Damn my perv step-brother!


This is the story about how my 23 year old step-brother started fucking my 18 year old pussy.

Hi, I’m Leila. I’m 5’4” tall, got deep green eyes, white skin and my curly brown hair flows down my back. My body is in shape, as I enjoy running for an hour every morning before school. I’m 18 years old and for a little over a year now I’ve been fucking my 24 year old step brother, Josh. He has blue eyes, sandy hair and a tanned body to die for. He’s very athletic. And he has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen.


It all started the day of my 15th birthday. My dad and my stepmom were away on their honey moon. Now I know what you’re thinking “what kind of parents leave a 18 year old home alone?” They didn’t. They left me under the care of my newly step brother, who at the time was 23. For the most part I was home alone. His best friend lives next door, so they would hang there and if I needed something I could just go over and ring their bell. He usually stayed there until dawn and then slept until around 3pm. So I was pretty much free to do whatever.

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Back then I was dating my very first boyfriend, Diogo… The only problem was that it was an online relationship. I live in Manhattan, and he lives in Sao Pablo, Brazil. So for my 15th birthday we had been cyber-dating for about 6 months, and man were we hot for each other. We had chat or skype sex (the only kind of sex I’ve had so far) pretty much everyday, and sometimes if I was feeling bold enough we’d see each other on cam.

The night of my birthday we were having one of our sessions on the web cam. Something about seeing him whack off so hard made me so horny I forgot I my step-brother was home, he hadn’t gone out to the neighbor’s that night. I forgot to be quiet…


I remember I was moaning loud and hard as I was about to cum. Diogo was pointing his dick towards the cam, ready to shot his cum at it. I pointed my cam to my pussy, so he could see me savagely fingering myself. Josh heard me moaning and thought I had invited someone over so, the sneaky perv he is, he got his camera ready and climbed up stairs, to catch me and whoever I was with on tape. I was too busy to notice him behind my half open door. He caught me fingering for about 18 minutes before I came loud and hard. Diogo had finished at the same time as me. We were both really tired after it so after a few minutes we said goodnight and finished the skype call. Then, I sat up to go wash a little.

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   That’s when I saw him. That’s when I saw the camera -still recording- in his hand.


-Oh my god! Josh! What are you doing home? What are you doing standing there? Please tell me you haven’t been standing there the whole time! - As I said it, I knew he had been there long enough. He had a wicked grin across his face.

-Hi sis. I’ve been here long enough. Man you’re loud. I thought some dude was fucking my lil’ sis so I came to watch.

-You came to… Watch?

-Yeah. It sounded fun enough, more than any of my porn collection. Who’s the guy?

-I… You… He… Fun?- I couldn’t believe him. I stared at him. He just stood there waiting for my answer. –He’s name is Diogo. He’s… Well, he’s sort of my boyfriend.

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-A boyfriend that doesn’t come over and fuck you in person? What kind of a boyfriend is that?
-One that doesn’t even live in the US, you moron.

-Oh. Online relationships never end well, you know that, right?

-Not your problem. How much did you record?

His wicked grin was instantly back. I wanted to punch the lights out of him. The only brother I ever get and he has to be a perverted asshole. Just my luck.

-Oh, baby sis, I got enough.

-How much is enough?

-Let’s see, I got you fingering your pussy like your life depended on it. I got you boyfriend cumming all over his camera. I got you cumming and moaning so hard I got a boner.

-You’re disgusting. Give me that tape.

-Give you the tape? Oh, hell no. Never.

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   Do you have any idea how hot it was to watch you? I definitely want to whack off to this later.

-I hate you. I’m your sister, how can you even think of that?
-Oh, common. You’re not my real sister. Hell I just met you 3 months ago. And we’ve only been living together for a week.

-Give me the tape.


-Give me the tape! I’ll do anything you want!- The moment I said it I regretted it. He grinned from ear to ear. He had a wicked gleam in his eyes, and at the moment I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I knew it wasn’t good news for me. I was soon to find out.

-Oh? Hmm… Maybe. Or maybe I just show this to your daddy.

-Then he’d know you’re a perv and you taped me.

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-Hey, I can always say I was fooling around with the camera, heard you and came to put an end to it, but was sooooo stunned by what I saw that I couldn’t move or say a thing. Your dad loves me, and you know he will believe me.

Damn it. He was right. Dad loved him, and as much as he loved me, I knew Josh would make a convincing story. Damn his soul.

-So what do you want in exchange for the tape?
He walked into the room, and stood next to me. He looked at my pussy, which in the momentum of seeing there I forgot to cover. He grabbed my hand, the one I used to pleasure myself, and before I could yank it away he sucked my fingers. I pulled my hand away.

-You. - He said. -I want you. Until our parents return, you belong to me, to do as I please. Don’t look at me like that.

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-Like what? And to do what? You mean like clean your room and cook you dinner and stuff?

-Oh common baby sis, you know better than that. I want to fuck you until our parents return.


Ask for something else. Please.

-Sorry sis, no can do. Either you let me have you, or this tape ends in your daddy’s possession.

-I… No. Please. You don’t understand.

-Understand what?

-I’m… I’m a…- I could feel my face getting read until I thought my head would blow up. I looked away from him.

-Oh lord. Are you a virgin, sis?


-Even better.

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   Let me have you. I can teach you stuff. I will go slow at first. You will enjoy it. I promise.

-Please, Josh. Ask for something else.

-Ok. Let me have you 5 times, if by the 5th time you’re not moaning like on this tape, then you don’t have to let me fuck you the other 18 days we’ll be alone, and I’ll give you the tape.

-Five times? No. Zero. There has to be something else.

-Sorry sis, but there is nothing else. Either you let me fuck you, or your daddy will get to watch you do it to yourself.
I couldn’t believe him.

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   How dare he. I didn’t know what to do. If dad ever saw that I’d probably be grounded even after dead. And so mortified. Even if dad didn’t ground me for long, I’d have to live with the knowledge that my dad watched me masturbate. I couldn’t believe was I was about to say.

-Fine. Five times. Five days. You said that if by the 5th time I’m not moaning like when I play with myself, then I get the video. Just out of curiosity, what happens if I do? Moan, I mean.

-Oh, baby sis, you’ll be moaning and screaming for more. And if you like it, we can just continue to do it. I’ll still give you the tape if you still want it.


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   Please, though, keep in mind I’ve never done it.

-I will. I Promise.

He smiled down at me. His eyes scanned by body as if deciding if he wanted me right there. He did. I knew that much just looking at the massive boner trying to escape his pants.

-Now sis- He said, stoking his cock over his shorts. - We’re going to have to get started now. Get on your knees.
Reluctantly, I did as I was told.
-Good girl. Now get on your hands. Don’t worry I’m not going to fuck your pussy just yet.

Again, I did as I was told.


   I was on four, across my bed. He walked around it, standing behind me. He grabbed my hips and pushed me back a bit, rubbing his bonner against my naked pussy. Even with his clothes in the way, I could feel it was hard. And big. He kept rubbing against me for some minutes before I realized I was getting horny. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to cooperate. He can have my body but not my soul, I told myself. I tried to think about puppies. School. Old ladies. Math. Pokemon. His massive erection rubbing just the right spot and making me wet.


   Wait. No. School. Puppies. Pokemon.

-Good girl- He said.

Then he stopped. I was glad he did, thought maybe he had gotten his release. Boy, was I wrong.

Next thing I know, I feel something small and wet press against my pussy. I dared look back. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His head was in between my legs. He was licking my virgin, almost hairless pussy. His tongue was flat.

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   And he softly brushed it on my pussy lips. Back and forth, forming a rhythm. I keep trying to think about bad things, trying not to get horny, but it wasn’t easy. After a minute or two, he used his thumbs to part my pussy lips. And he let his tongue in.

-Oh my god. Stop! – I cried out.

-Why, baby girl? I can taste you getting wet again, you may say you don’t like this, but your body sure does. Don’t worry, I’ll lick it all clean. - And with that, he plunged his tongue inside of me.

It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. I knew I shouldn’t like it, but his tongue felt so good inside of me I could hardly remember what my name was. And then he started moving it out. And back in. And out.

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   In. Out. Oh god. I could feel myself getting wet. Getting horny. I was trying to fight it, but it just felt too good. Then he moved his tongue out, and before I could even protest, he started flicking it on my clit. I started biting my lip just so I wouldn’t moan out loud. I knew I was breathing harder, but I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

As if reading my thoughts, he said –Oh common babe, I can taste you. You like it. Moan for me.

I didn’t answer. He started sucking my clit and started rubbing a finger in circles at the entrance of my pussy. It felt wonderful.

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   I tried to think of something else again. Puppies. School. Kids at school. Kids at school having sex everywhere. Oh god, I couldn’t even think of something else anymore. I bit my lip harder.

Suddenly, and without a warning, he shoved his finger deep into my pussy. I lost it. I moaned out loud. I could feel his chuckle on my clit as he started fingering me. I moaned again. I was so horny. He pushed his finger in and out, slowly and deeply. I moaned every time.

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   Then, surprising myself, I started rocking back and forth, fucking his finger.

-Oh, you’re such a good girl, sis. Fuck my finger.

I moaned in response and kept rocking back and forth. After a minute or two, he started going faster. I liked it. I moaned more. He fingered faster. I moaned more loudly. He fingered me harder. I could feel the tension building up. I wanted to cum on his finger. I kept fucking it. Just as I was to cum, he pulled his finger out. He kissed my pussy and stood up.

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-You did good, sis. I knew you’d like that. Now, it’s your turn to do the sucking.

He walked around the bed, to my front. When his erection was in front of my face, he pulled down his shorts and boxers. His dick was so big it slammed into my face.

-Hmm. . Sis, take off your t-shirt. I want to see your titties bounce. Now, have you ever sucked dick?

I took my t-shirt off, and now I was completely naked. –Yes, once. - I answered.

-Did you swallow the cum?

-No. He dripped it on my face.

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-Ok. Today you’re going to swallow it. Now, open your mouth. I can’t wait to fuck it.

I opened my mouth and let my tongue brush on the tip of his cock. I could taste some pre cum on it. I opened my mouth and let his cock in. He inhaled sharply. I wrapped my lips tight around it as I pulled my head back.

-Oh fuck it. - he said. And with that, he grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my mouth so hard and fast I gagged every time he pushed it in. sometimes he stopped long enough for me to breathe, but he raped my mouth as fast as he could. Then, he shoved his dick deep in my mouth and found his release. I could feel the warm sticky cum dripping down my throat.

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-Swallow it all, sis.

I did as I was told. It tasted good. And he had seemed to lost control as soon as he had entered my mouth. I kind of liked that. It turned me on. I suck his cock clean.

-Okay, sis. Now I’m going to fuck your pussy. Lay down on the bed, on your back. And spread your legs. Yes, that’s exactly how. Your pussy looks as good as it tastes.

He climbed on top of me, between my legs. He kissed me, and then moved down my neck.

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   He was soon sucking my nipples when his finger found my pussy again.

-Good girl, still wet. Baby, this will hurt at first, but as we go on you will like it. I promise. Are you taking any birth control pills?

-No. Please use a condom.

-No, sorry baby girl. I’m gonna cum deep inside you and watch your pussy drip my cum.

I’m not sure why, but that promise made me wetter with anticipation.

-But I don’t want to get pregnant.

-You won’t, sis. I’ll get you the day after pill.


-Good girl.

He stopped fingering me, and directed the tip of his cock to my pussy.

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   He let in an inch, then he pushed it out and pushed it back in. It hurt. He pushed it deeper. Shit that hurts.

-Stop. - I told him.

-Shhh, sis. You’re so thight.

He pushed deeper into me.

-Stop! It hurts. I don’t want to do this.

He didn’t reply, instead he pushed an inch deeper. How he was getting such a huge cock inside my tight pussy, I have no idea. But I wanted him to stop. It hurt.



-Josh, stop it, it hurts.

-It’s ok sis, it’ll stop hurting soon. – He pushed deeper.

-No. Stop. I don’t want this.

-Tell that to your soaked pussy. You want this.

-No, I don’t. Please stop.

He pushed deeper, move in a circle twice and pushed again. Then, suddenly, he shoved his full length inside of me with one thrust. It hurt a lot. I screamed, I intended it to be an outraged scream, but it sounded somewhere between a scream and a moan. He moved in circles again, then moved his cock out of me and pushed it slowly back in.


   it hurt, but it also felt good.

-Stop, Josh. – I tried to sound like I meant it, but not even I believed it.

He didn’t reply. He kept going in and out, until I slowly started moaning. Oh it felt good. I wanted more. I wrapped my legs around him, and he started going faster. It still hurt a bit, but oh my god did it feel good. I moaned more. He kept pushing me, until he was fucking me hard and fast and had me moaning at the top of my lungs.

Then, abruptly, he stopped and took his cock out. I protested. He laughed.

-Are you laughing at me, brother?

-Oh yes.

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   Hell yes. Turn around; get on your knees and put your hands on the wall. No, move further from the wall. Bend over a little, sis. Yeah, that’s how. Now, I’ll fuck you from behind until you cum on my dick. Would you like that?


-Say it.

-I’d like you to fuck me.


-From behind.

-Do you want me to fuck you hard and fast until you cum on my dick?


-Do you want me to cum deep in your pussy?


-Say it. Say please.

-Please cum deep in my pussy.

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   Please fuck me. Now.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. He shoved his massive dick into my pussy, and I was glad I had the wall to support myself. I couldn’t believe that not even a day ago I was trying to fight this. It felt so good. He kept pushing deeper and faster into me. I felt the tension growing. I was going to cum soon. I started moaning, screaming and begging him for more. He grabbed my hips, holding me in place. He fucked me so hard and fast, he went so deep inside of me that I wondered if his cock would come out of my mouth. Then he whispered in my ear. Just one word: “come”. And that was it.

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   I exploded around his cock. I never had such an intense orgasm before. He kept going, until he tensed, pushed deep into me, and shot his cum in me. To my surprised, I found this too, I liked. A lot.


After that we both passed out on my bed. When I woke up he was taking a shower, and I joined in. He fucked me there too.


Of corse, I let him fuck me all five times of our deal, and each time I moaned and begged for more. He was always happy to provide. I told him he could keep the video, but to never show it to anyone. After our parents came back from the honey moon, we kept fucking whenever we could. Sometimes during a thunderstorm I sneak into his room. I like thunderstorms. I can moan for him, and our parents can’t hear us.

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Now after a year of making me addicted to his cock, he wants to bring a friend of his to bed with us. He says Brianne is a good girl, and that I will enjoy to eat her pussy as much as he enjoyed mine. I hope so.






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