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Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service
Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service

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Photo escort girl Courtesan: the best escort service

Courtesan, Independent Model.

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Many older professional successful men seek help from psychologists with the stress and trauma from long high-pressure careers, personal trainers and dieticians to fend off the ageing process and marks from the pressures of the careers, sports coaches to maximize satisfaction from recreation, and adult services to regain long lost connection, spark, desire, intimacy.  All these professionals cost money.

Psychologist - 120 per hour

personal trainer - 70 per hour

dietician - 100 per hour

sports coach - 100 per hour

adult "entertainer" - 2 or more hundred an hour - the most expensive of all.

If you add all that up, the sum is far higher than what Kay-Lauren charges. The kicker is that none of these professionals fix the real problems they are meant to fix.  Psychologists offer generic advice and no solutions. Personal trainers motivate, but do not correctly address a man's lack of motivation. Dieticians offer generic advice even when they promise to tailor the diet to an individual. (An exception are dieticians who work to the direction of doctors treating diseases or conditions. But even so, a good dietitian knows that 90% of diseases and conditions are preventable by exactly good diet!) Sports coaches address technique, while lack of specific athletic achievement most often comes down to some deep mental block.  To make it worse, all these professionals work in silos, so there is no holistic approach to the man's self-actualisation. And all these professionals work to a bias/agenda, such as to sell a course, product, etc. 

Many men pay for adult services because they fear long-term grudges, problems, blocks, conflicts. They seek adult services to distract themselves from their problems and deep voids of sadness, frustration, loneliness. Many men are painfully aware of their problems, but don't know how to resolve them. Many men don't know what they want in and from life. They want to escape the reality and therefore keep undeserving adult "entertainers" in business. After the millionth attempt to find pleasure they look at yet another website which promises the usual heaven and bliss. They anticipate something wonderful at good value... and get bitter disappointment again. And they're lighter in cash, time, NRG and...

...the vicious circle goes on.

Most men communicate poorly, hence their problems, blocks, conflicts. And even the better communicators don’t always talk about their problems to dearly loved family members or friends. Thus men often find themselves sad and lonely with their problems which draws them to distractions. While there's absolutely no social stigma about men having coaching, there might be tremendous stigma - perhaps even fear and embarrassment - about a man confessing to his coach that he visits adult "entertainers"!

Coaching for men - the best of both worlds?  

Kay-Lauren helps men to break the vicious circle and use their time, money, and energy to their benefit. Paying fake bimbos for fake sex does not solve problems, nor raise the quality of life. KL helps men put all the pieces together in a single package held together with wisdom, love, heart, emotional intelligence, and care. This package is holistic, far less expensive, and certainly more personal than all those services from different professionals. If a man opens himself to trusting in the process, the results will flow - at a fraction of the price without stigma! KL's coaching specialisation is in neurolinguistic programming. NLP makes coaching richer, more powerful, and effective because it uncovers patterns of physiology, language, thinking, and emotions that a coach without NLP training will not point out.

A man will need courage for this journey, because coaching makes men cry, angry, frustrated, and opens many a can of worms...  Additional value will be in how you'll train yourself and others to support you in making changes. And you will not be able to measure this value by the money you pay for coaching.

What will NLP coaching give men that traditional coaching won't?

Specific solutions instead of generic advice. Why and how things happen. An NLP coach will help you find out why you keep stuck in the old ways and create strategies to improve or change things. NLP adds the how. That's the highest value, because people often know why it would be good to change something, but they don't know how to change things. If one doesn't know how to do something, he won't do it.

If this resonates, I invite you to start a conversation on  



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  • Ethnicity:European (white)
  • Nationality:Canadian
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  • Weight:70 kg (154.32 lb)
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