Ana and Allina


After much editing and delay, I’m finally posting the third episode of these adventures. Needless to say, it is only a fictional story. It is only a partial, but there is more to the episode, and I hope you find it satisfying.   Given enough positive comments and votes, I can be persuaded to continue.   If you haven’t read the first two, may I suggest you read them first, in order as there is a chronological order to the stories and you can find them here:


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Ana and Allina


Ana and Allina had now discovered the joys of pure, unadulterated sex. No games, no ‘courtship’, and no bullshit. At Twelve and ten years old, respectively, they didn’t have the need to complicate things by weighing give versus take like older girls. I didn’t have to prove anything to them. They knew I loved them unconditionally and they loved me back. Simple.


I had been relaxing at home when the both burst in the front door, their grandmother having sent them over to ‘keep me out of trouble’ while my wife and their grandfather were back in Mexico. They relayed a message from Grandma, stating that she needed a day off and would be spending the day with her friends playing canasta at the senior center.

That’s why I shouldn’t have been surprised when they showed up together one day, and wanted to share me. This would be a threesome starring myself and two insatiable girls. I’m not sure it could get any better than this, but I was going to take all they were going to offer, and give back as much as I could in return.

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 “Oh, that’s just great”, I thought. “I’m gonna be forced to babysit and probably have to fuck the two hottest girls I’d ever known in my 28 years…damn, I’ve got the worst luck. ”, I was saying to myself. I was going to have to be creative on how to keep them satisfied.   It didn’t take long before they began to get playful. . . it was nice not having to break the ice. This was just going to happen and it would be effortless.   They explained how they really liked having sex with me, and they wanted to know if I would like to have sex with both of them at the same time. They had been ‘playing’ with each other, and liked it a lot, but felt guilty about learning from me, but then not including me when they experimented with each other.


I told them to go ahead and  show me what they had been doing with each other, and then I would join in when I felt the timing was right. Ana had her hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing a cute little top with some boy shorts that showed off her firm, round little butt. White sneakers with no socks completed her outfit. Allina was wearing the cutest pink sun dress and white socks.   She had left her hair loose, unrestrained and playfully messy all the way down to her hips. They were both looking really hot.


They weren’t experienced at the whole romance thing yet, so they just moved towards each other and started kissing like I’d taught them. Romantic or not, there was something sensual about the way they kissed each other softly. First on the lips, then with their tongues rolling around inside each other’s mouth. Ana started kissing Allina’s neck and slid the sundress off Allina’s shoulders. With no real curves to slow it down, it fell straight to the ground with a soft hiss. I was speechless. Allina stood there with just her little white socks on.

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   No underwear, no undershirt…nothing but a tan – and those socks. And, of course, her incredible mane of long, black hair.


Ana paused, then went to work on Allina. Guiding her over to the couch, Ana pushed her backwards onto the cushions. Allina’s legs were long and tan, but couldn’t reach the floor. So she lifted them high in the air. Ana got on all fours and slid up under Allina’s legs. She started licking her small breasts, down to her abs and then moved between her thighs. Her tongue was so little, but she she knew how to move it and quickly had Allina squirming and moaning. She took a break to sit up and remove her shorts. She wore no panties either. She got back down on her knees and resumed licking Allina’s tight little pussy. She made a point of arching her back and sticking her butt out for my pleasure while she fed.

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Allina started shaking uncontrollably, but before she came, she hopped off the couch and moved behind Ana. Ana leaned forward on the couch. Still on her knees, she spread her legs apart as Allina also got on all fours and started kissing and licking Ana’s pussy from behind. They were both sloppy wet by now, and I could smell their sex. Allina slid one finger and then a second into Ana's pussy. Soon she was licking and fingering wildly as Ana gyrated and pushed back against her thrusting hand.


This was unbelievable! We’d only had sex a few times, but they had managed to take what they’d experienced and turn it into a learning session. Allina got up and jumped belly down on the couch where she started kissing Ana on the mouth again. She pulled away and looked at me over Ana’s shoulder…with a ‘what are you waiting for?’ look. Ana had put her elbows on the couch, but maintained the her position on the floor. I already had an enormous hard-on, and was ready to put it to use.

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   I stripped off my shirt and shorts, and walked over to the couch. I was stroking my cock to bring it to a steel hardness. Teasing the two of them, I put it in front of both of their faces. They both tried to lick it, but I kept pulling it away before they could get their tongues on it. Finally, Allina had enough teasing. Grabbing my cock at the base, she held it still so Ana could get her tongue on it. Sliding her wet, hot tongue underneath my shaft, she got me sloppy wet before taking me in her mouth. She massaged the head of my cock with her tongue and lips, then made a serious effort to take me all the way in. it wasn’t going to happen that quickly, but I let her work at it for a little bit. Not to be left out, Allina pulled it out of Ana’s mouth and took as much as she could in her own. Letting her own saliva coat my shaft, and making the cutest sucking sounds while she was at it. The positioning of our bodies was getting a little uncomfortable for me, so I took them both to the bedroom, where we all got on my enormous bed. I lay on my back, while little Allina sat on my face and immediately started grinding away. I love the taste of her pussy, especially after her juices have already started flowing. Ana needed no guidance, and she quickly took up a position to my side and resumed sucking my cock.

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   She made it feel so effortless, her rhythm was a perfect blend of steady speed, and her soft mouth moving up and down on me. She would occasionally stop and spread her saliva around my cock with her tongue.


I was in heaven. I was moaning and licking, Allina was gyrating and making soft squeaking noises, and Ana was sucking away while I reached up and began to finger her pussy. This had been going on for too long, and it was time for me to start fucking one of them. I patted Allina on her butt and she quickly moved off my face. I took hold of Ana’s ponytail and pulled her towards me, kissing her full on the mouth. In return, she reached down and stroked my cock, making sure it stayed hard. I rolled her over onto her back and moved my head between her legs, briefly sucking and licking her pussy. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I crawled forward, and without delay, I quickly stuffed my cock into her. She let out a little scream, as she hadn’t fully adjusted to my size. With both of us fully aroused, I began my rhythmic pumping. I grunted with satisfaction, and she squealed with joy.

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   I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to come, but I was slightly distracted when Allina moved closer. Ana had her legs wrapped around my waist while I penetrated her again and again. Allina moved in and placed her head on Ana’s abs, moving her head down towards my cock. She found a way to sandwich her head between Ana and myself and lick my cock every time it came out of Ana’s pussy.


It only got better as I started alternating, stuffing my cock first into Ana’s tight pussy and then Allina’s soft mouth.   This continued for five minutes or so until I was ready to to come. Ana was screaming wildly as I plowed inside of her relentlessly. Unable to control myself any longer, I was ready to cut loose inside of her, “Ohgodohgod…I’m gonna come, Ana!”. “No!! Don’t come inside me…, nooo!!” I leaned closer and held her tightly as I shoved deeper and deeper inside of her, “Hmphh, hmphh, okay, here I come. . I’m comingggg!  Ohmygodd!! Shit, you’re so hot!!” She tried to push me away, putting her hands on my chest, but her slender legs were up over my shoulders and she couldn’t break loose. “Noooo, stop, don’t come inside me!!”.   Too late.

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   With a few final thrusts, I came inside her, cum spraying forcefully inside her pussy. I pulled out and continued to pump semen and sperm all over her pussy and thighs. Not one to miss an opportunity, Allina gobbled up my cock, taking it deep into her mouth as I continued to come. Licking it clean and going down on me again kept me hard and I had to continue.   I pulled out of Allina’s mouth and rubbed my cock all over the cum on Ana’s legs and pussy, and without hesitation, I shoved my cock back inside of her. She took me fully, but not without primal grunting and a weak objection. I held her ankles and plunged back inside of her again and again.


Allina had, apparently, been patient enough, and moved up to straddle Ana, kissing her chest, neck and eventually her mouth. This left me staring at her tiny little ass raised in the air and I couldn’t resist her tightness. Pulling out of Ana, I was still cumming and came all over her ass and pussy just before shoving my cock into Allina’s tight pussy.   My cock was burning and I was fighting to stay hard…I couldn’t stop now and she cried out as I entered her. Ana quickly forgot how I ignored her pleas to not come inside of her and she began licking my cum off of Allina’s tiny, and well rounded butt. She slid underneath Allina and licked her pussy as I continued the onslaught.

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   I couldn’t take anymore, the pain of cumming so many times was catching up to me. One violent thrust after another, I entered Allina with every intention of finishing inside of her also.  


I grabbed her slender waist as I continued to slam my cock inside of her. She arched back and I wrapped my arm around her neck as I bent down to kiss her and tell her I loved her. I kissed her neck and stuffed my tongue in her mouth when I started to come… “Oh, Allina! I love you so much! I’m gonna come inside !!” She pushed back against me and came at the same time I did as I screamed, “I’m coming, I’m coming…oh god here I come, baby!!” As I came inside, Ana looked up at me and pulled my cock out of Allina. With her small hand grasping my cock, she looked me in the eye as she leaned down and ran her tongue around the head of my cock while I was still coming. She took it softly in her mouth and moaned quietly as she licked and sucked, taking it farther than I could handle at that moment. I finally pulled out with a a soft ‘pop’ sound as her lips lost their grip on me.


This episode doesn’t stop here, but positive comments and votes will encourage me to continue…Thanks for all your past support!!






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