Judit grows up


I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just have to share something now. When I was screwing my daughter the other night, she did something so completely unexpected that I was totally baffled at first, and later figured she'd just taught me something about female (or at least female-teen) sexuality I hadn't known before.

You see with us it usually goes like this. We start with kissing training (I should mention that Judit just turned fifteen half a month ago and she's still rather shy around boys so she hardly gets any practice out-of-house) when she's already in bed, and if I feel that she's enjoying it (happens most times) I slide a hand under her bedsheets to feel her up a little, see if her nipples are getting hard (which they are most of the time, little rubbers that can really pinch your palm), and if she lets me I run my fingers along the crotch of her panties, looking for that damp spot to tell me if she's ready.

So if she lets me do all this and she reacts to my touch there, if you know what I mean, next thing is I go undercover. Literally: I climb under her bedsheets so she doesn't see me except as a lump between her legs, and she raises her knees and ass so I can peel off her panties. It gets hot rather quickly under there, of course, but still that's by far my favorite place in the world: in the hothouse under my little girl's blanket, between her soft and sweaty thighs, inhaling the aroma of her steaming sex.

I like to keep her waiting for a little while at that point, not knowing when I'm going to go down and touch her. She twitches a little every time a drop of sweat drips from my forehead onto her pubic mound, and I like to imagine the look on her face when I finally bring my head down between her legs.

I usually start with little kisses all around her pudendum, just to tease her a little further, before running my tongue along the crack of her pussy, all the way from top to bottom and back up again. She always give a little gasp when I first flick the tip of my tongue against her clit, and then another one when I bring my hands around to help. Carefully pulling apart her labia with one hand I start stroking the entrance to her pussy with the other, spreading her juices which mingle with my spittle to turn everything down there into a wonderful slippery mess. At first I let my finger slip in just a little bit each time, until her breathing gets harder and her buttocks get all tense and I know that she's ready for more. So then I push my finger in all the way while starting to suck on her clitoris for real, which is usually when she reaches her first climax. -- If she doesn't, the trick is to let go a little, pull out and just circle her clit with my tongue without actually touching it for some time, until she starts trembling and begging for more -- but I don't give it to her, I just go on teasing her like that until she suddenly explodes in an orgasm that quickly turns into a fit of giggles, with her literally clawing at my head to push it away from her hypersensitive pussy.

Those are the best, or nearly the best, after all we're not finished yet.



Anyway after that I normally lie down next to her and tell her some sweet things about how beautiful she looks, all sweaty and her hair a mess, and how I like her taste and stuff and she looks at me with those are-you-crazy eyes and just snorts every time I say something like that, although I'm sure she likes it. And then after some time I let one of my hands slip between her legs again, still lying next to her, and from the moment that my fingers find her clit it's not a long time before she's writhing and panting again, her eyes usually closed and her face next to mine and I just love looking at her as she pants her way through her second orgasm, because you know after the first the second's not so far away. Usually that's enough for her then and she curls up on the bed, her back to me, so I just kiss her on the neck and pull the blanket over her and say good night.

But yesterday was different. Judit was totally wet from the outset, so much that when I started fingering her pussy I could feel her juices flowing down over her perineum and spilling over into her ass crack, and I guess I already realized at that point that this was one of those nights when I'd get to fuck her for real. Excited at the prospect I started stabbing my index finger into her a little earlier than usual, and I guess I also pushed it a little deeper, because suddenly she gave a gasp and went all rigid, panting heavily. I was about to stop, thinking I'd hurt her, when she lifted her ass a little and pushed it against my hand; and only now I noticed that while I was fumbling around in her pussy hole with my left index finger, my middle finger had slipped over into her ass crack and its knuckle was now pressing hard against the puckered ring of her anus.

Now you should know that I've never had a thing for anal sex. I guess I always found it kind of weird and disgusting, in theory that is; but seeing and feeling my daughter's excitement changed all of that in a heartbeat. So while I continued pushing my index finger into her pussy and nibbling on her swollen clit, I also unfolded my middle finger and let its tip push against her other hole at every thrust. And sure enough she started going mad, pushing up her hips to match my movements -- but the moment my middle finger actually broke the barrier and slipped into her anus she reached down, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up, up over her, and I'm sure you can figure what that means.

It means, fuck me.

Good thing I'm wearing only a dressing gown, having come fresh from the shower, so I just pull it off and kick away the blanket before lowering my hips between my daughter's thighs. For the first time in years she actually looks at me while I enter her, she's so slippery now there's almost no resistance, and keeps her eyes open and glued to mine while my dick moves all the way up her tight little hole. It's also the first time ever, I realized just then, that she let me fuck her without having had at least one orgasm beforehand -- and not just "let me fuck her" but actually asked me to do it, to do her, to take her for real.

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This, it occurs to me as she pulls me in even deeper, digging her ankles into my buttocks and pushing up her hips, is nothing like the sex we've had before, those almost-innocent encounters when she'd let me do her as if in a dream, her eyes closed and her orgasm subdued, at least compared to the ones I'd give her when I ate her out. No, this time she is moving me; the way she holds her hips and tilts them every time I pull out I can only enter her at a steep angle, almost from below, the underside of my penis rubbing against her perineum every time I pull out and push in again. Every once and again my dick slips out of her completely, making her groan with disappointment (I guess) and I have to use my hand to put it in again. But she won't change position, on the contrary, she's pushing her hips up ever further, getting worked up all the more the steeper my angle gets. . . and then, as my dick slips out again, she pushes down on it and in a flash I realize that it's now pressing against her butthole, which I don't need to tell you is completely slippery and soaked with her pussy juice by now.

Her eyes go wide and she gives a groan like nothing I've ever heard from her before when my glans slips inside her, slowly and almost painfully because her sphincter is so tight. From the way Judit claws her fingers into the mattress and draws in breath repeatedly, I almost think she's going to pass out; but then her ankles are grinding into my buttocks again, and with three thrusts and three groans, each one louder and throatier than the last, she pulls me all the way inside her ass, climaxing with a ferocity I'd never have thought possible. She's actually crying at the end, and I tell you the truth when I say I don't even know if I had an orgasm myself, because I was just so blown away by what was going on with my little girl. She was gnashing her teeth and sobbing and panting and using her feet to push me out of her the first time my dick gave a little twitch inside her, I guess because it was somehow painful after all. Then she said she was going to have to take a shower, and I made to kiss her on the forehead as she got up but she shook her head. Not angrily, I think, because I know how she looks when she's angry at me, when I've done something to hurt her although I really always try hard not to, but the look on her face was nothing like that. After I'd let myself cool down a little, I put on my dressing gown again, letting it hang open in the front, and went to wait in front of the bathroom.

When she came out, she gave me another look that I still find even more difficult to place.

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   It was kind of a half-smile, I think, but with more than a shade of reproach in it -- if I had to put it into words, I'd call it the "what did you just do, you crazy bastard? how could you -- and how could I like it so much?" look; elated and kind of angry and confused at the same time.

Now I don't know what to think. I don't suppose she'll actually want to have anal sex the way anal sex apparently works, because it's probably quite painful, what with the difference in size between her anus and my dick; after all she's still a teenager and I'm a full-grown man. But did she actually like it and will she want me to do it again, or was it just the excitement of a one-time transgression that can't be repeated, the way you never can repeat your first time? I don't know. I guess I'm just going to have to wait until next time, because Judit and I never talk about sex; we just do it, almost every other night, but during the day we're just normal father and daughter and everything else is completely out of the picture.

Or I don't know. Maybe that's going to change now, too. After all, Judit's a naughty woman now, exploring and experimenting with her fantasies, not the dreamily sensual little girl she used to be. For better or for worse.

Maybe I should just ask her. .





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