Nasty Neighbors



I am a young black male that just moved into an all-white neighborhood. I moved here while I was in college but just recently decided to take a break and enjoy life. I don’t know anything about my neighbors except the one off to my left likes to tan naked in her back yard while her husband is away at work. Now my neighbor is a beautiful and busty blonde white woman, with curves in all the right places. One day while looking out my hallway window watching her rub tanning lotion all over her body, she turns and looks up at me. Quickly I dive to the floor, my heart starts to race. After a few minutes I take a quick look out the window. Luckily she is still rubbing lotion on herself, I sigh in relief after one last peak. I got lucky this time but I don’t want to push my luck. The next day it’s raining so she’s not outside. I go to my bedroom and take a look through my blinds. Surprisingly her bedroom window is wide open, so I can’t help myself I have to look. At first I don’t see her then she comes out of nowhere lays in bed, spreads her legs and start to rub her clit. My cock starts to throb at this. I start to get harder as she grabs her Hitachi and places it on her clit. You can tell she turned it on high because she jerks hard and starts to throw her head back.

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   By this time my cock is fully hard and still throbbing. I start to stroke my cock nice and slow as she keeps playing with her pussy. She starts to squeeze her nipples hard, and moaning more and more. Shes so loud I can hear her , granted our houses are kind of close but not too close. I start to get close to cumming but I don’t want to let go of the blinds just yet.   She gets louder and louder and as she climaxes she starts to squirt all over the places. Her legs start to shake hard as she curls up in bed and relaxes. Just from this I shoot my hot load all over the place. As I cum she gets up from the bed and comes to the window, she winks at me and pulls the shades closed. I know Ive been caught now but it almost seems like she likes it. That evening Im sitting in my living room when the doorbell goes off,  I head over to the door and notice its my neighbor. She is smiling but Im a little nervous to open the door, I do it any way.  As I open the door she smiles at me and says “Hi I’m Stacy your next door neighbor, I thought I would come over and actually introduce myself”. “Well its nice to meet you Stacy, I’m Marcus” I answer with a smile. She starts to say “Okay Im going to be totally honest Im coming over here to ask you a few questions…” Instantly my heart drops because I know what’s coming .

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   “I know what you are going to say and I am sorry for peeping… I couldn’t help myself though… you are a very beautiful woman and you have a very sexy body…” I blurt out quickly. She giggles and then says “Honey its okay… why do you think I tan in my backyard naked? I wanted you to see me. I have been doing a ton of stuff since you moved in”. Instantly I smile and I ask if she would like to come in for a bit. She looks around quickly and says yes. As I let her in the house I sit down in my recliner while she sits across from me on the couch. She is wearing a small little skirt and a tiny top. I can see her up the little skirt and she isn’t wearing any panties. She slowly closes her legs and winks at me. Instantly my cock start to throb and get hard, but I don’t hide it. Once she sees how big my cock is she drops to the floor and crawls over to me. She pulls my cock out and kisses the tip of it, then looks up at me and says “We don’t have much time but I can give you a little preview of what is to come in the future.   She slowly runs her tongue up my cock, once she reaches the head she slides it in her mouth and starts to suck. She starts to slobber all over my cock, watching her spit run down to my balls turns me on even more. I start to moan as she takes me deeper and deeper.

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   She sits up as she gags and chokes on my cock. She stands up still holding my cock, surprised I asked “Are we out of time already?. . . ” “Nope… I want that big black dick in me” she replies with a huge smile. She pulls her skirt up, I grab her hips lean forward and lick her sweet little pussy. It taste amazing so I don’t stop, I run my tongue from her clit to her ass. I slide my tongue deep in her pussy as I rub her clit. She starts to moan loudly and her legs start to shake as she cums hard. She pushes me back and tell me to sit back so she can enjoy the ride. I smile and let out a moan and she sits down on my cock. She takes it all like champ, slowly bouncing on it and throwing her head back. She starts to speed up, watching her ass bounce on me is so sexy. I love it, I start to moan as I grab her hips and bring her down on cock harder and harder. She starts to cum harder this time.


   Her legs give out as she lands on my cock. I can feel her pussy gripping my cock tighter and tighter. The feeling is amazing and it makes my cock explode deep inside her. She sits there for me a minute letting all my cum in her pussy. As I start to breath heavy she stands up and fixes her skirt. “Did you like that baby?” “You don’t even know” I reply as I stand up and fix my shorts. “Well I guess I should get back to my husband now, we need to do this more often… a lot more” She says as she walks to the door. We exchange some info before she leaves that night. I head to bed just imagining what is to come.  







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