My Cousin Sara part 3


This is chapter 3 I have two chapter 1 by accident. This is about my third and latest encounter with my cousin. It actually happened this past weekend. I had borrowed my grandfathers trailer to get a car. Well upon returning the trailer I found out that a few of my cousins had come over for the weekend. I didnt know that when I picked up the trailer cause no one was there at that time. When I returned it they were there and one of them happened to be the cousin I had sex with previously. Well since they were there and I only get to see them 2 or 3 times a year I decide to stay and watch the football game there. Well as time goes on I was asked what kind of car I got and told what it was and everything and mentioned it was a manual transmission and my cousin said she didn't know how to drive a manual. She asked if I could teach her and I said I didn't know I would have to think about it cause her learning in my car would put alot of wear on the transmission fast. Well time went by and we were downstairs and my little cousins went upstairs to get the stuff to make smores with. Well we were alone and she asked if what I had decided about teaching her or not. I said I'm still not sure and she said remember what we did last year. I said yeah how could I forget and she said we could do it again. Well I had been ready for this chance again, but thought I would have to wait till Thanksgiving or Christmas to get the chance. I said I would do it, but she would have to fulfill my request of anal and letting me come in her pussy.

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   She said she had never done anal and was scared it might hurt. She said she wasn't too up to the creampie either because she didn't want to have her cousins baby. I told her I had been ready for our next time and for my request because I was going to ask the next time we got together. I went and got my desensitizing lube and plan b pills out of my truck and showed her before the kids made it back downstairs. I then hid them so I could maybe use them later. Well the kids came down and we made smores in the fireplace and had a nerf war and just cut up like we usually do. We ended up upstairs and everyone was starting to go to bed after the game was over I said I was going to go downstairs since it was cooler down there because my grandparents like it overly warm. Not long after I went downstairs my cousin came down. I was laying on the couch watching tv and she came over and straddled me. She started grinding her crotch on mine and asked if I was ready. I told her ready as I'll ever be. She leaned down and started kissed me an it went into full blown makeout session taking each others clothes off till we were both naked. She then kissed down my chest and stomach till she was at my cock. She spit on it and started stroking it while licking and sucking it till I decide I wanted to taste her. I sat her down and pulled her to the edge of the couch and started in on her pussy with my tongue and fingers.

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   Slowly at first, but got faster as her hips rose higher and higher till she came. She squirted all in my mouth, on my face and my chest. I had to get a towel and dry off, but new she was ready. So I walked back over and kneeled down infront of her and slowly entered her. I fucked her like that for a few minutes till I decide I wanted to get to the anal. So I told her to get on her hands and knees and when she did I put alittle bit of lube on her butthole. She asked if I was going to put my dick in now. I said no not yet I was going to use my thumb to get her use to something being in her ass and fucking it. So I start rubbing my cock around the opening of her pussy as I rubbed my thumb around her asshole. Then I slowly start sliding into her and hear her breathing quicken as her anus starts to open as my thumb slides inside her. I slowly press inside her then slowly out quickening the pace till she seemed use to it and then she said she thinks she was ready to see if she could handle my dick inside her ass. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. So I liberally applied the lube to the inside and outside of her ass. Then I put some on my dick before I started rubbing the head of my cock around her asshole. I then grabbed her hip and my penis and started slowly pulling her toward me as I pushed forward into her.

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   Shes moaning and wincing as my the head pops in. I let it rest for a minute in there before I started again. I start pushing again and she starts moaning again and bucking her hips and clawing at the couch till I'm nearly all the way inside her and I feel her start shaking. I feel her asshole squeeze my dick like nothing I've ever felt before. She then buried her face in the couch and screamed and then I felt it. The rush of hot liquid on my crotch and legs. She was squirting again, but never have I ever seen a girl anywhere squirt as much as she did. Enough so that I may have to replace my grandparents couch. She pretty much collapsed onto the couch pulling my dick from her ass. I saw her asshole slowly close as it pulsated till it was finally closed completely. I let her lay there for a few minutes to regain her composure. She then said that she wanted to do it again because she thought that was the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. I said I was ready and lubed her up again real good. She then said she wanted to ride me in her ass to see how that felt. So I laid on the ground cause the couch was soaked and covered in towels.

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   She then straddled me lined up my cock and slowly slide it in her ass till I was all the way in her. She started with a rocking motion that turned into a up and down motion till I heard an oh god. I thought she was going to cum again, but was I wrong she start to rise up till my dick was no longer in her. When my dick came out so did the shit. And I freaked and grabbed her and shoved my cock back up in her ass. That stopped the flow but I still had a good bit of shit on me. I thought about it and worked our way into a standing position with her legs wrapped around me and my dick still inside her. I decide to go outside so I carried her out and got to the back of the house and pulled out and a torrent of shit came running out of that girl. So we are outside naked with it forty something degrees and covered in shit. And I realized this is only going to get worse cause we have to wash off. So we go to the waterhose turn it on and start washing the shit off each other till we are totally clean. Now soaked and freezing we go inside and grab some towels and dry off then stand naked infront of the fireplace. Seeing her stand there naked along with the heat of the fireplace got me horny again. She noticed and said how can you still be horny after all that. I said I don't know I guess just it was so extreme and an adrenaline rush that I can't help but be horny.

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   She said its ok she was too and turned towards me and spreads her pussy open and showed me. Yeah she was wet alright and that when I told her to get on her hands and knees I was going to fulfill the other part of our agreement. So I bent down till I could slide inside her while still standing on my feet. I slid into her and fucked her till I remembered a position I have wanted to try. I told her what it was the piledriver and how to do it. So she got to the edge of the couch shoulders on the ground and ass pointing up into the air her back resting against the base of the couch. I fucked her like that every which way I could in her pussy and ass. Then she came again squirting all in her own face. It was so hot watching her cum all over her own face I didn't slow up while she was coming cause from seeing that because I was. I pushed as deep as I could inside her vagina and came till I knew every last drop of my cum was inside her. I then pulled out and kneeled down and let her lick what was left of my cum off of me. I then gave her the plan b pill and she took it while pushing and digging my cum out of her. When she was content that there wasnt anymore come inside her she gave me a kiss and bent down and kissed my cock. So I followed suit I kneelt down and kissed and licked her clit and pussy. Then I turned her around and licked her asshole and told her she was a dirty girl.

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   I then smacked her on the ass and told her good night. She went upstairs and I left and headed home.






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