The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 6

Mind Control

The limo stopped inside a hanger at the local airport, near the steps leading up to a gleaming white corporate jet.   A redhaired woman in a charcoal business suit greeted them, and led them to the steps. "All aboard, please take a seat and strap in, and I'll explain it all as we go. "  Bemused, and not actually under orders, the family mounted the steps.   Mary Anne, Krista, Kylie, and Abbey bringing up the rear.   Scully followed them inside.   The seats were grouped like in a train, forward and rearward pairs facing each other.   There were two other passengers already seated, but they seemed to be asleep.

Scully guided the family into a group of four seats.   Krista sat beside her mother, with the older girls opposite.   Scully spoke: "First of all, thanks for coming at such short notice.   I can't tell you much, this is all you need to know: Just We Three. For Now. "  The puzzled look was wiped off Mary Anne's face, replaced by an understanding, relaxed attention.   The other girls were barely listening until the Magic Words, but now they were paying full attention, in a totally relaxed manner.

"You are going to help us produce Magic Potion, Greg called it hypnojuice.

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   Abbey and Krista, you've done this before, though I'm not sure you remember. Here's how it works. Take these", and she handed each of the four a syringe, without a needle, containing a small measure of a familiar looking whitish fluid, and a tampon in an applicator.

"Mary Anne, slip your sweatpants down a bit, pull your panties aside and insert the syringe as far as it will go into your vagina. Now press the plunger, that's a good girl. "

Simultaneously, the verbally triggered orgasm, and Gregs' knockout semen hit her. Her face showed amazement, then blankness.   Scully withdrew the syringe from Mary Anne's limp fingers, and slid the tampon applicator in, released the tampon and withdrew the applicator.   Then she pulled Mary Anne's panties back in place, but left her sweatpants at half mast.

Scully repeated the procedure with each daughter, finishing as the plane reached the runway and began to accelerate.   For the rest of the flight, the four tampons steadily absorbed their charges of Greg's hypnojuice, now designated "Magic Potion".   Any time she noticed one of the four waking up, she told her "Good girl", so another orgasm added to the flow of juices soaking into the tampon.

Just before landing, Scully retrieved the tampons from all the passengers and sealed them into sandwich bags.   A good start, as long as the semen was still fresh enough.   Should be, she'd personally extracted it only three hours before.


    As a direct hypnotic, the semen was still effective for days even when dried, but there was still no information on how fresh it had to be to stimulate the production of Magic Potion. Suck it and see, thought Scully with a wry smile.
. . .
Colleen Odom, mother of teenagers Lauren and Sherry,  opened her front door as Mulder approached.   She had her light blonde hair tied back and was wearing a one-piece wraparound and holding her cellphone to her ear.   She was quite short, and in very good shape if a little pale, the robe concealing what had to be a pair of D cups at least. Mulder estimated her age at 36, though her face looked at least four years younger.   Got knocked up when she was 18, Mulder calculated. Still just a girl herself.

"Yes, he's here" she said to the phone, and held the door wide for Mulder to enter. "I'm Mulder" said Mulder.   Colleen replied "Yes, that's what Greg told me.   He said you'd come to make me cum", and she giggled like a schoolgirl.

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    Fuck me, thought Mulder, I like this woman already, so he said "Good girl", and Colleen's eyes rolled upwards and her knees sagged and he thought she was going to faint, but she steadied herself, smiled at him, said "I always loved how Greg used to do that.   He thought I didn't know what he was doing. How can two little words have such a big effect?  But only when he said them. " She put on a sad-little-girl pout.   Then brightened at once, a sudden smile like the sun coming out: "And now you can do it too!  Would you like some lunch? And tell me again what a Good Girl I am?"  "Maybe later.   Are your daughter's at home?" Colleen yelled up the stairs, and the girls emerged.  

Sherry, 16, was a 5'7" thin, wide lipped broad shouldered blonde with B cups and wonderfully formed hips and thighs, wearing an oversized sweatshirt that came half way down her thighs, and no other visible clothing.
Lauren was 18, similar to Sherry but with C cup breasts and hips and ass in proportion.   She wore a wrap like her Moms, but in a different color, and, again, no other visible garments.
Mulder had his phone ready. "Someone wants to speak to you both".

Thirty minutes later, Mulder was enjoying a fresh cup of coffee in Colleen's lounge, with Colleen and her daughters sitting on the floor around the coffee table.   The girls were now naked, and Colleen had also discarded her wrap. She wore nothing underneath. Mulder could see a glint of light reflecting from a bead of juice leaking from her pussy.

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    On the table between them was a Twister dial, and Colleen was spinning it.   When it stopped, Mulder noticed where it was pointing, and said "Good Girl, Lauren".  

They'd been playing this game at Colleen's suggestion: "Girls, we hardly ever have fun together any more: let's play Twister!" The girls looked at each other, miming "she's crazy" at each other. "With a difference, you'll see", and she made a suggestion to Mulder, which he relayed as a command, so they couldn't refuse: "Girls, lose the clothes and sit down round the coffee table".   Not to be the odd one out, Mulder also got naked, his erection already full grown.

Colleen seemed delighted to have someone to Really Talk To, and her account of how it had been to be the sex-slave to the horny 18 year old Greg was not what Mulder had expected.  

"So he used to feed us these Magic KitKats, got us totally stoned and horny, eh girls? Then he'd basically do whatever his horny little teenage imagination could come up with. "

"The first time I met him, he got us all doped up so we were completely cool with whatever he wanted, you know, and he got the three of us buck naked like we are now, and I was sure he was going to fuck one of my daughters, or maybe both of them, and I was just, like, cool, I'm gonna see my little girls get fucked, but then he left them down here and took me up to the bedroom, fucked the daylights out of me and came all over me. I felt quite flattered he'd decided to fuck me at all, I thought he'd only want the youngsters.   And he sure could fuck, he'd such stamina. Fucked me all night once, right thru until dawn. I'd never been fucked like that, not even the night Lauren got started. Even with a houseful of teenage girls downstairs all dosed up on his Magic KitKat, he could have taken any of them, but he chose me!"

"But he'd never cum inside me, kept pulling out and spraying it everywhere.   Too much porn I reckon. I do love it when a cock squirts inside me, especially if it's a big load and it squirts out real hard, it kind of tickles right up inside, it can make me cum all by itself.

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"And when he told me to put the girls on the pill, I nearly laughed out loud. As if I hadn't thought of that already.   I knew he'd be fucking them sooner or later.   Whatever Greg wants, Greg gets.   I don't know how he did it, but he was just irresistable.   He'd given me more than my fair share of attention, so when he got me stoned and went upstairs to fuck that girl Hailey, I didn't mind a bit. "

Mulder started thinking that it might be time to stick his cock in Colleen's mouth, at least it would shut her up.   But then the Twister arrow pointed to her, and he said "Good girl, Colleen", and she was rendered speechless.

"So, you're both on the pill, girls?" "Yes" they chorused.

Despite Colleen's incessant chatter, the sight of these three getting repeated orgasms at his command was having the inevitable effect on Mulder, and he decided it was time to deal with it.  

"Gather round, all of you, on your knees", and he stood up  His pole was already fully extended. "You know what to do now, don't you?".   Three voices chorused "Yes", and then he found his cock the center of attention from three eager mouths.   He let them do it their way until he was right on the edge.  

"Who won the last Twister round?" "Me" said Sherry.

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    "Then I'm going to cum in your pussy, Sherry. Stand up, turn round, put your hands on the table".   She did, and Mulder entered her from behind.   "Kiss me, Lauren, while I fuck your little sister". Unbidden, Colleen stood and embraced bith Lauren and Mulder, and Mulder fondled her ample D cup breasts with one hand while his other held Lauren's ass.   Groping Mother, kissing elder and fucking younger daughter, Mulder let the ecstacy take him, and he spurted his load deep into the 18 year old's pussy.   He held it in until his knees protested, then sat down on the couch, pulling out of Sherry with a plop that sent blobs of cum spattering down on the carpet.   "Colleen and Lauren, lick my dick clean. Sherry, sweetie, come here and kiss me". Then finally, he added: "Good girls, all of you", hoping this would work, as he didn't feel he could be bothered with telling them each individually.

Fortunately, it did.

He hadn't meant to stay the night, but once it occurred to him to say "Colleen, shut up", he found it far too pleasant to leave.   Her bed was big enough for the four of them, as long as one of them was happy to curl up between his legs, so he spent much of the night cuddling and kissing two of them while the third sucked on his cock.   Whenever he remembered, he'd mumble "Good girl" to one of them, trying to stay reasonably fair.   He dozed off, and woke to find Colleen astride him in cowgirl, riding hard on his already stiff member, while her two daughters slept on either side of him.

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    She kept on until she finally got what she wanted, as Mulder's cum jetted up inside her, and he completed her pleasure by murmuring "Good girl".





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