Sarah and Daddy part 6


      Sarah and Jessie snuggled next to me for a while. I needed some time to recharge, and I thought it would be a good idea to head out and do some sightseeing.

     As if reading my thoughts, Sarah said, "Daddy, can we go out and look around a bit? Jessie and I don't want to wear you out!" she finished, with a giggle.

     Jessie giggled too, and I felt so carefree, I gave both of them big smooches.

     "Sounds like a great idea baby, let's go and sightsee. "

     Soon, Sarah and Jessie were ready, with it being a warm day, they were both wearing halter tops, white for Jessie, and pink for Sarah, while Jessie had on a tight pair of red shorts, and Sarah was wearing a short, black ruffled skirt. Outside, lots of male heads, young and old, took an extra look at Jessie and Sarah.

     In the car, we followed a scenic beach road, and were treated to the sight of breakers crashing against the shoreline, thick sprays of white foam being churned up by the rocky coastline.

     A few miles later, and a restaurant beckoned.

     Sarah giggled as she said, "After having Daddy fuck us so good, I'm really hungry!"

     Jessie replied, "Oh so good, we need to feed Daddy too, so he can service our horny pussies again!"

     Their comments had made my cock stir again, remembering the wild fucking, in less than 3 days, I'd gone from a regular guy, who did his wife often, to a horny father who fucked his sexy daughter, then fucked her sexy friend, they both let me know they wanted more, and so did I. The feel of their soft, tight, wet pink walls around my hard, eager cock, the sight of fucking them, listening to their howls of orgasm, and watching the bliss on their faces as they orgasmed, their tight teen fuck-holes sucking on my cock, wanting to get every drop from me, kept me eager for more.

     Inside the restaurant, as we were in just ahead of the beginning of the dinner crowd, we requested and got a table right by the big picture windows, so we could watch the crashing surf pounding the shoreline.

     Thinking of Jessie's comment about feeding me so I could service them again made me smile. With that in mind, I chose their signature Filet Mignon, medium rare, prepared with white truffle risotto, and sauteed wild mushrooms & rosemary demi glace. The extra boost of Vitamin E should help.

     Sarah smiled, and said, "Ooh, they have salmon stuffed with lobster and shrimp, I love salmon, I'm gonna have that, it sounds so yummy!"

     Jessie added, "And I want the lemon lime risotto with shrimp, that sounds really good!"

     "Let's all have a side Caesar salad, they make it at the table, and the shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing are sublime.

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  " I suggested.

     With that decided, we gave our waiter our orders, I also ordered a glass of Italian merlot, and Jessie and Sarah ordered Dr. Pepper to drink. The waiter brought us a basket of crusty Italian bread, still warm from the oven, and garlic butter.

     "Dig in ladies, the garlic butter is fantastic!" I enthused.

     "But Daddy, if we eat garlic, how will we be able to kiss you? Jessie and I want to share lots of loving kisses with you later. "

     "No problem baby. If we all enjoy the garlic butter, we'll all be equally garlicized. That way, none of us will taste each other's garlic breath, because we'll all have garlic breath. It works, trust me. "

     Jessie spread a generous dollop of butter on her bread, bit in, and her eyes lit up.

     "Oh my god, that tastes fantastic!"

     Next to her, Sarah was munching down with great enjoyment.

     "Oh Daddy, you were so right, this tastes like a bit of heaven right here!"

     The Caesar salad was prepared at our table, and I enjoyed watching Sarah and Jessie, their amazed reaction, as they watched our waiter deftly preparing it. When they tasted it, their salad plates were quickly emptied, as was mine, I was really hungry also.

     Our main courses provided lots of satisfied sounds of pleasure, as Sarah eagerly dug into her stuffed salmon, and Jessie delighted in the taste of her lemon lime risotto with shrimp.

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   My girls were hungry, and they eagerly devoured their dinners, I love to see ladies who eat. Before I got married, dates with ladies that would just shove their food around, and eat barely enough to keep an ant alive drove me crazy. Sarah's Mom was an eager diner, just like her daughter, and that brought on a pang. Me, Sarah's Dad, was fucking his sweet daughter, burying Daddy's manhood deep with the soft pinkness of Sarah's tight heat that I had deflowered, jetting Daddy's incestuous sperm deep inside her tight velvet grip. And now, add her girlfriend Jessie to the mix. What a situation I had gotten myself into. But, damn it all, when they gave me that look of heated lust, that "come fuck us" look, I was powerless to resist it.

     I ordered the most famous Italian desserts, Zabaglione and Tiramisu.

     "Umm, dessert, love the sweet taste after dinner, what are they made of Daddy?" Sarah asked.

       I said, "Well baby girl, Zabaglione is a classic dessert, made with egg yolks, sugar, a sweet wine, usually Marsala wine, and heavy cream. It's like a light custard, whipped up to incorporate a large amount of air. And Tiramisu is also a true classic, ladyfinger biscuits soaked with espresso coffee, that are then layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone cheese.


     Jessie added, "Since Daddy knows all this yummy information, I bet the desserts are gonna knock our panties off. . .

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  if I was wearing any!"

     Sarah and Jessie giggled wildly, and I couldn't help but laugh also. I had noticed that Jessie, since she was wearing tight shorts, had seen no reason to wear panties. I had very much enjoyed the view of those wildly sexy cheeks filling the rear of her shorts, wrapped snugly around those awesome globes. Sarah, since she was wearing a skirt, had not wanted to risk any bare pussy flashes, and was wearing a sexy red ruffled satin panty underneath to, as she had said, keep the view just for Daddy.

     Sarah grinned and said, "It'll knock my panties off, and your socks off, how does that sound?"

     Jessie laughed and said, "Sounds about right to me!"

     Soon, the Zabaglione and Tiramisu and three spoons were in front of us. We all dug into the desserts, sighs of pleasure from my girls, as they tasted the heavenly decadence.

     Jessie cooed, "Oh yes, Daddy knows everything. Especially how to make us feel so good, in and out of bed!"

     Sarah whispered, "Yes, indeed he does. "

     After paying the check, we went down to the beach, the girls removed their footwear, so they could wade in the surf lapping at the beach. The sun was starting to slide towards the west, and as it neared the horizon, Jessie and Sarah gave me that lust fueled, "come fuck us" look.          "Let's go back to our room Daddy, let's get naked, and watch the mirrors as you fuck us so gloriously" Sarah cooed huskily.  

     I wasted no time in getting us back, my girls were ready for me, and I could feel the boost of their desire fueling the fire of lust in me. Once behind closed doors, Jessie suggested that we all get in our private hot-tub, and enjoy the hot, bubbly water. Clothes were quickly tossed aside, my cock rock hard as I drank in the sight of their naked charms and assets, Sarah and Jessie gazing lustfully at my stiff cock.

     Lowering myself gingerly into the hot, bubbling water, Jessie and Sarah squealed as they felt the heat of the water around their bodies.

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     "It feels almost like being in a cannibal's cooking pot!" Jessie giggled.

     With Sarah snuggled in against my right side, and Jessie against my left, it felt like I was the lord of all creation. It didn't take too long before I felt two hands gently grasp my cock, feeling my stiff, eager length.

     "Daddy, dry us off, then take us to bed, and make sweet love to both of us" Sarah cooed.

     We were quickly out of the water, and I had the extreme pleasure of patting down their two lovely bodies, eager to run the towels over every inch. Their "come-fuck-us" looks were in full bloom, their eyes blazing with sexual lust, as they led the way to the bed, turning on some lights, keeping it dim, but light enough so we could watch the myriad of reflections as our bodies came together.

     "Ok Jessie, lie back, let Daddy fuck you first. Daddy, give Jessie a leisurely, loving fuck, just like you give to me" Sarah cooed.

     The sight of Jessie spread out before me, her sexy eager smile, arms and thighs wide open and welcoming, and I wasted no time getting between Jessie's spread thighs. I needed to lick that sweet heat first.

     Jessie cooed huskily, "Oh yes, Daddy needs to lick me first, yes Daddy, lick my pussy, get me extra hot and ready for you!"

     That bare, smooth shaven mound drew my mouth, and I kissed and licked the bare flesh. Trailing my mouth lower, I could see her delicious pink trail was parted, her pussy lips were deep crimson and swollen with desire, and I could see her coral pink interior, syrupy and slick with her juices. I could smell her arousal, musky and hot, the musky scent of her arousal filled my nostrils, and it drove me wild with desire. I licked gently at the lips of her pussy, hearing Jessie's moan of desire. My tongue slipped inside, for a taste of her honey, wanting more, I spread her lips with my fingers, and my tongue started to lick and kiss her hot spread flesh.

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   I ran my tongue all over her swollen lips, listening to her gasps of pleasure, filled with the sensations of Jessie in heat. I could feel her cunt throbbing wildly, aching for release. Her clit was hard, erect and throbbing with need, twitching wildly, as my mouth licked and sucked at her steamy opening. As my tongue made contact with her clit, Jessie gasped.

     "There, lick me there Daddy!", Jessie gasped, "Don't stop, oh my god!"

     I flattened my tongue out, and I started a long slow sweeping over her straining clit. Her breath was coming in sharp little gasps. Her legs started to vibrate, as her orgasm closed in.

     "Lick me Daddy, Oh my God, yes, yes, yes, YES!!" Jessie shrieked.

     Her orgasm slammed into her pussy, I enjoyed the view of Jessie as she exploded, cumming hard. She screamed and thrashed wildly as her body convulsed in ecstasy, and she exploded into my mouth, her juices gushing as her pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices.

Her body twitched with aftershocks as she drifted down, her eyes were dreamy.

     "Now, make love to me Daddy, give me the slow, gentle loving fuck that a Daddy should give his daughter" Jessie whispered to me.

     I could see my sweet Sarah off to the side, her eyes wide, stroking slowly, teasingly at her pussy, eager to watch the scene.

     Jessie's eyes were wide as she gazed into my eyes. Between her legs, I could feel her take hold of me, and lead me up to her entrance.

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   I nudged against her opening, and with a slow, gentle push, I penetrated her, opening her up gently and lovingly. Jessie moaned with pleasure as her inner silken flesh parted to allow me in and I moaned with pleasure from the feel of being wrapped up in my other daughter's velvet pleasure grip. I pushed in, stretching the walls of her pussy apart, until I was in right to the balls, filling her completely.

     "Yes, oh yes, feels so good, love me Daddy" Jessie whispered, "and give me luscious, passion filled kisses while you make love to me".

     Her pussy and clit were throbbing, I gasped, the hot, tight gripping cling of her wrapped around me made my cock sizzle. Our mouths came together, our lips clung hungrily to each other, the feel of Jessie's tongue probing my mouth made my cock throb. Each out-thrust made Jessie pant with longing, and each in thrust filled her up, sending wildly lustful twitchings surging through her body and my cock. The eager tightness of her inner cunt squeezed my cock, snugly buried in her love sheath of tight, hugging heat. I rode her, giving her the gentle, loving fuck she so desired.

     "Ummm, I can see Daddy's body on top of me, and I can see him thrusting, as I feel that wonderful stiff cock plunging into me. I love being able to watch as well as feel!" Jessie whispered.

     I looked over at the side mirrors, and enjoyed the view of our bodies locked together in a bonding of hot, steamy lust.

     "Ummm, I can feel the building up, your stiff cock aching to fill me up, fuck me harder Daddy, use my body for your fucking pleasure, ram me hard and fast, I want your cum, and I want it now!" Jessie growled huskily.

     I could feel Jessie's hot juices flowing around my cock, and I was happy to do as she wished, picking up speed, I thrust into her harder, her cries and sounds of delight mingled with the liquid squish sound of my cock pistoning in and out of my other daughter's fiery fuck-hole, as I reamed her steamy cunt. My cock was quickly reaching the point of no return as Jessie started to gasp, her body trembling wildly.

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   Suddenly her cunt started to spasm crazily.

     "Cumming, oh fuck yes, I'm cumming, cum in me Daddy, fill me, YES!!"

     Jessie's body exploded, her orgasm tearing through her pussy, setting her on fire. She howled, shrieking out the pleasure tearing through her. An answering howl from Sarah drew my eyes, and I watched the lewd view of my daughter, masturbating furiously, slipping over the edge into her own orgasm. That scene, and the spasming tightness of Jessie's pussy took me over the edge, I could feel the spunk streaking up my shaft, and my cock exploded, squirting wildly inside her steaming tunnel. I could feel my cock spewing out thick ropes of spunk, my hot spunk coating the inside of Jessie's pussy, as I lost my load deep inside her. Her spasming tightness milked and sucked at me, draining my throbbing balls into her hungry depths.

     "Now Daddy, pull out, I want to do some cleaning up" Sarah whispered, her face right next to mine.

     I did as she asked, and her mouth slid down my cock, and up again, giving my cock a hot, wet cleaning, eager to suck off the mixture. She then looked over, and her gaze locked on Jessie's just fucked soft pink hole, I could see her lick her lips in anticipation.

     "Once again, Daddy's cock makes such a tasty mess, I love to clean up messes, and Jessie's messy pussy is so needy. I'm going to lick you so clean baby" Sarah cooed.

     Jessie's legs spread wide, I could see Sarah taking position. Their was a thick white line of my cum marking Jessie's entrance, and Sarah tongue slid up that sweet pink trail, eagerly licking up the line. With a moan of delight, her mouth plastered tight against Jessie, eager to not waste a single drop.

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   I could her the wet, juicy sounds as Sarah licked and sucked eagerly at Jessie, scooping out all she could reach. I could see her throat muscles working to swallow the load, and Jessie was rapidly approaching her second orgasm.

     "Yes, oh yes, lick me baby, lick my pussy, I'm loving the way you clean my messy pussy" Jessie cooed.

     Sarah wrapped her mouth around Jessie's clit, and gave her a wild licking, eager to shove her sexy friend into a second orgasm. Jessie's grunts turned to a loud growl, and her body shook as orgasm seized her again, Sarah eagerly sucking out the last of Daddy's cum mixed with her juices. She lifted her head up, her mouth dripping wet with Jessie's juices, and Jessie grabbed her, pulled her forward, and their lips clung hungrily to each other.   After Jessie had licked off the juices, Sarah and her cuddled in against me.

     "Let's give Daddy a rest, than, we'll bring him back up, and you'll give your number 1 daughter the glorious, loving fuck that I just got. Then, I'll get to enjoy the fun of cleaning up Daddy's load, and lick Sarah's sweet, messy pussy clean!" Jessie cooed huskily.






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