David Wicker Chronicles Part III


David Wicker Chronicles

Part III


The weekend was finally here, every night David had had a slow session with his sister and other fuckings and blowjobs throughout the day. But today was Saturday, and Saturday is the day he gets his mother.

David woke up at 5 am out of excitement, and he went over to his sister’s room. He didn’t knock he just walked right in, she was naked under her sheets and he intended to utilize this opportunity. He pulled her covers off and jacked off to her naked body, he still had his morning wood. Then he lay down behind her, pulled her ass closer, and stuck his dick deep into her pussy. She didn’t wake up at first. She started to moan in pleasure but then must have realized what was going on and woke up.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Kathy said surprised that she had a cock in her this early.

“Just taking care of my morning wood, now get on top of me slut. ” David responded.

Kathy pulled away all of the covers and turned and mounted her brother’s raging hard cock.

“ohmygod…” Kathy muttered as she slid her pussy over his cock. To be fucked this early was strange for her; she had never done it before. She started to bounce up and down on his shaft, and David started to fuck back. Luckily Rebecca isn’t a lite sleeper or she would’ve heard the moaning and clapping as her ass hit his legs on her way down every pump.

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“Oh, that’s it whore, fuck me, fuck me. Yeah, you’re such a little slut, enjoying your own brother’s cock!”

“Uhhhh,” Kathy moaned as she orgasmed onto David’s cock. Her orgasm sent David over the top and he shot his load right up into her tight teen pussy. The thought hit her again: protection. This time she was going to say something about it.

“Um, David?” Kathy asked, still sitting on David’s dick.

“Yes?” He responded very happy coming down from his orgasmic high.

“Uh, don’t you think we should, um, use protection?”


“Yeah, ya know, condoms. ”

“Oh, naw, we’re fine, not a chance you’ll get pregnant, and even if you do, not my problem. ”



“You can’t be that insensitive, if I got pregnant off of you, you would have to raise the child. It WOULD be your problem, and a big one at that. ”

“Eh whatever, you’re not pregnant so I don’t know why we’re talking about this.

Then David pulled her down and embraced her. Their tongues danced a little, and then David lifted her off of him and he started towards his room.

“Come in my room, I have something special for you to wear.

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When she got to his room, naked, he threw a lace thong and matching bra. Both of which were see through, hardly clothing.

“I’m finally allowed to wear underwear?” Kathy asked.

“Just this once, then you will probably be naked in the house from then on. ”

“What do you mean? What are you talking about?”

David pulled out a camera and started taking shots of his sister in the lace. “You will found out in good time. Now start to strip slowly for me, I want these pictures to be good. ”

“No. I will not pose for pictures!”

“Oh, okay, I’ll just go wake mom up and tell her that her 18 year old daughter has been fucking her 18 year old son. ”

“Okay, fine!” Then Kathy started to slowly take her bra off, one strap at a time. Then she turned around and slowly slid her panties down her legs.

“Now kneel on the floor and spread your pussy lips. ”

She kneeled on the floor and reached down slowly and with two fingers split her lips apart so you could see the pink inside. David then put the camera down and told her to go put on normal clothes and meet him down stairs.


At around 18 am Rebecca walked down stairs and saw that her two children were sitting on the couch watching tv.

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“You guys are up early for a Saturday,” she commented.

“Yeah, we decided to watch a movie before Saturday breakfast. ” David responded.

“Oh ok, breakfast will be ready shortly. ” Rebecca said with a smile on her face, thinking how wonderful her children were.

About half way through breakfast David stood up and said, “Mom, I have some news. ”

“What is it sweetie?”

“Kathy and I have been having sex, it’s been going on for a week or so now and it is multiple times a day. ”

With that Rebecca coughed on her OJ and said, “WHAT?!?”

“We are fucking. ”


“It means that we have sex, multiple times a day, we also had sex this morning,”

“WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING KATHY?!” she asked her daughter, who just sat there staring at her, shocked her brother was being this blunt about it.

“Don’t speak to her right now; this is between you and me. But listen for a sec, I have to say something important,” Rebecca just sat there wondering what could he possibly say. “You are now my bitch, unless you want me to tell everyone that your daughter and son are fucking and I will put naked pictures of Kathy online. ”


“Mom, don’t,” Kathy interrupted, “just let him finish. ”

“Good, Kathy, you’re learning. Anyway, as I was saying, whenever and wherever I want a sexual favor, you do it for me.

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   Whenever and wherever I want anything else, you do it for me, or else!

“Now stand up!”


“Ok, I’ll just go put those pictures online,” David started to walk away.

“NO, wait,” Rebecca said sounding defeated as she stood up. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and loose t-shirt.

“Take off your shirt. ”


David slapped her across the face as hard as he could, “Kathy wasn’t there to save you that time was she? Now, TAKE. OFF. YOUR. SHIRT!”

“Why are you doing this?” Rebecca said as tears came to her face.

David took her chin in his hand and got real close to her face and said, “Why not. Now take of your clothes. ” He gave her a lite little slap.

Rebecca slowly took off her t-shirt and placed it on the table. All that was left was a plain black bra and the yoga pants.

“All of them.

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She started to pull her yoga pants down and David saw there were matching black underwear to the bra.

“And the underwear. ”

“David ple—“


She slowly undid her bra and let her glorious DD tits come bouncing out in front of her two children. She set her bra on the table with the rest of her clothes.

“Now take of your panties. ”

Rebecca was crying by this time, she couldn’t believe what was happening, she was hoping it was just a bad dream. But it wasn’t.


“Yes, master?”

“Take mom’s clothes upstairs and get all of her underwear and non-revealing clothes and put them in my room. Then leave your clothes in your room and come down naked. ”

“Yes master. ”

Kathy gathered up all of her mother’s clothes and headed up the stairs.

“I’m sorry mom. ” Kathy whispered to her mother as she bent over to pick up her clothes.

David smacked Kathy’s ass hard, not playfully, “Did I say you could talk to her?”

“No master. ” Kathy headed upstairs.

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 “Awe, don’t cry mom. After a few weeks you’ll except your new role in this family and learn to enjoy it. But for now you’ll just have to suffer or there will be consequences.

“Now come here and kiss me. ”

David embraced her on the lips, but she didn’t kiss back. He spread her lips with his tongue and he reached into her mouth, she felt dead. He twisted her nipple and said, “Kiss back or I’ll put those pictures up. ” At that moment she started to kiss back, French kissing her own son.






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