The Boy With The Golden Cum - Chapter 10

Mind Control

Scully brought her first troop of Magic Potion makers direct to The Mansion, so they could settle in before the arrival of Greg and Marisa.

There were six of them: Miss Shell the glamorous history teacher, 18 year old Mackenzie Murphy, and  18 year old Abbey were all Squirters, meaning they were prone to secrete large volumes of vaginal fluid during sex, especially when orgasming.   The other three were Abbey's mother Mary Anne, an Evangelical Christian and Sarah Palin lookalike with spectacular breasts, and Abbey's two sisters, Kylie (16) whose virginity Greg had siezed, and 12 year old Krista. Scully was a little doubtful about including Krista, but nobody else seemed to have any qualms, and in fact Greg had already used her to produce Magic Potion, though she was still a virgin.

The Mansion was an ideal place for them.   Remotely located, with extensive grounds, it was easily isolated. Security was invisible, but impenetrable.

The Mansion's owner and former occupier had a great deal of wealth, the source of which he was currrently discussing with government officials in a place where they were unlikely to be interrupted.   He'd not be back any time soon.

While living in The Mansion, he'd enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, and had been in the habit of entertaining - and being entertained by - numerous young women of different nationalities and dubious immigration status, and the decor reflected his predeliction for the pleasures such young women could bring.   Not quite the Playboy Mansion, but close.

Outside was a secluded terrace, a swimming pool and jacuzi, lawns and a tennis court.

Inside, there were a dozen guest bedrooms, a Wet Area with another swimming pool, jacuzi, showers and loungers, a well equipped gym, a games room, a lounge with comfortable couches and a bar, a dining room like a small exclusive restaurant, a Home Theatre (with the emphasis more on Theatre than Home) and what can only be described as a Fuck Room.

Greg had once considered getting a Fuck Room built for him at school, but neither his imagination nor the education budget could have stretched to this.   Most of the raised floor was essentially one big mattress, with cushions all around. Invisible speakers surrounded the room with sound.

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   The walls and ceiling were mirrored and there were some large TV screens around the walls. There was a small stage with a lighting rig and a stripper's pole.   A love swing hung near the stage, and a large, comfortable throne-like armchair on a raised dias commanded a clear view of the whole room. A short connecting passage led past shelves of towels and robes to an ensuite wet room, tiled, with shower heads all round, a room-sized shower.

The place was studded with cameras, and behind a large one-way mirror was a control room, where the video feeds could be recorded or relayed to the TV screens, or both.

A separate building provided accommodation for the support crew, and housed the recently decontaminated lab, repurposed for Magic Potion collection, analysis, quality control, and research.  
In the Lab, Scully ran thru the figures with the Chief Scientist. The lab techs had invented a whole new jargon. It started as a joke, but the Magic Potion makers were now called "Witches".   With their arrival at the Mansion, Scully removed herself from the program, leaving Greg with a "Coven" of seven Witches, including Marisa.     

One ejaculation of SuperSpunk from Greg (one Dose) had an effect that lasted around 12 hours, however ingested. Lesser amounts lasted proportionally less time, so 1/6 dose lasted 2 hours.   During this time, the Witch is sedated and also producing full strength Magic Potion if there's any SuperSpunk in her vagina.

After some tinkering with the numbers, and a confusing presentation by the Chief Scientist, Scully realised it was just as effective - and far easier - to give a Witch a full Dose, and collect Magic Potion for 12 hours, as it was to divide a Dose into six portions, and collect from 6 Witches for 2 hours.   As long as the vagina kept producing fluid, it would be one hundred percent pure Magic Potion, even in the twelfth hour after the Dose.

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    And fluid production was easily stimulated by means of the Good Girl Orgasms, which, if anything, were even more effective on an already sedated Witch.

Support staff were assigned the task of caring for the Dosed Witches, making them comfortable, changing tampons every two hours, and keeping the flow going by issuing "good girl" rewards in the form of a playback of Scully's recorded voice. For reasons that escaped Scully, these became known as "Fluffers".

Thus, the most efficient production routine - and one that incidentally suited Greg nicely - was to give each Witch one full dose vaginally, insert a tampon and leave her to it, with change of tampon whenever saturated, and a "good girl" from one of the Fluffers to keep the juices flowing.

The reason this suited Greg was that it meant he got to deliver the Dose to each Witch in person, by - as the Chief Scientist would have said - Copulation with Ejaculation in Vagina.

So Greg's waking hours became a constant round of fucking, as often as he could manage.  

The Witches had their own routine - a session with Greg for as long as it took to make him cum, followed by 12 hours of blissful zombie-trance.   On emerging, she'd have time to shower, eat, exercise, relax, study or whatever before she had to report for duty.   The on-duty Witches gathered mostly in the lounge, but could be anywhere.   On duty Witches wore the Duty Uniform, which consisted of nothing at all, except perhaps high heels, stockings and jewelry.   Off duty they mostly wore bathrobes.

This made the etiquette very simple for all.   Greg could fuck any on-duty witch anytime, anywhere in the Mansion, and she'd never refuse.   An off-duty witch could refuse, though it's unlikely any ever did.

The relationship between Greg and the Witches was not as before.

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   Now, instead of being Greg's obedient slaves, they were Scully's.   And Scully's orders were to do what it takes to maximise the production of Magic Potion.   This was not the same as obeying Greg's commands, though the distinction wasn't always obvious. Greg too was a slave, bound to Scully's orders, though she prefered to let him retain as much independence as possible.   Like Greg before her, Scully had implanted the directive that her slaves would feel pleasure from obeying her commands, so Greg was constantly feeling pleasure just because he was doing Scully's bidding, even aside from the fact that Scully's bidding was to ejaculate as often as he could inside every available Witch, and the Witches in turn felt pleasure not because they were pleasing Greg, but because they were pleasing Scully.   This all gave a heightened sense of eroticism to everything they did, as long as they thought that it led, however indirectly, to more Magic Potion.

In short, whatever aroused Greg also aroused the Witches, whether or not they were "on duty", and being anywhere near Greg instantly and automatically made them wet.


Greg arrived with Marisa after a long day's journey, and went straight to bed in the luxurious Master Bedroom, with its enormous circular bed, where they'd celebrated their change of scene by fucking each other's brains out, Greg cumming inside Marisa only after she'd been completely satiated with orgasms, begging him "Cum in me Greg, Cum in me" until he did, and she went out like a light.   Greg rolled off her and flaked out beside her, barely noticing the Fluffer discretely installing Marisa's tampon.  

Tomorrow he would meet The Witches, and the Magic Potion Production Project would begin in earnest. .





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