School Tease Part 1

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Again we find ourselves in class. We split into groups for the day and we had to move so that i'm sitting across from you. You're wearing that short white cotton skirt and pink panties, and a tight green shirt. I'm wearing black athletic shorts and my basketball jersey. The teacher leaves the classroom and asks us to start work on a project in our groups of 4. There is another boy and girl at our table. We start discussing the project and i start playing footsy with you. Our toes play with eachother for awhile and then my toe slides up and between your legs. It lifts your skirt up,exposing your pink panties to anyone who happens to look. Your hands shove my foot away and pull your skirt down. My foot stays underneath your skirt though, and rubs inside your leg. I move my chair next to yours so that my hands can reach your legs.   My hands find their way to the familiar feel of your soft skin,I run them down to your knee and back up your skirt. You start to have trouble discussing within the group when my hand slides up past your knee, and briefly runs straight towards your pussy, but then quickly back down your leg. Some of the group may have noticed, as a few of them are now giving you strange looks. I can see in your eyes how hard you are trying to look normal so I press my thumb on your inner thigh and rub circles with it, something that always turns you on.

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They decide to join another group, and since the teacher's still gone, that's fine with us. We're in the corner of the room. I pretend to be showing you something with one hand, while my leg blocks from view the fact that my other hand has slid up past your knee and is now running up and down your inner thigh. My thumb presses firmly as it slides closer, from your knee to underneath your skirt. My fingers clench your tight skin. I mouth "I'm hard" and pull one of your hands underneath the desk. At this point all hope of doing any real work has been lost. I move your hand so that you can feel the giant bulge in my pants but then I move it back, as to only tease you and let you know what's waiting. After my hand lets go of yours, i return to your leg, my thumb and fingers clenching tight on your gorgeous skin, and slide up underneath your skirt, and all the way back to your panties.   Being in the corner gives the advantage that no one can see behind us either, so I move my fingers to the hem of your skirt and slowly slide them around to your ass. My fingernails slightly scratching your skin the whole way.

I remove my hand and give your tight perfect ass a nice squeeze, my fingers grabbing as much as possible. I slide my finger under your pink panties and briefly feel your bare skin. I snap the elastic and it makes a sound as it slaps your ass. Nobody notices.

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   My fingers crawl back down your leg and to your inner thigh, where it is getting warm and moist. I can hear your breathing start to change, so I lean over and moan quietly in your ear "I want to be inside you". My fingers slide over your panties from left to right, staying above your now wet pussy. They slide down your other leg, outlining the edge of your panties and teasing your wet pussy. I then pull my hand out and place it at the top of your skirt and the bottom of your shirt. My finger crawls underneath your shirt and gently scratches your tummy as i outline the edge of the cute white skirt. When i get to your waist i grab you tightly and squeeze, i find your hand again and hold it tightly as i pull it towards my shorts. I make you squeeze my cock but then immediately revoke you the pleasure. My hand goes back to your waist and slides around back. I slide my fingers under your skirt from the back this time, and again under your panties, getting braver and again snapping the elastic, even louder this time. I don't wait to see if anyone notices; my fingernails lightly draw across your back up as far as my fingers can reach. I finally look around and see everyone is intently doing their project and not paying attention. I suddenly pull both my hands off you as i pretend to drop my pencil under the desk, i'm not a great actor but the job suffices as I bend down and place the tip of my tongue on your knee and slowly lick my way all to your skirt. My hands grasp your legs from underneath and run up between them. I shove your legs apart and kiss up all the way under your skirt.

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   I keep kissing as I reach your inner thigh; i kiss your panties to the middle where it gets wet and sticky. I lick the juices from your panties, placing my lips around your pussy in an attempt to suck all of your tasty juices. I lick all the way up your wet pussy and use my tongue to apply pressure to your clit through the panties. I trade my tongue for my thumb to rub your clit for a second, and then i retreat, pulling my head out from under the desk and removing my thumb. My hands slide down your legs towards your knees as i sit back in my chair. Then i remove then from your legs all together. I place both my hands on the desk, place my head in my hands, and smirk at you! The rest of the period you spend trying to recover.


When class lets out you rush to follow me out the door. You slap me on the side and say "fuck you!!" I ask why and smirk again, knowing full well that you are dripping wet still. I hold your hand as we walk down the hall. We cross the small janitor's closet again. I open the door and check that no one will see us, and then i thrust you inside. "you've been a naughty girl haven't you?!!" I tease as my hands slide all the way up your legs, under your skirt and across your dripping wet pussy. I kiss you passionately while I hold my hands on your waist.

I pick you up and place you on the desk.


   We make out for quite awhile, my hand just sliding up and down your waist. The kissing is incredible, it's passionate, warm, but delicate, and not sloppy. I kiss down your neck and gently bite your ear, tugging on it slightly. My hands are holding your perfect hourglass waist, thumbs rubbing slowly on your hips. My cock is throbbing against your leg, you can easily feel it through my shorts. I lay you out on the table, your knees bent and legs still hanging off the end. My hands slide under your shirt. I continue to kiss you while my hands explore your body under the tight cotton frabic. They slide past your hips first, my thumbs press firmly as they slide lower underneath your skirt for a moment. Then they slide up your tummy, and around to your back. I pull the shirt off over your head and manage to unclasp your bra. I kiss down your neck and my hands lay on your bare waist. I kiss your bare nipple briefly and then blow gently making your nipple hard. I use a hand to grab you breast and gently squeeze it, my thumb flicking your hard nipple. I blow gently down your stomach, then return to your other nipple which i suck on lightly.

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   My other hand is massaging your waist until it slides underneath you to grab your ass. My fingers spread wide to grab all of your cute little ass i can possibly fit in my hand.  


I flick your hard nipple with my tongue as i suck on it. One hand is still grabbing your ass. I move it underneath the skirt and it slides down your panty covered ass and down the back of your leg. I slide a finger under your panties and snap the tight elastic against your tight skin. Again, my rock hard cock grazes your leg, but only momentarily. My fingers slide from your ass to your inner thigh, and my other hand leaves your nipple to slide up and down your leg. My tongue continues to circle your erect nipple, occasionally flicking it. I lick down your chest, and lay gentle kisses on your soft skin. I kiss down your tummy past your belly button. I lick the word "cock" on your tummy, while my hand continues to slide ever closer to the wet spot between your legs. My tongue licks lower and i find your skirt in the way, so my hand tugs it down slightly, revealing the top few inches of your pink panties. I now i lick the outline of your panties, from one side to the other. My hand sliding up and down your leg accidentally slides up your panties and over your clit, gently caressing it in the process.

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   My tongue sneaks underneath the pink panties. It's warm and wet underneath your panties; i can smell how ready you are for me. I pull my tongue off your skin and kiss you on the lips. "how do you like being teased?" i ask. "imagine that you can't orgasm for the week… how bad do you want me?" I smirk as you look horrified at the thought of dealing without my cock inside you.  







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