Sarah and Daddy part 8


I could feel two warm bodies against me, then two hands reaching down, and joining around my cock as I rose to wakefulness. I opened my eyes to see the smiling face of my daughter Sarah and her best friend Jessie, helping to bring my cock up to a hard, stiff erection.

    "Good morning Daddy, we have a request for you. We want you to stroke your stiff cock, then we want you to spray your morning load all over our faces. Jessie's Dad has a porn video that we "borrowed" during my last sleepover, and watched, and it's all about giving ladies facials, the kind we wouldn't get at a beauty parlor!"

     They hopped out of bed, the view of their naked asses was a fine sight to see. They knelt on the thick pile carpeting, grinning at me as I towered over them, and began to stroke my cock, feeling it stiffen up to maximum, as Sarah told me something.

     "Oh yeah, so sexy", Sarah cooed, "Daddy, I've seen you stroking before. When Mom was away a few years ago, I came home early from school, and I heard what sounded like a moan of pain. I went upstairs, pushed open the bedroom door just a bit, and saw you watching a porn video while you were stretched out on the bed. With your attention on the screen, your stiff cock in hand, stroking that hard length, you never noticed me, and my 18 year old pussy was twanging like crazy. While you stroked, I just couldn't stop, I stripped myself completely naked, I had one hand tweaking at my nipples, they were tingling like mad. My other hand quickly found its way down, and I buried my fingers in my pussy, my juices were creaming like mad. The grunts of pleasure you made as you got closer and closer, made my pussy churn wildly. Then, I looked at the screen, saw some porn actor with a big cock yank his cock out of the actress he was fucking, and his cock exploded, shooting thick strings of cum all over her pussy area. You grunted, growled oh fuck yeah, and I watched your cock erupt, the sight of your cum shooting out of your throbbing prick sent me over, my horny pussy exploding, I had to bite down to keep from yelling with pleasure, as we shared a simultaneous orgasm, without you knowing about it. .

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  . until now. I watched your hand milking the last dribbles from your cock onto the towel you had spread all over your belly, then I quietly closed your door, picked up my clothes, and ran to my room. "    

     Fired up, my hand stroked my throbbing cock faster, I could feel the need building.

     "Yeah oh yeah, so sexy seeing Daddy stroke that big cock, do it Daddy, use our faces for cum shot target practice, squirt it all over us. " Jessie cooed.

     They opened their mouths, stuck out their tongues, and I could feel the cum simmering, quickly rising to a boil, then I could feel my cock jerk and swell up tight, ready to blow.

     "Fuck, oh fuck yeah, gonna cum, gonna cum, yeah, yeah YEAH!" I growled.

     The both closed their eyes, and my cock erupted. I aimed for their mouths, and got a stream in each as I aimed, then I aimed up, and sprayed them down. I watched a thick stream splatter against Jessie's nose, then another one get Sarah's forehead, one crossed Sarah's cheek and got Jessie's cheek that was pressed against that side. Watching my streams of cum splatter their eager teen faces made my balls go into overdrive, and their faces were plastered with thick streams of cum as I squeezed out the last drops, right on to their eager pink tongues.

     They opened their eyes, grinned up at me and admired the thick sprays across each others faces. Jessie wove her hands through Sarah's hair, and pulled her close. Their tongues got busy, I watched as they licked up the streams I had sprayed, watching them licking off the thick gooey trails made me think of kittens at the milk bowl eagerly licking up the cream.

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   Once they had licked each other clean, they looked at me again, smiling.

     "Did you enjoy your cum shot target practice as much as our faces enjoyed being the targets?" Jessie giggled.

     We all were smiling as we jumped into the shower, and the soap went around. With four hands eager to fondle my cock while they washed me down, it didn't take long for my cock to show signs of life. Back in the bedroom, I mentioned that Mom was coming home today, and we'd better get moving soon.

     Sarah said, "In that case, let's do this. "

     She took a coin, said to Jessie "call it in the air" and flipped it.

     "Tails" Jessie exclaimed, smiling.

     When it came up tails, Sarah said, "Ok Jessie, you have the choice. Do you want to ride Daddy's cock cowgirl style, or do you want to ride Daddy's face?"

     After a moment, Jessie cooed, "Cock, I love to feel Daddy's cock deep inside, pumping his passion into me. "

     Sarah whispered, "Then mount up baby, and I'll let Daddy's talented tongue take me over!"

     I watched, entranced, as Jessie positioned herself, and nudged her tight opening against me. With a smile, she pushed down hard, letting out a long moan of pleasure as she impaled herself. The tight fiery heat drew an answering grunt from me as she slid down my pole, and swallowed my prick right to the balls.

     She paused, then cooed "Come on Sarah, jump in, the water's fine. "

     I saw Sarah swinging her leg over, facing towards Jessie, and the hot crimson of her love flesh hovered over me.

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   Her lips were slightly parted, the slickness of her juices and the heat coming closer to my face as she lowered herself slowly.

     Her voice think with passion, she cooed, "Now lick me Daddy, lick your daughter's needy cunt, and let Jessie's tight pussy milk every drop out of your eager cock. "

     She lowered herself down, and I pulled her hips down to get her against my mouth. I started to lick at her, hearing her growl of pleasure, and I felt Jessie start up, pumping her hips up and down as she rode my cock.

     Jessie cooed, "Love watching you sit on Daddy's face, I'll bet his long agile tongue feels great on your clit, doesn't it baby?"

     Sarah growled, "Oh yes, Daddy knows how to lick his horny daughter's pussy. And I love watching you riding Daddy's cock, doesn't it feels so great when he explodes, and his load jets deep inside you?"

     Jessie whispered, "Oh fuck, it feels like heaven! Watch ourselves, look in the mirrors, she ourselves using Daddy for our sexual pleasure!"

     Their moans and cries of mounting sexual excitement started to fill the bedroom.


     Sarah growled, "Kiss me baby, kiss me. "

     I could feel both of them drawing towards each other just a bit, eager to give and receive tongue filled swirls of passion. I could hear the sounds of two wet, hungry mouths coming together.

     Wanting to give Sarah as much pleasure as possible, I slid two fingers deep inside, and started to polish her G spot. A minute later, I could hear Sarah start to pant and gasp.

     "Yes, oh yes, Daddy's going to do what he does so well, bring his little girl to climax, do it Daddy, yes, yes, yes, oh YEEEESSSS!"

     I felt the tremors deep inside, clenching at my fingers, Sarah's wail of pleasure, and the sudden rush of her orgasm, her pussy started to squirt, she sprayed me down with a rush of her girl juices, splattering my face, and eagerly mopping me down as she squirmed around wildly on my face. I felt my cock swelling, ready to explode.

     Jessie howled out, "Oh fuck, so hot, so fucking hot, yes, yes, yes FUUUUCCCKKK!" 

     Her voice rose to a shriek, and I felt the spasms starting. I bucked up hard into her, my cock erupting, firing a thick volley deep inside Jessie, as she squealed in orgasmic pleasure, her tight pink walls clamped around my cock, the rippling spasms milking eagerly, sucking out every drop from my gushing prick.

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     Sarah lay down next to where Jessie was joined to me, and Jessie knew what she wanted. In one easy motion, she lifted off my cock, swung her leg over, and lowered her center towards Sarah.

     Sarah cooed huskily, "Oh yeah, I can see Daddy's thick cum all hot and ready for me, I love cleaning up the tasty messes that Daddy makes, when he fills our horny pussies!"

     Jessie growled lovingly, "Oh yes baby, all hot and juicy, just for you baby. "

     Sarah looped her hands over Jessie's hips, and pulled her tightly against her mouth. Jessie groaned with pleasure as felt Sarah's tongue slide in between her pink seam, and I could see my daughter's throat muscles working as she sucked out my load, and swallowed it eagerly. Jessie was facing towards Sarah's feet, and she lowered herself down, eager to form that well known number, and Sarah let out a pussy muffled squeal of delight as she felt Jessie's tongue slide in between her pink walls. I watched them eagerly licking each other, sharing the love of oral sex, eager to please and be pleased. It didn't take long before their bodies were shaking together, driving each other to another heated orgasm, before they tumbled apart, breathless.

     As unwilling as I was to break the mood, we had promised to pick up my wife, Sheryl, when her flight landed. We got dressed, and Jessie and Sarah took a look around.

     I heard Jessie say, softly, "I hope this isn't the last time we'll see this wonderful room. "

     As we drove back home, that same thought was playing in my mind. Sarah and Jessie were quite subdued, not surprising since the normal world was about to come back in.






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