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   We took a small break. we had been at it for 3 hours. I got up to take a bubble bath. He walked in all sweaty and without a word he joind me. he started to finger fuck my pussy and before i knew it, his dik was inside me again. We fuckd in the bathtub untill he cummed. he then got out and changed. I took my time in the bath until my skin got ll wrinkly. When I went back to my bedroom he was fast asleep. Somewhere in the middle of the night he got up and we fucked again. In the morning before making brakefast he asked if we could fuck again. We did. After breakfast the 4 of us watched a little tv. I took him to the bedroom where we fucked doggy style for 5 min. He finished inside my cunt.

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   An hour later they were picked up by him mom. I am now 4 months pregnant by my nefew and no one knows except for both of us and we couldn't be happier.  .





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