My sexy new neighbor


      My next door neighbors had just sold their house, with 2 children, and a third one on the way, the two bedroom bungalow was getting too cramped. The new owner moved in a few days after the sale was completed, I got a quick look at her, and decided that I would pay a "good Neighbor" call, and welcome her to the neighborhood.

     I baked up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and with cookie tin in hand, I knocked on her door. She opened the door, and gave me a pleasant smile. The smile dazzled me a bit, her face was beautiful, but I quickly recovered.

     "Welcome to the neighborhood, I'm Delores Croizont, your next door neighbor, and I'd like to officially welcome you with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. " I said.

     Her smile became radiant, and she replied, "Please, come in, I'm Laura Mellson, and it's so nice of you to welcome me. Follow me to the kitchen, do you like milk and cookies as much as I do?" she added, her eyes twinkling.

     With a big smile, I said, "Love it!"

     She led the way, and I sized her up. She looked to be about the same age as my 50 years, like me, she had kept her shape well, nice firm breasts, a big bigger than my 34C's, a trim waist, and a little extra flare to her hips, just like mine, the shorts she was wearing showed off a nice, heart shaped bottom, and strong, but sexy legs.

     I watched her as she got down two glasses, two plates, and poured out the milk. I could feel a stirring, even though I'm basically a hetero lady, her body, face, and sweet smile had warmed me up.

     At the kitchen table, we exchanged a short bio of our lives, I told her I was 50, my husband had died in a car accident 3 years ago, and I was living alone. She told me that she was 51, her husband had been killed in an industrial accident a year ago, and the family home had become too much of a remembrance of how much they had, and would no longer have.

     Her voice a bit unsteady, she said, "I figured the best thing to do would be to move, find a smaller house, get a new start.

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     Thinking that she was probably working out to keep herself in shape, I asked her if she'd like to join my health club, and was delighted when she accepted. It would be great to have a friend to go to the gym with me.

     A few minutes later, I left, so she could unpack boxes, and I could do some shopping.

     When night was starting to fall, I was restless, and I wondered if Laura was up to a glass of wine, and maybe some more talk. I picked up a bottle of Merlot, two glasses, and headed over. The front area of the house was dark, but I saw some subdued light through the windows overlooking the patio. I stepped onto the patio deck, and walking up to the patio door, I was just about to rap on it when my hand froze.

     Laura was reclining on the couch, totally nude, her hands roaming urgently, hungrily over her body. She was watching a girl on girl porn DVD, a busty blonde and a hot, sultry redhead were making mad, passionate love, bodies twined together, Laura was watching the show, and stroking herself urgently.

One hand roamed over her breasts, I watched her stiff, red nipples, fingers tweaking at them, her other hand buried between her legs, I could hear the moans and grunts of passion as she got closer to orgasm.

     On the DVD, the blonde and redhead formed a lesbian 69, licking at each other hungrily, and that did it.

     "Yes, yes, lick me baby, lick my cunt, god I love to be eaten, lick my cunt, yes lick it, lick it, cumming, oh fuck YESSSSS!"

     Her body shook wildly, her voice spiraling up to a howl, as her orgasm grabbed her and shook her, her body shuddering in climactic joy, until she slumped back, breathless and drained. The TV screen went dark, and I got a brief glimpse of her silhouette in the doorway between the TV room and her bedroom as she went to bed.

     My body was tingling in all the right places after watching that. I remembered my husband and our sex life, when we were married, we made love every day, on the weekends, at least twice a day.

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    I masturbate frequently and satisfyingly, since I had been widowed. I was in no mood for the bar scene, quick, meaningless fucks from horny guys just eager for a body to fuck, and nothing more.

     With images of Laura masturbating fresh in my mind, I soon found myself naked in my beds, my hands urgently roaming, touching, rubbing, caressing. Reaching down, I could feel the glistening wetness of my lust awaiting me, and my trusty 9 inch dildo slid deep up me with well practiced ease, I growled with pleasure as I felt my sugar walls get the splitting I needed. Sliding the dildo in and out, I could feel my hips start the thrusting, just like I would thrust my hips up at my husband's 9 inch pussy splitter when we were married. With the fingertips of my other hand strumming at my clit, the waves of orgasm came quickly, wonderfully and uncontrollably. I reached down and buried the dildo one last time, cupping my hand around my sex, I closed my legs around my hand and rolled over onto my side, shivering in blissful fulfillment as the climax shook through my body.

     As I drifted through the dreamy afterglow, I reflected that I'd just had one of the strongest, most enjoyable orgasms of my life. The fact that watching Laura had warmed me up did not go unnoticed, and I was wondering how Laura would feel about that. Would she be mortified? Would she be happy? Would it fill her with a lust, and would she want to see me masturbating for her, want to see me in the grip of orgasm? The idea of being in the same room, masturbating with her made my body tingle. It had happened to me when I was younger, first with my sister, then at summer camp. My mind drifted back, as I recalled what had happened. . . .

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     My first year at summer camp, I was 18 We were assigned beds in a dormitory style cabin, the first few nights, sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings, and trying to sleep in a large room with so many girls, it was a struggle to get to sleep, so I was awake for a few hours. I could hear a few sounds like squeaking bedsprings, and what sounded like stifled cries. I was mystified as to what was making those sounds.

     When I got home, I asked my 18 year old sister Nicole about it, to see if she could shed any light on the mystery. She heard me out, then giggled.

     "No mystery about it, they were playing with themselves!"

     Seeing my blank look, Nicole said, "Hooo, you don't know what I mean, do you? Does the word masturbation mean anything to you?"

     It did not, and Nicole gently explained about how girls could get funny feelings down there, and that masturbation, or "playing with yourself", could relieve those funny feelings, and make a girl feel really good.

     After hearing this, I insisted that she show me what she meant, and she did. I stared, open mouthed, as Nicole stripped naked, facing me, a smile on her lips. Her breasts had started to develop, while I was still flat as a board, and Nicole had a sparse, wispy covering of dark pubic hair developing, while I was still bare in that area. The idea that I was seeing what I would become in a few years excited me. Nicole lay down, spread her legs, and with her fingers busy around her sex, she brought herself to a noisy, juicy orgasm. Those funny feelings down there were now in full flower inside me, my god, I felt like I was on fire.

     "Strip down sis, and let me help you out" Nicole cooed.

     Naked before her, I saw Nicole checking out my body and my hairless mound with a twinkle in her eyes.

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   She had me lie back, she lay down next to me, and then she gently took my right hand, and brought it down to my pussy.

     "Now, stroke along your lips, tickle just inside yourself, feel the feelings grow. "

     I did so, and I could feel my body start that building excitement.

     "Now, feel up a little higher, you'll find a bump of flesh just above your opening, it's called a clitoris. Stroke gently at your clit, keep it up, and you'll get the relief you need" Nicole cooed.

     I did as she instructed, and oh my god, what a feeling. It felt almost like electric shocks were zapping away at my inner walls, and I was letting out continuous moans and groans of pleasure.

     "That's it sis, keep doing that, let me see my little sister cum" Nicole whispered huskily in my ear.   

     That did it, and I could feel my body shaking, unintelligible sounds of pleasure coming from me, as I felt the first orgasm of my life roar over me. My god, I'd never suspected such all encompassing pleasure existed, and I heard an answering howl of joy from Nicole. Turning my head, I saw her next to me on the bed, legs spread, fingering herself wildly to another orgasm, spurred on by watching her little sister's first climax.

     At summer camp the next year, more 12 year olds had apparently discovered masturbation like I had, and in the darkness, lots more squeaking bedsprings, slick fingers, squelching sounds of slick fingers rubbing wildly at creamy centers, and stifled cries of pleasure filled the dormitory. I was one of them, rubbing at my horny little pussy, and hearing the symphony of lust around me, from other equally horny 12 year olds made my orgasm extra strong, I really had to stifle what would had been quite a loud shriek of pleasure.

     Remembering it all had heated my lust up again, and with those images in my mind, and adding in Laura's sexy body in the throes of orgasm, I plunged three fingers into my sopping cunt, and started to finger-fuck my self furiously, my other hand skilfully diddling my twitching clit, the wet squelch of my burning fuck-hole adding to my mental pleasures I was running. All too soon, I was thrusting my hips up, wishing I had a hard, horny cock fucking me, and again my horny cunt exploded, knocking the breath out of my body in a loud shriek of pleasure, my body shaking in the grip of orgasm as I felt my inner walls clutching at my fingers.

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     I reached down and cupped my sex, feeling the throbs of orgasm fading. I love to cup my hand over my mound right after climax. Closing my legs around my hand, I rolled over onto my side and let out a long, exhausted breath and stayed balled up like that for several minutes, feeling delirious and dreamy with contentment.

     As sleep started to drift closer, I made up my mind to see what I could develop with my sexy new neighbor.






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