The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 15 - The Final Chapter

Mind Control

Scully knew that at 18 ejaculations a day they were working Greg to the limit, but the Director insisted they must maximize production, if only for a few more days.   Scully also knew that the Director wasn't entirely happy with the way his Urgent Project to produce industrial quantities of Magic Potion had somehow become the mother of all sex orgies for The Boy.   If they'd done it his way, Greg would have been strapped to a gurney with a nutrient drip in his arm, a milking machine on his dick, a vibrator up his ass and headphones endlessly playing Scully's Serve Your Country message.   And the Witches would have fared no better, with routine shots of small doses of Extract-of-Greg squirted up them by impersonal nursing staff, and time off only whenever the supply from Greg couldn't keep up with the available vaginas.

But Scully had prevailed, and kept control of The Facility (as the Director insisted on calling it), at least for as long as she delivered the goods.   And she had discovered something that would let her ease up the pressure on Greg. She had noticed that the Squirters,  Miss Shell, Abbey, Mackenzie and Mayu  were each easily worth four of the others, so she could soon send all the rest home.   Mulder had told her he'd identified another squirter among Greg's harem, and would bring her with him on his return.   Scully figured that the present production from the 18-strong Coven would be overtaken using only five squirter-witches (SuperWitches? Squitches?  Whatever, Scully was sure the Lab guys would come up with a suitable moniker for them soon enough).   And without needing so many ejaculations a day out of Greg.

It was with mixed feelings that Greg bade farewell to so many of his sex partners: Melanie and her mother Terry, Rika Yamamoto and her two younger daughters Karina and Mika, Mary Anne and her two younger daughters, Kylie and the freshly deflowered Krista. Greg had taken the virginities of Melanie, Karina, Kylie and most recently Krista, and he felt a proprietary concern for them.  

So he asked Scully if she'd be able to help their return to the Normal World of teenage sexual discovery without running into troubles such as disease, pregnancy and persecution.   Scully assured him that his exploitation of the girls had overall been benign, and she was sure they'd all make a successful transition back to "normality", though it was quite likely that they'd retain a taste for girl-on-girl, especially in reunions of the Good Girls Club, which were quite likely to be steamy xxx-rated affairs for many years to come.
On Friday morning Mulder visited Terry's workplace and got her boss to pull all affected staff into their conference room, where he got Greg on speakerphone to transfer them into his control.

Later, at the school, he had Pulaski bring all the remaining staff to the auditorium, and he managed a mass reprogramming by putting Greg on the PA.

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   He'd now run out of reasons to stay.   Mission accomplished, at least the official part.  

He had one more private mission to complete, and that brought him to Annie King's house for his last night in this town.   He was pleased to find them already nude when Annie let him in.   He quickly adopted the same dress code and joined Annie and her two daughters at the dining table for their evening meal.   Annie, at 45, was "a total MILF" as Greg put it.   Geri, the beautiful 18 year old cheerleader, with her light brown hair and a figure that was both athletic and curvy, with D cup breasts, reminded Greg slightly of Olivia Wilde. And 18 year old Debi, a more slender version of her sister, but already with C cup boobs, who was the special reason for Mulder's visit.

Debi didn't eat much, and kept glancing his way, looking nervous and excited.   "Don't look so nervous, Debi. I'm not going to bite. Now, eat your dinner like a Good Girl. "  Her eyes rolled up and she slumped against her mother, her cheeks flushed red from a mixture of lust and anticipation.

"I wish you wouldn't do that quite so much, Agent Mulder" her mother said. "How do you expect her to learn that orgasms usually take a bit of effort, if you keep handing them to her like that?".

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    "Oh, come on Annie. She needed relaxing. So let her enjoy it, there's a Good Girl".

"Oh, you Fucking Bastard" gasped Annie, squeezing her hand to her pussy as she too dissolved in ecstasy.   Geri ducked under the table and found his cock, erect, as she suspected.   "Cut it out, Agent Mulder, or I will bite", and she took his glans hostage between her teeth, then, to show she bore no malice, she went to work on him with lips and tongue.

"That's lovely, Geri, but how am I ever going to deflower Debi if you keep making me cum in your mouth?"  "Geri dear, stop fellating Agent Mulder, there's a dear" said her mother. "Good girl, Geri" said Mulder, as soon as her teeth were far enough away to be safe.

Annie's bedroom was the location chosen for her younger daughter's admission to womanhood.   The room was softly lit by dozens of candles, and there was a delicate scent in the air from an oil warmer, and music was playing, something Mulder didn't recognize, but found relaxing. Annie's choice, Mulder thought. They'd been planning this all week, Mulder realised.   Annie and Geri showered Mulder, soaping him all over, paying extra attention to his ever-erect penis, balls and ass.   They left him relaxing on Annie's bed while they  bathed Debi and dried her, and led her to lie beside Mulder on the bed where they massaged scented lotion all over her, and turned her to face Mulder. Annie lay behind her, and Geri lay down on the other side, behind Mulder, reaching over him to find his cock, still hard with anticipation.

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    Annie caressed Debi's back and legs while Geri did the same to Mulder.   It took Mulder a while to notice that it was Geri who was in charge, not Annie.   Once more, the remarkable Geri, this time orchestrating her little sister's initiation.   Mulder lay facing Debi, stroking the ringlet of light brown hair that fell across her cheek, and watched her pretty face. Her pale blue eyes gazed back at him dreamily, her lips were parted, two white teeth and a little tip of pink tongue peeping out as she slowly licked the delicate cupids-bow of her upper lip.   Mulder stroked from shoulder to hip, tracing her female curves, less pronounced than Geri's, as her 18 year old frame had not yet reached the ripe fullness of womanhood.   He felt the perfect firm shape of her C cup breast, brushed over the tiny pale pink nipple, nestling in its puffy mound. Her hand was on his chest, fingers tangling with his chest hairs, then down his stomach to find his cock, hard and ready.   He kissed her then for the first time, and they lingered together for an age, tongues gently meeting, probing, exploring.

Guided by Geri, they made a leisurely tour of the main attractions of foreplay.   Kissing and touching, sucking Debi's tiny nipples to attention, then cunnilingus, then Geri made Debi her apprentice in a long lesson of fellatio, then Geri turned Debi to lie in sideways 69 so Mulder could resume his oral exploration, kissing, licking and gently sucking on her pussy while she admired his cock with gentle touches, exploring it with her tongue.   Pushed over the edge into one orgasm too many by Mulder's tongue, she grasped his dick, gasping "Now, I want this now.   Inside me. Fuck me, Agent Mulder, Fuck me. "

And finally, as she lay on her back with shining eyes, Mulder lowered himself gently over her, and Geri's nimble fingers guided the head of his cock between the swollen lips of her little cunt.

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    He slowly slid inside, feeling her tight warmth grip him, but no barrier, no cherry to pop, and then he was right in, filling her up, and she was pushing her pelvis against him to take him all in as far as possible.   "Oh God that feels so Goooood!!!".   Mulder held still, and slowly Debi began to rock her hips.   He matched her rhythm, and it grew and grew until he was fucking her steadily, pulling almost all the way out, thrusting all the way in.   Suddenly she squirmed out from under him and he flipped onto his back as she straddled him, spearing herself on his cock, then she was in charge, riding him in cowgirl, until she'd driven herself head on into her First Fucking Orgasm, and as her climax passed and she slowed down, Mulder took over, grasping her hips and thrusting hard into her until he too erupted in orgasm, his seed pulsing deep inside her, spraying her cervix in a perfect baby-launching finale.   Without the birth control pills, she'd be pregnant from this for sure.   Annie and Geri slipped away then, after throwing a sheet over the still-joined couple, and they slept.      


And so it was that when Mulder left Greg's hometown, he was accompanied by the tiny Emily and Geri King, who had hastily been awarded scholarships in cheerleading or something (Mulder had left the details to Pulaski).   Emily because of her value as a Squirter, Geri because Mulder insisted.

The Coven now comprised Miss Shell, Abbey, Mackenzie, Mayu and Emily.   Geri and Marisa weren't in the same league in terms of vaginal secretions, but they helped as companions for Greg, though they were strictly admonished - and ordered - not to accept any of his semen while there were any of the Top Five available. If Greg wanted to fuck them, and he did, he had to fuck his way through the other five first.   Most days he succeeded.

The regime was now able to settle down for the long haul.   Greg still had beautiful young women to fuck all day every day, but Scully started to reintroduce aspects of normal life.

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    Miss Shell resumed her role as teacher, becoming Greg's private tutor. And if her lessons tended to end up with them fucking, well, that was to be expected.   Gradually the pressure from the Director eased off, and the Witches were also able to return to the Real World, with further education via correspondence courses and tuition from Miss Shell.   They went home for vacations, and away on courses.   Scully maintained a minimum core of three Squitches, and, since Miss Shell was happy to take up permanent residence (at a vastly improved salary), that meant that the others could be away for up to half of their time.


Epilog:  What ever happened to. . . . ?

After Mulder left town, Greg's former slaves resumed their normal lives, but remained in effect "sleeper" agents for the Agency.   There is no record of them ever being activated, but then, there wouldn't be, would there?

Greg served his country well for another two years, until the research lab turned out a synthetic Magic Potion that was just as good as the real thing and less problematic (but also less fun) to manufacture.   When he was stood down, he accepted the scholarship the agency offered, and went to college, with stern warnings about discretion in the use of his unique gift.

Marisa went her own way after having her first true love affair with one of the Mansion's security staff.   She too accepted an agency scholarship, at a different college from Greg, and later returned to sign on, with ambitions of becoming a field agent.   Scully was her inspiration and role model.

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If Greg had a role model, it might have been Hugh Hefner.   While still at college, Greg made a lot of money from porn. He started out making simple gonzo movies, just him, his handheld camera, and a succession of particularly beautiful and energetic amateur first timers, but his breakthrough to the big time was "The History of the Orgasm", starring his former history teacher, Miss Shell.

Then his series "My 18th Birthday Party was an Orgy" won top awards from AVN three years running, and secured his place in the industry. No one discovered how he was able to get so many gorgeous young women to walk in to his offices on their 18th birthday and sign up for a same-day shoot.  

Krista and her friend Kerry Priddy starred in the first episode, which included a cameo from an uncredited Sarah Palin lookalike as the mother of the birthday girl. Mika Yamamoto and Debi King each had an episode, and by then the ball was rolling and more fresh talent simply turned up out of the blue, or so Greg claimed.

His "Cheerleaders" series claimed fewer awards but greater sales revenues, featuring as it did entire cheerleading teams in erotically-enhanced performances and no-holes-barred afterparties with college football players.   The most popular episodes featured cheerleading squads whose uniforms were painted onto their otherwise nude bodies.

Greg always had the best, the freshest, the most exciting and enthusiastic young women as his stars, and his stable of contracted performers grew rapidly.   Fees for transfers to other studios added to his wealth. His all-female production crew became an industry legend, he rotated his performers among all aspects of the business, and all staff were equally at ease on both sides of the camera, sometimes at the same time, as Greg had the well known habit of spontaneously fucking absolutely any member of his organization, anywhere, anytime, with or without a camera crew to record it for his acclaimed "Insider" series, a behind-the-scenes documentary about his business empire that was widely assumed to be fiction.  

He skirted round employment and sexual harrassment law by only hiring adult entertainment actresses on contracts that stipulated he would personally review their skills and performance at any time of his chosing, then seconding them to other roles, including a career development path that provided scholarships for many fields of study, including law.   Camera crews followed these students to capture more x-rated pseudo-documentary material as they enjoyed college life to the full, and after graduation they returned to work within Greg's organization.

This gave Greg a unique advantage for a CEO:  Instead of being screwed by his lawyers, he was screwing them.

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    And, to ice the cake, the "Insider" episode that showed this happening won yet another AVN award.

Like Libya's former dictator Colonel Gadhafi, he had an all female security detail. His personal bodyguard of three mixed martial arts champions - who also appeared in his "KUNG FU*KING" videos - were more than a match in looks for any fictional Charlie's Angels.

By age 45, he had all but retired to the seclusion of a private island in Hawaii, and had relaxed the all-female rule, perhaps realising that his girls needed more than he alone could provide.  

Annie King joined Greg to work camera on "My 18th birthday", and is credited in his (highly abridged) autobiography with suggesting "Cheerleaders", which she also edited.

Geri King was credited as choreographer for "Cheerleaders", and won an AVN award for the title sequence, a riff on a traditional Can-Can line, camera tracking in slo-mo a wave of slow cartwheels revealing the squad's total lack of underwear and pubic hair.

Mary Anne was credited as art director for the bodypaint episodes of "Cheerleaders".

Emily, with her tiny body and copious squirting orgasms became one of Greg's most popular stars, and was often cast in teenage schoolgirl roles until she was almost 30.

After making "The History of the Orgasm" with Greg, Miss Shell went on to a stellar career in porn and later launched her own line of sex toys, including the Miss Shell Artificial Vagina with Patented Lubrication Release, a mechanism of her own invention.   She never did return to the classroom.

After Bernie died - of a heart attack during a private party in the back room -  Jim inheried the sex shop, and was among the first in the country to stock the Miss Shell range of toys.   He contacted Miss Shell via the distributor, and was overjoyed to find himself in an X-Rated commercial for the Miss Shell Artificial Vagina, directed by none other than porn-industry legend Greg himself, in which he was shown doing a side-by-side comparison, before endorsing the product as "just like the real thing".  

Jim's one regret was that Miss Shell insisted the Money Shot feature her Artificial Vagina, not her real one.  

If Greg had one regret, it was that he never managed to complete the project that he'd intended to be his Magnum Opus, an x-rated sci-fi fantasy about an alien boy whose semen had a hypnotic effect on women, entitled:

"The Boy With The Golden Cum"







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