Jason and his sister Abby


I just got my driver’s license a couple of months ago and all of a sudden I became “Jason’s Taxi Service” for my sister.   Actually, I liked driving and if one of the downsides was that Mom had me pick up my kid sister Abby once in a while, I could live with it.   Abby was two years younger than me; I being the very mature sixteen I thought myself to be.   We got along for the most part and got so much closer after this incident which began innocently enough on a Wednesday afternoon in October.  

Abby was always a tomboy and played in many sports.   Today, she called Mom and said she hurt her knee in soccer practice and had to come home early.   So Mom sent me to the school field to pick her up.   I pulled into the parking lot and she and a friend of hers were waiting for me.   It had just started to rain only five minutes ago, but the girls were getting soaking wet.   Abby, with the help of her friend did a combination of a limp and run and then she jumped in the car.  Abby thanked the other girl for helping her and then she ran off waving goodbye to the shelter of the school.  

Abby held an ice pack to her knee and said, “Too bad you didn’t get here five minutes ago.   All of a sudden there was such a damn downpour and I’m soaked and freezing to death. ”

She was shivering a little bit and looked at me and said, “You know, if you were a good brother, you would give me your dry shirt. ”

I shrugged, and not wanting an argument inside the car, I took off my shirt and gave it to her.   “Here,” I said.

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Then she took off her soaked soccer shirt and tossed it in the back seat.   Next came something I would have never expected.   She took off her sports bra and my sister exposed a gorgeous pair of tits!  Abby was always wearing either a sports bra which plastered her chest or wore loose fitting shirts.   I guess I never had paid much attention to my little sister, but this time she certainly got my attention.   Abby’s breasts were a solid A-cup with beautiful quarter sized areolas and very erect nipples.   She wasn’t lying when she said she was cold.  

I guess my mouth was gaping because she said with a smirk, “haven’t you ever seen tits before?”

“Well, ummm,” I stammered, “sure, sis.   But you just surprised me that’s all. ”

“A good surprise or bad surprise?” she countered.

“Um, let’s go home now,” I said, avoiding the answer, “You should go home and rest that knee. ”

“Oh, the coach said it probably is just a sprain, and to keep some ice on it for a while.

  He said I should have my doctor check it out if it still hurt in the morning. ”

When we arrived home, I got out and helped her out.   She wrapped her arm around my waist and pulled me close.   I put my arm around her also to help her walk and accidently got a handful of tit.

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    I pulled my hand away quickly and handled her more brotherly.   She didn’t say a word, but looked my way and gave me a quick smile.   We went inside and I helped her up the stairs to her bedroom.   I led her to her bed and she let go of me and sat on its side.  

She took off my shirt I had given to her and said, “Thanks bro. ”  I think she took pleasure in showing off her more than ample breasts now that she knew it might embarrass me.

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed, “your shirt and bra are in the back seat!”

“Hold on Jason.   If you’re going downstairs anyways, can you refill this icepack?  It’s all melted.   Please?”

“Ok sis, give me a couple,” and I ran downstairs, got her wet shirt and bra from the car and filled her icepack with fresh ice all without Mom seeing me.   All I needed was questioning about why I had Abby’s bra!

I ran back up the stairs to Abby’s room and went in.   She had changed into a halter top and some very tight shorts.   She was towel drying her hair and looked gorgeous as her hair was flying while her slim arms were raised above her head.

Abby stopped as I said, “Here’s your new ice Sis. ”

“Thanks bro,” and put the new ice on her knee.

We talked about how she twisted her knee and other stuff for a while and then she said, “The Coach said after a couple of hours of ice, I should gently massage it.

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    Maybe you could massage it for me a little?” she said shyly.

“I don’t know how to do that,” I protested, but she insisted.

“Come on, it can’t be that hard.   I’ll tell you if you hurt. ”

“Ok, Ok,” I stammered and gently laid my hand on her cold knee.   “That feel ok?” I said as I began rubbing.

“Great,” she said and laid down on the bed.   “Just keep doing that.   It feels good. ”

To this day, I don’t know why I did what I did next.   I moved my hand off her knee and onto her thigh.   Her skin was so soft and silky smooth.   Abby’s thigh was athletically toned and yet so feminine.  

I started rubbing her thigh and I felt my whole body tingle with delight.

  My cock was stiffening and pushing against my jeans.

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    I pulled my hand away and said, “Sorry Abby, I shouldn’t be doing that. ”

She came back and said, “I don’t see anyone protesting around here, do you?” with a smile on her lovely face.   I looked into her gorgeous blue eyes.   She stared back and we both knew what we wanted.   I put my hand on her shoulder and drew her mouth closer to mine.   She opened her lips slightly and I kissed her softly.   I looked into her eyes again and I saw the same lust in her as I had in me.   I started kissing her more passionately, took hold of her halter top and lifted it over her head.   I still was bare-chested never putting back on my shirt, so Abby went after my belt buckle.   My cock was rock hard now and trying to burst through my zipper.

She unbuckled my belt and made quick work in getting my pants off.   Then Abby pulled down my underwear and my hard cock came popping out at full attention.   I was dripping with pre-cum but she stuck her tongue out and licked it off my cock slit.   How was this happening?  My little sister!  But I put that all aside and just drank it all in and let it happen.

Abby licked my shaft and squeezed my hanging balls.

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    Then she put my cock in her hot mouth and started sucking my bone.   I put my hands on her head and her soft hair felt so soft.   She bobbed up and down on my dick and I knew I couldn’t hold off cumming much longer.   My cock head hit the back of her throat and that was just too much for me:  I let go my load.   Her head shot back with my strong ejaculation but I stroked the hair on her head as I shot load after load in her wet mouth.

After spurt after spurt, my cock stopped erupting and I looked down at my sister.   My white spew was dripping down the sides of her mouth onto her soft firm tits.

“Fuck Bro!  You cum in buckets!” she said and laughed as more cum came out of her mouth.   She flung her neck back and swallowed what she could and the rest just dripped off her face.   She rolled her tongue around her lips to taste and swallow some more of my cum.

“Yummy, you taste good,” she said.

“How did you learn to do that?” I asked.

“A good girl never tells,” she smiled.

“With that performance, I really don’t think you’re such a good girl. ”  I laughed and kissed her, tasting my cum on her lips.

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“Maybe you can find that out someday,” she mysteriously said.


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