My Cousin Sara part 4


I had sex with my cousin again a few days ago. I was laying in bed with my cousin and she fell asleep. I was so horny I slid my hand up her shorts and panties and started fingering her pussy while I jerked off. I couldn't handle it anymore knowing she didn't mind if I fucked her in her sleep. Though I know it would of been fun for her to wake up and catch me and we continue, I wanted to see how it was to fuck her with her asleep. So I put a pillow down about her waist and rolled her on her stomach on it so her ass would be elavated. Then I reached over and start slowly pulling her shorts and panties down. I spread her legs open as much as I could with her shorts and panties down around her thighs. I start licking and fingering her till I felt she was wet enough. So I slide my shorts and boxers off and straddle her thighs. Then i rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit getting it covered in her juices before sliding it in. I then spread her lips and pressed the head into her opening and pushed it inside her.

I watched by the moonlight coming through the window as inch by inch of my dick disappeared inside her. I slowly started working my cock in and out of her as I pull her shirt up and undo her bra. Then I lean forward reach under her and start pulling her shirt and bra up till her breast are out. I alternate holding my self up with one arm and massaging and squeezing and pinching her nipples with the other all while still fucking her and trying not to wake her.

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   So many thoughts ran threw my head while I was screwing her. One was knowing my grandparents were right across the hall and another was if she woke up I knew we would get caught, because they would hear the bed moving and she gets loud even when moaning and screaming into a pillow. Well from all the thoughts I was ready to blow. So I gave a few more quick pumps pulled out and came all over her asshole and pussy and watched it run down her slit and into her pussy. I started pulling her shorts and panties up and wiped the rest of the cum off my penis with the crotch of her panties. I then pulled them all the way up on her covered her up and went to my room. That morning I woke up and took a shower and when I got out and back into my room there were the panties she was wearing just a few hours before with a stain from the front to the back from where they had touched her ass and pussy and got my cum on them. I picked them up and they were soaked and there was a folded up piece of paper under them. I opened it up and it said that the panties were a gift to me. That she went to take a shower and started to pulling them off and they were sticking to her ass and pussy and she knew I had fucked her. Then the note said the reason they were soaked wasthat she got so horny from the thought of me fucking her while she was asleep she masturbated with them. Rubbing them on her pussy and when she came she squirted in them and stuff them in her vagina and masturbated again. It said that everytime I masturbate to get off in the panties and give them back to her Thanksgiving and she would put them on and wear them the rest of Thanksgiving. Well she`ll definetly like them when she gets them back, because since I've gotten them I've dumped a few loads in them already and got a little while till Thanksgiving.


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Read My Cousin Sara part 4 to enjoy enticing twists from our creative writers

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