

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   My fork ached. Fernando kissed me tenderly in my lips and he said to me in a very sensual tone “I love you Pam,” I looked at him and I mouth kissed him. We did not talk much on our way home. Fernando parted the sweater to see my nakedness while driving back home. I just smiled at him and I spread my legs for him to have a plain view of my pussy.


Once home, he opened the door for me to get out the car, and we silently got to my bedroom. We did not say anything. He looked at me and smiled. I kept his sweater on… Fernando got nude and We both lay side by side on my bed for the rest of the night. Before I felt sleep I looked at him and we silently kiss… the next morning we took a shower together. We did not fuck… but we enjoyed the rest of the day alone at home… nude. We enjoyed being together. We talked about our yester - night in the parking lot. We liked it as much as we enjoyed being together. I felt compelled to confess to Fernando that I have been fucking around with Miguel and Pedro… Fernando did not over react to it, in fact, he took this matter rather un – surprised.

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   We agreed that we may (and surely will…) fuck with no restriction at all from now on, and it won’t matter if we are dating other people as long we tell each other the truth. As I have said already we did not fuck that day… later that day (Sunday) our parents came back home…


“How was your week – end, Pam!?!

Well… mom, it was kind of wild… I had a lot of fun! I certainly did, mom! As I said so, Fernando and I looked at each other quietly in complicity. We giggle at each other. “And. . . What about yours Fernando?” I looked at him. . . and Fernando answered. . . “My week – end was rather exciting! Mom!” I did mischief my self. . .


   with the guys!” we all laughed.






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