Night Out With Sarah

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Night Out With Sarah


The weather was perfect as Sarah and I cruised down Highway 12.   I had the top down and while my short hair just rustled a bit, Sarah had to hold hers behind her neck to keep it from whipping her face.   She had a smile on her face so I knew she didn't mind.  


Sarah was wearing a loose printed tank top with a short white skirt and looked incredible.   She really is a beautiful girl.   I'm holding up pretty well but the gray flecks in my hair give away our age difference to even the casual observer.   She says I'm great in the sack but I think I'm just the first guy she's had than can last more than a few minutes.   There are some benefits that come with age.  


Sarah likes do dance and I liked to watch her when she dances so we were heading to Kelly's.   Clubbing wasn't really my thing but Sarah looks absolutely hot moving to music.   Also, it's kind of nice being out with one of the hottest girls in the place.   I get a lot of jealous looks from other guys when she is grinding against me on the dance floor.


We pulled into the parking lot and found a spot at the far end.   With the nice weather I decided to leave the top down.   Crime in the area is pretty low and I could lock her purse up in the trunk.   I got out and walked around to open the door for her.

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    She swung her feet out and I caught her hand to assist her out of the low slung car.


I hesitated a moment and looked around.   The floor lights in the car weren't bright enough to make us very noticeable.   I looked down at her breasts pushing against the fabric of her tank top and felt my cock stir thinking about what I would get later.   Sarah had a smirk on her face as she watched me checking her out.   We've been dating for quite a while but I still enjoy looking at her.


I took another quick look around and unbuttoned my pants.   I pushed them down along with my boxers until my half hard cock popped free.   With no prompting she grabbed the shaft and ran her tongue around the head.   I gathered her hair in my hand and held it behind her neck, just as she had done while riding in the car.   As my cock came to full erection I pushed the back of her head so her lips slid down until it hit her hand.  


I held her head in place while she slowly sucked on my cock like a popsicle.   My cock was rock hard now and I could feel her massaging me with her lips and tongue.   I reached down and lifted her tank top, pushing her back and forcing her arms up so it slid over her head.   Her braless breast swung free, nipples stiff and hard.

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    I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back on my cock.


It was obvious to her now this wasn't just a quick taste.

  It had started as a little sample of what would come later but now I didn't want her to stop.   I could feel her hard nipples against my thighs as she worked rhythmically with both hand and mouth.   In spite of my age assisted endurance, when she does that I can't last very long.   After a few minutes she sped up her strokes knowing she could finish me quickly.   I could feel the tingling and knew I was close.


At the last second I put my hand on her forehead and pushed her back.   She continued stroking the full length of my shaft with her hand.   I grabbed a handful of her hair and held it as a thick rope of cum hit her left breast.   I moved closer and grabbed my cock, pushing her hand away.   I aimed so the next shot was on the other breast and then leaned against her, squeezing the last few dribbles onto her nipples.  


She smile up at me.   "Was that good baby?"


"Incredible" I answered, trying to catch my breath.   She looked around for something to wipe away my cum.

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    "Leave it" I said, and used my hand to rub it into her skin, covering both breasts.


I handed her tank top to her and she pulled it on over her head.   It stuck to her still damp breasts and you could easily see the outline of her nipples through the fabric.   I grabbed her hand and helped her from the car seat.   When she came close to me I caught a whiff of my drying jizz.   We headed into the club.   It was already a great night and things were just getting started.    







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