My First Time With Sister


I was seventeen and my little sister Jennifer was fifteen when we first had sex. She used to spy on me masturbating in my room so one day I invited her inside and locked the door with a padlock. I made her strip down to her panties and had her dance to me seductively. She finally made her way over to me and i used scissors to cut her panties off.

I made her sit in my naked lap cock hard as I caressed her thighs, slowly moving my fingers to her wet pussy. I licked my thumb, and shoved it violently inside of her. She twitched and turned and told me to stop it. There was no way I’d stop I told her, for your first time its gonna be rough and sadistic. I kept fingering her clit as I watched her moan in reluctance.  

I then removed her bra, and started sucking on her breast, while I was doing that, I started fisting her with my whole hand, careful not to break her hymen. I saw tears streaming down her cheeks as she faintly told me to go slower and not use my whole hand. I went back to using my thumb only, though with the same speed. I slowly leaned over to her mouth and kissed gently and then give her a quick slap across her face, stunned. and said hey that hurt. I just laughed and then started using 3 fingers now while I fingered her and it got her going.  

She was starting to moan louder and came on my fingers.

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   I leaned down to her pussy and licked all the juices from her, which seemed to get her delighted. She was moaning even more. The bed was wet with her juices, so I asked her if my desk would be ok. What are your last words as a virgin?“I don’t know, but I can tell you Im liking this, really I said and then pulled her left pigtail and made her scream, I love to pull a girls hair while fucking, i told her. ”

I picked her up and sit her on my desk and I slowly grabbed my cock and put the head on the opening of her pussy, rubbing her skin. She was sweating and I can tell she is full of lust. I leaned in to kiss her again, and as I was about to enter her, she moaned in a low voice and told me to be gentle on her as she had a minor accident with the bat yesterday, and I told her no. I’m going to get all I want little sister.  

I shoved my hard cock into her with its full length. She screamed so loud and begged me to go slower. I kept pounding her pussy as she screamed loud and started to cry, and I can see the blood from her hymen covering my cock every time it went in and out.

“Please. . it hurts so fucking much” I earned it, and you like it, Im in pain. .

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  please!” I think we went for a good thirty minutes before I was about to come. She had stopped screaming but was still in tears and looked in agony. I grabbed her breasts as I came into her bleeding pussy.  

I slid my cock out of her and wiped the blood off.

She wasn’t moving and I can tell she had passed out. I leaned over and kissed her. “Baby, that was the best sex I ever had. ” “Oh Jeremy, we shouldn’t have done this. ”“We totally should have, look at you, you are gorgeous, I’m surprised you were still a virgin” And at that, she put her arms around me, kissed me, and whispered in my ears: “Let’s do it again”.

This time, I tied her arms to the bed posts, kicked her legs open and tied them also, and shoved my cock back inside of her. I went even harder than before. Jennifer was moaning better than those pornstars do online. I kept pounding her until she started squealing in pain and told me to slow down, which I didn’t. I can tell she climaxed by her sounds, which I’m sure reached the whole neighbourhood. .

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She stopped screaming and told me to aim my load for her tits and her body, but it was too late. I had already unpacked my load inside her and as soon as I took my cock out of her, my sperms were dripping from her pussy. “This was great wasn’t it?” “It was painful, but I’m starting to like it. ”

I untied her hands and feet and laid her on the bed and we kissed for what must have been hours, I fingered her a few times too. That was my first of many times with my little sister Jennifer.






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