Health Club surprise part 2


      Cassandra unlocked her door, and walked in, her mind buzzing. After her initiation, she was on a high, it felt so good to be a lesbian. She knew what she was, no men with their messy pricks needed, she would enjoy the smooth, sexy curves and soft skin of other lovely ladies, she was gonna love it. And, when her horny pussy needed the pumping of something hard and long to fill her up, a nice stiff, hard dildo would be perfect.

     In her bedroom, she stripped naked, and looked at herself in her full length mirror. Her green eyes and her light blonde hair, her 5' 8" height, her 135 pounds, and her measurements of 37-25-38. She liked the curve of her hips, and she could see her new Venus tattoo, right above her smooth shaven labial lips. She thought she looked pretty good, and with more than a few members being very friendly with her, dates should not be a problem. Seeing her nudity, with just the Venus tattoo stamped on her skin, right above her smooth shaven pussy lips, almost like a badge of honor as it were, started her cunt juicing. Her initiation, after her cunt had been stretched open, and her orgasms had started up, had been very enjoyable, and she was getting warmed up thinking about it.

     She quickly found herself belly down on her bed, her ass raised up by two big pillows, and as her fingers reached down to her creaming center, she ran it back in her mind. She remembered getting the tight pucker of her asshole licked, fuck, that was like nothing she'd ever felt before. Then the feel of Janet burying a butt plug, the busting opening of her asshole cherry, then the jarring thrust as she was mounted, the feel of Janet's long strong fingers gripping her hips tightly, the ripping open of her hymen, the bold push as Janet's dildo slammed through her torn membrane, burying every last inch in, completing her deflowering. The remembered pain of her virginities being ended added spice to her fantasy, her breathing started to deepen, as she relived the sensations, her ass filled with a pleasing butt plug, and her cunt getting split open, over and over, feeling the pain change over to pleasure. Her fingers started to stroke at her creaming center, as she went on, as Elaine strapped on the dildo, and drove it in, giving Cassandra's cunt its second fucking.

     Her fingers were working over her, her clit twitching wildly, and she knew she was ready to explode.

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   She hung on to it, until she remembered Elaine's fingers reaching down, sliding around and around her clit, stroking her twitching clit to a frenzy.

     She could remember Elaine cooing, "Time for you to cum baby, feel my fingers stroking you, let it go baby, cum for us baby. "

     She could feel the rush, and shrieked out, "Yes, yes, yes, FUUUCCCKKK!!!"

     She let out a drawn out squeal of pleasure, as in real time, her cunt exploded in a burst of pleasure. She shuddered and moaned with pleasure, remembering how she had quickly buried her face back in Sandy's cunt, bringing her to a noisy, gushing release, giving Cassie lots of sweet juices to savor.

     She rolled over onto her back, hugging the pillow tightly to her as she drifted off, a smile of completeness on her lips.

     The next day, she was at a sex toy store called the "Women's Toy Box. " After her initiation, she had been told by Elaine that the store was run by women, for women only, and that if she wanted some wonderful toys, the Toy Box was the place to go. Cassandra was eager to see what sexy items were available and entering, she was impressed. The store was like a comfortable lounge, items laid out in display cases, and the atmosphere was of class and elegance, not some grimy little place with peep show booths and dirty magazines.

     Cassandra was looking at the vibrators, when a figure appeared next to her.

     "Good morning, I'm Trudi, and I'm one of the personal assistants. I'd love to assist you. "

     Cassie turned, and looking at Trudi, she felt a stirring of lust down inside. Trudi had long auburn hair, hazel green eyes, a friendly smile, and a body that was built for sin. Curvy hips, large breasts, Cassie found her gaze drawn down to where Trudi's dress concealed her pubic region, wishing she could see beneath her clothes.

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   She looked back up, and saw Trudi's smile grow wider, and she shifted her body to better display her charms and assets.

     Cassie finally replied, "I'm Cassandra, or Cassie, and this will be my first toy buy. "

     Trudi cooed, "Ah, a newbie, we love to get toy virgins in, so they can see, and better yet, feel what they've been missing. "

     Cassie pointed out something, and Trudi brought it out for a closer look.

     "A nice choice, this 7 inch baby is perfect for a starter toy. It vibrates, rotates and has the clit tickler for extra pleasure. "

     Cassie took it in her hand, and looked it over. It was a deep red color, shaped like a real penis, and had an extension at the bottom that rose up, and had a clit tickler that was shaped like a rabbit's ears. A remote control device with 3 dials was attached by a wire.

     Trudi said, "A lot of women really go for the rabbit vibrator, with the rotating beads, but I have found, through personal experience, that I enjoy this one more. Just wait until you have all 3 settings going at once, you'll never feel masturbation orgasms like the one this beauty will give you. "

     Cassie was ready to buy, when Trudi gave her an offer.

     "One more thing our store has, is a try it before you buy it. We have special rooms in the back, for you to try it out first. The rooms are soundproof, so you can be as noisy as you like.

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   And, as your personal assistant, would like to have me assist you?"

     Cassie felt her juices slicking up her lips, she was fully lust driven, and she smiled and nodded her head. Trudi smiled, took her by the hand, and led her to the back of the store, through the door marked Employees only. In the back were several closed doors. Trudi led her to the first door, opened it and led Cassie in. Cassie was impressed, the room was painted in soothing pastel colors, a large bed was in the center, and an armchair was next to it. Trudi dialed the light to a dim glow, then Cassie felt soft hands undressing her, soft fingers stroking gently at her exposed skin, caressing the swell of her breasts, tweaking gently at the stiff, eager rise of her erect nipples, a hand reaching down, gently cupping her steaming mound. Cassie moaned, her mound was a soaking mass of heat, and she felt Trudi's fingers sliding softly over her mound, then going lower, gliding gently over her slick, swollen lower lips.

     "Ummm, you are so wet, no need for any lube, baby. Lie back Cassie, and let Trudi take care of you. "

     Cassandra felt the desire as she lay back, wantonly spreading her legs. Trudi was gazing wide eyed at her heated center, then Cassie felt the head of the dildo enter her. Trudi slowly, steadily pushed until the dildo was fully in. With a grin, Trudi turned on the vibrations, and Cassie moaned, my god, that felt good. Trudi sat on the bed, and wielded the remote control. Cassie was feeling zings of crazy pleasure shooting through her, she moaned, her eyes were closed, her hands came up, cupping her breasts, she started to tease and stroke at her swollen nipples.

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   She opened her eyes, saw Trudi, she had quickly stripped naked, leaning over her. She stared up at Trudi's flushed face, her breathing deep, Trudi's generous breasts, her nipples swollen and reddened, looming over her face. Cassie reached up, and cupped her breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking her hard, aching nipples. Trudi growled with pleasure, she lowered her breasts, and Cassandra's tongue and mouth took over, licking at sucking at Trudi's stiff, reddened nipples. Trudi could feel pulses of lust racing to her hot center, but before she could do more, she needed to take care of her client first.

     She whispered huskily, "If you like this, wait until you feel this!"

     She turned on the second dial, and the penis started to rotate, stretching her tight walls apart as it went around and around, and then Trudi turned on the clit tickler.

     Cassandra almost felt like she couldn't breathe, the dildo was hitting her g-spot perfectly, then the clit tickler was turned on. Cassie's eyes rolled back into her head, she felt the massive build up, then it hit her. It started slow and built up very quickly, Cassie's body was rocking back and forth and saying "OH MY GOD" over and over. The orgasms started coming in waves, then a huge orgasm hit. Cassie let out a scream of pure sexual pleasure, her body was exploding crazily, her cunt was a blazing center of shooting pleasure, the vibrations thrumming through her clit, and the dildo inside her, working away on her g-spot, were sending shock waves through Cassandra's body.   Her shrieks of sexual pleasure filled the room. The orgasms kept hitting her, over and over, her body shaking and jerking, and another huge orgasm crashed into her, she let out another loud scream of sexual pleasure, her body felt like it was one giant orgasm, she was breatless, delirious with pleasure, she felt the vibrator click off, and she slumped down. Cassandra didn't think she could have taken anymore. She felt weight next to her head, opened her eyes, looked up, and saw Trudi's bare, smooth, clean shaven mound hovering over her.

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   She saw the symbol of Venus tatooed right above her opening, and she smiled as she realized why this shop had been recommended to her.

     "Look Cassandra, look" she crooned, using her fingers to spread apart her lips, "look at all the hot, wet excitement you stirred up in me.

My cunt is all hot and juicy, just for you baby, taste me, taste my juices, let me squirt my girl cum all over your face, baby. "

     Cassandra could see the pink lips, swollen with sexual excitement, all the dewy juices slicking up her opening. The heated scent made Cassandra's head spin, she wasted no time, pulling Trudi tightly against her mouth, her tongue went to work, licking everywhere, Cassie worked feverishly, licking wildly at Trudi's fiery opening, Trudi started to grunt and slowly rotate her hips. Cassandra slid two fingers up, her fingers polishing Trudi's G spot, eager for a wet, enjoyable ending. Trudi's breathing became choppy, and Cassie could feel her body on the edge.

     "Fuck yes, oh fuck, lick me you sweet little lezzie, suck my cunt, gonna cum, gonna squirt all over your cute face, yes, yes, yes, FUUUUCCCCKKKK!"

     Trudi's voice spiraled up to a shriek, and her girl cum sprayed out, Cassandra felt her juices splattering her face, Trudi's cries and howls of orgasm filling the room as Cassandra got her eager face plastered with Trudi's juices, Trudi was a real squirter.

     As Trudi came down, she crawled down Cassandra's body, and eagerly pushed her head between Cassandra's spread thighs. Trudi gently pushed her legs apart and kissed her pink folds, spread open and swollen with sexual excitement. Trudi then licked all around Cassandra's pussy, eagerly licking up Cassie's juices. When Trudi had finished licking up the juices, the tip of her tongue softly probed Cassie's vagina. She started to drive her tongue deep between the pink folds, lick upward, then bring her tongue out to flick lightly at Cassie's rapidly hardening clit. As Trudi became more excited, Cassandra felt her hot, wet mouth pressing tightly against her opening, and she felt Trudi's tongue licking wildly at her. With Cassandra being built back up so skilfully, she grabbed the back of Trudi's head, holding her against her vaginal opening as she felt the orgasm roar into her, Cassandra let out a howl of pleasure, her cunt throbbing and pulsing with her orgasm, her pussy squirting against Trudi's face, as Trudi made sure her client got total service and satisfaction.

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     As she stood at the cash register, Cassie noticed another lady, looking like she had just been through the very same experience with her personal assistant, they exchanged smiles like they were sharing a secret.

     Trudi handed over her package, gave her hand a caress, and whispered, "I hope I'll see you at the club sometime soon. "

     A few days later, and she was back at the club, ready for more. She didn't have to wonder about approaching anyone, as soon as she was there, she saw Trudi with two others, they looked like they'd been waiting for her, and they made a beeline for her.

     Trudi pulled her close, her hands lightly stroking at her back, and her ass, getting her juices hot and slick.

     "Cassie, so wonderful to see you again, ever since your toy buy, my pussy's been steaming hot for you baby" Trudi cooed to her. "Let me introduce my two friends. "

     Her two companions had long black hair, the black haired cuties were tall, at least 6 feet, and Cassandra wondered if they might be sisters, since they looked very similar. Even at 6 feet, with a somewhat more athletic build, they had wonderful, sexy curves, and Cassie felt the lust stirring, as she sized up their sexy bodies. This did not go unnoticed, and they smiled, displaying their bodies to fine perfection for her.

     One of the black haired ladies said, "Cassandra, it's so great to see you here again, welcome back. I'm Dana Myers, this is my sister Dianne. "

     "Hello, it's wonderful to see you again, I remember seeing you here on my initiation night. "

     Dana replied, "Yeah, we loved out initiation nights, too. Until I was invited to join, I thought I was straight with a bi-sexual leaning.

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   Being welcomed with a lesbian gang-bang was great, myself, being a virgin and eager to try bi-sexuality, I was more than happy to have a lesbian orgy, getting both my virginities ended as I got my asshole filled with a butt plug, getting power fucked by that 12 inch dildo, and licking up the hot nectar of our four horny club owners, and since then, it's been women only for me. "

     Dianne then joined in, "As for me, I thought I was 100 percent straight, Dana came home, and asked me if I'd like to join the health club she had just joined. She was a bit vague on the details, I had just been dumped by my loser of a boyfriend, and it sounded like a great way to get some well needed distraction. Since I was not a virgin, when I was lifted up and carried to the games room, I was opened up by a seven inch glass dildo that was shoved up my cunt, getting my cunt raped a bit by the dildo, foreign object rape, which the owners smilingly referred to as 'getting me ready for fucking' initiation. After Janet opened my asshole with a butt plug, then powered that 12 inch cunt splitter up me, it only took a little while before I was into it, pushing back against Janet's thrusting, eager to get every last bit of dildo deep inside me. Getting a lesbian gang bang was the best thing that ever happened to me, it really opened my eyes, now I'm 100 percent lesbian, and staying that way!"

     Trudi joined in, "And I was also a virgin, up until 3 months ago, and getting my gang bang initiation in the games room really turned me towards women only. The feel of those soft hands, soft skin, big hard dildos for when I need to get filled up, and licking juicy pussies to a gushing completion, is just what I need. "

     Cassandra smiled, and said, "And, as it turned out, it's just what I needed also. I was also a virgin, and getting both my holes filled up, while it was a bit jarring and painful to start, didn't take long before it felt so good. Now that I know what I am, I want more. "

     Dana smiled, and said, "Sounds wonderful, I think the games room is available right now, why don't we go in there, and exercise in the best way. I want to relive my initiation night!"

     They quickly made their way inside, it was indeed unoccupied at the time, and they enjoyed putting Dana into position, placing her legs on the adjustable steps, then strapping her legs down. They strapped her down across the small of her back, the middle of her back, and the last strap went over her shoulders, tightly securing her body in place.

     Cassandra was chosen to strap on the dildo as Dana watched, her eyes wide and her breathing deep, as Cassandra strapped on the twelve inch dildo, and grinned at her. Dianne lay down on the licking table, and placed her pussy right under her sister's mouth.

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   Trudi got under the table, so she could lick and suck Dana's breasts.

     Cassandra spread apart the steps, saw Dana's hips upthrust, her sexy holes all ready for fucking. She got the 6 inch dildo, put a small dab of lube on the tip. She lowered her mouth down, pulling apart her cheeks, Cassandra saw the tight, pink, rose shaped pucker of Dana's asshole, and eagerly applied her mouth to it, running her tongue over and over the tight rim, her tongue teasing at the tight entrance. Dana started letting out grunts and growls of pleasure, and Cassie notched the dildo against her tight asshole and pushed hard. Dana let out a shriek as her tight ass walls were split open, and 6 inches of hard dildo was jammed up her back passage.

     Cassandra could feel her pulse pound, her lust becoming a raging red beast. She understood, now, what turned Janet into a savage fucking machine, she could feel it building in her, too. She nudged the dildo against those tight lips, and pushed hard, lunging, slamming all 12 inches up Dana in one bold thrust. Dana's scream of pleasure filled the room, Cassandra gripped hips tighly and started to ride her, power fucking Dana's cunt.

     "Yeah, yeah, now that you're a good lezzie, lick your very own sister's cunt, lap at my cunt like a good little lezzie bitch, make me cum!" Dianne growled.

     She grabbed Dana's head, and pushed her against her gushing opening.

     "Lick me, lick me, lick me you little lezzie bitch sister, LICK ME!"

     Cassandra remembered word for word what Janet had said to her while she was fucking away her virginity, and she growled, "Like it, don't you baby? Always thought you'd keep your legs crossed, waiting for Mister Right to come along, before you'd drop your panties and spread your legs, didn't you? You don't need no man, with his messy prick, and his two minute joy ride. You're getting what you need, our nice, powerful twelve inch virgin buster, that will fuck you as hard and as long as needed, it's a pleasure to give your cunt the fucking it needs. You know you wanted it, and here's what you want, it what all us horny bitches want!"

     Cassie's lust was whipped up, listening to Dana's pussy muffled cries of pleasure, watching the hot action as Dianne kept her sister's mouth pressed against her pussy lips, and she really rammed Dana's cunt, riding her hard, eager to make Dana cum.

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   Cassandra's fingers gripped Dana's hips tightly, pulling her hips back against her with each thrust, to accentuate the power of the fucking, as she continued to pound and jackhammer Dana's cunt hard and fast, keeping the dildo jammed up her ass, she pounded in and out. Cassie grinned with pleasure, enjoying the howls and shrieks of pleasure as Dana got to relive her initiation fuck, Cassandra really reamed out Dana's fuck-hole.

     Dianne growled, "Yes, yes, my sister's a cunt licking lezzie, and I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, yes, yes, YES!"

     Dianne gave a long, drawn out wail, as her orgasm hit, her juices squirting wildly, she gave her sister Dana a juicy face washing. Cassandra could feel Dana's body starting to vibrate.

     Cassandra growled, "Yeah Dana, you sexy lezzie bitch, cum, cum all over my cock!"

     Cassie pounded Dana's squelchy cunt to climax, as Dana lifted her head, and let out a shriek of pleasure, her body shaking wildly as her climax washed over her. Dana's cries of climax finally broke the spell of red lust that Cassandra was under, and she quickly lowered the fast and furious fucking, giving her gentle thrusts until Dana slumped in the restraints, her orgasm spent.

     When Cassandra pulled out, she saw the 12 inches smeared with Dana's cream, that made her cunt pound. She wanted that 12 inches rammed up her, with Dana's cream covering it.

     "Now, give it to me, strap me in, I want to relive my initiation night too!" Cassie growled huskily.

     In a few moments, Cassandra's body was secured in the restraints, Dana took to the licking table, and Cassie felt her pulse pound as she saw Dana's Venus tattoo stamped right above her bare, smooth opening . Dana coyly spread her lips apart, making Cassie's mouth water at the sight of her dark coral opening, the scent of her arousal filling Cassandra's nose, making her dizzy with desire. She felt Dianne underneath her, kissing, licking and sucking, turning her nipples into stiff, rock hard points.

     Trudi strapped on the dildo, and grinned at her.

    Recalling what Elaine had told her as she got busted open for the first time during her initiation, Trudi growled, "Our twelve incher is going to break you open baby, just wait until your virginity gets torn apart by this, you'll be seeing stars!"

     She felt Trudi's hot, wet tongue licking at her ass hole, and Cassandra's head was spinning, the feel of her tongue against her tight, twitchy rim was almost too good. She felt a dab of cold lube being spread, and the sudden filling as Trudi applied the 6 inch dildo.

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   She pushed, and Cassandra let out a growl as her tight ass walls were parted, and the dildo was shoved in to its base. There was a little pain, but it merely amplified the pleasure of her tight asshole being plugged.

     "Yeah, oh fuck yeah, fuck my cunt, ram my cunt!" Cassie cried.

     She felt the head press against her, then the filling rush as Trudi thrust hard, making her cry out as her cunt was rammed full of twelve inches of cunt splitting pleasure.

     Trudi remembered very well, and she repeated what Elaine had told her as Elaine had rode her, blasting apart her virginity at her initiation.

     "Yeah, yeah, take our virgin buster, we'll give you the fuck of a lifetime, forget about men and their stupid dicks. Our 12 inches is always stiff and hard, and ready to fuck tight young pussies, and blast apart your cherry!"

     Dana peeled apart her tight pussy lips, and Casanadra's mouth watered at the sight and smell of her heat. She plastered her mouth against that inviting pinkness, eager to suck out her juices.

     "Yeah oh yeah my sweet lezzie, suck my cunt" Dana cooed.

     Cassandra felt a huge wave of lust hit her, she was restrained, and oh fuck, how hot it was to be restrained and used. Trudi power fucked her furiously, and Dana's cunt was virtually gushing juices, getting her face wet and shiny.

     "Get your finger in there baby, polish my G spot, so I can squirt all over your sweet face, you sexy lezzie!" Dana growled.

     Cassandra slid two fingers up, found the spot, and started to polish it with her fingertips. Cassie continued with her tongue as she licked wildly at Dana's wet, squelchy entrance, she could feel Dana getting set to explode, as she felt Trudi's finger reach around, and start polishing her clit, running her finger around and around.

     "Time to cum for us baby, cum like a sweet lezzie, cum all over my cock!" Trudi cooed.



     Cassie could feel it building, as Dana squealed, "yes, gonna cum, gonna cum YES!"

     Dana's cunt started squirting, and her screech of orgasm filled the room, as Cassie got a squirting, juicy facial, and that gave her a good hard shove into her own climax. She lifted her head and let out a scream of raw sexual pleasure as she felt her own orgasm slam into her, knocking the breath out of her shaking, writhing body. Her cunt clutched tightly at the plunging dildo, her pink walls quivering crazily as her orgasm washed around her inner tightness, making her gasp and cry out with wordless sounds of pleasure, until she slumped, breathless, and very satisfied.

     After a minute or two to get her bearings back, Trudi was next, and Cassandra took to the licking table, eager to feel those sexy, rosebud lips against her labial lips. With Dianne pumping the 12 inches in and out of Trudi, and Trudi's mouth licking wildly at Cassandra, it didn't take long, fuck, Trudi really knew how to lick pussy, as Cassandra let out a howl of sexual release, her pussy gushing a thick squirt of juices all over those sexy, rosebud lips, moments before Trudi raised her head, letting out a scream as her throbbing cunt was pounded to orgasm by Dianne's power fucking.

     Dianne's turn was next, and this time, Cassandra was underneath, licking, sucking and tweaking her stiff hard nipples, while Trudi lay back on the licking table, and Dana grinned as she strapped on the dildo, smeared with thick cream, eager to fuck her sexy sister. The room was once again filled with grunts, cries of pleasure and shrieks of pleasure as Dianne was pounded to orgasm, Trudi's cunt squirting wildly all over her face, plastering her with a sheet of girl cum.

     Closing time was coming up, and the 4 sexy bodies wanted one more go round. They formed a perfect square of lust on the thick, plush carpeting, Dana's mouth at Cassandra's heat, while Cassandra got her mouth at Dianne's eager pussy, and Trudi got to lick at Dianne as she lowered her sexy lips to Dana's heat. Once again, the room sounded with shrieks and cries of orgasm as four juicy cunts were licked to satisfying, gushing releases.

     In the locker room, Dianne and Dana invited Trudi and Cassandra to come home with them, and stay overnight.

     "We want to finish what we started, there are still so many delicious combinations for our 4 bodies to make" Dianne cooed.

     Trudi and Cassandra were happy to accept, the night had gotten off to a great start, and it was going to continue, Trudi and Cassandra could hardly wait.






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