Jim the Farm Boy

Erotic Novels

This story is purely fictional and created out of boredom.


My name is James “Jim” Edwards. I was born in a village called Addensworth in England. I’m 18 years old and have been working on the family farm and pub while studying in school at the same time. I stand at 6’2 with casual medium straight light brown and bright blue eyes. Everyone in the Edwards family inherited very bright blue eyes.


After spending years tending the family farm, carrying heavy loads, my muscles grew. I didn’t need to do much exercise. I just worked on my stomach when I could and I managed to get a lean body swimmer’s body in a year. But in school, there was a reason why I was not allowed to join the swimming team. I’ve been given something not many guys have. A 18-inch cock, 7- inch flaccid and if you put three fingers together as if you’re showing a number three with your hand, my cock is that thick. And obviously I would love to parade my giant cock in my swimming trunks in front of the other guys and especially the senior students but unfortunately during my first day of swimming training, I was told to drop out by the coach. He personally told me that my large dong would be a distraction to the other swimmers.


Anyways, the village I lived in contained about 200 over people and most of them Christian devout people. Religious fanatics in a way.

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   So trying to get laid with a girl in that village was like finding kryptonite. I never fucked a girl before. And I don’t do guys if that’s what you’re thinking. It was just too easy to get caught. The closest I had to being with a girl was when we were all alone in the cellar below the bar after closing hours. I was with Rachel Livingston. She was a catch. Long blonde hair, heart shaped face with green eyes and an hourglass body. She has an amazing body. Killer waist and her 34D breasts are just so juicy and she also has a small but well-rounded tight ass. I’ve wanted to plant my cock into that ass and just fuck her till she can’t stand from the moment I saw her and I almost had the chance until my stupid cousin caught me with my cock in her mouth.


I remembered the look on Rachel’s face when she grabbed my bulge with my trousers still on. Her mouth was wide open with her green eyes looking up at me. She stroked my bulge and unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to my ankles in one go. But, my white briefs were in the way.

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   I remembered that day just like it was yesterday. In fact, it only happened 2 days ago


“Just pull it down. You know you want it. ” I looked at her as she bit her lip.


Without second thought, she pulled down my briefs and my semi-hard 18-inch cock sprung out.


“Oh my God. ” She said as she grabbed my cock. Her hand looked tiny.


“I knew you’d like it. ” I smiled and grinned.


“It’s so, it’s just so huge. ” She started stroking my cock. Her eyes still implanted on how thick and at the same time, how long my cock is.


“That’s it. Faster babe.

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She placed both her hands and started jacking me off fast.


“Why don’t you take that blouse off? You don’t want your clothes to be drench with cum. ” I smiled and said.

“You just want to see my breasts don’t you?” she smiled as she undoes her casual dress.


“You know me too well. ”


She pulled her dress off revealing her lush and round 34D titties in her sexy bra and her G stringed tight bubble ass. Not bad for a pastor’s daughter.


My mind went wild. Her tits looked so juicy. I pulled her up turning her back facing me, grinding my cock against her ass as my hands ventured up her flat stomach onto her tits. I cupped her breasts and massaged them even though her bra is still on. I pulled her bra off with one haul and felt her bare, soft, lush and busty tits in my palms. I squeezed them gently as I kissed and nibble and on her neck making her moan for more.


“You’re a sex master Jim. It feels so good.

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“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?” I said as I pinched her hard, erect nipples.


“Mmmmmm Jim…. Yes I am. . I want you. . ” she begged as she brushed my hair as I raped and caressed her body with my hands. My left hands were still massaging her tits. My other arm went down under her panties and started fingering her pussy.


“Does it feel good?” I whispered into her ear.


“Yes…” she said quietly. “Don’t stop, please…”


I inserted my second finger in, slowly finger fucking her tight cunt


“Ahh… Ahh… harder Jim, please. ”


My fingers moved faster and faster and deeper into her pussy.


“I’m gonna come babe. I’m gonna cum.

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   Ohhhhh fuuuuckk… yesss! I’m cumming Jim!”


I felt my fingers being wet as she orgasm hard from just a finger fuck. Can you imagine what happens if I fucked her? I pulled out my finger and she turns to face me.


“That was amazing Mr. Edwards. Now it’s your turn. ” She slowly went down on her knees and grabbed my fat rock-hard cock and started stroking it with both hands.


“That feels so good. Your hands are warm. Why don’t you start sucking--?”


Before I even got to say ‘it’ she took my cock in. I could tell it was her first time and it was my first time as well and she was fucking good at cock sucking.

I felt her lips twirling around my shaft before she took my cock in.


“Awwwhh fuck, it feels good. ” I moaned. My head was tilted back in pleasure.


I could see that she tried her best at taking my whole dick in but I don’t think it was possible.

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   She licked my cock as if it was the best-flavoured lollypop she ever tasted.   She sucked onto my cock deep and hard. Then, she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes with her mouth wrapped around my cock. I held onto the table behind me with my arms for support as she pushed and forced herself to take my entire large and long cock into her. I decided to help her. My hands grabbed hold of her head and slowly pushed it in, making her take the entire thing in. I was face fucking her and it felt awesome. I felt my cock pushing against her throat. I pulled her head out giving her sometime to breath but only after 4 seconds, she stroked my wet, drool dripping cock and took it in her mouth again. She couldn’t get enough of it. She sucked my cock relentlessly. It became even more intense. I quivered slightly. I grabbed her head again and pushed deeply in until I could feel her throat. My eyes were closed and my mouth was open in pleasure


“Arrrrrghhhhh fuck.

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   Ohh fuck. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” my face was flushed and I was sweating as if I ran 20 miles.


I felt my cock tensed up and throbbing in her mouth. It’s coming.


“I’m cumming!” I’m gonna cum! Ohhhhhh here it comes!” I moaned as my head tilts back in pleasure.


My grip on her head became more intense as my fat cock ejaculated into her throat. My geyser spewing cock shot galleons of load down her throat. I quickly pulled it out and started stroking my fat cock intensely as more sperm was shot out onto her face.


“Ohhh aaarghhh!” I moaned and groaned as my cock released more and more warm semen onto Rachel’s face.


“Give it all to me. ” She said as she opens her mouth wide.


I continued to jack off until I couldn’t stand. Just looking at her face and mouth wide open, begging for my cum still got me going……… Until I realized we’ve forgotten to lock the door and my 18-year-old cousin saw us.


To be continued.

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